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jam69 Posted on 10/3 11:45
roma tickets

does anyone know when the club are sending out tickets as we fly out on tuesday?

borderchris Posted on 10/3 12:21
re: roma tickets

They should be sent out tomorrow

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 10/3 12:26
re: roma tickets

Not early enough for those travelling out on Sunday. Maybe they should have issued vouchers enabling you to pick up your ticket from the ground over the weekend. They could have been processed well before the tickets arrived.

borodrew Posted on 10/3 12:32
re: roma tickets

wouldnt worry. expect a phone call today or saturday or monday at the latest.

apparenlty tuesdays are being processed first and you have the option of going down to pick them up or them sending them out special delivery.

your right sunday people are buggered!.

ring them up today surely they will let you go down and pick them up.

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