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Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:09
Pubs in Stuttgart

Anyone know where peeps are going?

Durham_Red Posted on 9/2 17:13
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Some traditional german pubs listed here. But i'd guess the majority are going to the Irish pubs

Link: pub guide

Smithy_MfC Posted on 9/2 17:14
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

irish pub for me

Scott49 Posted on 9/2 17:15
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

there are plenty off pubs dotted about the city centre plus there is a main square where travveling fans normally gather hang there flags and drink etc

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:28
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Are we expecting trouble from the local Nazi population?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:38
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Cheers all.

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/2 17:42
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

ooooh! this means something to me now!!!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:43
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

You should be saving up for my birthday persent!

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/2 17:45
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I'll buy you a pint in Stuttgart!

Murton_Red Posted on 9/2 17:46
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So hells did you get booked up ? and on which flight

kenny_from_the_buffs Posted on 9/2 17:47
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Anyone know where the irish bar is?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:48
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/2 17:49
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Not yet, but it looks like we are defo going! waiting on a few other people's decisions but might well go on the flight options!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 17:51
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I thought Flight Options was sold out?

hells_bells83 Posted on 9/2 17:54
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

last few apparently

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 18:03
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Is that according to the banner at the top? I thought it was on MFC official site that it was sold out?

Murton_Red Posted on 9/2 18:05
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Come on name names and where are they and what do you call this main square

MoggasDog Posted on 9/2 18:06
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

When everyone starts going on about pubs on our yoofa journeys thats when i start to really look forward to going

cant wait for next week - nevermind the match - i'm going for the crack (i'm aware of the irish spelling before some nob pipes up).

See you all in Stuttgart
Up the Boro

Durham_Red Posted on 9/2 18:09
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

M_R, think this is the main sq (might be wrong like)

Link: square

borosteve Posted on 9/2 18:19
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 18:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Auf weidersehen pet?

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:15
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

1 week today.

Link: We'll be here........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:16
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

And here......

Link: .........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Link: ..........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Link: ................

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:20
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

By night.........

Link: ..........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:22
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Lots of trees........

Link: .........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:25
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Stuttgart centre......

Link: In the sunshine.....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:27
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Plenty of room.......

Link: for flags.......

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:29
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Aerial view......

Link: .........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:33
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Useful website...

Link: .....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:37
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Another useful site......

Link: .......

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:38
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

And there's more.......

Link: ........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 19:40
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Feel free to join in......

Link: ..........

boro74 Posted on 9/2 20:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


Link: stuttgart

gazanolan Posted on 9/2 22:58
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

As if by magic the shopkeeper appears with his big list of irish pubs

Link: ooo there is an irish pub...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 9/2 23:14
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Anyone know if that nice big square has any pubs?

Murton_Red Posted on 9/2 23:14
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

nice one gaz , biddy irish bar thats the one poeple were on about for wednesday night
Someone also mentioned about a english bar also for match day anyone know that one

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 10/2 11:39
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Anyone got the link to stuttgarts official site?

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Scott49 Posted on 10/2 11:58
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

rangers played them a couple of years ago, maybe some1 on there msg board will will be able to help u out.

Link: followfollow

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:13
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:20
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

The victory yesterday makes the Stuttgart trip even more exctitng!!!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:23
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I know Hells.

Finally found that link......

Link: Official site

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:27
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Hells, did you pick your ticket up on Saturday?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 20:27
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

the royal ascot is pish imo ... sophie´s brauhaus and biddy early´s are pretty good ... might drop by myself on wednesday and/or thursday ...

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:28
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yes got the tickets on Saturday, did you?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:30
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Oops, jjust asked you the saem question on the other thread. No, I was hungover so didn't get to the ground til late and after buying a warm jacket from the club shop didn't have time to que up. Hopefully it'll still be there tomorrow.

What hotel did you book into? I'm not stalking you btw I was wondering whats left and whereabouts in the city.

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:33
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

flying via Paris too, and now wanting my hotel....

Hansa hotel I think, I'll just look for a link

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Here, looks ok £30 a night inc breakfast

Link: Hansa Hotel

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 20:37
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

thats well within stumbling distance from the good pubs ...

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:38
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Oooh good stuff!

Are you a Stuttgart fan? Sorry, I didnt take much notice of any posts to do with Stuttgart before Friday!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 20:39
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:43
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

How many tickets have you sold for the game?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 20:45
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

we asked for 900 apparently ... i know of 4 busses and a plane ... i guess there´s gonna be 800 ....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:46
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Just had a look and it appears to be full Hells so you're safe for another year. Also my flight is from Heathrow via Paris on Wednesday afternoon.

borobadge Posted on 12/2 20:47
re: Stuttgart

open minded AND trendy..

that'll be a treat for t'boro fans.....

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:49
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Phew -

Might see you in Paris! We get there at 14.35!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:50
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Are you still there Jens? Do you know the address of the stadium so I can do a map search?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 20:51
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

the street is mercedesstr. ....

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:51
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Don't get to Paris til 6pm Hells.....Keep running, I'll catch you eventually.

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 20:52
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Haha! See you in Stuttgart then probably!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:54
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Cheers Jens.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:54
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So the stadium is located in the North East of Stuttgart. What's teh best way to get to the stadium Jens?

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 20:57
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I'll be the one wearing a Boro shirt over there Hells.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:00
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

sbahn to bad cannstatt train station or ubahn (subway) to hanns martin schleyer halle / cannstatter wasen ... but the subway only starts running until 3h before kickoff or so. it may not even run for midweek matches, not sure. id take the sbahn.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:02
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

oh, and if you dont plan on a lengthy stay in hospital ... id take a jacket or some warm clothes as well as the boro top ... its fcuking cold here.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:06
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Thanks Jens. Is the sbahn the bus? I've just bought myself a big jacket so should be ok there.

Do you expect much trouble from the locals towards us Jens and how many are you expecting at the match in Stuttgart?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:08
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

sbahn is the train

if theres trouble on thursday you can watch us chase the people who run this club thru the streets ... or join us if you want to :)

i expect 25k max

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:12
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Do you think you'll beat us?

I'll join you, there's nothing like a fun run to keep you warm.

Just booked into the Maritim Hotel. Just need to pick up my ticket tomorrow now!

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 21:16
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I will defo see you then LL, I will prob have my last seasons away top on, with Viduka on the back.

But it will probably be under about 5 other layers!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

My hotels the closest one to yours Hells. It's got a swimming pool aswell so I'll probably drown in my favourite boro shorts, just like the whale in the Thames.

Come on Boro!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:19
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

dont know if were gonna beat you ... dont really care, either ... i just want the board out for the good of the club. wouldnt really surprise me if this tie was decided on away goals.

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 21:22
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


take your ice skates, it will probably be frozen over!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:25
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

did you know that mark schwarzer speaks fluent german?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:25
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Hells, The swimming pool is indoors so I hope it's not frozen over.

So what's going on with your board Jens and why do you want them out? If you don't care about winning then could you just let us thrash you so that at least we're happy.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:30
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I did jens. He played over there for awhile a few years back didn't he.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:32
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

well, 3 years ago we were in the cl with a young team that was praised by the whole country .... now were playing terrible football and have just hired a coach off the street with fukc all experience at a club like this. the board is clueless and their main focus is the business side of things. we got 25m € for 2 players last summer and hardly reinvested anything and we have a GAPING hole in midfield. they need to go ASAP!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:33
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

dresden and kaiserslautern ... he still wasnt here for that long, so im quite surprised ...

mclaren needs to take some stuff that makes his hair grow :)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

That doesn't sound good, how are your board justifying that? So the Stuttgart supporters aren't happy at the moment then? I see you lost to Bielefeld at the weekend. How are Hitzelsperger and Jon Dahl Tomasson doing over there?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:36
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yeah, you're right about McClarens hair.

So who are your star players?

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 21:43
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

haha! I just assumed it was an outdoor pool, thats nice for you though!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:46
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

We're going to Germany Hells, not Barbados. Get yourself fit in the pool, I'll sign you in and lend you my goggles.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:48
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

i did a piece for today thats gonna be published tomorrow, btw ... might answer some questions

the problem with the board is that they´re business people ... if i had a company id be delighted if they were running it, but this is football and they have no clue. the chairman, who used to be the ceo of ibm europe, is more or less the acting manager here and he´s just a fan ... sacking sammer and trapattoni was the right decision, but the people they replaced them with are inacceptable. they only do things half right ... sacking sammer was a good thing and long overdue, but hiring trapattoni was wrong ... sacking trapattoni was good, but hiring some guy on the dole was wrong ... selling hleb and kuranyi for 25m € was smart, but we never really replaced hleb etc. etc. we need to get some football people to run this club.

hitzlsperger is very, very average and doesnt have much to his game except for his shot ... if he didnt have that, hed be a 2nd division player ... tomasson is a top notch striker who doesnt get any support as our so called midfield has no flair or creativity. our best players are hildebrand, the goalie ... meira, a portuguese center half / def mid and jdt. i wonder what the newcastle fans are thinking when they see jdt now ...

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 21:49
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


seriously though, we did see one with an outdoor pool when we were looking for places!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 21:50
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

if you want an outdoor pool, go to the "thermalbad leuze" ... not far from the stadium, btw :)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 21:54
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

We are fortunate as a club that we don't have a board just one man, Steve Gibson, who is a legend. I thought the same of Hitzelsperger when he played in England but he has got a very good shot! Tomasson never succeeded in England so probably feels he has a point to prove against us. Let's hope not.

Are you going to the match Jens? Have you seen much of Middlesbrough and what are you expecting?

There you go Hells, Jens has sorted an outdoor pool for you to train in, I'll stick to the indoor pool if it's ok with you.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:02
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

itd be nice if hitzlsperger´s shots were a tad bit more accurate ... let´s call it the roberto carlos syndrome :)

i havent missed a home match in ages and ill be at the riverside as well ... havent seen much of middlesbrough, we get some premiership matches and they usually focus on manutd, chelsea and arsenal etc. but from what ive read on here and somewhere else i think its hardly gonna be 2 breathtaking matches that are gonna live with us forever. :)

except for the match yesterday your results since the draw were hardly inspiring .... well have to wait and see if that one result is enough to turn things around for you.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:07
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Well if it's mainly Chelsea then you might have spotted us thrashing them yesterday.

We've struggled this season, mainly due to injuries to key players. We've had to keep changing formations to try and get the right blend but as a result have been inconsistent. We're at a point now though were we have our best players fit, including Riggott, Boateng and Downing, and back in the team which is the reason we hammered Chelsea. We were struggling previously but hopefully we'll be alot stronger now and can keep the team fit.

I would expect us to start with a 4-5-1, be patient and hit you on the counter attack. Should be an intruiging game. An away goal would be crucial for us. Where are you staying when you come over to Middlesbrough?

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jeff_potato Posted on 12/2 22:10
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Surely people aren't heading for Irish bars in Stuttgart?!

Head for a Bierhof and get some proper German booze in us all!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:12
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I have a friend that lives just up the road from St. James´ Park in Newcastle so I´ll be staying at his place. Don´t ask who he supports because I won´t tell. :)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:12
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

It's typical Boro though Jeff!!

I'll be checking out a few German places definitely, what's the point in going over there and spending all day in an Irish pub.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:13
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Boo, don't be staying there Jens. He'll probably rob you.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:14
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

LL, if you fancy a beer on Wednesday or Thursday in a German bar, give me a shout. They even brew their own beer. Bit pricy for our standards, but you´ll probably think it´s cheap. :)

jeff_potato Posted on 12/2 22:16
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Good man, LL, I'm definitely hoping for a drink in a proper German pub, honestly can't see the point in spending all afternoon in an Irish bar when the Germans have their own parallel tradition akin to that of the English pub!

My half-German friend has already warned me about the strength of the beer over there, though - probably just half a shandy for me, then!

hells_bells83 Posted on 12/2 22:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I was just warned about the beer strength over there yesterday!

davo44 Posted on 12/2 22:19
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Totally agree - whats the point in hanging round an Irish bar - Id far rather talk to the locals and have a bit of crack with em.

jeff_potato Posted on 12/2 22:21
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

You say "talk," davo... but I'll be ambling my way through GCSE German whilst trying to buy a drink.

I think I'll look up some maps of Stuttgart now actually, so I can gather my whereabouts on Thursday afternoon.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:23
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Nice one Jens, maybe you could recommend some good bars for us.

Darn Hells, I was hoping you wouldn't know.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:25
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

name of the place is sophie´s brauhaus, which is actually right next to the irish bar biddy early´s ... right opposite of a sex shop as well :)

marienstr. 28

Link: sophie´s

jeff_potato Posted on 12/2 22:29
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Cheers Jens!

Even has maps on the website - lovely stuff.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:29
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Excellent Jens. I don't get there til Wednesday night so it'll be Thursday afternoon before I hit the pub. What time do pubs open over there by the way?

So straight out the pub and into the sex shop, errr.......I mean on to the match.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:32
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

its different ... some open at noon, some dont open till 5 or 6 .... most restaurants are closed between say 2pm and 6pm

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:36
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

to get to sophie´s youll have to climb some rather steep stairs, so be warned ... i managed to fall down those stairs once.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:37
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

My German's not so good, I'll have to get the dictionary out for that website. It says it opens at 11am, is that right? Is that near the main square on the photos earlier in the thread?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:38
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

The Schlossplatz.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:40
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

about a 10 minute walk on the main shopping street

Link: dictionary

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:45
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Is that near Baden-Wuerttemberg?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:46
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

just marked it on the map .... if you want a decent online map go to -> stadtplan -> your resolution and then just type in the address is the website of the public transport

Link: map

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:47
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

baden württemberg is the state stuttgart is the capital of :)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:48
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


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Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 22:49
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

actually, i fcuked that map up ... sophies is on the corner of Marienstr. and Sophienstr. and not at the corner where i marked. marienstr. is the next street to the left of where i put my mark.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 22:55
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

My hotel is on Seidenstrabe, just looking for it....

BoroMod Posted on 12/2 23:03
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Just out of interest, how much should expect to pay for a pint?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:05
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

It's 1.4miles away (2.2km) from my hotel so it's looking like a taxi.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:09
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

depends on the place ... at sophies its 3 or 3.50 for a pint of lager, in the irish bars its about 4 to 4.50 for a pint of guinness ... in the place where i drink before matches it´s 2.60 for a hefeweizen ... thats in euros

BoroMod Posted on 12/2 23:12
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

One more thing Jens, do you know where this address is please?

Haußmannstr. 27,
70188 Stuttgart - Mitte Eingang Werastr. Ecke Kernerstr.

Is it near to the centre of Stuttgart or any decent pubs?


Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:13
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So about £2-3, not too bad, especially if it's super strength.

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Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:14
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

id take a taxi ... :)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:16
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yours is a couple of miles from my hotel Mod. Yours is further east, which is handier for the ground but not as handy for the pubs.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So what is the main area to head for Jens? Is Sophies in the main area? Is it easy to find? What's the shopping like over there?

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:22
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

the königsstrasse is the main shopping street and is the center of town. it starts right in front of central station and ends somewhere near sophie´s. walking down that street is probably gonna take you 15-20 minutes ... all shops etc. are either on the königsstr. or the surrounding streets. there´s a club shop on königsstr. as well.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:25
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Great stuff Jens, you're a star. So if I head for the Konigsstrasse I can have a wander about, do a spot of shopping and then get down the pub, get hammered, stumble into the sex shop, do some more shopping then onto the match and then wake up in a gutter somewhere or maybe an outdoor swimming pool.

I used ot work for Degussa btw so I'm practically half German.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:26
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Just for you.....

Link: ;o)

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:28
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

that sounds like a typical euro away :)

you might wanna go by your hotel before you go to the pub to drop off the stuff you bought

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:29
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Best put this here so I can find it.....Cold and wet, sounds like England.

Link: Weather watch

jeff_potato Posted on 12/2 23:30
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Is there a club shop at the ground too, Jens, I take it?

I just fancy buying a VfB shirt, given their resemblance to our kit!

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:30
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

thanks ... i saw that, but i cant be bothered to use them ...

im lazy ...

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:32
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

yes ... right at the ticket office and the training pitches etc. ... a few hundred yards from the ground

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Will you be about in the next couple of days Jens? Just in case I have another book of questions to ask you.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:39
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Oly 25,000 for the visit of the mighty Boro! Don't they know we're the Premierships entertainers? We'll be bringing about 3,000 hardy souls along for the party.

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:43
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

i might be ... depends what happens at my club ...

means_the_world Posted on 12/2 23:45
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

this is really useful for finding random hotels

Link: stuttgart street finder

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:46
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Depends what happens at your club? Can you explain Jens....

Jens1893 Posted on 12/2 23:50
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

i want the chairman out ... he was on the telly 3 times this weekend and embarrassed himself and the club every single time ... he looked like a drug addict showing withdrawal symptoms ... if he resigns i dont think im gonna have much time for this board, but ill rather be spending my time on some stuttgart boards

Lisbonlegend Posted on 12/2 23:52
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Ah, I see Jens. Well if you're not about then I'm grateful for your help mate and whatever the result of our game I hope your clubs sorts itself out.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 11:00
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 11:58
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

FAO anyone off to Stuttgart who needs a bit of info.

Jens, has your board been sacked yet then?

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 13:39
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Just got my ticket!

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 14:21
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Nope, still waiting ...

Good news on the ticket. How much are we charging you?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 14:26
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

£14 = 20 euros.

What do you think your probable line up and formation will be Jens and is Gronkjaer playing?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 14:37
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

It´s all up in the air. The coach still has to get to know the team and on Saturday I think the players made the lineup. Hinkel and Hitzlsperger were injured and I at least expect Hinkel to return, although it was said he was doubtful for Thursday. Beck is an 18 year old kid who made his first team debut, but he did very well. Meira didn´t really set the world alight in midfield, so he may go back to his usual position at center half. Soldo will play and I guess so will Gentner and Tiffert (the guy is pure crap). Tomasson won´t be left out, either. So I guess it comes down to Grönkjaer/Hitzlsperger for the vacant midfield spot and Gomez/LJuboja for the vacant spot up front. It´s a shame Grönkjaer is such a sensitive player, as he has proven that he has the talent, but he yet has to show anything.

On Saturday it looked like this Hildebrand - Beck, Stranzl, Delpierre, Magnin - Soldo, Meira - Gentner, JDT, Tiffert - Gomez

Subs: Grönkjaer for Gentner, Ljuboja for Gomez, Cacau for Tiffert

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 14:42
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So you'll play 4-4-2?

Gronkjaer was inconsistent when he was in the Premiership. He seemed to be a confidence player and was up and down for Chelsea. He went to Birmingham and was dreadful and then wet to Athletico within a few months.

Do your crowd sing a lot? apart from trying to get the board sacked.

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 14:44
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

We usually play 4-4-2, yes. It was a 4-5-1 on paper for Saturday´s match tho ....

Of course we sing. Just ask some ManUtd or Celtic fans about what we did at their place

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 14:51
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

You weren't winding them up were you?

So you reckon 25,000 max. Will they mostly be inn one end behind the goal or all dotted about?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 14:54
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I heard that one end will be closed actually. but even if the "Untertürkheimer Kurve" (look at the back of your ticket) is open, most people will be in the Cannstatter Kurve, which is the home end. The big problem with this stadium is the athletics track.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 15:02
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yeah, the running track is one annoying thing about a lot of German stadiums. Spoils the atmosphere a bit in the stadium so we'll have to sing twice as loud for the players.

Can you buy beer in the stadium? Will the police enforce the no drunken people allowed in the stadium? if so there could be 3,000 Middlesbrough fans stood outside the ground!

Towell Posted on 13/2 15:04
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

You should know lisbon that no alcohol is served at UEFA games

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 15:06
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Balls, I forgot about that Towell.

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 15:07
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Actually we´re only one of 2 clubs in the Bundesliga who still have a running track. The city deserves much of the blame here. They do sell something they call beer in the stadium, but it´s either light beer or non alcoholic stuff and tastes like pish ...

I´ve never heard of them doing breathalyzer tests at the stadium, so you should be ok if you manage not to get arrested.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 15:32
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Only 2. I'm surprised by that. Who are your nearest rivals?

I'll make sure I get fully tanked up with beer before I reach the stadium then.

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 15:50
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Karlsruhe. People from both cities don´t like each other (Schwaben and Badenser) and they live with an inferiority (sp?) complex. Like Mancs and Scousers or Mackems/Geordies/"Smoggies".

There´s a 3rd division club called Stuttgarter Kickers, but they´re so far below us, they´re not worth talking about. Our reserves are better than them nowadays.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 15:53
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yep, those Mackems and Geordies do have an inferiority complex, it's pretty embarassing for us to linked with them to be honest.

Who's the biggest and best club then? Stuttgart or Karlsruhe?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 16:02
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Stuttgart - 4 Championships, 3 German Cups, 2 European Finals, in Europe for the 4th consecutive year, 4th in the Bundesliga´s eternal standings and been a member of the Bundesliga for all but 2 years.

Karlsruhe - 1 Championship a century ago, 18th in the Bundesliga´s eternal standings, haven´t been in the Bundesliga for almost a decade.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 16:05
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

It's like us and Newcastle, we're in Europe, they're not, they haven't won a trophy in over half a century and we have.

So replace Stuttgart with Middlesbrough and Karlsruhe with Newcastle.

riverboat_captain Posted on 13/2 16:08
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

That Sophie's looks like a good place to eat too. Four course set menue for about £10/11.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 16:10
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Yes but each course is a different type of sausage.

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 16:11
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Save some cash and go to one of the nearby Kebab shops. You can get pretty much anything there ... pizza, french fries etc.

gravy173 Posted on 13/2 16:50
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

are the turks in the area liable to be looking for trouble with any english fans?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 16:55
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

they´re usually looking for trouble with anyone

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:03
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Any particular places to avoid Jens?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:07
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

The "Hallschlag". Loads of Turks, Greeks etc. living there. You´re best off avoiding that part, but unless you get totally lost I can´t see how you could possibly end up there. A few years ago you couldn´t walk the streets there in the dark if you were German, but it´s not that bad there nowadays. Bad Cannstatt, the part of the city the stadium is in, isn´t the nicest part and there´s loads of Turks living there, but it´s safe to walk the streets there, especially on game day.

Gains Posted on 13/2 17:17
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

So when we arrive Jens, can you just confirm the name of the area we should head for? Pubs, food, red light district......... actually, just the pubs will do. Is it just the city centre or is there a name of the area that will be Boro fan friendly?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:18
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

City centre is the place to go.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:20
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Is the Schlossplatz near königsstrasse?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:23
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Look at a map FFS!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:26
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Come on Jens you lazy git.

You're our official Stuttgart travel guide!

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:28
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

there´s a link to a map IN THIS THREAD.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:30
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

WHich one is it!


Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:34
re: Pubs in Stuttgart


Link: .........

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:39
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

I've narrowed it down.


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Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 17:44
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Link: Gotcha!

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 17:49
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

thats by car :)

the schlossplatz is right at the königsstr.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 18:33
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Oh yeah, I can see it on your map now.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 19:12
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Stadium plan......

Link: ..........

boromaff Posted on 13/2 23:00
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Jens is a hero.

See you in Stuttgart!!

boromaff Posted on 13/2 23:02
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

one quick question Jens....

...we're staying in the Millenium hotel in is this miles away from the city centre?

apparently it has 19 themed bars - is it like Eurodisney?

Jens1893 Posted on 13/2 23:32
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

shoot the guy who booked that hotel for you ... thats near the airport! theres a cinema there and a musical hall, but not the place id like to stay at for a euro away. taxi to the city centre should be around 20-25 €

Lisbonlegend Posted on 13/2 23:33
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

At least he's honest.

rebecca_2k Posted on 15/2 13:36
re: Pubs in Stuttgart

Hoof for last minute checks!!

Come on Boro!