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PapaJohn Posted on 23/2 22:19
Well Done MFC

well done , brillant performances over the 2 legs.

Thank you Steve Gibson
Thank you Steve Mac
Thank you kit man who took the blue shirts to germany.

Proud to be from Teesside!

Smithy_MfC Posted on 23/2 22:27
re: Well Done MFC


Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 23/2 22:29
re: Well Done MFC

Absolutely. Cracking result

but 'brillant performances' Hmm wouldn't go that far but the job's a good 'un!!!

20_Briggsy Posted on 23/2 23:06
re: Well Done MFC

Fair play PapaJohn

It was certainly a roller coaster evening. What a season this could turn out to be.

Juts a small town in europe.

PapaJohn Posted on 23/2 23:19
re: Well Done MFC

Sir Briggsy, I only had Ali and Bernie for company tonite and felt a big desire to rejoice and praise what is a spectacular result against very strong opposition.

BTW what a load of old tosh that 3 leg-ends program is I was cringing all the way thru the pre match.

20_Briggsy Posted on 23/2 23:23
re: Well Done MFC

Not a big fan of the leg ends but I listened abit tonight before I left.

As you say brillant performance over the two legs. Off to Rome next, what an adventure for this club.

Feet back on the ground. Back to the bread and butter stuff on Sunday, all focus must be on this game. Play like we did tonight and we'll be lucky to get anything from the game. Yak will start so that will be a boost. A win there and I think the threat of relegation will be a long distant memory.

The buzz is back.

Tweek Posted on 23/2 23:23
re: Well Done MFC

too right its liek a dream

Durham_Red Posted on 23/2 23:25
re: Well Done MFC

Well we did it just!

Very poor first half where we were lucky to escape only conceeding one goal.

But much improved second half, we did everything we did poorly in the first alot better, passed the ball better, closed down better and broke well. Should have taken one of our chances, which would have made the last few mins a bit less nerve-racking.

Now for a trip to Rome