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A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 1:24
Drop Mendieta

Hate to criticise a player during a decent run but he isnt worthy of his place anymore. Extremely slow, his passings woeful and at times it seems hes abit too relaxed, he doesnt create as much as a player of his quality should, and he doesnt score enough

Rant Over. Drop him

stepat Posted on 24/2 1:25
re: Drop Mendieta


corruptbiggins Posted on 24/2 1:26
re: Drop Mendieta

He was really one of the few creative outlets we had tonight. Ok, he's not the player he once was but he still has the vision, if not the pace or stamina to keep up with it.

Robbo_89 Posted on 24/2 1:26
re: Drop Mendieta

he wasn't good tonight, i think SMAC might put doriva and boateng in against wba, and leave parnaby out right and play two up front, i think mendieta could benefit with another week off in spain, and get him back fully refreshed for birmingham on the 4th march.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 1:27
re: Drop Mendieta

Thats the thing Biggs, he doesnt have pace or stamina, but thats essential in the league we play in

Tweek Posted on 24/2 1:28
re: Drop Mendieta

thats bollox esky he was one of our key out lets tonight

corruptbiggins Posted on 24/2 1:29
re: Drop Mendieta

Not in Europe though. Different kettle of fish.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 1:31
re: Drop Mendieta

Aye but europes different. Im talking more generally, more premier league, week in week out bread and buuter games

Gillandi Posted on 24/2 1:33
re: Drop Mendieta

He's a set of legs, keep him in or someone near.

JLinardi Posted on 24/2 1:33
re: Drop Mendieta

I think he was good tonight. He was bringing the ball up from the defence but then because the only options he had were downing down the left or hasselbaink in centre. These were up against 4 or 5 defenders and usually we lost the ball because of that.

If we had rocky and morrison running forward along with him we would have had 5 against their 5 and a different story. Parnaby took too long to get up and support the attack and the rest of the midfield were ambling up behind miles away. He did his best in a poor midfield attack wise.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 1:34
re: Drop Mendieta

As i said, not just talking about tonight

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/2 1:39
re: Drop Mendieta

Pace and Stamina?
WTF is wrong with vision and skill.
I agree pace and stamina are essential for the most part but every team can afford a passenger or two if vision and skill are good enough to compensate.
Mendi hasn't always met expectations but if used sparingly and in the right type of games he is still an important asset.
As for this (in some cases blind) emphasis on pace and stamina I can assure you that Kelly Holmes has it in abundance but she wouldn't do much in a Boro shirt.

Hope you get my meaning but tounge is now out of cheek

A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 1:43
re: Drop Mendieta

I know what you are saying Paul, but in my eyes Mendi isnt creating enough lately. Sure he may have done tonight but hes been struggling all season for form (partly down to injuries)

Use him sparingly is right, but we dont, we use him every game. Cant help him changing positions all the time mind you

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/2 1:55
re: Drop Mendieta

He's had to play 'Ad Hoc' so to speak on many occasions due to injury situation at the club and to his credit to my knowledge he has never complained. His performance against Manure was no accident, conditions and circumstances were perfect for his game. If we had a little of the strength in depth that some people have been crying out for Mendi could have been utilised to his full potential.
True utility players are a rare breed, Mendi is not one of them.
Play him to his strengths and reap the rewards.

Drop him? Nah.

JLinardi Posted on 24/2 2:18
re: Drop Mendieta

he needs the right midfield to work in, if it was


then he would be able to get on with his game alot better.

slipshod Posted on 24/2 2:19
re: Drop Mendieta

i thought he was gash tonight and come to think of it gash for 90% of the season

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/2 2:27
re: Drop Mendieta


He's been played out of position and in a makeshift team (particularly midfield) for 90% of the season.
I rest my case

its_just_game Posted on 24/2 2:35
re: Drop Mendieta

Know what you are saying but don't think it's Mendi is a bad player, it's the way the team is set up to play, agree with what you are saying about his pace but with the right players around him he magic. Should only part of game anyway.

slipshod Posted on 24/2 2:38
re: Drop Mendieta

supposed to be one of the best players in europe surely should be able to play anywhere in our team (i rest my case)

byrno Posted on 24/2 2:41
re: Drop Mendieta

Have a day off lads! The whole team played badly in the first half, but he looked alright to me in the 2nd!!!

The_GOAT Posted on 24/2 2:45
re: Drop Mendieta

I thought he was cack tonight. The times he looked dangerous was because they weren't playing in a formation to cover a player in the hole and therefore he had a bit of time and space.

He's not 'the answer' though.

its_just_game Posted on 24/2 2:47
re: Drop Mendieta

that's his normal position Goat that's why.

The_GOAT Posted on 24/2 2:48
re: Drop Mendieta

That's why what?

its_just_game Posted on 24/2 2:52
re: Drop Mendieta

he looked a better player playing there, but with Smac way of playing football there was no real wing play so his only ball was Jimmy or go him self.

Towell Posted on 24/2 3:16
re: Drop Mendieta

In the First half the whole team looked outclassed by Stuttgart in the second mendieta pushed much further up the pitch and was far better.
The question is why were we so poor in the first half?

gravy_boat Posted on 24/2 8:10
re: Drop Mendieta

Played very well 2nd half last night I thought. Has been poor of late in Premiership though.

BobUpndown Posted on 24/2 8:20
reactionary fans..

ffs.. one of our few players with class and vision..

non had GOOD games last night but we were effective (2nd half)

some perspective in needed..

blotonthelandscape Posted on 24/2 8:55
re: Drop Mendieta

Mendieta was outstanding last night. Smoke less dope.

Boro85 Posted on 24/2 9:02
re: Drop Mendieta

I thought he played well, specially compared to Downing who should have been out on his arse after that performance.

But if we drop Mendi then where do we go from there?
Downing Cattermole Boateng Parnaby? Its about as threatening as John Stead.

johndd49 Posted on 24/2 9:58
re: Drop Mendieta

I'm a big fan of both Mendieta and Downing, but I thought they were both poor against Stuttgart, probably one of the worst games I've seen Mendi play in. I also thought Parnaby was awful--too slow and missed virtually every tackle in the first half.On the other hand what a prospect we have in Cattermole, I have to keep reminding myself just how old he is.

Ray_Mears Posted on 24/2 10:06
re: Drop Mendieta

I agree A_New_Era

Most boro fans have a strange love for Mendieta when most should realise he is vastly over rated and has one good game in every 20. Unfortunately we dont have many other choices to play

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mattrich Posted on 24/2 12:06
re: Drop Mendieta

thats the problem, we don't have anybody else, he is a shadow of his former self and must be the slowest player in the premiership, even against championship opposition he was out of his depth. amazing to think how long his contract is for as well.

gravy173 Posted on 24/2 12:18
re: Drop Mendieta

in an ideal world he wouldnt play all the time but the fact is we dont have any other creative midfielders (as has been the case for the last 2 seasons and is part of the reason why we have struggled) - the fact we are playing parnaby as a right winger is total proof of this as he doesnt even seem able to control a ball. At the moment he has to play as thewre is no other option, downing however has a very able deputy playing in the reserves who should get his chance with maybe downing coming off the bench mid-way through the seocnd half - im hoping he's in a comfort zone rather than he isnt as good as we all think and a rocket like being put on the bench will wake him up

Borowood Posted on 24/2 12:28
re: Drop Mendieta

Our only outlet tonite, great second half - lets not talk bollox now!

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 24/2 12:34
re: Drop Mendieta

I thought he had a good second half too, he played almost as a second forward for much of it and we looked better with the two up front, as we did on Sunday at Preston.

Anthony_Vickers Posted on 24/2 12:36
re: Drop Mendieta

Quite simple: not good enough anymore - he's been finished a while.

Piquet2 Posted on 24/2 12:38
re: Drop Mendieta

Hah, maninmboro returns.

Otley_Boro Posted on 24/2 12:51
re: Drop Mendieta

And play who on the right exactly?

Durham_Red Posted on 24/2 13:03
re: Drop Mendieta

Thought he was poor last night, and one of the main culprits first half when we couldnt keep the ball at all.
Dont think the formation helped him, seemed to be asked to play further forward in a 4-4-1-1, rather than deeper in the normal 4-5-1

A_New_Era Posted on 24/2 15:12
re: Drop Mendieta

I cant believe some people cant read

ill repeat AGAIN, im not necessarily refering to last night, more about when he plays in the league games and his lack of pace and sometimes his relaxed passing can cost us

boro_bliss Posted on 24/2 18:10
re: Drop Mendieta

Mendi was MOTM in the Gazette. HA!

And the dreadful passer yesterday was not Mendi. It was Boateng.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 21:38
re: Drop Mendieta

Ill hoof this as i still think im right

Too slow for the domestic game

SmoggyNproud Posted on 24/3 22:07
re: Drop Mendieta

A_new_era..go and read the post i've just put on the 'Mendieta's Big Con' Post and stop posting such crap about one of our best players

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 22:19
re: Drop Mendieta

Your post seems biased just because hes a nice bloke

Mendieta has been poor this season. One or two good games isnt good enough, obviously he cant be brilliant week in week out but hes been poor and ineffective alot more than he has been good

Hes good in Uefa Cup as the style of plays suits him, but the quicker game in England passes him by too often

And for a player who came with a reputation as a creative midfield maestro, 3 goals and 2 assists this season is very poor

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 22:23
re: Drop Mendieta

Can i point out im not saying Mendieta is a shitt player. Hes obviously got bags of talent but at the moment he isnt using them and is a passenger in more than the odd game. Drop him and give other players a chance, team should be chose on form not what could possibly happen if that player plays

SmoggyNproud Posted on 24/3 22:25
re: Drop Mendieta

My post has nothing to do with the fact he's a nice guy!!

You have to understand that:

1. He had CRUCIATE ligament damage last season
2. He is being played out of position

Those two factors combined mean that he can't always bring his best game, surely you can appreciate that?

With regards to his goals, if every other midfielder had contributed as many or more goals that him, you'd have a point...but they haven't, so i'm afraid you don't.

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stepat Posted on 24/3 22:26
re: Drop Mendieta

Team should be chosen on who is BEST - name me a better creative central midfielder at the club.

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bororeddaz Posted on 24/3 22:28
re: Drop Mendieta

name me a better creative central midfielder

easy deco

stepat Posted on 24/3 22:30
re: Drop Mendieta

Not sure Smac is able to field him.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 22:32
re: Drop Mendieta

Of course i can appreciate he was injured. But that was last season, he played in first game of season and has been in the team most of time since then, with exception of the odd little injury

The goals is a worry from everyone, but others arent suppose to be an attack minded player. We have had times this season with Mendi in the free role behind strikers and he hasnt done it for me

A better creative midfielder - Downing, Morrison, Rochemback

SmoggyNproud Posted on 24/3 22:35
re: Drop Mendieta

Stepat asked for a 'central creative midfielder' Downing???!!! Morrison??!!! Have a word..

It might have been last season, but it could be argued that he still hasnt fully recovered..

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stepat Posted on 24/3 22:36
re: Drop Mendieta

Never seen Downing or Morrison play central and dont believe they can- Rocky maybe, but how often have you seen him 'do it'?

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 22:37
re: Drop Mendieta

Ooops, didnt see the central bit

assists this season - Mendi 2, Downing 3, Morrison 5

SmoggyNproud Posted on 24/3 22:44
re: Drop Mendieta

Mendieta's never been famed for his assists..check right through the seasons..

Link: Career Stats

A_New_Era Posted on 24/3 22:48
re: Drop Mendieta

I think thats a litte misleading, it doesnt include his days at Valencia when he became one of the best players in the world. Looking at them stats he didnt play that much over a 3-4 year period

And if hes not a goal creater, why play him behind the strikers as he has been on occasions this season?

SmoggyNproud Posted on 24/3 22:57
re: Drop Mendieta

It doesn't have to go down as an 'assist' for him to be a goal creater. He may start a move flowing for example..

FrancklyFesta Posted on 25/3 16:33
re: Drop Mendieta

Fully agree A_New_Era.


Would you drop Mendieta at the moment? If he hasn't fully recovered as you say, then surely yes.

Oh, and let me know when you've come to "flaw" my arguements on the "Mendi's Big Con / Mendi = Legend" threads, I'll read them with interest.

drako Posted on 25/3 17:06
re: Drop Mendieta

totally agree with you a_new_era his game is just too slow, he gets caught in possesion too much and his first touch is dire. He should be dropped, but he is a big name player, and i think is getting picked on past reputation alone now.

sasboro Posted on 25/3 17:56
re: Drop Mendieta

I agree with new era on this.

COnsidering his past reputation then he has been poor with only a handful of class games. Which for me isnt enough when you consider he was bought to replace juninho. His goals record has been pretty poor, remember him at valencia? Problem is that he is slow and gets caught out with the ball, in spain he probsably has more time on the ball. With the likes of boateng,cattermole,downing,morrison and possibly rochembach i can cant see him holding a place down in midfield for much longer.

I'm not slagging him off, he tries hard and puts the effort in but i cant see him being first choice next season. Just think his best days a long gone. We got rid of juninho aged 31 after scoring a few in the league, everyone said he was past it so same for mendieta

A_New_Era Posted on 25/3 19:00
re: Drop Mendieta


Im not denying his ability, i just think it isnt working for him in england at the moment. like sas said, in spain he had more time on the ball, meaning he had more time to try and influence the game, pick out passes etc, but with the english game hes got to be passing and moving, he wont get the time he requires on the ball

A talented player who has passed his peak

SmoggyNproud Posted on 25/3 20:38
re: Drop Mendieta

Jesus..I go away for 2 seconds and all the Mendi-haters are back out in force. How much Spanish football do you lot all watch? Yes, the game's more technical, but do you all think it goes at snail-speed or something? They still tackle, they still play fast football. Given, it's not as fast as the English game, but it ain't as sllllllooooooowwwwwwwwww as you're all making out. Mendi has proved he can cut in the Premiership against many teams. Not just Man U and Chelsea..I don't know if you all remember the match against LEEDS he played in where he quite literally covered every blade of grass on the pitch, scored an absolute blinder in front of the North Stand and won MoTM hands down??

C'mon people!! Give the poor guy a break!!

A_New_Era Posted on 25/3 20:40
re: Drop Mendieta

He has never scored against Leeds

A_New_Era Posted on 25/3 20:43
re: Drop Mendieta

You probably mean Wolves

SmoggyNproud Posted on 25/3 20:43
re: Drop Mendieta

Well who was it against then when he volleyed it into the back of the net coming in from the right hand side of the penalty area?

I'm sure it was Leeds, it wasn't Wolves!! Either way, the point I was trying to make was that it wasn't against a good side.

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A_New_Era Posted on 25/3 20:46
re: Drop Mendieta

I can only remember him scoring a couple of goals in North Stand goal

Wolves at home - quick freekick and hammered it in top corner
Man Utd this season - tap in from Yak pull back

SmoggyNproud Posted on 25/3 20:50
re: Drop Mendieta

And the Wolves one u remember is like I descibed it? You've got me doubting myself now, I can picture the goal but can't picture the team now you've planted that seed of doubt!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 25/3 22:00
re: Drop Mendieta


You've not answered my question regarding dropping Mendi if he's supposedly still suffering from his injury from last season. Come on, you're the Mendi spokesperson today!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 25/3 22:04
re: Drop Mendieta

And another thing, answer me these two questions too while you're at it:

1. Has Mendieta lived up to the reputation and the standard he set at Valencia?

2. Has he played as well this season as Juninho did in his last season, and who we got rid of?

SmoggyNproud Posted on 26/3 13:29
re: Drop Mendieta

Firstly, I believe that the reems of arguments that I produced in favour of Mendieta should lead you to deduce that I do not want him to be dropped.

Secondly, in response to your two questions:

1. I don't believe that any Boro fan, upon signing Mendieta believed that he would produce the kind of 'reputation and standard' that he did at Valencia. His days at Valencia marked the peak of his career.

As with any player who joins a club after the peak of their career, it is unlikely that they will match That which they achieved at their previous club(s). He reached two Champions League finals and was playing regualrly for his national team during his time at Valencia. Can you honestly say that you expected him to attain the 'standard and reputation he set at Valencia'?!

2. I don't think it's entirely fair to compare Mendieta and Juninho directly. I don't believe that we should have let Ju go when we did, and I DO believe that - given time and training - they may have even linked up well in the same team. I think that in Juninho's last season here and in the season that Mendi was here, neither one was better than the other. I know that Mendieta played brilliantly in that last season, as did Ju. To compare them in the season present would be unfair as I have not watched Juninho as closely as I have Mendieta.

I hope that I have answered your questions fairly. I do not think it is a case of me 'losing my argument'. I feel that I have come on here and given reasoned explanations for every point that I have made. You, on the other hand, simply slated Mendi in your original post, and that's what got me. I don't mind having a reasoned discussion with you, not one bit.


ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 16:55
re: Drop Mendieta

No Mendieta in the side and a Boro victory, I like this combination. Long may it continue!

maninmboro Posted on 26/3 16:56
re: Drop Mendieta

I thought Mendi played well today!

ohtheway Posted on 26/3 16:57
re: Drop Mendieta

That must be the reason why we won eh?

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 17:02
re: Drop Mendieta

Most definately

A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 17:03
re: Drop Mendieta

What we reckon. . rested for thursday or dropped?

Think rested myself, him and Rocky have to play centre mid in Basle

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 17:05
re: Drop Mendieta

Fook that, Get big Doriva in there and maybe a battler like Parlour (even tho he is pretty poor) to compliment Rocky. Away in Basle will be a game for strength and character, without the likes of Boateng and Cattermole we'll need some steel in there.
Be glad to see Mendi on the bench

ohtheway Posted on 26/3 17:07
re: Drop Mendieta

Jim, I hope he plays for 90 minutes just to irritate you

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 17:10
re: Drop Mendieta

If he plays he'll play poorly, just like he always does.

A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 17:11
re: Drop Mendieta

Nah dont agree, if he plays he could well be one of our best players

In europe he can influence a game so much more

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 17:13
re: Drop Mendieta

Rubbish, it'll be a game for men, not nancy little girls. Let Fabio pull our creative strings, leave Mendi well out of it

A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 17:14
re: Drop Mendieta

Id play Mendieta instead of Doriva in europe as the games alot slower and will suit Mendi more. In the league he shouldnt play tho

sasboro Posted on 26/3 18:01
re: Drop Mendieta

smac got it right today like many fans have been saying that mendieta shouldnt be first choice in the premiership games. Mendieta would have struggled today in a game like that.

SmoggyNproud Posted on 26/3 18:06
re: Drop Mendieta

Good one, are you all trying to tell me that we dropped Mendi today and that we won as a direct cause??? My God, football IS a simpler game that I thought!!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 18:35
re: Drop Mendieta

Glad to see he wasn't playing today, he ain't cut out for Premiership matches.

On Thursday I'd go for:


Parnaby, Riggott (If fit), Southgate, Queudrue

Morrison, Mendieta, Doriva, Rocky, Downing

And up front is a really tough call, as ROTJ said:

On form: Vids
On recent goals: Jimmy
On best player: Yak

Very tough call.

Another part of me would like to see all three of em up front in a "AWAY THEN EUROPE!" style all out attack!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 18:38
re: Drop Mendieta


Have't you got more pressing concerns, such as taking care of evil dictators and leaving old men to rot out in the desert?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 26/3 18:38
re: Drop Mendieta

Agree with that team FrancklyFesta

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 18:40
re: Drop Mendieta


Was my spelling and grammar of sufficient calibre to meet your high standards?

Mark it and if it's below par I'll stay back after class.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 18:50
re: Drop Mendieta

That team is probs spot on FrancklyFesta, we'll give Mendi a run out, but if he starts getting bullied and losing the ball cheaply off he comes!
SmoggyNproud - Yes! I am saying because we left out Mendieta today we won the game. Can't play weak players against a dirty team like Bolton.
Smac got his team selection right.

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 18:58
re: Drop Mendieta

Yeah if Mendi were playing poor I'd wanna see a change sooner rather than later as happened in the Charlton match, where he shouldn't have been back on after half time for me.

Still can't decide on the strikers. They're all just so good!

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 19:01
re: Drop Mendieta

Sod it, play all three strikers, lets bury them

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 19:06
re: Drop Mendieta

The "LETS SH|T ON EUROPE!" line up - 343:


Riggott, Southgate, Queudrue

Morrison, Mendieta, Rocky, Downing

Jimmy, Viduka, Yakubu


A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 20:10
re: Drop Mendieta

Lets shitt on europe


A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 20:12
re: Drop Mendieta

Personally would play 442

Davies Riggot (if fit) Southgate Franck
Parnaby Mendieta Rochemback Downing
Jimmy Viduka

karembeu_ca Posted on 26/3 20:19
re: Drop Mendieta

"No Mendieta in the side and a Boro victory, I like this combination. Long may it continue!"

Yup, totally agree, no Downing, Yakubu, Riggott, Southgate, or Cattermole either. They are all also to blame based on your reasoning. Well done.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 21:53
re: Drop Mendieta

My criticism has been of one single player throughout this thread, not the likes of the gate, Yakubu, etc etc. Just one player. That stuttering Spaniard we employ.
And my last thread was to test the water for any nibbles or bites off idiots like you Karembeu_ca
And to repeat.....

"No Mendieta in the side and a Boro victory, I like this combination. Long may it continue"

I didn't suggest him being left out was the reason for the victory, I stated that a Boro win and Mendieta not being in the starting 11 is something I'm happy with.
It was Bolton today for crying our loud, Mendi is off the pace in the Premiership for starters, nevermind playing against a physical side like those dirty trotters. This part of Smac's team selection was spot on

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karembeu_ca Posted on 26/3 21:59
re: Drop Mendieta

so why did you not say "no mendi in the side due to the physical team we were playing" ?

just keep plugging that personal agenda. will you jump on next weeks band-wagon as well? Who will be the new scapegoat next week I wonder?

A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 22:00
re: Drop Mendieta

personally i think we need to play either 451 or 442 without Mendieta in the league

Hes CLEARLY not a right sided midfielder and there is IMO 3 players ahead of him for the central midfield berth, and you have to play Morrison and Downing to give pace and width

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 22:07
re: Drop Mendieta

This isn't a question of 'next weeks band-wagon'.....

Mendieta has been poor for the majority of his Boro career during domestic games. FACT

Smithy_MfC Posted on 26/3 22:08
re: Drop Mendieta

and been magic against the big team players and europe games - the games hes made for - FACTTTTTTTT

karembeu_ca Posted on 26/3 22:10
re: Drop Mendieta


oh, well, then it must be true if YOU said it

I take it all back, LMAO

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 22:13
re: Drop Mendieta

When has he exactly been 'magic' in europe?
Granted he plays well against teams that like to play passing football like Man United and Chelsea, but at a last glance, there's 20 teams in the Premiership, of which I'd consider 3 or 4 to be 'top' teams. So, it's alright to assume he'll have 4 good games and 16 poor ones??
He's not good enough, it's there for all to see, FACT.

A_New_Era Posted on 26/3 22:21
re: Drop Mendieta

Got to disagree

I think Mendieta was one of our most influencial players when we won the cup, that season he was a really good player for us. Then last season we all know he got injured so you can right off that season

Unfortunately i think the injurys have taken their toll and hes now so far off the pace that he cannot influence a game anymore (he does now and again, but not enough)

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 22:25
re: Drop Mendieta

I'm off to watch MOTD2, this WILL be continued! I'd love to see Mendi come good against Basle, sadly I don't think it'll happen but I'll acknowledge it if he does.
My point throughout this post tho is this.
Given the wages he's on, his ever reducing sell on value, his age and the fact IMO he's lost it, I think it's time to get rid.
For footballing and financial reasons and it makes sense

FrancklyFesta Posted on 26/3 22:44
re: Drop Mendieta

He was better in the 03/04 season, but he's never reached the potential based on his performaces at Valencia, that were, by all accounts, excellent.

I expect he'll play on Thursday and if it were my choice I'd play him based on who's suspended, and the fixture pile up. Hopefully he'll play well. He plays better in Euro games, but I can't think of an amazing perfomance in Europe he's had. Any suggestions?
And I mean MOTM performances.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 26/3 23:22
re: Drop Mendieta

In europe I don't think there's been any MOTM performances from our favourite Spanish dwarf FrancklyFesta!

Granted I think he'll start on thursday, could do with some lessons from mad dog tho on how 'not to be a tart' !!

SmoggyNproud Posted on 27/3 11:29
re: Drop Mendieta

Bloody hell, you lot bitch about Mendieta like a bunch of little girls, it's pathetic. And what's with all this 'FACT' business after a subjective view has been made?!

Oh, and about Mendieta's performances against Bolton, I'm PRETTY SURE I saw him play a vital role in the Carling Cup Final. It just escapes me who it was against?? Erm.........

Yaks_right_foot Posted on 27/3 12:13
re: Drop Mendieta

Ive been saying for about the last three months Mendieta is not up to the premiership no more, I agree he should still play in Europe as the games are slower and suits him more. The amount of times people say play him in his correct position even when he does we still havent seen the best of him apart from Man U. When he played left wing against Arsenal and the Geordies people tried to defend him saying he was out of position, he still could have had the decency to track back and help the full backs out which Downing and Morrison actually do.

SmoggyNproud Posted on 27/3 16:36
re: Drop Mendieta

Of course Mendieta tracks back!!

Fever_dog Posted on 27/3 16:40
re: Drop Mendieta

Its sad i think people make mendi a scapegoat, Downing has hardly been mint, pogo not exactly class,Yakubu not on form, so why does everyone pick out mendieta?

sasboro Posted on 27/3 16:40
re: Drop Mendieta

smoggynpround, the carling cup was 2 years ago

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 27/3 17:19
re: Drop Mendieta

Precisely, 2 YEARS AGO!

Reasons to sell Mendieta.

He's 32

He's nowhere near the player he was.

English football doesn't suit him, and there's a likely scenario of not qualifying for Uefa cup football next season, so his only 'good' games as you blinkered Mendi lovers put it will come against the top teams. 4 matches a season isn't good enough.

He's weak in the tackle, slow and caught on the ball too much, as stated above 'past it'

His sell-on value isn't getting higher

He's on 40k a week

Reasons to keep Mendi......... ooooh! He's got a lovely blonde comb over. Rubbish, get rid of him.

SmoggyNproud Posted on 27/3 21:01
re: Drop Mendieta

ReturnoftheJim et al - you must all LOVE talking out of your ar5e5. I've sat on here for god knows how many days putting forward good reasons as to why we should all still suppot 100% a guy who wears his Middlesbrough shirt so proudly. Cattermole this, Cattermole that - I've hardly even noticed him the past couple of games..but I'm not about to start a thread slating him. Nor am I going to do that about ANY boro player. Ever.

A_New_Era Posted on 27/3 21:10
re: Drop Mendieta

~I dont like how this is getting personal this thread. Its a matter of opinions and obvious some have different to others, but surely thats a GOOD thing

FuntimeFrank Posted on 27/3 21:22
re: Drop Mendieta

Bloody hell!

Boro fans don't half love a boo boy. Who has it been so far this season?

Pogi, Rocky, Vids, Jimmy and now Mendi.

How ironic that people were all for for not seeing Rochemback/Vids/Jimmy (delele as appropriate) in a Boro shirt but are now up there arse and claiming they are able to hold our midfield together in European away tie?

At the end of the day players have good days and bad days. Mendi will be an important part of the squad for the remainder of the season, especially in europe, and its only right we get behind the lads going into an important phase of the campaign. From what we can see he is a good professional and team player. Yes he will make mistakes but so does everyone else in the team, even the crowd favourites like Cattermole, Frank (my favourite player by the way), the gate et al (no really they do, just open your eyes!)

SmoggyNproud Posted on 27/3 21:30
re: Drop Mendieta

Thank you gets tiresome trying to stick up for the players against the fans sometimes!

FuntimeFrank Posted on 27/3 21:45
re: Drop Mendieta

Tust me I'm not Mendi's biggest fan and he can look weak in the Prem but know isnt the time for slagging our players off.

We are not Chelsea, we dont and never will have a team full of world class players, our players will have flaws but.....

we are on the verge of greatness (well nearly ) so lets get behind them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 27/3 22:55
re: Drop Mendieta

Only just noticed this post from you SmoggyNproud, don't know how I missed it, but what follows it is my response:

Firstly, I believe that the reems of arguments that I produced in favour of Mendieta should lead you to deduce that I do not want him to be dropped.

Secondly, in response to your two questions:

1. I don't believe that any Boro fan, upon signing Mendieta believed that he would produce the kind of 'reputation and standard' that he did at Valencia. His days at Valencia marked the peak of his career.

As with any player who joins a club after the peak of their career, it is unlikely that they will match That which they achieved at their previous club(s). He reached two Champions League finals and was playing regualrly for his national team during his time at Valencia. Can you honestly say that you expected him to attain the 'standard and reputation he set at Valencia'?!

2. I don't think it's entirely fair to compare Mendieta and Juninho directly. I don't believe that we should have let Ju go when we did, and I DO believe that - given time and training - they may have even linked up well in the same team. I think that in Juninho's last season here and in the season that Mendi was here, neither one was better than the other. I know that Mendieta played brilliantly in that last season, as did Ju. To compare them in the season present would be unfair as I have not watched Juninho as closely as I have Mendieta.

I hope that I have answered your questions fairly. I do not think it is a case of me 'losing my argument'. I feel that I have come on here and given reasoned explanations for every point that I have made. You, on the other hand, simply slated Mendi in your original post, and that's what got me. I don't mind having a reasoned discussion with you, not one bit.


To expect the standard and reputation from Valencia is probably asking too much, but he's not even come close to it.

I'm not comparing Juninho and Mendieta in this current season, I'm comparing Mendieta in this, what I feel should be his last, season, with Juninho in his last season. My point being we've let players playing better than Mendi is now go in the past.

I don't disagree that you've made reasoned arguements. My original post aside, all my posts have been thoroughly reasoned, giving a point by point response in a lot of cases. I've already admitted my orignal comments were made in a fit of peak. I APOLOGISE. I will not say sorry again.

I gathered that you don't wish Mendi to be dropped, somethin which I just cannot understand. European games, yes, especially with the upcoming hectic fixture schedule, but he should not be starting Premiership matches ahead of Morrison, Cattermole, Boateng and Rocky. Morrison is better than him on the right, and you too admit he doesn't play well on the right, as most people agree. So we have to put him in the centre. He's not played enough games there to prove he'd play consistently well there. I'm up for seeing if this can be proved, but at present I wouldn't put him in ahead of Boateng, Cattermole or Rocky. He's got to earn his place. That means coming in when one or more of them is injured/out of form/suspended/rested and playing very well to earn another match and building on that. All too often his place has been gifted.

A_New_Era Posted on 27/3 23:26
re: Drop Mendieta

And a quick reminder.. . if Mendi plays brilliantly on Thursday i dont want SmoggyNProud spouting off on here about "see i told you so" as ive repeated over and over hes good for europe its the league im worried about with him

FrancklyFesta Posted on 27/3 23:30
re: Drop Mendieta

I get sick of this holier-than-thou attitude about not criticising players, an attitude that has the ethos that just because you criticise a player you're bang out of order and you MUST be one of thes people who boos at matches. I've never booed at a match in my life and I never will.

Nor did I take part in the McCLAREN OUT chants that boomed arouond the Riverside against Villa, or the vast amount of calls for his head on this board. I wasn't happy but I clearly stated that to sack him would be the wrong option. It would've been extremely easy to jump on the "Mac's Got To Go" bandwagon, in fact it was harder not to get swept away with it.

Where were the calls of "Now's not the time for slagging..." then Funtime?

"How ironic that people were all for for not seeing Rochemback/Vids/Jimmy (delele as appropriate) in a Boro shirt but are now up there arse and claiming they are able to hold our midfield together in European away tie?"

I can only imagine this is aimed at myself (or A_New_Era) so I'll say this: I've supported Rocky from the get go and I still believe he'll come good (a belief I held with Mendi for a LONG time and another reason I'm not simply picking a random player for some stick for this week.). I agreed he should be dropped for a few games when he was playing poorly to give him a refresh. Vids has come into excellent form of late, but there were times earlier in the season when he was poor and wasn't doing enough to keep his place in the team. Ditto with Jimmy, and I was against selling him in the transfer window.

How ironic? About as ironic as Maccarone taking on a right back because he used to play right back.

"At the end of the day players have good days and bad days."

Agreed. Mendi, for me, has more bad than good.

"Mendi will be an important part of the squad for the remainder of the season, especially in europe..."

Agreed, I've said so. At no point have I said get rid now. At the end of the season? Yes.

"...and its only right we get behind the lads going into an important phase of the campaign."

Agreed. I'll be behind them 100%. There is nothing wrong with discussion on this board though, IMO. The only harm it can cause the players is if they come on here and read it. And there's always going to be someone on here criticising a player so if they're easily offended and feel it might affect their morale then they shouldn't read it.

"From what we can see he is a good professional and team player."

Agreed. We can also see all the flaws listed in this and other threads (see MENDIETA'S BIG CON and MENDI=LEGEND)

"Yes he will make mistakes but so does everyone else in the team, even the crowd favourites like Cattermole, Frank (my favourite player by the way), the gate et al (no really they do, just open your eyes!)"

It's about more than some mistakes. It's about capability. Is he physically capable? Numerous people on these threads have made reference to his poor pace and strength.

"We are not Chelsea, we dont and never will have a team full of world class players, our players will have flaws but...."

Another one of these "What are you complaining about?! You should be happy with what you've got!" comments that often follow critism. Just because someone is critical of a player doesn't mean s/he expects a team full of the most expensive and top quality players in the world. That's just a stupid extrapolation of a statement.

A_New_Era Posted on 27/3 23:55
re: Drop Mendieta

Too much writing there for me to be arsed reading

FrancklyFesta Posted on 28/3 1:10
re: Drop Mendieta


Yeah I do get a bit carried away sometimes and end up submitting essays!

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 28/3 10:06
re: Drop Mendieta

Good points FrancklyFesta, you're right, this thread should be entitled...

'Drop Mendieta at the end of the season'

He'll have to do for now I suppose.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 28/3 15:56
re: Drop Mendieta

Lets just keep this little baby firmly at the forefront of our thinking!

FrancklyFesta Posted on 28/3 16:45
re: Drop Mendieta


ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 28/3 17:28
re: Drop Mendieta

Crrraannnkkkk it back up! Hoooof!

SmoggyNproud Posted on 28/3 21:07
re: Drop Mendieta

Have read and appreciated what you have said FrancklyFesta, and I think we have both made all the points we want to make on Mendi and our views on him. I guess time will tell with regards to what McClaren will do with him during the season, and the choice Mendi and the club will make at the end of the season.

As I have said previously, I genuinely do think Mendi is a class act, a weapon that very few teams would refuse to have as part of their armory. And I do admit that he has off games (along with every player on the planet), BUT, he's on our books at the moment, which means i'll stay 100% behind him as a Boro player until the day he moves on. If he plays, I hope he does well, if he doesn't, I hope the team still plays well (and wins) without him.

But, until the day he ceases to be a Boro player, i'll stick up for the guy and hope he is allowed to play to the best of his ability.

Anyway, it's been a good, well-reasoned argument since your original post!! Now, give those fingers a rest..well, until Thursday night anyway !

FrancklyFesta Posted on 29/3 1:17
re: Drop Mendieta


Well, until post match Thursday! Wink!

A_New_Era Posted on 29/3 1:22
re: Drop Mendieta

If he has a good game thursday im going to hate having to repeat

"i said he was good in europe just not the league!! "

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 29/3 13:42
re: Drop Mendieta

In about 30 hours time me and FrancklyFesta will be sat in a pub mouthing off at the big screen.....

"Take Mendi off McClaren man! He's fooking rubbish....."


SmoggyNproud Posted on 29/3 14:48
re: Drop Mendieta

Shhhhhhh.....!! We've called a truce..which should last at least until thurs.....

A_New_Era Posted on 29/3 14:50
re: Drop Mendieta

really the truce should be called until the next time he plays in the league

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 29/3 16:19
re: Drop Mendieta

A truce will be called when he no longer wears the red of Boro and when you finally realise I've been right all the long

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 30/3 12:17
re: Drop Mendieta


Come on Mendi, prove me wrong tonight, you little midget Spaniard.


FrancklyFesta Posted on 31/3 0:15
re: Drop Mendieta

And so it's Thursday night and the match is over. To be fair Mendi wasn't atrocioua and he wasn't particularly good. Simply average. As were others. Franck had a worse game for sure. Again he was played out of position, which is just pointless whatever your opinions of Mendi. I did feel we they let us have a lot of time and space and didn't press us and I'd have expected Mendi to do better, but he's not alone in my expectation. I thought Boro played fairly well and didn't deserve to be beaten 2-0, if at all. He had a good shot and a few good moments, but nothing special. But one match does not a point prove! And, in agreement with A_New_Era, my main concern is in th Premiership. I don't wish to see Mendi stat against Man City.

A_New_Era Posted on 31/3 3:07
re: Drop Mendieta

Lucky i am reserving my judgement for leagye games now otherwise id be laying into the little spanish turd !!!

And i dont buy this "hes ok to me because he tried, hes a team player and gives his best" If hes giving his best and it aint good enough, then dont see how he can be defended

Anyway, he wont play against Man City so its all good

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 31/3 13:04
re: Drop Mendieta

The only thing Mendi got right last night was his hair cut. Apart from that and two flashes of brilliance, there were no positives to pick out of his performance.
Drop him.

SmoggyNproud Posted on 31/3 13:48
re: Drop Mendieta

ReturnoftheJim, why the fuckk are you so concerned about Mendi's haircut? We're on here to talk football FFS. I think it's funny as fuckk that you've got on about his disgraceful haircut all week just to see that he'd had it shaved. Muppet.

As for Mendi's performance, I agree it wasn't up to much (although it also wasn't the worst performance in the world either), but if I were to compile a list of who played badly, worst at the top, there would be a fair few above him!

A_New_Era Posted on 31/3 13:49
re: Drop Mendieta

True, it was a poor performance by everyone so wont make too much of it with just one player

nji10873 Posted on 31/3 13:53
re: Drop Mendieta

mendi, parlour, doriva.

can play the game, just all to old.
rocky and morrison on bench last night, now thats scary.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 31/3 16:58
re: Drop Mendieta

ReturnOfTheJim takes full credit for Mendi's new hairstyle. He must have been on these threads and seen the critism and thought it was about time for a chop.

SmoggyNProud, seems to me like you're gettin a bit flustered........

I reckon you're just finding it hard to admit that you've been wrong.

A new hair cut doesn't wash with me, Mendi is still Mendi!

Slow, weak and past it.

Drop him.

SmoggyNproud Posted on 31/3 18:53
re: Drop Mendieta


ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 31/3 18:55
re: Drop Mendieta


ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 1/4 14:52
re: Drop Mendieta

Just watched a feature on Teddy Sheringham on Sky Sports 1. He's 40 tomorrow! FORTY!

He's 8 years older than Mendi! Mendieta could do no worse than take a look a Teddy and lead by his example!

Teddy has been doing this for 20 years, not just two flash in the pan seasons at Valencia.

It's a myth that Mendieta is a class player.

Another day and I'm not changing my opinion.

Drop him.

zamboni80 Posted on 1/4 14:58
re: Drop Mendieta

We've been carrying him for game after game lately, morrison should be given a run, if any of our strikers were on such a bad run they would have been warming the bench for the last few games. I like him but at the minute it looks like he's not bothered.

ste_north_stand Posted on 1/4 15:05
re: Drop Mendieta

Play Sheringham right wing, see how well he does. Get Mendieta in the middle or he shouldn't be in the team. It is not rocket science really.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 2/4 14:14
re: Drop Mendieta

Our favourite midget Spaniard better not be playing today..........

A_New_Era Posted on 2/4 21:34
re: Drop Mendieta

I dont think i need to say

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 3/4 12:05
re: Drop Mendieta

Morrison Cattermole Rocky Boateng Downing

That IS our midlfield, they're our best midfielders at the club and this formation of 5 in midfield plays to their strengths.

Morro and Downing hugging the touch lines

Boateng and The Catt enforcing the midfield

Rocky allowed to pull the strings and push on forward if need be

I don't want to see Mendieta, Doriva or Parlour anywhere near that starting line-up on thursday.

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 4/4 13:45
re: Drop Mendieta

One down, two to go!

SmoggyNproud Posted on 4/4 22:31
re: Drop Mendieta

Well done, you've got your wish. He won't be starting. He won't be starting anymore matches this season. Happy now? Because I sure as hell aint.

A_New_Era Posted on 4/4 22:38
re: Drop Mendieta

Im not happy hes injured as thats just cruel, but im glad hes not playing, and i personally dont think he should play again as another serious injury will only finish him off in terms of pace

Cheers for the memories Mendi, send us a postcard

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 4/4 23:47
re: Drop Mendieta

I'm delighted!

No more Mendi - woohoo!

Morrison guaranteed to start from now on - woohoo!

boro_7 Posted on 5/4 8:08
re: Drop Mendieta

Hes fookin injured so morrison is playing

SmoggyNproud Posted on 5/4 19:35
re: Drop Mendieta much as I love reading your snide little remarks, you really do need to get a grip of reality. You've all blabbed onabout how Mendi's wages cost the club too much, he's not justifying the outlay blah blah blah but now we have to pay for his treatment AND his wages and he's not even available for selection. SURELY that's worse for the club, Gibson's wallet, the fans, etc..

boro_by_heart_2k5 Posted on 5/4 20:33
re: Drop Mendieta

Esky mate .. you've got it spot on .. Mendieta is not fast enough or strong enough to survive in the Premiership. 3 or 4 quality games a season isn't going to pull us through. We concede goals when Mendieta plays because he doesn't offer the right back enough cover. He has quality at passing and quite a tricky player but he's got no bottle, no pace or no strength. Those attributes are needed in the Prem and Mendi doesn't posses them. Get rid now!

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 6/4 11:40
re: Drop Mendieta

I'm just delighted he wont be wearing the red of Middlesbrough tonight but Morrison will, it's like boro_by_heart_2k5 said....

'Get rid'

Anyhow, we'd have still been paying Mendi regardless, at least now we're paying for him to 'sit things out' and let the future of our football club do the talking.

Mendi's not good enough, it's about time you realised that.

And yes my comments are 'snide' but they don't half wind you up!

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 14:49
re: Drop Mendieta

hink hes played his last game for the club to be honest

Another long injury will surely have finished his career here, his pace will be non existant and i think with the emergence of our young players and his lack of fitness will see the little spaniard heading back to spain to finish his career

GazC_MFC Posted on 6/4 16:00
re: Drop Mendieta

I wouldn't exactly call it a lack of fitness, both injuries have been unlucky, and doesn't how fit you could of happened to anyone. Similar with Malcolm Christie

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 16:04
re: Drop Mendieta

I meant in general. He hasnt looked fit half the time this season, and another injury will set him back further, i cant see him ever regaining full fitness

Shame like

means_the_world Posted on 6/4 17:21
re: Drop Mendieta

you know nothing era.

i guarantee there will be old men telling tales of how mendi crossed the ball in teh carling cup final in 70 years from now.

vive the spaniard

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:23
re: Drop Mendieta

I cant tell if thats sarcastic BUT how long ago was the carling cup final

SmoggyNproud Posted on 6/4 17:23
re: Drop Mendieta

Bloody hell, you get everywhere!

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:25
re: Drop Mendieta

who, me?

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:25
re: Drop Mendieta

who, me?

means_the_world Posted on 6/4 17:26
re: Drop Mendieta

am sticking up for you pet/son.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:28
re: Drop Mendieta

o right

like i said on other threadm i havent read it so i dont know what other people think

SmoggyNproud Posted on 6/4 17:30
re: Drop Mendieta

I was on about MTW. Like a bad smell.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:32
re: Drop Mendieta

Completely getting off topic !!

SnP - realistically, now thats he injured again, do you think we will see Mendi in a boro shirt again?

means_the_world Posted on 6/4 17:34
re: Drop Mendieta

i smell like ayresome park - though you wouldn't recognise that fragrance would you.

the only mendi you will see round the riverside for a while is that seal. better ball control though.

--- Post edited by means_the_world on 6/4 17:34 ---

SmoggyNproud Posted on 6/4 17:34
re: Drop Mendieta

Hope so

Ooo..someone's just put a post on about the CC Final..must mean nothing!!

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:37
re: Drop Mendieta

The CC final was Mendi at his peak with the boro. That season the only qualm anyone had was that he didnt score enough, he was brilliant for us

he missed the season after through injury, but this season hes been poor

would you have him in your starting 11 next season?

means_the_world Posted on 6/4 17:49
re: Drop Mendieta

actually, there's something about mendieta that i really like.

and a couple of years ago it seemed that if he had a good game we had a good game. but you just can't pretend that has been getting less recently.

and every now again he's gonna put in a brilliant performance like against Man U but a lot of the time he looks out of his depth which i think we saw at Stuttgart last week.

let's face it, there's something wrong when a 17 year old's absence is almost talismanic but a guy who's still young enough to do it and has been in european cup finals just drifts out of a game we desperately need a goal in.

i'm just sad that it hasn't worked out the way we wanted it to. realistically he'll get games next season (and god knows we need to get some more good starts out of him to justify that contract - sheesh) but he shouldn't be first choice unless he works his way back into the team through good performances like anyone else would have to. the injury won't help.

--- Post edited by means_the_world on 6/4 17:56 ---

A_New_Era Posted on 6/4 17:58
re: Drop Mendieta

i think its a transitional summer coming up, and we could see Mendi one of the big earners leaving

sasboro Posted on 7/4 11:14
re: Drop Mendieta

after last night i think this deserves a hoof for esky

means_the_world Posted on 7/4 11:21
re: Drop Mendieta

smoggynproud - any comment on how Mendi might have made it 5?

ReturnOfTheJim Posted on 7/4 14:22
re: Drop Mendieta

No Mendieta!
No problem!
Enough said - Hoorah!

A_New_Era Posted on 9/4 4:53
re: Drop Mendieta

This is the time we could have used Mendi, the games are coming thick and fast and we cant afford to burn out our youngsters

SmoggyNproud Posted on 9/4 10:26
re: Drop Mendieta

Did someone mention my name?

Ah, yes, Mendi wouldn't have made it 5, but, playing in his (not so) favoured right midfield position TECHNICALLY he would've been exactly where Mass was to finish the game off and bang in the 4th ha ha..


A_New_Era Posted on 9/4 11:52
re: Drop Mendieta

He wouldnt, Mendieta would have been a couple of yards behind the play or taken off for Maccarone by then anyway

boro_by_heart_2k5 Posted on 9/4 12:05
re: Drop Mendieta

When Morrison plays like he did against City, and Rochemback hits form, as well as Boateng being our most indispensible player, and Cattermole proving to be a real talent, and the choice of two excellent young wide players in Johnson and Downing .. I dont think there is any place for a below-par Mendieta. Cattermole and Boateng give it their all, and Rochemback is proving to be a great player, and dictates the play brilliantly. Mendieta cant be paid to stay on the bench. You say that 70 years from now people will be talking about Mendi's ball in the Cup Final, but that is typical Mendieta .. he pops up every now and again and has a stormer of a game. Once every so often is not good enough. Esky is right about Mendi's fitness .. he seems too tired to track back and isn't the sort of box-to-box midfielder. People are saying he needs to be played through the middle, but most of his game is cutting in from the right side and playing through the middle, and to be honest, he isn't good enough.

A_New_Era Posted on 12/6 18:13
re: Drop Mendieta

SmoggyNproud - does appear almost everyone now agrees he should go

i win

MrEko Posted on 12/6 18:18
re: Drop Mendieta

Hopefully Southgate will realise that Mendieta is better in the centre and give him a decent run in that position.
Rather him than rochemback

A_New_Era Posted on 12/6 18:20
re: Drop Mendieta

your wind ups are truely awful but, just to humour you, why would you prefer one of the slowest players in our history who is injury prone and when he plays is too short of fitness, ahead of our best footballer at the club?

MrEko Posted on 12/6 18:22
re: Drop Mendieta

because in the centre mendieta is superior to rochemback in everyway barring pace.

A_New_Era Posted on 12/6 18:24
re: Drop Mendieta

now i know you are quite backwards, but how exactly did you work that out?

Mendieta = no pace, skill has gone, cant influence games, no acceleration

rochemback = brilliant passer of the ball, box to box player, influences many games, covers ever blade of grass on a pitch, can score spectacular goals, good at set pieces