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PapaJohn Posted on 3/1 10:45
3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Lets hope we are not one of the shocks at the weekend,
I fancy - Millwall turning over Everton and Sunderland going down to Northwich.

We'll be ok if we treat it as a European game.


West Bromwich Albion v Reading
Fulham v Leyton Orient
Brighton v Coventry
Wolves v Plymouth
Port Vale v Doncaster
Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton
Torquay v Birmingham
Manchester City v Scunthorpe
Newcastle United v Mansfield
Luton Town v Liverpool
Preston v Crewe
Stoke v Tamworth
Derby v Burnley
Southampton v Milton Keynes Dons
Blackburn v QPR
Arsenal v Cardiff
Stockport v Brentford
Norwich v West Ham
Ipswich v Portsmouth
Wigan v Leeds
Sunderland v Northwich Victoria
Chelsea v Huddersfield
Cheltenham Town v Chester City
Leicester v Tottenham
Watford v Bolton
Sheffield United v Colchester United
Nuneaton Borough v Middlesbrough
Hull City v Aston Villa
Barnsley v Walsall
Burton Albion v Manchester United
Crystal Palace v Northampton Town
Millwall v Everton

fatharrywhite Posted on 3/1 10:49
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

think the mackems losing is wishful thinking!

one of ipswich to beat portsmouth, hull to beat villa or reading to beat west brom would be my choices

Capybara Posted on 3/1 10:51
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Sunderland will probably get a hatful against Northwich. Everyone is expecting Hull to beat Aston Villa so it probably won't be that. I can see Tamworth getting something at Stoke and a Leeds win at Wigan would count as a shock! Lecester to beat Tottenham and Norwich to beat West Ham.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 3/1 11:00
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

i fancy watford to beat bolton, leeds at wigan (if that's a shock) and sheff wed at home to charlton.

i also expect the boro game to be very similar to the notts county and hednesford games. i can see plenty of long balls being launched in to the Boro (middles) box to test us out.

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 3/1 11:21
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

i am sure we will be fine. I would have been worried if it was on TV but should be OK.

PapaJohn Posted on 3/1 11:33
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Would a replay for us be good for the home fans? ie smash in a few home goals or would it be a 9k hardcore crowd!

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the_broken_fridge Posted on 3/1 11:34
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

few hundred crowd the way things are.

T4Tomo Posted on 3/1 11:43
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

I think west brom beating Reading would be classed as a shock.

we should sign steve sidwell by the way

Capybara Posted on 9/1 8:55
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Hoofy doofy.

PapaJohn Posted on 9/1 8:57
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

I woz happy with the draw!

BoroTommo Posted on 9/1 9:00
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

That's a marvellous pat on the back you've just given yourself Capy.

Capybara Posted on 9/1 9:12
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

mickbrown Posted on 9/1 9:45
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

For a perfect example of how to deal with a potential FA Cup banana skin look no further than us at Watford.

3 - 0, piece of piss, and Sam even let the youth team keeper come on up front as a late Christmas present. Now that is man management for you.

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Blogsworth Posted on 9/1 10:15
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Boro will be number 27 in todays draw

Link: The Numbers Game

Capybara Posted on 9/1 10:18
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

It wasn't a possible shock as far as I was concerned, mick, as my earlier (6 days ago) post demonstrates

BoroTommo Posted on 9/1 10:20
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

You'll get a sore shoulder, Capy.

Didn't see you Saturday, mate, where abouts were you stood?

Capybara Posted on 9/1 10:24
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

It's beginning to hurt but it's worth it.

I was nearto the halfway line, close to r_fmttm of this parish. You?

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BoroTommo Posted on 9/1 10:29
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Didn't spot Mr. Nicholls. I was stood at the front with Petrio just to the right of the half-way line. Never mind, we'll no doubt meet up at some stage. you going to Stuttgart?

Capybara Posted on 9/1 10:34
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Not far from where we were, then.

And yes.

BoroTommo Posted on 9/1 10:39
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

See you over there for an ale or two, then. You booked your hotel?

Capybara Posted on 9/1 10:42
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

Not booked anything yet. But yes, I'll see you there. Do you speak the language?

BoroTommo Posted on 9/1 10:46
re: 3rd Round Cup - poss shocks.

The language of love is universal.

I'm in the IBIS, Marienplatz, 70 (per room) per night, and a nice central spot.

Link: Here