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littleboro Posted on 7/12 20:45
thatcher in hospital.

apparently feeling faint.

neiltrodden Posted on 7/12 20:47
re: thatcher in hospital.

*nailed on 100 thread*

Wait for the 'well-wishers' to add their thoughts...

MsCurly Posted on 7/12 20:48
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well the air can get a bit light when you work on top of rooves a lot.

borobadge Posted on 7/12 20:49
re: thatcher in hospital.

Ben ?

neiltrodden Posted on 7/12 20:49
re: thatcher in hospital.

dear oh dear curls!!

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 7/12 20:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

its all thos kangaroo nuts shes been eating

littleboro Posted on 7/12 20:52
re: thatcher in hospital.

no not ben.

i must have been else where during her time, as my memory does not remember her as an glorious leader of the tory party and the country.

Juventus Posted on 7/12 20:52
re: thatcher in hospital.

Get well soon, Maggie. The saviour of Britain.

Boro290204 Posted on 7/12 20:57
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well wisher me? When she was in power I often wished she'd fall down a well! Little has changed so I'll leave it there!

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 20:58
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well said Juventus.

A true inspirational leader.

Hope she makes a full recovery soon.

Perry_Combover Posted on 7/12 21:01
re: thatcher in hospital.

fair play to her - she did alot to get the trade union scum in order.

davo44 Posted on 7/12 21:02
re: thatcher in hospital.

I agree - maggie was the one reason that we didnt have Scargill as premier. The miners paid a heavy price for Scargill - everyone blames maggie but scargill was the scum with blood on his hands.

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:07
re: thatcher in hospital.

i hope its not something trivial.


till i die.

the miners will never be defeated.

Juventus Posted on 7/12 21:08
re: thatcher in hospital.

To be fair I think they already have been.

Perry_Combover Posted on 7/12 21:08
re: thatcher in hospital.

they already have been

Boro290204 Posted on 7/12 21:10
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well said Ray192

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:13
re: thatcher in hospital.

no probs boro290204

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 21:15
re: thatcher in hospital.

Is there an underground movement of miners still on strike somewhere?

It must be a bit like that Japanese soldier from WW2 who eventually surrendered in the Philippines in 1980.

littleboro Posted on 7/12 21:18
re: thatcher in hospital.

the link

Link: hospital stay

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:19
re: thatcher in hospital.

i've got the champagne on ice

j_orourke Posted on 7/12 21:21
re: thatcher in hospital.

Never mind the miners, what about the dockers and the steelworkers? Saviour of Britain my arse!

Lest we forget.

Thatcher the milk snatcher!

This one is going to run and run into the 100's

littleboro Posted on 7/12 21:21
re: thatcher in hospital.

know a lot of people who will be downing tools to vacate to the pub when she dies.

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:23
re: thatcher in hospital.

well said j_orourke .

how you going on mate.

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 21:26
re: thatcher in hospital.

And why would they be going to the pub when she dies?

What sad, myopic individuals they must be to still bear such a grudge 25 years later when the vast majority of our lives have been made much more pleasant due to the difficult changes she made at the time.

ray 192 - surely those who condemn Thatcher won't be drinking champagne, as it signifies the excesses of her reign doesn't it?

Juventus Posted on 7/12 21:26
re: thatcher in hospital.

I'm so glad that nowadays mine and the rest of the taxpayers' money goes to public authorities and services rather than propping up lame duck industries that haemorrhage millions.

For that I have Thatcher (and Heath) to thank.

Boro290204 Posted on 7/12 21:31
re: thatcher in hospital.

100's, thousands more like. The memories are still VERY bitter. She did nothing for the North East. The South East prospered at our expense. I remember as a child VAT on sweets, our school milk being snatched away, The Miners Strike, Docks closing, 3 million unemployed....

Then John Major took over and we had Black Wednesday etc.

Hope her gravestone has a trough- it's likely to become the biggest public urinal in the world!

bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 21:32
re: thatcher in hospital.

Put me on the don't get better Maggie list. And jd I will indeed break open the Moet when she pops her clogs as champagne is the best way to celebrate notable events in your life.
Cracked a bottle when both my sons were born. Another after we won in Cardiff and there's one just gone in the fridge now.
I'm a working class man who remembers only too well what Milk Snatcher did to destroy my and class-mates. I also happen to have good taste so will enjoy every drop of Moet as it goes down my throat.
Hurry up maggie, I'm getting thirsty...

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:33
re: thatcher in hospital.

i'm a proud man i'll drink anything i want when i want.

as for the champagne just a glass to celebrate getting rid of the bsatard.

Boro290204 Posted on 7/12 21:34
re: thatcher in hospital.

... and I'm dying for a p. (See previous post!)

Perry_Combover Posted on 7/12 21:36
re: thatcher in hospital.

lol, VAT on sweets! it was 25 years ago!!

davo44 Posted on 7/12 21:37
re: thatcher in hospital.

Hmmm - you lot are deluded - Do you think President Scargill wouldve allowed free speech ona message board. The Commie run unions got what they deserved and as ever the innocent suffered.

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 21:38
re: thatcher in hospital.

You are a working class man who remembers too well what she did to you and your classmates.

Ahh diddums - did nasty maggie-waggie take away your milky-wilky? What else did she do to a bunch of 8 year-olds.

And ray192 - heres guessing you can afford the champagne because the changes Maggie made have meant the standard of living and disposable income have risen in the past 30 years.

Bet you couldn't have afforded that if the nationalised industries were still holding the country to ransom.

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:44
re: thatcher in hospital.

no jd.

i cannot afford it only on special occasions like when she leaves for good

juninhosmum Posted on 7/12 21:45
re: thatcher in hospital.

Going back to Scargill, I accidentally trod on his foot at Kings Cross Station in the middle of the miners' strike in 1984. Had I been on the way back from my trip to Austria and not on the way to it, I would have made a better job of it. Incidentally, he was in an obviously very expensive Savile Row suit and was talking in his elocution voice. Who betrayed the miners? And before anyone says anything, my closest neighbours are/were miners in the Yorkshire coalfields.

davo44 Posted on 7/12 21:45
re: thatcher in hospital.

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davo44 Posted on 7/12 21:46
re: thatcher in hospital.

wÄnker ray192

Matelot Posted on 7/12 21:47
re: thatcher in hospital.

Maggie dragged this country kicking and screaming away from left wing nutters like you lot trying to take over the country.

Black wednesday under the torries??? we had black outs every day in the week thanks to the strikes the unions called back in the 70's when you could not so much as have a bath or boil the bloody kettle.

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 21:49
re: thatcher in hospital.

I feel sorry for you Ray.

You deserve a great deal of sympathy.

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:50
re: thatcher in hospital.



bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 21:52
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd, class-mates (note the hyphen rather than classmates) is meant to indicate those in my class (ie; working class). Sorry if that's over your head.
As a result of thatcher's destruction of working class areas like Teesside (you are probably too young to remember the mass unemployment) myself and many of my peers had to leave the area just to get a job (getting made redundant twice in a year was just too much I'm afraid).
I now live in New Zealand because I could no longer live in a place where the Government cared so little about it's working people and I found it too hard to get a job.
If you knew anything about that time you would probably acknowledge (like many of us who were there) that yes changes were needed to make some of those underperfoming industries better.
But taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut is not good leadership.
Your argument seems to be that if thatch didn't do that rampant unionism would have made things worse. You obviously aren't capable of accepting the premise that there were other ways those industries could have been made to perform better rather than slash and burn and sell them off to your cronies and buddies to pillage the profits.
And don't get me started about the Falklands War - how does it feel to be the mother of a thousand dead?

ray192 Posted on 7/12 21:52
re: thatcher in hospital.


dont sympathise for me i'm excited

comrade_zhukov Posted on 7/12 21:55
re: thatcher in hospital.

Matelot, selctive memory intervening again, if you can recall there was a general election called by Heath at the time of power cuts etc and the nation spoke, and elected a labour government.
Thatchers bitterness towards working people was because democracy had worked and she made a career out of dividing a nation so that it would never again act on principle except the one of self interest and greed she loved so much.

I hope she rots in hell for the irrecoverable damage she caused to the spirit of this once great nation.

littleboro Posted on 7/12 21:57
re: thatcher in hospital.

urban riots in the early 80's followed by late 80's, early 90's riots.


Matelot Posted on 7/12 21:58
re: thatcher in hospital.

1000 dead falklands war?
how about 250.000 dead all told since the Bush and Blair invasion of Iraq?

And don't get me going about Blair shaking hands with Gadaffi and those IRA murderers that bombed the crap out of our country and now sit in the house of commons.

tees_tug Posted on 7/12 21:59
re: thatcher in hospital.

FFS, she's only fainted. Let's wait until she's stiff before we open the bubbly.

I'll be laughing and dancing, the maggie lovers can weep their hearts out.

Roll on the day!

Juventus Posted on 7/12 21:59
re: thatcher in hospital.

So when the Labour governemnt were elected the public had spoken, but when Thatcher was elected (how many times?).......something else had happened?

Revol_Tees Posted on 7/12 22:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

It's nice to see the entire population of Teesside's Thatcherites all crawling out to appear on one thread. Well done, lads! Did some eagle-eyed Tory activist spot this and send you over? I suppose you'll still be fantasising about being whipped by the Iron Lady even after she's kicked the bucket.

ray192 Posted on 7/12 22:01
re: thatcher in hospital.

class tees_tug.

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 7/12 22:03
re: thatcher in hospital.

and the race riots we see in the oo's

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 22:03
re: thatcher in hospital.

Identifying yourself as belonging to a particular class was part of the problem. Son following father following father was one of the cycles that Thatcher allowed us to break out of.

Both my grandfathers worked in the steel industry - one died aged 56 and the other aged 64.

Thatchers policies contributed to my dad becoming a stockbroker - that's right, a stockbroker from a working class family in Middlesbrough. His 2 brothers both run their own companies (one of them is worth £5 million).

I'm not saying this to boast, just to show the possibilities that the Thatcher leadership allowed people to have.

This would not have happened if it wasn't for the pioneering work undertaken by Maggie - yes it was difficult at the time, yes the north was more affected than the south, however it was time that the north was dragged out of the dark ages.

And by the way Bungy - New Zealand is the most beautiful country and you are lucky to be there.

Matelot Posted on 7/12 22:04
re: thatcher in hospital.

It is not a case of being a Thatcherite it is a case of being objective to the left wing ranters and ravers on here to do not like anyone to have an opinon that differs from there own.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:05
re: thatcher in hospital.

I think it's just a false alarm, nothing to get excited about.

Although this thread is useful for compiling lists from.....

XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 7/12 22:06
re: thatcher in hospital.

how gready of your family to earn such money when theres poor people in the world. maggie has a lot to answer for, like freedom of choice

Matelot Posted on 7/12 22:07
re: thatcher in hospital.

200 up by 8am i think this one.

sasboro Posted on 7/12 22:07
re: thatcher in hospital.

who brought nissan to england and teesside park to teesside, who let the car industry disappear in england(like rover). what have labour done for teesside?
how come thatcher was voted back in a few times

oh_oh_spikes_magic Posted on 7/12 22:08
re: thatcher in hospital.

hey bungy i did the same as you and went to n.z ...but came back once she(the evil one)was removed from power.....

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:08
re: thatcher in hospital.

Tug has just redeemed himself. I love you, TT!

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:10
re: thatcher in hospital.

But XXL, sometimes there was no choice.

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 22:14
re: thatcher in hospital.

so spikes magic, you came back the same day Thatcher left government?

Or did it suit your personal circumstances at the time?

tees_tug Posted on 7/12 22:14
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd, how awfully nice that daddy, and his brothers became stockbrokers. And how jolly good and proud we Teessiders should be.

It more than makes up for the tens of thousands of lives wrecked by maggie. The years on the dole for those laid off. The years of poverty for those who left school with no jobs and no prospects. For the massive cuts in health and education spending.

Why, daddy and his brothers deserve to be billionares for their useful toil for society. How could we survive without our stockbrokers?

I doff my cap to their hard work and brains.

And come the day when all these parasites are wiped off the face off the earth. I'll have another party.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:15
re: thatcher in hospital.

Short memory syndrome.

Lot of it about.

Matelot Posted on 7/12 22:16
re: thatcher in hospital.

Labour don't do much for Teesside apart from trying to force us into a Jawdee regional parliment, and now when that got knocked back by the people they are busy trying to move our police force up the Tyneside as well.

Revol_Tees Posted on 7/12 22:18
re: thatcher in hospital.

If only us left-wingers were as objective as Matelot. You could never call him a ranter and raver. "Don't get me going about Blair shaking hands with Gadaffi and those IRA murderers that bombed the crap out of our country and now sit in the house of commons." That's just the kind of objective, reasoned, articulate analysis we should all aim for.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:18
re: thatcher in hospital.

If it's "opportunity for all", why isn't everyone as rich as Alan Sugar and Richard Branson? Even the most bloody-minded, blinkered, Thatcher-tit-sucker knows the answer to this one. Yeeessss, that's right....for the few to have a lot, the many have to have little. It's how capitalism works, baby.

Matelot Posted on 7/12 22:19
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well go on then deny it smart arse???????

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littleboro Posted on 7/12 22:19
re: thatcher in hospital.

er, wasn't there a vote about the assembly?

Revol_Tees Posted on 7/12 22:20
re: thatcher in hospital.


Download the song everyone. It'll lighten up your life

Link: "Even though we know it's not right..."

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:22
re: thatcher in hospital.

The holy cow of "wealth creation" will be wheeled out to the barbie in a minute, you watch. Wealth? WEALTH? Miniumum wage, subsistence-level living isn't wealth! We all know who's getting the wealth, and you can bet their bottom dollar that they don't want to share it.

Matelot Posted on 7/12 22:22
re: thatcher in hospital.

Fyi littleboro i think there was have a read mate.

Link: LInk

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 7/12 22:22
re: thatcher in hospital.

Just to play Devils Advorcet (sp) You wont see Gerry Adams or Martin Mcguiness in the House of Commons.

BoroMutt Posted on 7/12 22:23
re: thatcher in hospital.

I wouldn't piss on her burning corpse. (no offense like)

Wonder who is paying for her "bodyguards" that whisked her to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (NHS) to treat the sweet old dear...

bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 22:23
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd, indeed NZ is most beautiful and I feel privileged to be here.
My old man was a labourer. I'm a professional who also runs his own company, but I don't credit thatch for that. I had to go to university when I came to NZ and work bloody hard. I couldn't do that in the UK because I couldn't afford to go to uni as it was the domain of the wealthy at the time.
And Matelot, I think that Bush and Blair should be done for crimes against humanity for what they are doing in Iraq, but sadly they will probably get a knighthood (or whatever they do in the US for their "great" leaders).
I think you will both find far more people on Teessside (and similar working class areas) celebrating when thatcher dispatches than those mourning. Ask yourself why that would be.

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JonMc Posted on 7/12 22:25
re: thatcher in hospital.

Thatcher. "There is no such thing as society".

Victorian Darwinism at it's most obscene.

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 22:25
re: thatcher in hospital.

Tees tug,

Yes I'm very proud that my dad decided to get off his arse, and worked his backside off to get to where he got to. He didn't have to do it as I said - he could have followed his dad into the steel industry and no doubt be nearly dead by now.

His brothers didn't become stockbrokers by the way if you look at my post.

Why do you want to knock someone who has become successful through his own hard work? Or is that the true Teesside way - be bitter and jealous that someone has fought through the drudgery of Teesside life to better themselves?

You doff your cap to their hard work and brains - so you should. They got off their arses and did something about their lives. Working class upbringing - yes. Working class attitude - judging by your comments then no - if working class is to knock the efforts of those who amake the best of their lives through hard work, commitment and application.

BoroMutt Posted on 7/12 22:28
re: thatcher in hospital.

So all the steel workers should have become stockbrokers and moved sarf?

Smug arrogant tory arse licker.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:28
re: thatcher in hospital.

Matelot and his buddies keep throwing New Labour in our faces as if it's validates their viewpoint. It doesn't, because New Labour are just a wolf in sheep's clothing. For all their socialist posturing and paying of lip-service, they're still in the pockets of big business. Blair is Thatcher's love-child.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:29
re: thatcher in hospital.

JD - I'm sure a lot of application by a lot of individuals achieved similar results or a relative bettering of circumstances. If they're anything like me it'd have been in spite of Thatcher rather than because of.

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jd1973 Posted on 7/12 22:34
re: thatcher in hospital.

"So all the steel workers should have become stockbrokers and moved sarf?

No he's still in the area - another misconception that Teessiders revel in.

Smug arrogant tory a rse licker."

Whatever mate.

Stupid bitter excuse-making tos ser I could call you.

RodOfGod Posted on 7/12 22:35
re: thatcher in hospital.

Does this mean we're gonna have updates on whether she's dead or not every 5 minutes on Sky News? Might be worth staying up for

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j_orourke Posted on 7/12 22:35
re: thatcher in hospital.

Give that family an effing Blue Peter badge...

You bragging tvvat!

No ammount of hard work made working class people multi-millionares. Your uncle must of robbed it, fiddled it or won it.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:37
re: thatcher in hospital.

Aye you don't make money working for someone else. Assuming you get the chance that is.

borobadge Posted on 7/12 22:40
re: thatcher in hospital.

as usual with these "thatcher" threads, we get a 80 - 20 split..

it also usually ends up with someone (threatening to) leaving the board....

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:41
re: thatcher in hospital.

There will be some serious falling-out when she finally carks it.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:41
re: thatcher in hospital.

Yeah there's nothing really quite like it to stir it up is there? Even a thread about the clique doesn't get close.

This one's gonna run for a while yet......let's see who's first to spit a dummy out.

RodOfGod Posted on 7/12 22:41
re: thatcher in hospital.

Can somebody explain why those who despise Thatcher on this thread are labelled vvankers and what have you?? Some people have issues that need addressing!

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 22:42
re: thatcher in hospital.

God I give up.

No ammount of hard work made working class people multi-millionares. Your uncle must of robbed it, fiddled it or won it.

Yep, first of all he went on sick for 6 years from the mines, full pay mind you, then he claimed disability benefit for 9 years, stacked it all on the lottery and won the jackpot.

FFS ther are some small minded, jealous, bigoted people on here.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/12 22:44
re: thatcher in hospital.

I think we have a winner, Derby_Red!

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:44
re: thatcher in hospital.

It's one of those things where you either hate her or love her, don't get many ambivalent opinions.

Bit like Robbie Savage, while she's on your side she's great, otherwise she stinks.

Just before bedtime I have conjured up images of Thatcher, AND Savage. What a fool.

Derby_Red Posted on 7/12 22:45
re: thatcher in hospital.

Give that man a "golden handshake privatised industry pay-off, never mind the manslaughter charges it was only a train" award

swordtrombonefish Posted on 7/12 22:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

I wonder - just out of curiosity how old the people are that make up the split - that is, who lived through the Thatcher era and who came after?

I saw grown men with a tear in their eyes when Thatcher got the second term, and most had no jobs by the last, they knew it was coming.

She did make some radical changes that were necessary, but used a scattergun to approach the task, in doing so she destroyed some of the good and replaced it with greed and division.

With respect to Thatcher, you who see only the good are as blind as those who see none of it. I can see it, but still believe she was a witch, a bitter and spiteful hag who caused untold damage to British communities in the name of capitalism.

bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 22:56
re: thatcher in hospital.

what's the record for shortest time to 100 posts as this might beat it. And by the way I'm leaving the board over this (Smiley thing)

jd1973 Posted on 7/12 23:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

Whereabouts in NZ do you live bungy?

Thinking about moving my "smug arrogant tory a rse licker" self in a couple of years.

davo44 Posted on 7/12 23:05
re: thatcher in hospital.

'Can somebody explain why those who despise Thatcher on this thread are labelled vvankers and what have you?? Some people have issues that need addressing! ' said Rod of God

Who the fùck cares what you think you jordy retard - bugger back off to TOTT and play with your fellow plastic makums.

Thatcher did more to bring this country up again than anyone since Churchill.

littleboro Posted on 7/12 23:09
re: thatcher in hospital.


enjoyed comment.

Link: other tread

sweet_left_foot Posted on 7/12 23:10
re: thatcher in hospital.

I am part of the Norman Tebbit "on your bike" diaspora. I hate 'em for it.

Got me big boots on to tramp the dirt down.

bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 23:16
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd, I live in Whangarei (pronounced fang-a-ray) about two hours north of Auckland, which is the largest city. The area I live is known as the "Winterless North" as it never gets below zero and has marvelous summers (although seldom gets about 32 degress celsius so not too hot for my pale northen skin).
NZ is really crying out for skilled professionals, tradespeople and it geeks so if you have one of the desired skills you are a shoe in for residency.
Although the reason for such a skills shortage incidently is that the national (Tory) government of NZ in late 80s and early 90s followed thatcher's blueprint of "let the market decide".
The market of course decided that it was too expensive to train apprentices so there's now a generation gap of tradespeople particularly.
Now of course the chickens have come home to roost and we despeately need those people.
A good mate of mine still living in teeside came to visit me in May and loved the place so much he's got his house on the market and as soon as it sells him and his missus and kids will be winging their way here.
For the cash they get for their three bedroom terrace house near preston park, after they have paid the bank off their mortgage, they will be able to buy a four or five bedroom detatched house on a few acres overlooking beautiful Whangarei harbour. They will be mortgage free and still have a good few thousand left over.
No contest really and NO CHAVS OVER HERE.

borobuddah Posted on 7/12 23:20
re: thatcher in hospital.

Only hospital?

"No reason to get excited,
The thief he kindly spoke,
there are many here among us,
who think that life is but a joke,
but you and I we've been through that,
and this is not our fate,
so let us not talk falsely now,
the hour is getting late"



jd1973 Posted on 7/12 23:24
re: thatcher in hospital.

My wife is an early years childhood teacher, which is on the immediate skill shortages list so we would be a shoo-in as far as I can make out. As a call centre manager I get no points though!

We fancy Christchurch, as it seems the right kind of size place (although reading the Christchurch Press today about the mongrel mob put me off a bit!). We'd also get the mountains, the beach and a good mix of city and country life there.

Good point about the houses - we've looked into it and found the same thing - pay off the mortgage and have a lovely 4 bedroom house with cash to spare.

BTW - thank god we can disagree about the T person and still have a sociable conversation about another topic.

red_rebel Posted on 7/12 23:25
re: thatcher in hospital.

I saw a newspaper picture from the political campaign
A woman was kissing a child, who was obviously in pain
She spills with compassion, as that young child's face in her hands she grips
Can you imagine all that greed and avarice coming down on that child's lips

Well I hope I don't die too soon
I pray the Lord my soul to save
Oh I'll be a good boy, I'm trying so hard to behave
Because there's one thing I know, I'd like to live long enough to savour
That's when they finally put you in the ground
I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down

When England was the whore of the world
Margeret was her madam
And the future looked as bright and as clear as
the black tarmacadam
Well I hope that she sleeps well at night, isn't
haunted by every tiny detail
'Cos when she held that lovely face in her hands
all she thought of was betrayal

And now the cynical ones say that it all ends
the same in the long run
Try telling that to the desperate father who just
squeezed the life from his only son
And how it's only voices in your head and
dreams you never dreamt
Try telling him the subtle difference between
justice and contempt
Try telling me she isn't angry with this pitiful
When they flaunt it in your face as you line up
for punishment
And then expect you to say "Thank you"
straighten up, look proud and pleased
Because you've only got the symptoms, you
haven't got the whole disease
Just like a schoolboy, whose head's like a tin-can
filled up with dreams then poured down
the drain
Try telling that to the boys on both sides, being
blown to bits or beaten and maimed

Who takes all the glory and none of the shame

Well I hope you live long now, I pray the Lord
your soul to keep
I think I'll be going before we fold our arms
and start to weep
I never thought for a moment that human life
could be so cheap
'Cos when they finally put you in the ground
They'll stand there laughing and tramp the
dirt down

red_rebel Posted on 7/12 23:32
re: thatcher in hospital.

£1 a week since March 1984. £1100 almost. This is gonna be one hell of a prty.

NorfolknGood Posted on 7/12 23:33
re: thatcher in hospital.

She felt faint!

Why couldnt she put her head between her legs like any other fuker. I hope its not an NHS hospital.

tees_tug Posted on 7/12 23:39
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd1973, I know ex-steelworkers who are now nurses, teachers and I.T workers. It has F all to do with jealousy. There is no-one more jealous than some tory parasite wailing about the unemployed getting forty quid a week.

That the people of Teesside have recovered from the vandalism of thatcher is a tribute to them, not thatcher.

Your fathers transformation from a grub into a fully fledged parasite is of no concern or wonder to me.

I am proud of all the people who had their lives demolished by the bitch, and who worked against the odds to recover.

The differance is, I will shed tears for them. And that is why I will celebrate when the evil cow is dead and gone.

captain_cookie Posted on 7/12 23:44
re: thatcher in hospital.

sometimes the hard medicine is the only one that works. She did what she felt she had to do, and she was rignt. Without her, Britain would now be at the same level of economic development as Albania, and we'd ALL have emigrated.

tees_tug Posted on 7/12 23:45
re: thatcher in hospital.

"£1 a week since March 1984. £1100 almost. This is gonna be one hell of a party"

Rebel, if you had invested that £1 a week with a stockbroker, it would be worth £11.20 by now. And the greedy thieving stockbroker would have run of with the rest.

You just fail to understand the wonders of capitalism you socialists.

bungydinsdale Posted on 7/12 23:59
re: thatcher in hospital.

jd, got a blister-in-law in Chch. I really like the place too and if I had to live in a city for work it would be there or Wellington (Auckland's just a big, sprawling hotch potch of a city with no real heart)
ChCh does get a bit too cold for my liking though and the beaches up here are by far the best in the country (we've got one that's over 80 miles long and another over 60 miles with not a house or building along any of its length)
NZ is also a great place to bring up kids with a bit of spliff about the only drug they are likely to have any real access to, although crystal meth is starting to get into the country. But NZ's isolation make it to hard to get hard drugs into easily.
Gangs like the Mongies and Black Power are in most towns in NZ, but generally only give grief to each other (with occasionally an innocent getting caught in the crossfire so to speak).
And if we can't have a civilised conversation about our differeneces then waht's the alternative? War and we all know that will never solve anything and is good for absolutely nothing.
Unless, of course, you happen to have a few billion barrels of oil at your disposal, in which case I'll get me old mate Dubya to call round and have a word with ya.
Good luck with your efforts to get into NZ. It will be worth it.

The_Commisar Posted on 8/12 7:33
re: thatcher in hospital.

when all is said and done, it's about jealousey.
The left is jealous that the right has changed politics so drasticly (perhaps by taking it back to where the political concensus has always been), the left is jealous that someone else has a bigger better house than them, that someone elses kids go to a better school. As a result they pour bitterness and bile on individuals, they blame ephemeral concepts such as "class".
The right is jealous of the left because it's "pure" and "good" and harks back to a world of C of E services and values. and that some people are happy without being driven to strive and try and achieve something or increase their lot.

I really have given up on politics. So many people are so blinkered, so plain nasty and spiteful, that any form of discussion is just out of the question. There political standpoint doesn't matter any more, they are as bad as each other.

Thatcher got it absolutely right, there is no such thing as society, just a collection of individuals. Each driven by their own views and desires.

I hope some of the people who posted above, recieve what they wished for.

Perry_Combover Posted on 8/12 7:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

maggie bestrode this country like a colussus. She smashed the power-mad trade unions with her iron fist and shiny black handbag. she reversed decades of economic decline. yeah there was some short-term pain but fck that.

tees_tug Posted on 8/12 8:05
re: thatcher in hospital.

Commisar. You forgot to mention your car, your motorbike, your cleaner. Those lefties are jealous of them all mate.

green_beret20 Posted on 8/12 8:11
re: thatcher in hospital.

So what, some of yours dads and granddads lost their gravy boat jobs on the SS ICI. I think we've all heard the stories (especially in the later years) about the threshold of getting into the steel works, i.e. have a family member put a word in for you.
The way you lot romanticize about the much loved steel works, what about the other thousands of people whom didn't have the cushion of a guaranteed job in the steel/dock works after school? Believe me they were there and none of your labour leaning, workers rights fore fathers shed a tear for them.

My dad miraculously managed to find himself a steady job throughout Thatchers rein which didnt include the steel works.
Im not surprised at the vehement against Thatcher on here looking at these backward attitudes, maybe instead of moaning about Thatcher rocking their cushy jobs of which they had no right of ownership on, they should have instead got themselves other lines of work.

--- Post edited by green_beret20 on 8/12 8:11 ---

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 8/12 8:36
re: thatcher in hospital.

What i can`t understand is, if she was so despised, as some of the people on here claim, how come she kept getting re-elected?

Someone mentioned an 80/20 split - i would say that`s the split of those who prospered under her. 80% were those who could see opportunity and grab it, the 20% were those who felt that the state owed them a living in a comfortable "just turn up and we`ll pay you " nationalised industry. It`s just that the 20% seem to have the loudest voices.

Incidentally, my grandad and three uncles were Northumberland miners, the last only leaving mining 12 months ago when Ellington closed. What is never reported is that the vast majority of miners wanted to return to work a long time before they did, but were intimidated from doing so by union thugs, and socialists with an axe to grind. Thank god for the likes of those who formed the UDM to help break Scargill and his cronies.

horse_head Posted on 8/12 8:39
re: thatcher in hospital.

Congratulations Littleboro - an easy ton up.

I won't comment on Thatcher myself - I don't want the bile to rise.

Derby_Red Posted on 8/12 8:43
re: thatcher in hospital.

Cushy state owned jobs? What like the cushy cronie office jobs on the Mrs T gravy train? Ahhh, I get it.

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 8:49
re: thatcher in hospital.

But the split (and I don't think it is 80/20) isn't between those who benefitted and those who didn't. That is too simplistic.

Many who benefitted - the old one nation Tories and toffs who raked it in through tax cuts - despised her too for her confrontational attitudes and policies.

Take Guardian readers. The demographic is high earners and professionals but they loath Thatcher for reasons of political principle rather than economic jealousy.

Many who lost out badly - especially working class people hit by cuts to social services, falling wages and rising indirect taxes like VAT - loved her for 'restoring pride'.

Look at the Sun. Still lauding Thatcher 20 years on despite most of its readership coming from sections of society that took a good kicking from the attack on the welfare state.

I think looking at this in purely economic terms is very misleading. The period was as much a culture clash as a class conflict. Key to it was a battle for the heart of society. Was it to be selfish and individualistic or compassionate and collective and that battle was fought out at every level of society.

Doctor_Octagon Posted on 8/12 8:53
re: thatcher in hospital.

It is funny to listen to this romanticised notion of Teesside steelworkers. 8000 big burly hardworking men rolling girders to nobly provide the infrastructure of the country. Take it from me who worked there it was nothing like that. The place was a safe haven for the lazy and incompetent protected ably by the union. The whole ethos of the workforce was to do as little as possible and to be as obstructive as possible to management. We used to sleep through most of our shifts. It had to change.

T0O1O2N Posted on 8/12 9:00
twatcher in hospital.

I promise VAT will not double, (said in May 1979),... "true" to her word, it only went up from 8 to 15%.. (an 87.5% increase).

VAT was extended to cover luxury items such as takeaways, sweets,booze,binbags, soap, washingup liquid,home improvements like cavity insulation, loft insulation, double glazing, central heating, any building work, damp courses.


Up until recently, you could still charter a plane, without paying VAT.. that wasn't a luxury item you see.
I know, have chartered the odd 30 seater.

In 1979, the Steel Workers were offered 1/2% rise, when inflation then was over 10%. The Steel Workers had never been on strike in living memory... if that wasn't orchestrated what was?

A jolly fellow called McGregor instigated the devious plan... fully supported by Anti maggie.

Then he moved onto the miners... or have the selective memories just kicked in?

I saw grown men weeping.

During the height of the Miners strike, lorry loads of turkies sent kindly by the French miners were held up at the docks in England for some strange reason, and, well, after so much time of apparant red tape,Christmas came and went, and all the cargo rotted.


I think NOT

littleboro Posted on 8/12 9:04
re: thatcher in hospital.

"Many who lost out badly - especially working class people hit by cuts to social services, falling wages and rising indirect taxes like VAT - loved her for 'restoring pride'."

of course, people like being poor and shat on but i've now had my pride restored.

surely you don't believe that.

its like some letters you read about when somebody who is rich kills themselves and a little old lady writes in, basically saying that shes glade she poor as she is still alive.

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 9:18
re: thatcher in hospital.

I lost count of the number of good working class blokes I argued with over Thatcher who woudl admit that it was terrible that hospitals and schools were being closed down, pensions were being squeezed and industry was being sold off to herrich chums.

"But you know where you stand with Maggie," they would add, putting their copy of the Sun in their arsepocket and tugging their forelocks. "You have got to admire her for standing by her beliefs and standing up for Britain."

Lucky_Alf Posted on 8/12 9:27
re: thatcher in hospital.

Lots of pontificating on here by some ill informed.

Read Dr Octagons post for the reality of our great Steel industry.

"The whole ethos of the workforce was to do as little as possible and to be as obstructive as possible to management. We used to sleep through most of our shifts. It had to change."

That is SPOT ON. I know lads who clocked on on a friday night shift, nipped through the fence and went into town for the night to return to work at 3am for a couple of hours kip.

Blame her for ruining the social integration of our society, but please dont waffle on about the running down of our great industries.

Perhaps you should blame the Koreans, Poles and Australians for becoming one hell of a lot more efficient and harder working shipbuilders, miners and steelworkers than our workforce.

--- Post edited by Lucky_Alf on 8/12 9:29 ---

The_Commisar Posted on 8/12 10:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

Yes Tugsdale, very good, you really have lost your toch have you not ?

"Pwr 4 the pple" no doubt...........

sweet_left_foot Posted on 8/12 10:03
re: thatcher in hospital.

Economies of scale (both good and bad) apply equally to an industry whether it is public or privately owned. Inefficiencies in our industries were not solved by privatisation. That was driven by political dogma.

The same political dogma that decided half a country's workforce was expendible because the big money was in ideas and services not manual labour. Unfortunately as the dole queues would attest, this is not suitable for all.

And not a parachute payment in sight.

Yes it was bad medicine. It is still upsetting people's stomachs.

*As I am now an entrepreuner that's to the great work Maggie has done would anybody like to buy a "Ding Dong the witch is dead" t-shirt? £100 a pop. I have them made by Haitian Orphans so I make loads of profit. Me kids are out of work though so I have to keep me profit margin high.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 8/12 10:42
re: thatcher in hospital.

Its all the little foreign man's fault for having the bare faced cheek to be paid wages a lot less than ours.

Whats more, they worked a hell of a lot harder.

Damn them all.

sweet_left_foot Posted on 8/12 10:49
re: thatcher in hospital.

are you being playfully jocular or missing the point of what makes global capitalism a bad idea for small economic/geographic units bounded by political will?

sparkins Posted on 8/12 10:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

Regardless of the political rights and wrongs, am I the only one for whom it does not sit comfortably to celebrate someone else's death? Seems a bit sick.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 8/12 10:54
re: thatcher in hospital.

I know exactly the point.

One hell of a lot of our workers were lazy and in a comfort zone. They were shaken out of it in a brutal way. I dont agree with the way it was brought about, but something had to be done. The aftermath was handled very poorly also.

Just wanted to make the point that Doctor Octagon also made.

British Steel specifically was infested with lazy workshy people a few of which I know and they admitted it readily.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 10:59
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well said Sparkins,

Before she fell ill I was looking forward to her death but now I find that I do not wish that on her.

I would rather she lingered on a bit in a semi-cabbaged state, dribbling from her mouth, hooked up to machines and unable to go to the toilet on her own.

On second thoughts, she would probably invent the Daleks so why don't you just push off now, Maggie?

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 10:59
re: thatcher in hospital.

Why did it have to be done so brutaly here and not anywhere else in Europe? Is theer something about their economies that has insulated them against the worst effects of globalisation? Why not the vicious social dislocation elsewhere.

If change is/was neccessary - which is another discussion - why did have to be pursued with such gleeful malice? And why was it targeted so cynically at particular sections of society?

sweet_left_foot Posted on 8/12 11:01
re: thatcher in hospital.

good stuff. Did the steel industry improve afterwards?

speckyget Posted on 8/12 11:02
re: thatcher in hospital.

Award for most intriguing application of the word 'cabbage' to Lefty there.

Loads of potential too - 'the patient was suffering from mild cabbaging', etc.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 11:08
re: thatcher in hospital.

As dignified as a cabbage.

grantus Posted on 8/12 11:12
re: thatcher in hospital.

There's a lot of very angry men on this thread. Ever thought of starting a band? There's probably enough to start an orchestra. I can imagine the wind section would have sufficient gusto, the fiddle section would come up trumps too.

My shillings worth is this. Great human being, regardless of her politics, a legend of her time, I wish her a speedy recovery.

sweet_left_foot Posted on 8/12 11:13
re: thatcher in hospital.

angry women too.

grantus Posted on 8/12 11:14
re: thatcher in hospital.

Many apologies to the sisters, can you play the flute?

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 11:15
re: thatcher in hospital.

Great human being ??????

Like Mother Teresa.

grantus Posted on 8/12 11:24
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well no, not exactly like Mother Theresa, but then again she was a nun and thatcher was the leader of a nation. Not comparable careers really.

speckyget Posted on 8/12 11:24
re: thatcher in hospital.

'Great human being'

0/3. See me.

green_beret20 Posted on 8/12 11:26
re: thatcher in hospital.

Probably because the subsidy kitty was emptied by your Labour friends Rebel.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 11:28
re: thatcher in hospital.

Wish she had been a nun. She was fond of quoting scripture.

Then again I seem to remember we can add the clergy to the sectors of society that condemned her for her policies.

And her lack of humanity

Perry_Combover Posted on 8/12 11:33
re: thatcher in hospital.

I wouldnt call her malicious. No doubt she lacked compassion but maybe thats what it took to drive home some extremely tough policies which needed to happen. And would of sooner or later whether it was Maggie doing it or someone else.

grantus Posted on 8/12 11:36
re: thatcher in hospital.

0/3, a bit harsh.

A great human being, why not?

Prime Minister, first ever female Prime Minister, stuck by her convictions, led the country through war, inspired a lot of people, always worthy of debate, creates emotion in most people, eminent figure on the World stage, raised Britains flagging profile across the World.

You might not agree with her politics, but a great human being, I stand by my statement.

Bloody hell, what do you have to do as a preson to qualify for greatness? I say that she's done it.

speckyget Posted on 8/12 11:39
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well it's a viewpoint. 'Great' of her to lead a country through a war that she allowed to happen through her own cackhandedness.

keelo Posted on 8/12 11:43
re: thatcher in hospital.

led us through a war!!!!!!she revelled in it,kept her in power another term,she caused mostly misery for the working class thats still been felt today in a lot of communities....i will have two bottles of champers when she goes,i despised her with a capital "D"

Red_Clowne Posted on 8/12 11:56
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well I just hope that when she does go that all you who adore her so much jump into the hole with her.

ONTOUR2005 Posted on 8/12 11:58
re: thatcher in hospital.

I really can't be bothered to read all the above. Didn;t most of this conversation take place when it was her birthday anyway recently? To be honest I don't give a flying fook that she is in hospital. She didn't about me the other month! She's just an old woman in ill health like many thousands out there - I dont see any threads about them!

littlejimmy Posted on 8/12 12:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

If all the other old people you mention had had such a profound effect on our country, I'm sure people would post threads about them as well.

grantus Posted on 8/12 12:04
re: thatcher in hospital.

Ok, ok, calm down. I said a understand that a lot of people disagreed with her politics, I appreciate that.

From my understanding of the time though, Britain needed change and she ushered in change. Now that is going to upset a lot of people no matter how its done, its going to affect people no matter how its done. Nobody says she is a saint, nobody says she is without mistakes. Change was inevitable and she was the one who did it. The Labour party are still leading off the back of those policies though. Soblame her or praise her, thats not my point anyway.

I say this. She stood up for what she believed, she went out there and made a difference in the World. She was a revolutionary woman, a role model for the possibilities of a gender. If you cant accept her greatness, yet can call a sportsman great, I say that is ridiculous. She lived her life for this country for what she believed was for the best.

Im not arguing her policies, Im not even saying I agree with them.

I say she is a great woman!

sparkins Posted on 8/12 12:17
re: thatcher in hospital.

I can understand the people of Cambodia having a small glass of local brew on the death of Pol Pot. I can understand the downtrodden masses of Russia raining a glass of wodka at the death of comrade Stalin. What I can't get my head round in a society (or group of unconected individuals) as developed and free as our own, where it is perfectly acceptable to glorify and celebrate the death of someone. I guess it goes to show what a pampered, relatively worry free existence we lead in this country.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 12:18
re: thatcher in hospital.

Was she even a 'great' WOMAN?

Technically, she is not a man. But did she act like a woman as a politician or as a man?

So did she advance the role of women in politics or just take them down another route, where their feminine qualities are not even utilised?

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 12:25
re: thatcher in hospital.

Sparkins: this echoes a thread a few days ago about whether you could kill a man but what the hell, you know for all the trappings of civilisation in our society it is still fairly brytal and blood-thirsty.

Our national press can whip up a frenzy of support bringing back teh rope for perverts or for the bombing of innocent women and kids in a far away country that we do not know and who are no threat to us. Why then be surprised at the venom aimed at someone far closer to home who many have bitter experience of?

Azedarac Posted on 8/12 12:27
re: thatcher in hospital.

The hospital won't release her until the doctors have worked out how her blood has circulated all these years without a heart.

ONTOUR2005 Posted on 8/12 13:40
re: thatcher in hospital.

RodOfGod Posted on 8/12 13:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

"Who the fùck cares what you think you jordy retard - bugger back off to TOTT and play with your fellow plastic makums.

Thatcher did more to bring this country up again than anyone since Churchill." said Davo44

Thank you for proving my point! Obviously if I'm a Geordie and didn't like Thatcher then I must be a retard eh?
VVanker! So protective of her aren't you? You sad fuckingIdiot!!!

BoroMod Posted on 8/12 13:56
re: thatcher in hospital.

I'll raise a glass to her slow and painful demise.

ONTOUR2005 Posted on 8/12 13:57
re: thatcher in hospital.

Here Here!

T0O1O2N Posted on 8/12 13:58
twatcher in hospital, suffering we hope

Twatcher is living proof that the good die young!

Nedkat Posted on 8/12 14:38
re: thatcher in hospital.

Lots of opinions on this one ! I've always had socialist leanings, and Thatcher's methods of fixing what she thought needed fixing, was way out of proportion to the actual problem. Many of todays issues are a direct result of her politics. It's unfortunate, but the poverty created at the time developed a type of person who became extremely anti-establishment. These people lived poorly with very little discipline and guidance. They became completely disallusioned, and eventually evolved into the problem we have today with some of the youngsters who cause so many problems.
I saw the destruction of not only our industries, but more importantly our way of life. Alright, no-one will argue that the coal, the steel, the shipbuilding .. all needed a shake up, but for her to stamp all over people's very existance was way over the top. She completely, and utterly, ruined an awful lot of lives. That's the legacy she leaves behind, the fact that there's millions of people, who only have a short time on this planet, and she managed to screw it up for them.
I'll not celebrate or mourn her passing, it's over now, in the past. I'll look forward to a rosy future where we can hope for a better class of politician (there's got to be one somewhere) to bring the world to understand that it isn't all about the power, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE !!!

Lucky_Alf Posted on 8/12 14:55
re: thatcher in hospital.

Perhaps the "rest of Europe" had a slightly different mindset to the U.K that was living off the back of "winning the war", whilst they were getting back on their feet and determined to prosper?

Red_Clowne Posted on 8/12 15:04
re: thatcher in hospital.

Well said Nedkat. There are thousands of young people in what were the coalfields, who live in isolated ghost-towns who have nothing to live for, or to aspire to, other than committing the next robbery or burglary to fund their drug habit. There is absolutely nothing for them here now. Where there had been a pit and its social structure that set the standard for each village, there is now a complete void. As you said, we're only on this planet once and her policies ruined a generation's chances round here.

Closing the pits condemned more than 300 years of coal. Coal that will be very difficult, if not impossible, to extract safely (given the build up of gas in the abandoned seams). How ironic that we are now spinning around looking for alternative energy sources - and are even talking about clean coal. A year ago, Coalite closed its plant here in Bolsover. It had been opened in the 30's to produce smokeless fuel and a by-product - petrol, as the country prepared itself for war. Under our feet are millions of tonnes of coal that were abandoned in a headstrong war waged against the working class.

Nedkat Posted on 8/12 16:16
re: thatcher in hospital.

Here she is .....

Revol_Tees Posted on 8/12 16:21
re: thatcher in hospital.

Here she is again!

Link: Thatch

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 16:25
re: thatcher in hospital.

See, she was a man.

Nedkat Posted on 8/12 17:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

The Thatch has left the hospital.

Derby_Red Posted on 8/12 17:10
re: thatcher in hospital.

In a box?

Or at the taxpayer's expense by some other means? (It's all about "choice", Margaret).

Gillandi Posted on 8/12 17:21
re: thatcher in hospital.

Red Rebel - I'll be dissapointed if you dont broadcast the details of your Thatcher Dance Night Out. I feel is if I've been there with yer throwing two pound coins into the jar.

That said, as a humanitarian, I wish Maggie as many years over the standard issue 3 score and ten as is feasibly possible and particularly regret the timing of this, as one of her children finally does something Mama Thatch can sit up and be proud of.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 8/12 17:28
re: thatcher in hospital.

Unfotunatley Thatcher won't be getting the type of service in hospital that she deserves. In a shared ward with a skeleton staff and Dennis, Mark and Carol having to feed her.

I was a nurse while she was the country's leader. She didn't give a damn about the working class (nothing's changed there then) and reduced the NHS to a shadow of what it was.

The sooner she's gone the sooner the party will start.

Gillandi Posted on 8/12 17:31
re: thatcher in hospital.

Dennis is feeding no-one but Behelzebub these days, having passed on.

Vindaloo and Victory V's I imagine.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 17:35
re: thatcher in hospital.

Let's face it, she's going to hang on a long time yet - she knows where she's going.

Rebel, are you going to have a disco? The music she inspired is about the only thing to thank her for.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 8/12 17:43
re: thatcher in hospital.

Dennis is dead! Don't remember the minute's silence!

Sceptic_Frank Posted on 8/12 17:44
re: thatcher in hospital.

The numerous threads on here about "pissing on thatcher's grave" etc. pretty much sum up my distaste for the left and its ridiculous hypocrisy. You can be sure those hoping she suffers a miserable death will be the same ones who condemn anyone who wishes a similar fate on a murderer as "barbaric". They're both unsavoury outdated viewpoints in my opinion.

Equally the same people who preach about prejudice and equal rights will be the first ones to judge and belittle anyone with views that differ from their own - illustrated by the constant abuse of one of my colleagues who admitted he was a Tory. The fact that he's a nice, decent bloke who never forces his political views on anyone suddenly became secondary.

Like Grantus, I don't agree with Thatcher's policies but I don't choose to believe she was the female hitler either and refuse to jump on the hate bandwagon.

Maybe I'm just a hopeless fence-sitter.

tees_tug Posted on 8/12 17:57
re: thatcher in hospital.

I hope that when the day arrives, and rebel has to smash open that big jar of his, he does not forget his old pal. I spent many happy days on the park bench with Red. I'm the one on the right.

Link: Me and Rebel; old mates.

borobadge Posted on 8/12 18:00
re: thatcher in hospital.

its got 200+ written all over it....

Nedkat Posted on 8/12 18:30
re: thatcher in hospital.

Tug, that's not you and Red ... There's no box of wine in the picture.

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 18:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

Tug: I suppose that makes me th eone on the left then... again.


To be fair I don't think the ones wishing ill on Thatcher are exclusively or even mainly 'the left'. It seems a pretty broad spectrum of sentient Northerners with a social conscience and a cultural memory who are hostile. Even the normally mild-mannered seem to want some kind of 'punishment' to atone for her wicked deeds. There is almost a religious dimension to it.

I can't say I have ever come acros this deep seated long term popular hatred for someone before. Usually it fades into apathy fairly quickly. This reflects teh deep social scars she left.

For my part I don't want to see Thatcher die of old age in front of a one bar fire in a council hovel like some do.

I don't want her to have a long lingering painful death because the drugs are available but her GP doesn't consider treatment is cost-effective.

No, I want her dragged before a worker's court and charged with crimes against the people.

green_beret20 Posted on 8/12 18:55
re: thatcher in hospital.

What sentimental clap trap.
Everybody has a sob story.

Going by that argument then we should never have moved on from canals and horse drawn carriages because villages and towns depended on them for business and employment over 100 years ago.

How utterly rediculous to think that we should have kept the mines because a few hundred people out in the sticks worked in them.
Move on for ffs.

Lefty3668 Posted on 8/12 19:15
re: thatcher in hospital.


Prejudice? Pre-judgement????

Hipocrisy is saying things like 'where there is discord, may we bring harmony' when coming to power knowing that you fully intend to wage a civil war on your own people, destroy whole communities out of sheer vindictiveness and become the most divisive prime minister in history.

The people hoping she has a horrible ending are no doubt looking at the suffering and misery she heaped on others and the rejoicing she exhorted us to do at the deaths of hundreds of Argentinian sailors in a battleship that was outside an exclusion zone and sailing away and thinking 'well in case there isn't anyone upstairs to sit in judgement, lets hope we can have a bit of eye for an eye now'.

In any case there is a difference between organising a society that practises murder and hoping that bad people die.

That is horrible about your friend, but I think you'll find that the so called liberals and leftist's on here would condemn that behaviour. There are nasty people on either political wing as that cow proves.

Tell me, were you sad when Ian Huntley died? I wasn't, but I would have been quite happy if he had had to spend a lot longer in jail, in misery, reflecting on his life. I hope Ian Brady wishes he had died 30 years ago. I am glad he wasn't executed, but I wouldn't be sad if he had died of cancer 30 years ago.

What misery has Thatcher had to endure apart from being eventually stabbed in the back by her own colleagues? Has she ever despaired?

You have shamed me though so I will take it back. I do not wish her an unpleasant death. I wish her a sudden, ridiculous one.

I hope that she is surprised by a flasher in a clowns mask (who blows a raspberry at her at the same time). While she is waiting for the ambulance I hope that the man is arrested and it turns out to be her son. As she is rushed into the ward I hope she is dropped, rolls off the stretcher and lands on a giant dildo which gets stuck up her arse. Somehow I would like an eye drawn on each cheek and some Groucho Marx eyebrows and tash and glasses added in time for the paparazzi photo that gets syndicated around the world. Then I hope she recovers briefly to see the papers before dying of shame.

It's a long shot I know. That lady knows no shame.

Boro290204 Posted on 8/12 20:10
re: thatcher in hospital.

She felt faint? I wish she'd have asked me for advice, I could have recommended a good GP.... Dr. Harold Shipman! A specialist with old ladies!

My only other advice to Thatcher is concerned with sex and travel!

littlejimmy Posted on 8/12 20:55
re: thatcher in hospital.

Tell me, GB20, is ignorance really bliss?

red_rebel Posted on 8/12 23:12
re: thatcher in hospital.

Lefty, I think you are a fine comrade. You make me laugh. I think your script would have added ironic acid invective if it was a KARL Marx eyebrows, tash and beard.

grantus Posted on 9/12 9:50
re: thatcher in hospital.

Some peoples perceptions of reality, of accectable behaviour is laughable.

Comparing Thatcher to Huntley and Brady, well, *shakes head*.

Perhaps if some of those people who spent years complaining about how Thatcher ruined their lives got off their backsides and built something new, they wouldn't have felt so bitter.

Perhaps if she didn't close down the stagnant, unproductive British industries, she would be getting vilified for the downfall of the economy, who's to say what would have happened to the country if she'd made different decisions?

I personally think that England and Britain for that matter, is still a fantiastic country to live in, perhaps one of the best in the World.

She cant have fooked it up that badly, sometimes change requires pain. Plain and simple.

Im not defending her policies, but rather than be bitter about it on here, I suggest that you look around and enjoy England for what it is and realise that it is not despite her that we live in a wonderful country. To suggest she made such massive, difficult decisions out of vindictiveness is ludicrous.

She is an old woman who put her life into this country, more than pretty much anyone on this board has done i suspect.

Leave her to spend the winter of her life with some dignity for god's sake.

Lefty3668 Posted on 9/12 18:10
re: thatcher in hospital.


You and Sceptic are obviously very nice people and I do not want to fall out with either of you. Especially over her.

My point about Huntley and Brady was not to compare them with Thatcher other than to illustrate that morally not everyone should have a tear shed over them. In fact isn't there a case to say that, with certain people, morally you should be delighted that they are dead. Thatcher might not be one of those people, in your opinion, but some would say she killed more people and created more widespread misery than Huntley and Brady combined. So please don’t shake your head at me.

'Perhaps if some of those people who spent years complaining about how Thatcher ruined their lives got off their backsides and built something new, they wouldn't have felt so bitter.'

That is beneath you. They did.

‘Some peoples perceptions of reality, of accectable behaviour is laughable.’ I think a good many people got a good dose of reality under Thatcher and to them there was nothing laughable about HER behaviour.

'To suggest she made such massive, difficult decisions out of vindictiveness is ludicrous.'

No it is not and I would have thought that the volume of people (with personal experience) who think the same on this board would validate this as AN opinion. Ludicrous is disrespectful.

Many of her actions in the miners strike and towards the unions were certainly vindictive, even if you think it was for a legitimate and necessary political/economic outcome. Read up on it and you will see. Or I can put up an earlier thread.

Some of her other decisions were not down to vindictiveness I accept.

FALKLANDS WAR - Negligence
POLL TAX - Arrogance
ECONOMIC POLICY - Away with the fairiesence

'She is an old woman who put her life into this country, more than pretty much anyone on this board has done i suspect.'

I wish she hadn’t. It was a power trip. Anyway there are many in the armed forces on this board, who I hold in far more esteem, that can contest that statement. For far less reward I might add. If you say influence, though, I will agree. But good or bad? You know where I stand.

I agree with your opinion about England. I will also agree that Thatchers policies, while terrible for huge numbers of people in the short term were probably beneficial in the mid-term.

But long term? Her influence and the negative effects of her policies may only just be becoming apparent.

It is not bitterness that has formed this opinion in me – I was at school for a lot of her time in office, my parents weren’t hit too hard and I found a job when I left school – it is empathy, a human quality she lacked. And recognition that she has played a pivotal role in society.

No dignity for her I hope. I will settle for Harpo Marx's horn up the jacksie and a honk every time she moves. 'Oh dear, here comes Margaret again'.

littleboro Posted on 9/12 20:45
re: thatcher in hospital.

in 1979 thatcher's posters told us "labour isn't workimg" 1.5 million unemployed.

within three years she had managed to increase this figure to 4 million.

it wasn't just the nationalised industries that took the blows on the chin.

ironically, british steel (corus)is i think one of the few steel manufactorers of steel in this country. for example hatfields of sheffield have gone as far as i know. there were a private company. sheerness steel gone. so how did thatchers reign help the private companies in that situation?

one of the factors regarding the coal industry was that australian, poland etc coal price was subsidized. therefore the price was reduced and atractive to buyers. thatcher refused to subsidise or place import duties to help protect the british coal industry. why?

one of the strange things about british steel was that when it started making a profit why sell it for next to nothing?

one the strangest things is that pre falklands war she was the most heated prime minister of the 20th century. instead of sending up a nuclear sub to scare the argies off, like jim callaghan did in 1976, she let them in. after that she was the most popular PM.

why did she always back the apartheid in south africa? you could argue that she didn't want to hurt the south africans even further but was happy enough to continue british sanctions against the communist block countires (and quite rightly regarding communism).

there was the general from chile. what was that all about?

what was the selling off of councils houses. ok i understand that everybody is entitled to buy there own home. estate agents is the normal way. whatever. but why at reduced rates? why did the money from the sales to the general pool and not used to build more homes? thus creating a shortage of homes.yes people have done well with this but there is no mention of the people who didn't with regards to buying the council home.

was it that people who own there own home are more likely to vote conservative than labour? or was it that with arrogance, those who own there own home can keep better finances?

regarding these state owned industries. why did a lot of people buy the shares and then just sell them for the quick buck allowing the larger interstitions to buy them for a song?

this may appear another strange thing but why did the tories break up the big breweries. all those different beers and breweries gone.

the poll tax? nough said.

after creating so many unemployed the tories had the check to tell people to get on there bikes. so the people on the bikes from the north meet people from the south coming north on bikes in the midlands. discover, yep there are no jobs in the south. "about turn."

whats done is done but you can understand the hatred for her and her party.


i noticed that the board will be down at the weekend. this could only happen in the socialist junta that we now find ourselves in. its about time these work shy fops worked. but no, they sit at there desks during the night, no doubt with feet on desk asleep with the socialist worker in there laps, instead of working and thus creating larges volumes of overtime. double time no doubt. its about time there was a change and there is only one person who can lead us to salvation...i am sick of the politics of the "eton rifles" and want a return to the great british tradition of "richard and judy" politics, until i can think of something to say with regards to policies, and then lead the country to the type of boom we had in the 1980's, bank rates at 15%, high areas of unemployment, etc etc etc.

horse_head Posted on 15/12 12:48
re: thatcher in hospital.

Surely we can't let this post fall tragically short of a double ton?

grantus Posted on 15/12 12:57
re: thatcher in hospital.

Lefty3668, we wont fall out over it lad. No worries there.

Vive la differance!!!!!!!1

Get well soon Maggie.

Plazmuh Posted on 15/12 19:43
re: thatcher in hospital.

Enough said but would her greedy party have
ever given people a minimun wage
I very much doubt it