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Perry_Combover Posted on 6/3 15:55
McCarthy sacked


Link: fired

dicky200006 Posted on 6/3 15:56
re: McCarthy sacked

Wow your quick off the mark.

London_Boro Posted on 6/3 15:57
re: McCarthy sacked

Answers to the name of 'Lightning' !

Perry_Combover Posted on 6/3 15:58
re: McCarthy sacked


been shopping

A_New_Era Posted on 6/3 15:58
re: McCarthy sacked

Are you from the same gene pool to Baoteng_7 or dicky200006

JLinardi Posted on 6/3 15:58
re: McCarthy sacked

perry_combover AKA SPEEDY GONZALES!

onthemap Posted on 6/3 15:59
re: McCarthy sacked

WTF When did this happen and how did he get another job so quickly after Sunderland?

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 6/3 16:16
re: McCarthy sacked

I can't believe them clownns up the road have done this.

McCarthy has done a great job on limited funds for Sunderland and was always on a good hiding to nothing.

JLinardi Posted on 6/3 16:21
re: McCarthy sacked

done a great job? lol what are you on roeder has already got a better premiership record this season after what? 5 games in charge?

McCarthys total premiership points amount to less than 30 so even 2 seasons worth of points wouldnt be enough to keep them up. As for working on a budget, he spent more than wigan i think and just bought boatloads of chite, 3m on a keeper when they had a decent one, 2m on 2 waste of space strikers when he could have got someone like Henri Camara for free i think it was.

Perry_Combover Posted on 6/3 16:21
re: McCarthy sacked

this will have put his nose well out of joint

almost right-angled in fact

AtomicLoonybin Posted on 6/3 16:27
re: McCarthy sacked

Nice bit in WSC this month:

'Team A plays 46 games at an average of one every five days, accruing 90 points. Team B plays 38 games at an average of one every seven days, accruing (say) 12 points. To solve this problem we need to use what is called 'wrong divison'. Adding the two totals together and dividing by two, we get the mythical division that Sunderland wish to occupy and can only be reached by the back of a broom cupboard in the Stadium of Light'.

JoeLaidlaw Posted on 6/3 16:28
re: McCarthy sacked

Roeder has got more strength in the reserves than what McCarthy has in the whole Sunderland team.

Lets be truthful here, he's been working on a limited budget and had to sell to meet the clubs debt. In the first season they went down he got them in the play off's and promoted the following season with a team of players that no one had heard of or wanted and got them to believe in themselves.

I could have gone to Newcastle and got them to win a few games, but only if Shearer had liked me.

Shearer thinks he's bigger than Newcastle and has got more managers the tin tack through his dressing room tantrums.