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bubble_head Posted on 26/11 22:06
journey south forum.

i'm really into X-factor this year, i think think they will win it.

Found this forum, is this anyone off here

Link: journey south

littlejimmy Posted on 26/11 23:28
re: journey south forum.

Well I know someone on here who had them sing at their wedding...

NorfolknGood Posted on 26/11 23:56
re: journey south forum.

Are you taking the piz lj.
Did somebody on this board really have them sing at their wedding?

Wow. They should have said instead of keeping it quiet like this. How did you know about this.

neiltrodden Posted on 26/11 23:59
re: journey south forum.

No, on the board he is linking to!

NorfolknGood Posted on 27/11 0:03
re: journey south forum.

Oh thats Ok then.
I thought he meant somebody on THIS board had them singing at his wedding.

C'est la vie.

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/11 0:40
re: journey south forum.

Was loui there tonight then?

It was just a big publicity stunt.

onthemap Posted on 27/11 1:34
re: journey south forum.

im almost certain they sang at someones wedding?

20_Briggsy Posted on 27/11 1:35
re: journey south forum.

Yeah chav boys.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 27/11 1:37
re: journey south forum.

Not my wedding
Never mind we will have them when we renew our vows
They might need the work

littlejimmy Posted on 27/11 9:45
re: journey south forum.

Somebody with the initials FF from THIS messageboard had them sing at his wedding.

Proctors_Perm Posted on 27/11 10:13
re: journey south forum.

i'm going to the tv show next week to see them...

FrenchFrank Posted on 27/11 10:20
re: journey south forum.

DO you honestly think Chavs would have Journey South sing at there wedding?

The_Commisar Posted on 27/11 11:13
re: journey south forum.

The x-factor, not so much dumbing down TV more of performing a frontal lobotomy on it with an iron bar.....

Cockney_Barra_Boy Posted on 27/11 11:16
re: journey south forum.

Someone on this board did have them sing at their wedding. Can't remember who though....100% sure someone said this.

trev_seniior Posted on 27/11 11:16
re: journey south forum.

"DO you honestly think Chavs would have Journey South sing at there wedding?"

Yes, but only if Sean Paul was unavailable

rozi Posted on 27/11 12:20
re: journey south forum.

The lads sang at my nephew's wedding 2 years ago and were just fabulous. Now it's costing me a fortune voting for them but worth every penny.

goughla Posted on 27/11 12:30
re: journey south forum.

I had the misfortune to see the end of the x-factor last night, it was worse than i had thought it would be. Real bottom of the barrel shiite, i really can't believe that people get hooked on shows like that, the jungle one and come dancing.