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japsterboro Posted on 10/3 12:03
31 years ago today ...

... I entered life and breathed the sweet air in the maternity ward of Fulford hospital kicking, screaming, puking and shoiting over friends and relatives who came to visit.

Tonight, I shall re-inact (some) of that event by getting blind drunk and emptying the contents of my stomach onto a close friend.

Please join me for a cyber beer at some point today

MsCurly Posted on 10/3 12:06
re: 31 years ago today ... IS officially the pm now, so I suppose a Fuzzy Navel wouldn't be out of the question?

Happy birthday, dear.

japsterboro Posted on 10/3 12:07
re: 31 years ago today ...

Thats the spirit Ms C, and thank you.

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 10/3 12:07
re: 31 years ago today ...

Sorry, mate, I'm still suffering from last night's spontaneous European celebrations,so even a cyber pint would result in a relapse.

This does mean that there's more for you, so MHR and enjoy the night.

benidorm2boro Posted on 10/3 12:08
re: 31 years ago today ...

have a very happy birthday.

ray192 Posted on 10/3 12:09
re: 31 years ago today ...

happy birthday japster.

raising beer to your good health.

japsterboro Posted on 10/3 12:18
re: 31 years ago today ...

Why thank you all. I couldnt drink last night as I had to drive back down from the match, so tonight shall be double celebrations ... (read messy)!

Nedkat Posted on 10/3 13:28
re: 31 years ago today ...

Can I drink that Fuzzy Navel out of your real navel ?

Happy Birthday !!! All ra best, and nat !!

blotonthelandscape Posted on 10/3 13:30
re: 31 years ago today ...

Happy Birthday from Bandi. He's too shy to say it himself.

grantus Posted on 10/3 13:33
re: 31 years ago today ...

And a glass raised to you my good man.