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Kilburn Posted on 27/10 14:17

Has anyone seen this lad play much?

It looks like he is one injury away from the first team now.

UgoAfro Posted on 27/10 14:51
re: Wheater.

He was 'large' to Bates' 'little' at the centre of the defence that helped win the Youth Cup 2 years ago. Both moved onto the reserves last year. Always looks good when I've seen him. Not as classy or fast as Bates but more physical presence (official site has his height as 6'5"!). I'm sure he has the temperament to take it in his stride as all our youngsters seem to have. Probably a better option than the more flashy but error prone Davies.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 27/10 15:09
re: Wheater.

Liken Bates to what Pally was, wheras Wheater plays more like Mogga. Bates has more footballing ability, but Wheater looks a better defensive prospect IMO. Scores a few goals too.

Expect them two and Riggott to be forming the backbone of our defence for years to come.