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boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:31

Im fuking sick of them.

Maybe.... if he has a nice car, oh, if he is rich.

YEAH? ..... well fuk off, maybe its about time it was reversed, if she is rich and has a nice car then maybe i might.

jax_1 Posted on 20/2 23:32
re: Women

Nawwww, you were right first time

john_b Posted on 20/2 23:32
re: Women

Ladies. Form an orderly queue...

captain_cookie Posted on 20/2 23:33
re: Women

You know what they say ...

Men only want one thing, women want everything else.

neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:33
re: Women

Just lie! tut, honestly!

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:34
re: Women

It pi55es me off the way they act, thinking they are gods gift and can just pick and choose who they want (but will only come into the conclusion if he his rich and/or has a nice car)

boro_bliss Posted on 20/2 23:34
re: Women

If you are sick of women, do some speed dating with men.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/2 23:35
re: Women

You cant live with them

and you cant live with their dis-membered corpse in yer garden shed

captain_cookie Posted on 20/2 23:35
re: Women

Boro2006. I take it from your biterness that you're not rich and drive an old banger?

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:37
re: Women

No im rich and drive a nice car, and im fuking sick of the hassle.

Thought you where fuking funny there didn't you?

corruptbiggins Posted on 20/2 23:37
re: Women

I did.

janplanner Posted on 20/2 23:38
re: Women

i don't think it's necesarily the money and the car that women find attractive, more what they represent. ie, reliability, ambition, confidence. it's instinctive to be attracted to men who can provide.

me, i'm rich and i've already got a nice car.
but i don't like blokes with chips on their shoulders.

ThePrisoner Posted on 20/2 23:38
re: Women

Give 'em an inch and they want a foot. (cough)

captain_cookie Posted on 20/2 23:40
re: Women

perhaps your sense of humour is just to subtle for the ladies?

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:40
re: Women

So your telling me an ugly guy pulls up in a big fuk off sports car, and a good looking guy in a bang out turns up in a bang out, your average lady would go for the good looking guy with the bang out?

Yeah, like fuk!

boro_bliss Posted on 20/2 23:40
re: Women

Money, cars and all that materialistic stuff is not important.

Women want men, who are nice, sexy, gentleman-like, interesting...

stepat Posted on 20/2 23:42
re: Women

take out the sexy, and im your man, Bliss

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:42
re: Women

And another thing, why is it the man has to always do the chatting up?

neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:43
re: Women

Well, you've lost half the battle there then!

Women like a bloke with something about him. You don't necc have to have bags of cash as jp points out, a lot of ladies out there can provide for themselves.

corruptbiggins Posted on 20/2 23:43
re: Women

not even McCain Cajun Curly Fry chips?

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boro_bliss Posted on 20/2 23:44
re: Women

Lol, stepat

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:45
re: Women

Just because he dont have a nice car doesn't mean to say there isn't something about him, women dont give the ordinary bloke a chance to prove himself.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 20/2 23:45
re: Women

Being a shemale, I get the best of both, when I want, how I want and for as long as I want!!!

b0r0 Posted on 20/2 23:45
re: Women

boro2006, if your rich and you have a nice car and your really sick of the hassle. As a fellow Boro supporter I feel it would be my duty in offering my assistance in taking the nice car and money off your hands. Problem solved?

john_b Posted on 20/2 23:46
re: Women

Of COURSE this average lady of which you speak is hormonally bound to go for the hunch-backed troll in the Audi TT, eschewing the suave and debonaire young buck filling his Lada Riva with kerosene.

If you live in an episode of Miami Vice, that is.

janplanner Posted on 20/2 23:49
re: Women

you must be chasing after the wrong kind of chicks.

surely if you're as charming and eloquent in real life as you are on here, as well as rich with a nice car, then if you give it time, the ladies will come looking for you?

neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:49
re: Women

I agree. I've got a sht car and fck all money. Funny how things work out like that...

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:49
re: Women

There is too much of it to see when your on the road for it not to be.

You watch, next time a nice bmw car pulls up, have a look at the lady friend he has with him in the passenger seat. She will be fuking stunning (most probably with sunglasses on when its fuking pi55ing down too) Then check the not so nice but still ok renault clio for example and there you will find an average looking lady next to the male driver.

captain_cookie Posted on 20/2 23:50
re: Women

why not buy yourself a BM then? Or steal one?

john_b Posted on 20/2 23:51
re: Women

Ah but...

What about Chittychittybangbang ? That was a right bag of spanners as far as cars go, but big Dick got the totty in the end.

In the End. Not in the end.

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neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:52
re: Women

So? Chances are she'll be so up her own ares, it'll be comical!

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:52
re: Women

Fuk me might aswell bang my head on the desk.

neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:53
re: Women

You started this thread talking about how superficial some woman are and then end it by showing how you just want some trophy dolly-bird.

janplanner Posted on 20/2 23:53
re: Women

she might be stunning, but she mightn't be as much fun as the clio drivers lass.

if you're only interesting in looks, then you can't really complain when the women are kind of shallow too.

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:57
re: Women

Who is after a dolly bird and who is after looks?

Im saying most women go for the lifestyle rather than the man

You never see a a ugly lass with a stunning guy, and you never see a ugly guy with a stunning lass.

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:58
re: Women

said that wrong before i get slated

captain_cookie Posted on 20/2 23:59
re: Women

'you never see an ugly lass with a stunning guy' Rubbish. Just ask my wife.

neiltrodden Posted on 20/2 23:59
re: Women

I disagree!

boro2006 Posted on 20/2 23:59
re: Women

Look, i just think its all shyte, the way women behave and live life.

You all know where im coming from but just don't want to admit it.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 0:00
re: Women

What if he was blind and she just had him on she was a stunner when she really was ugly as hell, but never let him do that 'touchy face' telling him "it will help to keep the mystery alive"

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:00
re: Women

but that's just nature. everyone subconsciously marks themselves out of 10, then goes for someone with a similar score.

i don't think in general it has much to do with money, maybe more to do with social background?

captain_cookie Posted on 21/2 0:03
re: Women

well I give myself 9 JP, how 'bout you?

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:03
re: Women

i think as soon as you make sweeping generalisations like that, you're talking shyte. but as this is a male dominated message board, you'll probably get a few more chip-shouldered blokes to agree with you than not.

and well done to the chaps who have more sense.

um, about 6.5. sometimes upto an 8 on a very good day.

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boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:05
re: Women

Ok Jan, your a woman you answer some of these.

Why do women have to be the one who is chatted up by the fella, or should i say feel the need?

Why in most (i'll use the term flash car) you see stunning girls in the passenger seat? After the money?

Because they are female think they can get away with anything?

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 0:05
re: Women

OK, what if she said she was blind, but really wasn't, but was a bit ugly, now would he just except that and not try to offend her by dumping her due to her not being a stunner. If she got a white stick and stumbled around a bit, she could get away with it I reckon

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 21/2 0:09
re: Women

Was much easier when we just twatted the one we wanted over the head and dragged them by the hair back to our cave, I think a return to those days would simplify things for everyone

jax_1 Posted on 21/2 0:10
re: Women

LOL @ Comfs

Men don't always do the chatting up.

boro_bliss Posted on 21/2 0:13
re: Women

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:00 Email this Message | Edit | Reply
re: Women
but that's just nature. everyone subconsciously marks themselves out of 10, then goes for someone with a similar score.

i don't think in general it has much to do with money, maybe more to do with social background?

Agree, planner.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:13
re: Women

When was the last time you heard a women using a chat up line?

Or asked a bloke what he is drinking?

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 0:13
re: Women

OK, what if they were both blind and had no hands so neither of them could do that ‘touchy face’ thing, they could both say they were stunning, in fact they may both be stunning, or indeed ugly as sin, surly that would/could/might work?

As David Soul once sang....”Don’t give up on us baby”

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:14
re: Women

i think traditional social roles has a lot to do with the 1st. but if you'd seen us at work in stuttgart, you might think again.

2ndly, it depends on what you call stunning. i probably have a very different idea of what makes a stunning looking girl to you. and the girls you're talking about probably spend a small fortune on how they look.

and maybe they are after the money, but if that's the kind of lass you find attractive, then you have to buy into the whole package. that's your choice.

and finally. yes, girls can get away with more than blokes. but for centuries men have been in the postion of economic power over women, and have deliverately narrowed the opportunities for women to compete. so if women have come up with other ways of playing the game, then that's because they've had to.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:17
re: Women

Fair enough, but id say on a Saturday Night (anywhere) 75% of the women in town will be how im describing.

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:18
re: Women

so if they're not your type, check out the other 25%.
or stay in and read a book.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:19
re: Women

Ok ladies Would you ever chat up a guy, if so how would you go about it? How would you let them know your after them?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:20
re: Women

The other 25% are the married and faithful ones!

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 21/2 0:22
re: Women

Getting your tackle grabbed is usually a good indication that youved aroused someones interest

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:24
re: Women

i couldn't possibly say. my boyfriend reads this board.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 0:27
re: Women

Bloody Typical. Well Janplanner its been a pleasure, but seen as though im up in six hours im calling it a night. Cheers for your view on the matter and maybe your not the 'typical' women who lives in this world of ours.

But i know that you know what i mean.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 0:28
re: Women

Ok, what if they were both stunners, but dead, would that work??

janplanner Posted on 21/2 0:30
re: Women


i do know what you mean, but i think you know what i mean too.

Shevchenko Posted on 21/2 0:31
re: Women

it's the world we live in boro2006.a lot of women go for men with money and flash cars.not all women.good luck in your woman search.

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The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 10:08
re: Women

You cannot win with women, do not attempt to do so.
You cannot get even break even with women, do not try it.
The best you can hope for with a woman is to get out with some form of dignity.
This however is unlikely.
The only reason women like blokes with good jobs, nice cars and a career is so they can have something to leach from when they divorce him.

However we have one form of pay back, women get PMT, we don't. However, we still suffer the consequences.

The Commisar
Cynic of the parish

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 10:09
re: Women

Get fooked.

Why are men so bloody needy?

Babies, the lot of you.

gravy_boat Posted on 21/2 10:12
re: Women

Stop yer fooking whining man. If I met a woman, and it became apparent all she was interested in was the size of my wallet (Thats wallet), I wouldn't give her the time of day. You're after the wrong type mate.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 10:18
re: Women

After the wrong type?

Is there any other type?

piggy_nichol Posted on 21/2 10:20
re: Women

I've got quite a flash car, but it doesnt seem to work like that.

I have to run the women over and offer to drive them to hospital before you will see them in the car with me.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 10:21
re: Women

"and you never see a ugly guy with a stunning lass."

I beg to differ, myself for example, I'm not exactly the best looking of lads, and rather than a 6-pack I've got a nice keg, but I've got a stunning girlfriend. Sexy little size 8 body, gorgeous looks and the personality to match! I don't have a car and I'm not rich, so there you have it, I'm living proof that women don't always go for the "richer, more better looking men".


captain5 Posted on 21/2 10:21
re: Women

You have two flash cars don't you, Piggy??

They obviously think you're too good for them.

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 10:22
re: Women

Then why don't you go for a nice working woman with her own job, car and money?

Because you want the stereotype that you are denouncing.

Whinging blokes, they always want what they haven't got.

gravy_boat Posted on 21/2 10:25
re: Women

You're always bigging up your lady Tony. Either she's an absolute stunner, or you're just completely smitten!

Of course there are other types Boro2006 yer big doyle. I'm just out of a relationship of 6 years, and she would never take any money off me, no mater how skint she was. Too proud.

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 10:28
re: Women

As a bloke can I just say we stand no chance, women will win, they make triffids seem like kind hearted pot plants.

(no apologies for sexism used in this post)

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 10:28
re: Women

Where is the most likely place to meet a woman? In town on a Friday/Saturday Night?

Not the type of place that you find the women your talking about, hard working blah blah blah.

You'll find its more the type im talking about!

Now don't turn into dear dedrie and tell me to join a local club, because thats for tvvats.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 10:29
re: Women

Terrible aren't they Curls .

Like janplanner or boro_bliss said further up, the plastic things like money, flash car, big house, perfect body are all irrelevant. I'd rather make a girl smile through making her laugh and complimenting her, not through saying "Hey look at my car, look at my rippling body, you WANT ME!". It's just vain and shallow.

gravy_boat, I think it's a little bit of both. Ask Otley_Boro_Fan, he'll back me up.

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boro2006 Posted on 21/2 10:34
re: Women


So your the type of muppet male who get on my nerves...

Standing at the bus stop, hand in hand, cuddling, telling each other you love each other every 5 fuking seconds.

Give me a break!

nataliee Posted on 21/2 10:37
re: Women

nahh it's great isnt it tony, you should try it some boro2006 :P..

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 10:37
re: Women

boro2006, you really don't know what you want, do you?

Do you want a woman to be genuine and affectionate? If you do, it's necessary to show the same in return, otherwise she will fuckyouoff for someone who will give her those things.

Or do you want a woman who doesn't care about that stuff and just fancies a flash car?

I think for the good of yourself and women you should be on your own until you learn a more grounded and realistic perspective of what a relationship is about.

nataliee Posted on 21/2 10:40
re: Women

I agree

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 10:40
re: Women

"Standing at the bus stop, hand in hand, cuddling, telling each other you love each other every 5 fuking seconds."

Just because you're jealous .

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 10:42
re: Women

"I think for the good of yourself and women you should be on your own until you learn a more grounded and realistic perspective of what a relationship is about." = come back when you have more cash and a bigger car

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 10:44
re: Women

Jealous, im not! It is a disgrace. It does my head in big time the way some lads(if thats what you call them) go on with their girlfriends. All kissy Kissy, i love you, i know i love you too babes, oh your so kind you, you say the nicest things kiss kiss hug hug, FUK OFF!

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 10:45
re: Women

My own car is amply big enough to support my needs, commisar. As is my brain.

Dumb kids and bitter men have no place in my life or in society, they should all go and live on a volcanic island and wankthemselves off over how evil women are.

Oh, and take my ex with you, he's never given me a penny for his kids yet somehow manages to go out drinking far more regularly than I do.

If you don't like women, stay the fook away from us.

Piquet2 Posted on 21/2 10:48
re: Women

I can't for the life of me see how you have had no success with women boro2006.

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 10:49
re: Women

and there MsC you have hit the nail on the head..
We cannot stay away from women, we are geneticly programed to seek out and breed, women are geneticly programmed to seek out and breed with someone who can look after them, and in the modern world that equates to richer, women want cavemen with the biggest club and the best cave......
We are mere sperm creation devices in all this. Stupid and simple.
Sure if you went to law, then the law would back you against your ex.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 10:50
re: Women

And tell me how you know that? When have i once said that ive had no success, thats not what this post is about?

Its about women in general and their pi55 poor attitude towards men, thinking they have the right.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 10:50
re: Women

Boro2006, you've spent the whole of this thread asking where to meet women, what to say to them without having a flash BMW or 6 zeros in your bank account.

Now your complaining that those who have been successful with women, and enjoy being loved up with them are a disgrace!!

Make your fukin' mind up lad!!

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 10:57
re: Women

I don't need any of those things actually comm, just as I don't need his money.

The old adage about us being mammals is uttercrap.

If you're happy with popping yourself in that compartment then fine, but if I choose to be a veggie against the laws of nature, it's because I'm a person with free will, and not a fuckingmammal.

Never did meet a man who I needed and I doubt I ever will.

Now there have been men that I loved and there are men that I'm incredibly fond of, doesn't mean I will ever need a single damn thing off them.

In fact I can throw myself out on a limb and say that I adore men, which is why I'm often to be seen lurking around them (hahaha)but I enjoy their company, not their possessions.

The only rep-requisite that I have of men is that they must provide good cunny and know how to shut the door quietly on their way out.

captain5 Posted on 21/2 10:59
re: Women

I need some new glasses. I thought she was after an Indian food specialist for a moment.

Piquet2 Posted on 21/2 11:00
re: Women


boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:08
re: Women

I dont like the typical 'oh look im a woman in a short skirt' you must all look at me at once, and i don't like all the lovey shyte, tell me you love me, everytime your on the phone you hear them all over, yeah ok babes, yeah babes, see ya later babes, love you, yeah bye, yeah, love you bye.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 11:09
re: Women

You do seem to have a strange and warped perspective on this subject boro2006, you have obviously been let down and hurt in the past by a woman, but you should not see them all in the same light because of it.

Mutual respect, love and affection are vital in a relationship, probably the respect part being the most vital. Every relationship is different, because people are different and want different things, so to make sweeping statements about woman like you have is just stupid.

Many woman today are extremely independent and do not need a provider, or partner, they are quite able to go out and make their own way in life to keep themselves or their family, I know this from personal experience

*closes door quietly on way out*

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:16
re: Women

Ok, so tell me, where do you find these 'normal' women if such a thing does actually exist? Id just love to know, is there a special meeting place during the week maybe?

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 11:18
re: Women

No offence curls but I think that DNA is a powerful thing, and you just cannot fight it. We can try and put a gloss on humanity as much as we like, but we are simply the smartest monkeys*
DNA says breed, we breed, DNA says breed with those that are most likely to ensure that the DNA wins and remains active, well thats the sort of partner we look for.
Entire industries are built around getting a better mate and allowing the DNA to survive. Bloody hell, even Tibetan monks dress in a manner designed to attract a mate (fact!!!1 obscure but a fact non the less)
Your not daft dim or anything else, I sure as hell know that.
And I hope you can seperate the leg pulling from the info swapping, sure you can.

*Although Dolphins may have got it much more right than we have.....

Fever_dog Posted on 21/2 11:19
re: Women

comfortable_shoes = psychiatrist!

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 11:23
re: Women

Whats your current status then Boro2006??

Are you single/divorced?? Been let down recently by a woman whose left you for a rich man with a better car??

I think a man who gets infuriated by another persons happiness is quite sad.

boroboy75 Posted on 21/2 11:26
re: Women

The best way to attract women is to get married and have a couple of kids.
It's unbelievable how many home-wrecking sluts there are in this world.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:27
re: Women

Now your talking!

sasboro Posted on 21/2 11:32
re: Women

boro2006, move to toy town or yarm as there will be plenty of rich divorcees after a bit of young stuff.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:39
re: Women

Some of you must agree, not all of you must think women are fantastic and do no harm at all, and are not all ateention seeking, oh look at me, sluts!

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 11:42
re: Women

Some of you must agree, not all of you must think men are fantastic and do no harm at all, and are not all attention seeking, oh look at me, knobs!

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:44
re: Women

Look at this, the post gets a ton!

Just because it involves fuking women, my point exactly.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 11:46
re: Women

I don't think women are fantastic, sometimes they can be the spawn of Satan. I'll agree they are the most confusing species you'll ever be likely to meet.

But I do think it's being a bit narrow minded of yourself that you think you can look down on couples who enjoy being together and like doing all the 'Lovey Dovey' stuff. I know it makes me smile when my girlfriend says 'Love You' after a phone call or a spur of the moment thing.

I've met plenty of girls who want the flash houses, the big money and life of Victoria Beckham, but I've also met the girls who are happy with a few pints down the pub, chippy tea and settle down for Match of the Day on a Saturday night.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 11:48
re: Women

Your jaundiced and cynical view on woman and life proves you have not lived yours for long, the experiences you have will make you a better rounded person, rather than the knob like character you are coming across as at present, maybe on purpose to get a reaction (winky thing)

I'm bi-sexual myself, so if you fancy a bit of arse rather than messing with the bitches, put a fao out for me sweetcheeks, lets meet up for a few drinks.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:49
re: Women

A woman who likes Football, fuk me, this could go on all day!

boroboy75 Posted on 21/2 11:51
re: Women

Have you heard tony?
A lad gets his first girlfriend and thinks he knows it all.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:52
re: Women

Fao Comfy Shoes

Go Get fuked ya dyke!

captain5 Posted on 21/2 11:53
re: Women

I think you're in there, Comfy.

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 11:53
re: Women

I'll take that as a maybe

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 11:55
re: Women

Where do I say I know it all, boroboy??
It's simply my matter of opinion, theres no need to go around acting butch and manly all the time, living in the past thinking women do all the work anymore cos' it just doesn't happen.
Although you seem to think this is still the case, is your missus chained up in the kitchen at home???

And what you on about, "lad gets his first girlfriend", idiot.

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boro2006 Posted on 21/2 11:55
re: Women

Take it how the fuk you want (you normally do)

sasboro Posted on 21/2 11:55
re: Women

tony, she will only really love you if she lets you get your brown wings and she swallows

Juventus Posted on 21/2 12:02
re: Women

If I wasn't in a long term relationship I think I'd go round and get used by as many women as possible. When they moved on I'd feel abused and dirty, and that's how I like it. "Use me and abuse me like the filthy little fuc ck whore that I am, bitch."

--- Post edited by Juventus on 21/2 12:03 ---

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 12:03
re: Women

You sound abit on the gay side to me mate

Juventus Posted on 21/2 12:05
re: Women

Just because I take a dildo up the arris doesn't mean I like a beaver lever up there, but yes, now you come to mention it, I would like to suck your cock, and I'd do it for a fiver. Interested?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 12:09
re: Women

Not after looking at you fanfile, you look a right doyle!

Juventus Posted on 21/2 12:12
re: Women

No I most certainly am not

Link: I'm in the middle

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 12:14
re: Women

"my mates just passed his driving test"

"really?, introduce me to him...."

never saw that one again.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 12:15
re: Women

See.... Sluts!

GtBB Posted on 21/2 12:15
re: Women

My brothers kid, early teens, kind of looks up to me. Always asking daft questions. Throws me some right curveballs like the time he asked me if he was a king. Anyway, a few weeks ago, he asked me if he was sexy. Grinning from ear to ear, I told him he was quite cute but not as handsome as me.

"Yeah, right," he said, "you haven't had a girlfriend ever!"

The little swine had got me there but I came back fighting.

"Maybe not now, son, but there was a time when the girls were throwing themselves at me. When I was a fireman for instance, Which tells you all you need to know. Do well at school, get a good job and you'll be sexy!"

Juventus Posted on 21/2 12:16
re: Women

Here I am with my boyfriend

Link: He's sexy

Juventus Posted on 21/2 12:18
re: Women

And here's me and him again

Link: Phwoar

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 12:20
re: Women

oh ive got loads of stories like the last one.

if you dont have the money or car, you dont get much luck. strangley enough girls started paying more attention when i told them i was almost 18..........

no-ones using me to buy them booze.

nah, they probably will.

boro_bliss Posted on 21/2 12:36
re: Women

boro2006, what on earth is wrong with people telling each other that they love each other??? It is part of a relationship, for goodness sake!

And you are asking why you never meet another sort of women?
Well, maybe that's because you attract shallow women, because you are shallow yourself?

It has something to do with brain, and with what is important in your life.
Many women want to have a boyfriend who is nice, intelligent, who has a good character, with whom she can have a good time, a good laugh, who loves her for what she is.
Maybe you have to change your attitude towards women, your character, maybe then you will find a girlfriend?

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 13:25
re: Women

COMFY... how can he be driving a friggin' BMW if he's blind ?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 13:28
re: Women

Maybe it is that im gay?

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 13:33
re: Women

Never mind that, are you tall ?

You haven't got a chance unless your tall. Women love the hunter gathering abilities of taller men.

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 13:35
re: Women

Nedders, comfy's cracked that one, why the hell do you think he wears heels ?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 13:35
re: Women

Nope im the shorter type.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 13:40
re: Women

good point.

maybe the reason that you don't have a girlfriend is because deep down you don't want one.

lots of lads on this board so would make meeting someone easier.

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 13:41
re: Women

im quite tall, and i get knocked back by girls alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time.

so i dont really think it helps.

unless its me.........

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 13:42
re: Women

He said he was short, not gay ...

Or did he ...??? Or does he know ...???

Hmmm, confused - he is !

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 13:45
re: Women

shame, guys go for taller guys too.

boogered both ways as they say.

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 13:47
re: Women

how has this gone from a discussion about women, to one about what gay men like?

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 13:47
re: Women

Well I personally love women. And I've got plenty of reason not to, believe me. Don't be bitter, there are more good than bad women in the world.

PS I don't have a car and I'm not rich and I always seem to get chatted up!

The_Commisar Posted on 21/2 13:47
re: Women

useless fact #14437

Tibetan monks wear shoulder pads to look more manly.

(presumably they also have bumper stickers which read "Tibetan monks do it better in the next incarnation")

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 13:47
re: Women

Plus, his inability to hit a good score at darts counts against him.

BoroMutt Posted on 21/2 13:52
re: Women

are lovely, they have nice squashy bits and bouncy fun parts, the best ones are curvy and cuddly, they make your tea and tell you off for being ill.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 13:54
re: Women

corner, he raised the possibility. nothing wrong with it.

as a girl I know says, 'good looking, no girlfriend, not looking for a girlfriend, probably equals gay'.

though as he says he is looking for one, probably rules that out.

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 13:56
re: Women

never said there was anything wrong with it, just wierd how the conversation changed.

maybe everyone is turning him

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 13:57
re: Women

If you're not looking for a girlfriend you will get more attention from girls. That's the trick.

toots Posted on 21/2 13:58
re: Women

just try not to think in cliches, you'll get much more out of life.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 13:58
re: Women

When did i say i was looking for one?

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:00
re: Women

are you good looking?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:00
re: Women

And ive told you, women don't chat fella's up, and if you say they do give me some examples?

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 14:01
re: Women

we're all looking for one. anyone who says they're happy on they're own, i dont believe them. but dont go after any old one though, its a birthright to be picky.

GtBB Posted on 21/2 14:01
re: Women

Let's hear it for asexuals. Libido button switched off. Like being unchained from a monster as some cleverdick once said.

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:01
re: Women

I was just replying to the post about blokes not looking for a girlfriend "probably equals gay".

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:04
re: Women

I was chatted up twice last friday and once the saturday before. I've recently become single after 11 years and must be giving of pheromones or something.

I'm not that good looking and not that ugly. My libido is now well and truly switched on again.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:04
re: Women

well it's not my theory, but it's probably correct.

i don't mean you have to be on the hunt every night and you're right that being choosy is a good thing.

but if guys are good looking and reasonably good catch and they aren't taking up the offers coming their way over a long period then there may be more of a reason than just being picky.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 14:04
re: Women

I just think the lad needs a really hard, long shag.

Any volunteers??

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:05
re: Women

How the fuk does it ya mad cow?

If you don't want a girlfriend = hassle, money etc etc

Doesn't make you bent!

London_Boro Posted on 21/2 14:08
re: Women

This is one of the funniest threads I've seen in ages on here.

boro2006, you need to go out and get your plums played with a bit!

sasboro Posted on 21/2 14:11
re: Women

boro2006, which pubs do you hang out at?

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:11
re: Women

hey, don't shoot the messenger. advantage with a guy is that he wouldn't moan about coming to the match with you.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:12
re: Women

Take it you don't understand the post then.


northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 14:14
re: Women

i think you protest too much.

step out of the closet and embrace your homsexuality. one less bloke to compete with.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:15
re: Women

well, i was confused as to how you thought you'd get the opportunity to reject a rich girl with a nice car who was desperate to pull you, yes.

in fairness to women though, guys say they want girls to chat em up but when a woman does though then lots of fellas think she is too forward and run for the hills questioning her morals.

typical male double standards.

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 14:16
re: Women

Steady on now, 2006 !

Just 'cos yer an ugly short assed bloke, with no money and no car, who couldn't score with Boateng7 in an Amsterdam brothel, doesn't mean yer can call people a dikhead !

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 14:16
re: Women

i have no morals, so would never wuestion a lady's.

feel free to chat me up......

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:18
re: Women

corner, do you often come to places like this?

Stav77 Posted on 21/2 14:19
re: Women

my girlfriend is good looking and has a far better job than I do...... I don't even own a car, let alone a flash car !

go figure !

GtBB Posted on 21/2 14:19
re: Women

I'm one of the Thatcher children, she destroyed our lives dontcha know. There isn't a decent catch amongst us. Sad fortysomething carless jobless losers, speed dating like our DNA depended on it.

A generation of w4nkers. Economics, eh?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:19
re: Women

If you take offence to dikhead then it obvious your a tvvat!

Away, you say girls chat lads up, but no examples to back it up!

northeastcorner Posted on 21/2 14:19
re: Women

yes i come here in my big car, with my huge wallet overflowing with money.......

bugger shall i start again?

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:19
re: Women

When I was chatted up last week I decided to go with it and didn't make it home till the monday morning. Make hay while the sun shines, I reckon.

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 14:20
re: Women

Who's a tvvat ?

I'll have you know I'm a fully qualified plonker, not a tvvat !!

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 14:21
re: Women

I could probably get a century if I started a thread here asking the men who I have chatted up to pop their name down.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:23
re: Women

For fuk sake, SO HOW DO YOU DO IT THEN?

Im thinking your sull of shyte.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:24
re: Women

2006, what do you mean by examples?

do you want phone numbers or something to independently verify the outlandish claims that some of us might have pulled?

to be fair though, perhaps fly me to the moon could offer a 'bachelor of the week' column. there's clearly a need somewhere. the grainy printing would clearly help some of the tiny mingers too.

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:27
re: Women

You could start by showing a bit of respect and looking women in the eye (and not the chest) when you speak to them. Also helps if you can make them laugh.

I don't know how I do it, like I said I'm recently back on the market and giving of theromones!

I also live in London and I think that on the whole, the women here are a bit more independent minded and therefore more likely to approach men.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:28
re: Women

2+2 and all that, jesus christ!

Well a bloke would be using the, you look nice, do you want a drink etc etc etc

But a women would never use this, so what do the women on here use, or the blokes even?

E X A M P L E S !

comfortable_shoes Posted on 21/2 14:30
re: Women

You don't even have to speak, just rub their lower back area in a gentle and sensual manner, you will either get a crack in the gob or a smile

GtBB Posted on 21/2 14:32
re: Women

It's become obvious to me you're just thread building now, boro2006. I'm giving and getting nowt back. It's over!

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:33
re: Women

comfy, I think we're working from first principles here so you should spell things out a bit more clearly.

if the rubbing is done by the HAND you will be more likely to get a smile than if by any other body part.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 14:33
re: Women

And if a man tried that on a woman (rubbing her back) what would the reaction be?

Exactly.... because she is female, thinks she can do what the fuk she wants!

Lucky_Alf Posted on 21/2 14:34
re: Women

Sas: "boro2006, which pubs do you hang out at?"

Watch out boro2006, he's on the prowl!

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:37
re: Women

I got the old 'you look familiar line' believe it or not. I asked her straight up if she was trying to chat me up and she said yes!

I then engaged the young lady in conversation, dazzling her with my stunning wit and repartee.

I'm too much of a gentleman to go into detail about the rest.

Then last week another girl just came up and grabbed my arse as I was putting my coat in! I didn't pursue that one, I have standards.

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 14:38
re: Women

I'm a bloke, been married twice, both very attractive women, first one was a complete control freak, second one is very caring.
1st wife I met in Gibraltar, she was sat by the pool while I was having lunch. I walked up and said hello, found out she was from (Sunderland) ..shhhhh !! Asked her if she fancied going to watch a movie and maybe grab a drink or some food afterwards. She said that sounds great, where shall we meet ? And that was that, but I should never have married her.
2nd wife was taking some of her students for drinks and snacks in a bar on Amelia Island Fl. I'd just competed in a volleyball competition, and we'd done rather well so we were sat having a few pitchers of beer. I spotted her, blonde hair, beautiful face, impeccably dressed, and I wandered over and whispered "kiss me darling" in her ear as I sidled past. I'd had a few drinks, and that probably helped. She said goodbye to her students, and came and sat next to me, asked me what I meant by the comment whispered in her ear, next thing yer know, we're off out the following night, dinner, dancing, drinkies, and I moved in with her a week later. Been married for 16 years now ...
Women are the greatest of all the greats, they are the funniest, most entertaining people I have ever had the privilage of.

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 14:51
re: Women

2006, i can see by your writing style that you are probably a nice lad.

but i suspect that the unfairness of guys taking the lead may translate when you go out to an attitude of anger and desperation.

just accept life isn't fair. when you see a girl looking over, holding eye contact, getting her friends to check you out then be happy and accept that the baton has passed from her to you and it's now up to you to do sommit about it.

and if you don't want to pay then go over with a full glass and drink slowly. if she likes you then she will buy her own. if she's using you for a cheap night out you'll soon know.

alternatively if you prefer guys, chatting up in a gay bar is much less complicated. involves that rubbing thing.

boro_bliss Posted on 21/2 15:49
re: Women

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 14:27 Email this Message | Edit
re: Women
You could start by showing a bit of respect and looking women in the eye (and not the chest) when you speak to them. Also helps if you can make them laugh.

Totally agree, newboulds.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 15:50
re: Women

Yeah..... i am a nice lad!

jax_1 Posted on 21/2 16:13
re: Women

" "Maybe not now, son, but there was a time when the girls were throwing themselves at me. When I was a fireman for instance,"

2006, your negative vibes would put off any woman. Same as the other girls have said on here, we are NOT all shallow, good time girls. ( Well, I am but that's a different matter . )
I'm sure I'm not the only one of us that's not beyond doing the chatting up bit but they have to have something a bit special about them, I wouldn't just chat any guy up.

sasboro Posted on 21/2 16:13
re: Women

alf, i read in the clique weekly newsletter that you started a thread about me whilke i was away. How kind of you.

jc1983 Posted on 21/2 16:20
re: Women

2006 do you mind me asking how old you are?

A few years ago I was once like you, but I just accepted it and stopped trying so hard and all of a sudden women started throwing themselves at me. In my experience it's the girls that do the chatting up. As someone else said the the trick is not to look as though you on the pull.

It'll get better mate trust me.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 16:23
re: Women

Quality thread this, enjoyed reading a lot of peoples views on the matter.

I don't know what your intentions were when you began this thread Boro2006, maybe you expected a random female FMTTM'er to fall at your feet or maybe you just wanted the advice of other males as to how to approach a woman, talk to her etc.

I just hope you're not as shallow as you seem, and if you are well then good luck with your 'gold digger' of a girlfriend/wife.

Nedkat Posted on 21/2 16:29
re: Women

There must be a pleatherer of good looking women throwing themselves at the men in Middlesbrough .. !!

All I can say is, where the fook were they when I was all dressed up in Madison's ... ?

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 16:31
re: Women

the french say that it's the women who choose the men who think they get to pick the women.

true from the salons of paree to the sweatpits of the boro

Fever_dog Posted on 21/2 16:33
re: Women

still going stron ey boro_2006!!!

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 16:36
re: Women

can we agree that whoever posts the 200th message gets a date with boro2006.

he's angry, ugly, short and poor - but he knows how to start an internet debate. what more could a girl want?

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 16:43
re: Women

I must say, this has been one of the best threads ever.

Why the name boro2006 btw? is it because you were born yesterday?

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 16:48
re: Women

Here you numpty, i wouldn't say ugly, and i have money, not rich and not poor. I started the post not wanting some random fmttm girl to fall at my feet (as i dont know what anyone looks like for starters) but to say how i felt on how women are in general in my eyes (and still feel the way i have been saying all along)

Maybe i am being a bit harsh and not all women are like that, but until i meet one then i won't believe it!

And im 22 in a couple of months for those who asked.

Fever_dog Posted on 21/2 16:50
re: Women

he might say your a fatty newbouldsporkpies and 2006 began on jan 1st not yesterday!

--- Post edited by Fever_dog on 21/2 16:50 ---

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 16:52
re: Women

So you're 21 then..?
Why not just say that?

I'm 23 in 4 years time.

janplanner Posted on 21/2 16:57
re: Women

"he's angry, ugly, short and poor"

starting to sound a little bit familiar....

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 16:59
re: Women

Because then people can see im into the later stages of 21, if i just said 21, i could of turned yesterday, but saying 22 in a couple of months gives off a lot more information, you fuking dumbnut!

Shouldn't you be with your girlfriend?

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 17:02
re: Women

research shows that 22 is the age most guys come out.

Fever_dog Posted on 21/2 17:04
re: Women

were you earlier or later than that means_the_world?

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 17:05
re: Women

I am a fatty, so he'd be right. Though it was still 2006 yesterday, regardless of when it began!

newbouldsporkpies Posted on 21/2 17:06
re: Women

Though 'cuddly' is the word I'd use!

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 17:15
re: Women

fever, for me it was later.

wasted my early years driving around car parks railing about women not fancying me then turned out i preferred lads. who knew.

john_lillie Posted on 21/2 17:20
re: Women

2 ton

upex_pies Posted on 21/2 17:22
re: Women

Time for the pieman to select a chapter from his library of life. Boro2006, I say this in the nicest possible way, at 21 men still have a lot to learn about women (we will never totally suss them out) and I am pretty confident that in the years to come you are going to take a few more knocks along the way. Look at it like this, you cannot make an omlette without breaking an egg. If I knew at 21 what I know at 32 I'd be a hell of a lot richer and would not have had a few miserable times in my 20's. But you have to go through it, you have to date the nasty ones, gate taken for a ride, syphon your cash, trophy shallow girlfriend etc. There will then come a point in your life (28 for me) where everything is settled and because you have a few miles on the clock you will know what to look for and before you know it you have a 3 bed semi, 2 cats and a Volvo. In the end everyone finds their own level, you just have to know what that level is and you don't know that until you have dated a few bitch@s, it is just the way life works I'm afraid. Last tip, general rule of thumb on the whole dating thing, women want what the cannot have, what they can have they don't want i.e don't go out looking for it. Eye contact, smile, green light.

Fever_dog Posted on 21/2 17:31
re: Women

this board could do with more ladies in the same mould as hot_boro_girl etc!! any other lovely ladies on this site?

--- Post edited by Fever_dog on 21/2 17:32 ---

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 18:16
re: Women

Good post....

But do i have to have the cats and the volvo, i don't like either of them really?

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 18:57
re: Women

So Boro2006, Im a 'fukin' dumbnut' cos I didn't know you wanted to sound more mature saying you were nearly 22. Ermm OK then.

And I've already told you, shes at work tonight, not doing very well are you, not only are you short, ugly and bad tempered, you're also a bad listener.

I'd 'come out' if I were you mate.

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 19:00
re: Women

Tell me how you know im Ugly?

And how did i try and be more mature, you where the smart arse who had a go for me saying 22 in couple of months. I simply stated a fact.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 22:06
re: Women

So you think telling lasses that you're nearly 22 instead of just turning 21 will improve you're chances..?? or "give out more information", as you say.

You my friend, are the most complicated, confused person I've ever seen on this Messageboard, and believe me thats some achievement.

And I get my analysis of you being ugly from.....well, you just sound it. You never get good looking short men, look at Danny DeVito, and bandito.

MsCurly Posted on 21/2 22:08
re: Women


tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 22:14
re: Women

What!? That ugly fecker!!
I've had spots on me arse better looking than him!

boro2006 Posted on 21/2 22:17
re: Women

jesus your fuking hard work

No i dont tell lasses im nearly 22, if i was in pub, club, whatever the fuking place id say 21, but on here a fking message board, where im trying to get my point accross and give as much info as possible i said 22 in couple of months.

IT isn't fuking rocket science

Smithy_MfC Posted on 21/2 22:18
re: Women

touchy subject?

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 22:21
re: Women

But you're not answering a simple question, what benefit do you get from saying your 'nearly 22' instead of 'oh I'm 21'.
You're getting as much information across as on say a Medical Form when it says 'Age', would you put 'Nearly 22'?? No of course not, so why put it on a Messageboard??

Sorry if I'm getting on your tits pal, just seems very odd. It is not Rockey Science, you're right, but you're making it more difficult for yourself.

So, Boro2006, how old are you?

--- Post edited by tony_block19 on 21/2 22:22 ---

means_the_world Posted on 21/2 22:25
re: Women

2006, are your chat up lines age-related?

tony_block19 Posted on 21/2 22:28
re: Women

A bit like captain5, M_T_W, he won't touch them unless their....OK I'll leave it.

elnino1 Posted on 21/2 22:45
re: Women

I love women so much I think I'm a lesbian!

elnino1 Posted on 21/2 22:49
re: Women

boro2006, your a very angry young man.

Have a wank son

Lucky_Alf Posted on 22/2 8:23
re: Women

"alf, i read in the clique weekly newsletter that you started a thread about me whilke i was away. How kind of you. "

Which sad t**t told you that?

blotonthelandscape Posted on 22/2 8:48
re: Women

I have neither understood women or been that clever in their company, I married the first one that asked me and that was over 25 years ago.

Never regretted it for one minute.

--- Post edited by blotonthelandscape on 22/2 8:48 ---

hemlington_rocks Posted on 22/2 15:21
re: Women

You've blatantly been shafted for somebody who is taller and better looking than you. Chin up, son.

With the attitude you've got, it's going to happen a lot more, so I suggest you get used to it, or start taking it up the wrong'un.