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boro2006 Posted on 20/2 18:48

Was it just me who got the Village Fuking idiot or are they all like that (Or should i say ethnic friend viilage fuking idiot)

Just telephoned for a loan, the numpty on the other end of the phone wouldn't or couldn't understand why i wanted it unprotected. Ended up in a fully blown argument more or less. Is it him just doing his job and trying to make money or have i been the idiot getting it unprotected?

The_All_Seeing_Eye Posted on 20/2 18:56
re: Loans....

Him doing his job.

NEVER pay more than you have to.

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bandito Posted on 20/2 18:56
re: Loans....

he's trying to fleece money out of you cos he'll be on comission. His wage will be so paltry he feels he has to badger customers into paying more and more. These people are nothing but telephone pests.

bubblesmfc Posted on 20/2 18:58
re: Loans....

The protection insurance is where the commision is. Its the same when Comet tries to sell you an extended warranty, i've never bought one yet.

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 18:59
re: Loans....

This guy was unreal though, should of herad the fuker go......

Can't understand if they are trained to be like that, raising his voice, was like being at school! Was thinking of slamming the phone down on the fuker. Why are they like that, surely it isnt good for business?

Mattyk50 Posted on 20/2 19:00
re: Loans....

its good for business if people get talked into it now and then

bandito Posted on 20/2 19:00
re: Loans....

they are trained to disrespect the words "no thanks mate". There's always a but in there. Next time blow a whistle down the phone. That'll shut him up

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 19:01
re: Loans....

yeah for sure, but the way he spoke to me, would be suprised if he got many to put up with that.

gazanolan Posted on 20/2 19:20
re: Loans....

Payment protection or PPP as its know has new regulations on the sale of it . The "arranger" should only offer the service and explain what it covers you for. If they get into a "heated debate" they are technically breaking the law and im sure the financial services ombudsman would like to hear about companies employing this tactic as the new regulations are designed to stop this kind of thing

gibson Posted on 20/2 19:23
re: Loans....

First rule of sales, always sell the'add ons'.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 20/2 19:42
re: Loans....

Just use the 3 strike rule:

Them: "Can I interest you in the blah blah?"
You: "No thanks"
Them " But it blah"
You " No, if you ask me again I put the phone down"
Them "But it blah..."
You (as soon as they try again): *Click*

It works, I have had them call me back just to take up the offer - you do not have to put up with bullshyte.

BTW - you can usually get best deals online on the Internet.

boro_in_europa Posted on 20/2 19:50
re: Loans....

I phoned up for a loan with Loans Direct, part of Lloyds TSB, and got an irritating Geordie cow harrassing me into taking protection, she got irate when i declined protection went as far as saying if i died my next of kin would have to pay up, ended up hanging up. I have had a loan in the past and the protection was a complete waste, ended up paying for an extra year unnecessarily.

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boro2006 Posted on 20/2 22:16
re: Loans....

Yeah that was the same with me, although yours was worse than mine (being a geordie) mine was just some fuking prat who was certainly not born in this country, he was going on at me with all that kind of shyte

So your happy if you die for your next of kin or parents whatever to pay the loan off? I said yes, we have discussed it and its ok (was just saying all this to get him off my case) he said well why dont you get a loan off them if they have the money just sat there... i said it aint as simple as that though is it, he said why not blah blah blah

Then i said i know people who have unprotected loans who are fine, he replied well your not everyone else, if they jumped off a cliff would you?

Was becoming pretty fuked off.... but need the money!

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 22:28
re: Loans....

Just thought...

When he asked

'If they jumped off a cliff would you'?

Should of replied, well no, because my loan is unproted and that would fuk my parents of because they would have to pay it.

Would like to see what he would say to that.