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Borored Posted on 26/1 21:02
Redcar Bears

First fixture was announced earlier today, Thursday 13th April will be the opening night against the Sheffield Tigers.

Really cant wait for this now, especially with Gary Havelock leading the team. Exciting times ahead!

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 26/1 21:07
re: Redcar Bears

Do they race every thursday?

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:08
re: Redcar Bears

yeah, starting in April.

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 26/1 21:09
re: Redcar Bears

where can i get a fixture list?

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:10
re: Redcar Bears

No other fixtures been announced yet, should be later this week.

GazC_MFC Posted on 26/1 21:11
re: Redcar Bears

What sport are talking about. What league are Redcar in.

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:11
re: Redcar Bears

Speedway, Premier League.

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 26/1 21:12
re: Redcar Bears

where is the venue?

Is it easy to get to?

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:13
re: Redcar Bears

South Bank motorsports park, some place as Teesside Karting, very easy to find.

GazC_MFC Posted on 26/1 21:14
re: Redcar Bears

Redcar have a team in a premier league?

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:17
re: Redcar Bears

they do indeed, they even have a former world champion and England captain in their team.

peteriley Posted on 26/1 21:18
re: Redcar Bears

How old is Gary Havelock? I seem to remember that name from about 1980 when it was Teesside Tigers at Cleveland Park.

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 26/1 21:18
re: Redcar Bears

so its down the a66 and turn off at south bank?

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:20
re: Redcar Bears

he is getting on a bit, must be 37 but plenty of years left in him yet. Started at Boro in 1986 i believe.

relfyoftheboro Posted on 26/1 21:20
re: Redcar Bears

What time do the races start?

I normally play footy on a Thursday but would be willing to give it a miss for a week if I got to watch some Speedway.


Borored Posted on 26/1 21:22
re: Redcar Bears

7:30 parade, 7:45ish start I think. Cracking night out, I urge as many people as possible to get along.

relfyoftheboro Posted on 26/1 21:25
re: Redcar Bears

Cool. Sounds like a plan. Please remind me closer to the time. You know what Im like


Borored Posted on 26/1 21:27
re: Redcar Bears

Don't worry, I'll be annoying everyone I see for the next few months to get themselves there

buffaloboro Posted on 26/1 21:53
re: Redcar Bears

hope it takes off - good to have different sports in the area. I have never been to Speedway but it sounds like a good night out and another way to put the area on the map

YearbyRed Posted on 26/1 21:56
re: Redcar Bears

Bring back Mad Dog.....and I don't mean Pogi.

Borored Posted on 26/1 21:57
re: Redcar Bears

Mad Dog was a legend!! Still lives round here somewhere i believe

YearbyRed Posted on 26/1 22:03
re: Redcar Bears

Some fantastic times watching the Teesside/M'Boro Tigers/Bears. Winning the league by beating Newcastle at home (Geoff Pusey 15 point maximum) and the Fours at Peterborough with a certain 16 year old called Havvy stealing the show.

Ah the smells coming back to me!

Borored Posted on 26/1 22:05
re: Redcar Bears

The smell was brilliant, a mixture of cigars and petrol!

League win was before my time unfortunately, but still had some brilliant times there. Always an electric atmosphere when the diamonds came to town.

Borored Posted on 26/1 22:56
re: Redcar Bears


JoeLaidlaw Posted on 27/1 9:21
re: Redcar Bears

I'm also excited about the area getting a speedway team. A friend of mine as been pestering me to go to Newcastle to watch them but I just couldn't follow anything to do with them bast****

The smell of speedway is something that sticks with you for life.

Take a deep breath and smell them engine fumes.

Surely Havelock was in the early eighties (83) for the Tigers?

Did his dad or older brother also ride for us?

Borored keep us posted on fixtures or links to web sites etc.

tees_tug Posted on 27/1 9:43
re: Redcar Bears

Love speedway but how much?

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 27/1 9:46
re: Redcar Bears

How much will it be to get in?

tees_tug Posted on 27/1 9:49
re: Redcar Bears

How much will the programmes and pies cost?

tees_tug Posted on 27/1 9:53
re: Redcar Bears

Why can't they change the name to Teesside Tackwelders or something?

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 27/1 12:03
re: Redcar Bears

Just read tis link and can't believe that they are only expecting crowds of 1,000.

I thought it would have been double this.

Anyway have a read of the link and I will see you all at South Bank.

Link: Redcar Bears

boroboy75 Posted on 27/1 12:05
re: Redcar Bears

They should bring back Steve Wilcox, too.

bald_boro Posted on 27/1 12:15
re: Redcar Bears

Maybe even Steve Wilcock ??

littledick Posted on 27/1 13:01
re: Redcar Bears

Thursday nights eh ?

Tough one that, is it Redcar Bears or,

Stuttgart away ??

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Boro_Kevin Posted on 27/1 13:02
re: Redcar Bears

I think that dilemma will be resolved in the next few weeks.

Borored Posted on 27/1 13:32
re: Redcar Bears

Must be a very tough choice for you if you are planning on going to Stuttgart away in April, I agree.

Joe, at the minute I believe the capacity will be 1500. Facilities will be very basic for the first season, but the capacity and facilities will get better once the club gets established again.

Another good link for updates, and history of speedway in Middlesbrough

Link: History

Borored Posted on 27/1 18:07
re: Redcar Bears

Gary's dad Brian has now also been confirmed as team manager.

mcbrid Posted on 27/1 18:40
re: Redcar Bears

That speedway smell was from the Castrol R vegetable based oil they used.

Once sniffed never forgotten

Link: Sniff this!

holgatespikes Posted on 27/1 20:30
re: Redcar Bears

Havvy first rode for Middlesbrough Tigers at numbe6 6 in 1985, when his dad Brian (a former Tiger) was team manager. Havvy rode for the Tigers for two seasons before signing for Bradford Dukes in 1986 becoming world Champion in 1992 and Englands most successful speedway rider, still lives in the Boro as well!

holgatespikes Posted on 27/1 20:32
re: Redcar Bears

You a big speedway fan then Borored?

holgatespikes Posted on 27/1 20:35
re: Redcar Bears

Mad dog Dicko lives in Billingham, quite a popular engine tuner for the riders now.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/1 20:41
re: Redcar Bears

Why are they called the Redca Bears ?

Surely Sharks or the like would of been more appropriate ?

South_Stand_Steward Posted on 28/1 3:39
re: Redcar Bears

Do believe "Mad Dog" is riding in ice speedway now..Seen him on Sky Sports n Europsport competinga few times.
Cant wait till season starts will get me in the mood for June 3rd when Im going to Cardiff for the British Speedway Grand Prix with my Dad.

Still think Redcar Bears is a daft name who down sarf knows where Redcar is think it should have been Cleveland Tigers acknowledge the effort made by Redcar n Cleveland Council to bring back Speedway after Middlesbrough Council helped get rid of it originally over land rent/ costs.

buffaloboro Posted on 28/1 11:08
re: Redcar Bears

Redcar Bears must have been chosed to help increase the profile of the area - ( not Teesside but Redcar )- therefore , it appears to make sense and being from Redcar/Marske , I like it.

Borored Posted on 28/1 12:04
re: Redcar Bears

Am indeed holgate!

Would have preferred a nmae with Teesside in it, but cant complain too much, having a team is all that matters!

The_DiasBoro Posted on 28/1 13:13
re: Redcar Bears

Surely Redcar Lobsters would be more appropriate. I've noticed over the years that speedway always has it's revival in the area when Boro are at a low ebb, even though it's not a winter sport.

Borored Posted on 29/1 15:54
re: Redcar Bears


Borored Posted on 30/1 21:02
re: Redcar Bears

Just to keep people updated, the fourth signing was completed today, 17 year old Jack Hargeaves joins on loan from Stoke to fill the second reserve berth. He joins Havvy, Matt Tressariou(sp?) and Dan Giffard.

stocko_mfc Posted on 30/1 21:28
re: Redcar Bears

Is the venue easy to find????? Am quite looking forward to watching a bit of speedway.

stepat Posted on 30/1 21:29
re: Redcar Bears

Why not Boro Bears?

Borored Posted on 30/1 21:31
re: Redcar Bears

yeah fairly easy, just off the a66.

Think its signposted as you get towards it too.

Team name had to have Redcar in it somewhere as its Redcar and Cleveland council that granted the planning permsission for the track.

stepat Posted on 30/1 21:33
re: Redcar Bears

Fair enough, i suppose, just thought it would be nice to keep that name? Never been before, but the missus used to go with her dad, so she's eager to go again, so i'll give it a whirl. cu there!!

Borored Posted on 30/1 21:34
re: Redcar Bears

Would have been good to keep the old name, probably why the Bears bit has been retained though.

stepat Posted on 30/1 21:36
re: Redcar Bears

Are ther any Swales' in the team now?

Borored Posted on 3/2 13:29
re: Redcar Bears

Team is starting to take shape nicely now, World U21 runner up last season, Thomas Suchanek, has today been confirmed as the 5th signing.

Borored Posted on 3/2 15:32
re: Redcar Bears


B_Hills Posted on 3/2 15:43
re: Redcar Bears

Bernard gent was Bernard the bear when it was Boro Bears i think

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 4/2 0:33
re: Redcar Bears

Boro Red just keep the info coming.

Borored Posted on 10/2 15:55
re: Redcar Bears

Rest of the fixtures have now been published, although its quite hard to sift through it all and get a list of just Redcars fixtures.

Our first match against Newcastle is on the 4th May in the Premier Trophy, with our home league match against tehm on the 29th June.

Work on the track is also going well, shale will be going in on Monday along with floodlights and all the electrics so its looking good for the track being ready in time.

Davy_C Posted on 10/2 17:26
re: Redcar Bears

13 April 2006 Redcar - Sheffield Premier Trophy
14 April 2006 Sheffield - Redcar Premier Trophy
15 April 2006 Stoke - Redcar Premier Trophy
20 April 2006 Redcar - Edinburgh Premier Trophy
21 April 2006 Edinburgh - Redcar Premier Trophy
22 April 2006 Workington - Redcar Premier Trophy
23 April 2006 Newcastle - Redcar Premier Trophy
27 April 2006 Redcar - Berwick Premier Trophy
29 April 2006 Berwick - Redcar Premier Trophy

04 May 2006 Redcar - Newcastle Premier Trophy
07 May 2006 Glasgow - Redcar Premier Trophy
10 May 2006 King'S Lynn - Redcar Premier League
11 May 2006 Redcar - Glasgow Premier Trophy
18 May 2006 Redcar - Workington Premier Trophy
25 May 2006 Redcar - Isle Of Wight Premier League

01 June 2006 Redcar - Stoke Premier Trophy
08 June 2006 Redcar - Edinburgh Premier League
15 June 2006 Redcar - Glasgow Premier League
16 June 2006 Somerset - Redcar Premier League
17 June 2006 Rye House - Redcar Premier League
22 June 2006 Redcar - Rye House Premier League
29 June 2006 Redcar - Newcastle Premier League

02 July 2006 Mildenhall - Redcar Premier League
06 July 2006 Redcar - Berwick Premier League
08 July 2006 Stoke - Redcar Premier League
13 July 2006 Redcar - Newport Premier League
14 July 2006 Edinburgh - Redcar Premier League
16 July 2006 Newcastle - Redcar Premier League
20 July 2006 Redcar - Stoke Premier League
22 July 2006 Berwick - Redcar Premier League
27 July 2006 Redcar - Mildenhall Premier League

03 August 2006 Redcar - King'S Lynn Premier League
06 August 2006 Newport - Redcar Premier League
10 August 2006 Sheffield - Redcar Premier League
11 August 2006 Redcar - Sheffield Premier League
17 August 2006 Redcar - Somerset Premier League
20 August 2006 Glasgow - Redcar Premier League
22 August 2006 Isle Of Wight - Redcar Premier League
31 August 2006 Redcar - Workington Premier League

02 September 2006 Workington - Redcar Premier League

Apologies if i've missed any - taken from

Link: Redcar Bears Fixtures

Borored Posted on 10/2 17:30
re: Redcar Bears


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Davy_C Posted on 10/2 17:33
re: Redcar Bears

I never attended either a Speedway or Greyhound meet at Cleveland Park, but have watched some live speedway on Sky Sports. Given a warm summer evening i may well be tempted to get myself along. We'll have to see what the prices/facilities are like. From what i gather somewhat basic to start with, but here's hoping to a bright future.

On another note, does that mean the end of the Scott Bros. Boro Bears who have done their best to bring back Speedway (or the Boro Bears) to Teesside the last couple of years using both Hull and Newcastle for tracks ??? I'm guessing there's only room for one Speedway outfit on Teesside and the Redcar Bears have got themselves a home and some 1/2 decent competition by the look of things which is something Scott Bros. Boro Bears have never had.

Link: Boro Bears

Borored Posted on 10/2 17:38
re: Redcar Bears

Im not sure if its the end to be honest, they could well continue to operate as they previously did (second half racing after the main event) but just use the new Redcar track as a base instead of Newcastle/Hull. Have no idea if this will happen or not.

Stadium facilities will be very basic to start off with, just concentrating on getting a good track built and getting people through the doors in the first place. If it is well supported then the facilities will improve i imagine.

Davy_C Posted on 10/2 17:46
re: Redcar Bears

Didn't Hull lose there Track towards the end of last season and get evicted from Craven Park? Can't remember whether is was a money issue or just that the Rugby team wanted a bigger pitch which would result in the loss of the track. That must of helped Redcar's cause towards getting entry to the Premier League, or would they have been granted status regardless?

Shame about Hull though as like any Sport you'd rather be facing competition from nearby rather than a team from 100's of miles away like King's Lynn,Isle Of Wight,Somerset,etc.

But look what happened to Boro Bears after Cleveland Park was sold off, unless Hull find another home it looks like curtains for them.

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Borored Posted on 10/2 17:55
re: Redcar Bears

Havent really followed Hull's case, although they did get evicted from Craven Park. Same problem that alot of teams face really, couldnt afford the rent from the landlords I think. A shame to lose another team but they are hopefull of being back fro next season I think.

I dont think it had any baring on our application, the authorities want to see more and more teams competing and with being an old member of the league they were always going to let us in.

holgatespikes Posted on 10/2 19:06
re: Redcar Bears

from what I can gather the problem with Hull was between the speedway promotion and the landlords of Craven park, who were saying rent etc hadnt been paid on time whilst the speedway setup saying it had. The typical speedway problem of not owning your own stadium, like the Tigers/Bears at Cleveland Park, not this time though!!!

Borored Posted on 14/2 14:23
re: Redcar Bears

Redcars latest signing is due to be announced tomorrow morning, expect it to be an exciting one!

YearbyRed Posted on 14/2 14:33
re: Redcar Bears

In their wisdom the new promoters have arranged a QandA session at the Riverside on Thursday evening at the same time as the Stuttgart game.

I've mentioned this as poor planning on the Redcar message board and it didn't go down too well with some.

Borored Posted on 14/2 14:38
re: Redcar Bears

yeah, posted on that too, apparently it shows where our priorities lie!!

footiefan100 Posted on 14/2 14:44
re: Redcar Bears

BoroRed -are you Jason Pipe?

YearbyRed Posted on 14/2 14:47
re: Redcar Bears

He can't be Jason Pipe. More likely Boz?

Notice how I'm too lazy to have more than one user name

Borored Posted on 14/2 14:49
re: Redcar Bears

I use Boz for pretty much everything else, no idea why i didnt here!

And im not Jason Pipe!

Ferrero_Rochey Posted on 14/2 14:50
re: Redcar Bears

Alright Jason. Long time no see.

Borored Posted on 14/2 15:01
re: Redcar Bears

Do think its pretty poor planning though, if its a choice between football and speedway the vast majority will pick football.

Ferrero_Rochey Posted on 14/2 15:04
re: Redcar Bears

Well said Jase.

Borored Posted on 14/2 15:42
re: Redcar Bears

Taken from the Gazette :

For the first time in nearly ten years, Teesside will echo to the sound of a speedway bike hurtling around the track later this month.

That's the confident prediction of Glyn Taylor, the man hard at work building the Redcar Bears' new track and stadium.

Work is continuing apace at the site in South Bank's South Tees Motorsports Park and the first competitive action will take place there in mid-April.

But Taylor - a former Australian international - expects the track itself to be finished this month.

And he's earmarked Tuesday, February 28 as the day he plans to dig out one of his old bikes and christen the track.

It won't just be for fun of course - he needs to make sure the months of hard graft he has put in have produced the best possible racetrack.

Then it's a case of overseeing the rest of the stadium work before its grand opening.

The first job was to remove a huge mound of earth from what will become the back straight, and spread it over the stadium site.

"There was about 50,000 tons to move," explained Taylor, "and the result is that the whole site is three metres higher that it was to start with."

Once that job was completed, Taylor was able to mark out the track and some 600 tons of shale - the racing surface - are due to be delivered this week.

"It should soon look like a speedway track," said Taylor, "and on February 28 I want to ride a bike around it."

Work on the drainage system and the track's inside curb is due to be done this week and the floodlights are due to be put up too.

The safety fence is scheduled to be erected in early March.

The oval track will be 311 metres long - and Taylor predicts it will be the most exciting circuit in the country.

"It will be a fast track with a lot of different racing lines," he said.

"There will be plenty of scope for passing.

"And it will be unique because bends two and three will be different to bends one and two."

There will be banking at both ends - but more of it on turns three and four.

"That gives the riders more options," he explained, "and it means they can build up speed going down the straight.

"It also means that there will be a home track advantage - there's nothing else in the league like it. It will be like a cross between the old Halifax track and Sheffield."

Spectators will enter the stadium at the first and second bends.

To begin with the stadium will be all-standing although the management hope to add seating in the future.

A covered hard standing area - a metre higher than the track - will run the length of the home straight and there will be uncovered standing around the first and second turns.

An access road will run alongside of the back straight and the pits will be on bends three and four. Bar and catering facilities will also be included.

It is envisaged the stadium will hold around 2,500 people and there will a free-to-use 500-space car park within the perimeter fence.

The first meeting at the new track will take place on Thursday, April 13 when the Bears entertain Sheffield in the Premier Trophy.

* A public meeting to launch the team takes place in the Legends Suite at the Riverside Stadium this Thursday (7.30 for 8pm start).

Recruitment forms will be available for anyone interested in being involved on race nights as track staff, stewards and turnstile operators. The Bears management will discuss admission prices, fixture

YearbyRed Posted on 14/2 15:44
re: Redcar Bears

Posted the same info on the Bears board as well.

Any ideas on the signing tomorrow?

Borored Posted on 14/2 15:47
re: Redcar Bears

Have read a rumour somehwhere that it is a "exciting foreign talent", so could be anybody really. Maybe someone like Chris Kerr?

The_DiasBoro Posted on 14/2 17:16
re: Redcar Bears

Isle of Wight away sounds like a challenge to the fans.
Funnily enough I was just doing an early springclean today and found a couple of Tigers programmes circa 1970, price 1/- (thats one shilling, plus various Boro progs).

I suppose this is what is ebay is for.

Davy_C Posted on 14/2 18:57
re: Redcar Bears

Just looking at other clubs prices, it's not a cheap sport to watch. You don't get much change from 15 at most venues, the management want to be careful they don't price people out of going like Football has done in years gone by.

Also looking at the Elite League, there seems to be a lack of Northern teams in it!

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 14/2 19:11
re: Redcar Bears

This is getting closer.

I can feel the grit on the back of my kneck.

I'll have to dig my old Tigers badges out.

Borored Posted on 14/2 19:13
re: Redcar Bears

I guess we will be looking at around 10 a meeting, but for me thats not a bad price. Its the only way to get the money in for a Speedway club really. Nowhere near the amount of sponsership that even League 2 clubs get in football, and the riders get paid so little that the vats majority have full time jobs during the week.

Borored Posted on 14/2 19:15
re: Redcar Bears

Just last week, me and me dad found a whole load of old Speedway stars, including all the ones from the season we won the league in 1981.

Borored Posted on 14/2 19:17
re: Redcar Bears

Been confirmed that the Bears latest signing is indeed American Chris Kerr.

"Hot American prospect Chris Kerr has been snapped up by Premier League new boys Redcar. The 21-year-old impressed on a 2005 tour of Conference League tracks with the USA Dream Team but the Bears admit his signing on an 8.00 point average is something of a gamble."

Borored Posted on 14/2 20:34
re: Redcar Bears

Get up there!

Could be a very good signing that, although it is a bit of a gamble. Very highly rated and definitely one for the future, hopefully turns out like the likes of Billy Hamill, Greg Hancock, Ermolenko etc.

bill_ingham Posted on 14/2 21:06
re: Redcar Bears

Really hopes this takes off (he writes from Hemel Hempstead)...

I was a regular at Cleveland Park as a nipper and only the thrill of breakdancing classes at Smith-Jaques in Billingham prized me away in the mid/late 80's. My old man was gutted - he still went down cos he'd been going since the early 50's.

Marting Dicko lived round the corner from me. Was it Pusey or Wilcock that used to wear overalls over their leather when it rained to save cleaning them? The worst ever riders of that time - Paul Place? Rob Woffinden...oh the memories.

I'll deffo watch them whenever I can.

Do they still carry out dope tests? Watch out Havvy.....

Borored Posted on 14/2 21:20
re: Redcar Bears

Sounds like it would have been Pusey!

Borored Posted on 15/2 13:58
re: Redcar Bears

Taken from the Evening Gazette:

Exciting young American Chris Kerr has become the Redcar Bears' first outright signing.

The Premier League newcomers had already snapped up Gary Havelock, Matt Tresarrieu, Daniel Giffard, Jack Hargreaves and Tomas Suchanek - but they all arrived on loan deals.

Now 21-year-old Californian Kerr has become their first asset after agreeing a three-year contract. He will be based permanently on Teesside and will stay with manager Brian Havelock in Yarm.

Kerr has not raced league speedway in Europe before, but was the major star of last year's American Dream Team tour of the UK, scoring double figures in all but one meeting.

He also reached the semi-final of last year's World Under-21 Championship and scored seven points in the US National Championship.

He arrives on an assessed eight-point average and therefore goes straight in at the deep end as a heat leader.

That represents something of a gamble by the Bears management, but they are convinced it will pay off.

"He is one of the new breed of Americans and is an exciting young talent," said co-promoter Gareth Rogers.

Meanwhile, the Bears have arranged to show live TV pictures of Boro's UEFA Cup clash with Stuttgart in the Riverside Stadium's Legends Suite during tomorrow night's public meeting.

Borored Posted on 15/2 17:16
re: Redcar Bears


iggy_pop_barker Posted on 15/2 17:20
re: Redcar Bears

Oy, Boz!!!!!!!!1

West Brom tickets?!?!?

Borored Posted on 15/2 17:22
re: Redcar Bears

ah, meant to reply to that this morning!!

YEah i'm still going, cant get tickets till Monday at the earliest so wont need any vouchers

iggy_pop_barker Posted on 15/2 17:26
re: Redcar Bears


Do you want the money now or shall we just pay you on the day?

Borored Posted on 15/2 17:27
re: Redcar Bears

Pay on the day shall be fine

iggy_pop_barker Posted on 15/2 17:31
re: Redcar Bears

Lovely stuff.

(PS Remember I need 2 tickets)

Borored Posted on 15/2 19:07
re: Redcar Bears


Probably boring everybody else with this but I don't care!

Vary, very exciting team we are putting together this year in my opinion. Havvy is a top performer still, and brings a great deal of experience to the team, while young riders like Kerr, Suchanek and Tressariou are riders with huge talent.

The final piece of the jigsaw will be very important in my eyes. With it being such a young side we could do with another older head to help out. Someone like Paul Bentley could be ideal.

chboro Posted on 15/2 19:09
re: Redcar Bears

Cheeky sod - it's too close to 100 to leave alone isn't it

Borored Posted on 15/2 19:25
re: Redcar Bears

Im so close!!

Got another month of hoofing this too!

mattrich Posted on 15/2 19:26
re: Redcar Bears

pleasure helping you get to the ton!

chboro Posted on 15/2 19:32
re: Redcar Bears

I am glad you have admitted it

Borored Posted on 15/2 21:56
re: Redcar Bears

one last hoof for today.

chboro Posted on 15/2 21:58
re: Redcar Bears


Borored Posted on 17/2 15:55
re: Redcar Bears

Taken from todays Gazette:

The final piece of Redcar Bears' jigsaw should be slotted into place next week.

That is the message from the Premier League newcomers' promoter Chris van Straaten who has revealed negotiations are at an advanced stage with the rider he wants to fill the final slot in the Bears' team for their debut season.

Van Straaten's target will take the third heat leader berth and further talks will be held this weekend - though the Bears boss won't enter into any deal unless the rider himself is fully committed to the cause.

"It's important that the rider wants to ride for you first and foremost," said van Straaten, who is also promoter of Elite League big guns Wolves. "I have got a lot of experience in contacting riders and their first answer is so important. It sets the tone of what type of rider he is. I never persuade people because the first time they have a bad meeting, they turn round and say 'told you'."

Van Straaten was talking at the Riverside Stadium after a well-attended public meeting to launch the team where he also revealed that, because of the timescale, no season tickets will be sold for the team's debut season.

Admission prices will be 11 for adults, 7 concessions and 2 for children. A 2 quality programme will also be available on racenight.

Press and practice day on April 6 will not be open to fans as a safety licence will not have been granted by then - but a meet-the-riders night is planned in the evening, possibly at the Riverside.

Van Straaten also revealed that Steve Harland and Jason Pipe, who ran the Boro Bears junior team, would look after the second half action with the aim of nurturing up-and-coming riders.

And he said he hoped to also enter a second team in the Conference League next year.

YearbyRed Posted on 17/2 16:05
re: Redcar Bears

Heat leader with an average of 4.91? Not like the old days.

Borored Posted on 17/2 16:07
re: Redcar Bears

Third heat leader will have a smaller average than either Suchanek or Tressariou (cant remember which) which seems fairly strange.

YearbyRed Posted on 17/2 16:11
re: Redcar Bears

Any ideas who it might be (on the basis you were right about Chris Kerr)

Borored Posted on 17/2 16:16
re: Redcar Bears

No idea really, would like it to be someone with a bit of expereince to help out the youngsters really. Its a very exciting team but all based on potential really so someone who has been there and done it would be good.

Could be Richard Juul?

YearbyRed Posted on 17/2 16:29
re: Redcar Bears

Whats all this grade B/C at reserve?

You can tell that I haven't really followed Speedway for quite a few years!

Borored Posted on 17/2 16:32
re: Redcar Bears

Not 100% sure of it myself but will give it a go!

All the reserves are split into three grades, A,B and C. The top reserves will go into A, worst into C. Think this will go on previous averages, age etc.

Then when it comes to filling the reserve berths, you can either have one grade A and one grade C, or two grade B riders. Bit confusing.

YearbyRed Posted on 17/2 16:34
re: Redcar Bears

Cheers for that - do you know what the Giffard and Hargreaves are?

Not like when we won the league and Pusey and Collier were the reserves with 6 point averages.

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Borored Posted on 17/2 16:38
re: Redcar Bears

i THINK they are both grade B's, which is probably the sensible option. Two riders who are going to get some points, instead of one reserve who will get a fair few and one who will struggle.

Borored Posted on 20/2 16:59
re: Redcar Bears


A good turnout at the public meeting on Thursday, around 300 people turned up. The next one is planned for 6th April, with a 'Meet the Riders' night.

Borored Posted on 20/2 20:11
re: Redcar Bears

get up there

YearbyRed Posted on 22/2 10:59
re: Redcar Bears

Team now complete - Kevin Little is the final signing.Not too sure where he rode last year but comes in with a 4.91 average.

Borored Posted on 22/2 13:41
re: Redcar Bears

Think he rode at Workington last season, but had a few nasty injuries hence the low average. Definitely an experienced rider, would expect this to be his last year unless he has a cracking season

Borored Posted on 22/2 15:30
re: Redcar Bears

Actually, quite pleased with this signing. Experienced rider, which is what we needed with such a young side. Will be able to pass on his expereince in the pits, and he has ridden at all of the Premier League tracks before so will be able to help on set-ups as well.

Now all we need is the track to be finished on time!

YearbyRed Posted on 22/2 15:37
re: Redcar Bears

There is still a lot of work to do, if you've seen the pictures.

Hope they are not using Multiplex!

Borored Posted on 22/2 15:40
re: Redcar Bears

yeah, still a fair bit of work to do. The rain these last couple of days wont have helped either, I know Glyn was hoping for it to be dry to get the track down.

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 22/2 23:54
re: Redcar Bears

Wouldn't mind getting involved with some of my young lads on a stewarding for a riding session with the Redcar Bears.

Anyone got a contact.

SmoggieOnTheTyne Posted on 24/2 19:40
re: Redcar Bears

YearbyRed - are these pictures on line and if so do you have a link to them?

Borored Posted on 24/2 19:42
re: Redcar Bears

Follow the link for the pictures.

Could also try asking on there too Joe

Link: Pics

Borored Posted on 27/2 16:08
re: Redcar Bears


Borored Posted on 1/3 15:55
re: Redcar Bears


Kevin Little will be "representing" the bears at the Northern Counties Championship at Workington next Saturday.

SmoggieOnTheTyne Posted on 2/3 19:59
re: Redcar Bears

More pics of the new track.Starting to look like a speedway track now. Roll on April 13.

Link: New Track

SmoggieOnTheTyne Posted on 5/3 1:23
re: Redcar Bears

The latest update on progress down at the South Tees Motorsport Park

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Thread Started on Yesterday at 10:46am

The shale is now down on the track all 300 tons of it.
We put it down on Friday. so the track is now finished.
Its a bit soft but that was due to the rain last week. Its drying out now and all that is to be dune is the preparation for racing.
Next weekend with your help (yep all of you)we will start to put the safety fence up. (Please bring with you if you have them a portable drill) there is no power on site as yet. there are a lot of holes to be drilled. We will start about 9.30am all welcome.
We have 480 x 1" holes to be drilled /cut through Go kart Tires. 15 posts to set in concrete. I hope to have these in be for the weekend. Then 75 posts to be put in.

Taken from the Redcar Bears message board.

Borored Posted on 6/3 17:44
re: Redcar Bears


Borored Posted on 10/3 16:01
re: Redcar Bears


Track is almost finished now, the pits buildings are now on site and will be put up during the weekend. The rest of the portakabins for the other facilities will arrive later this month.

YearbyRed Posted on 10/3 16:20
re: Redcar Bears

Thinking of going down tomorrow (with drill) to help out. Would be good to see a good turnout.

Borored Posted on 17/3 14:19
re: Redcar Bears

The official website has now gone live, still under construction in places but most of the information is there.

Link: Official Site

Borored Posted on 17/3 21:42
re: Redcar Bears


Borored Posted on 23/3 14:20
re: Redcar Bears

About time i hoofed this i reckon. Not too long now before the first night.

Stewart Downing will be the guest of honour on the first night, officialy opening the new track.

mattrich Posted on 23/3 14:30
re: Redcar Bears

How many times has this thread been hoofed boz? let it go, it has run its course, there is more life in the queen mother!!!

Borored Posted on 23/3 14:31
re: Redcar Bears

it gives me something to do

captain5 Posted on 23/3 14:33
re: Redcar Bears

Hit him where it hurts, Boz. Boycott the pub.

See how he gets by without that 3-90 a week.