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wool_skull Posted on 20/3 16:29
Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

Just caught the back end of a report on SSN and I'm pretty sure the Riverside is applying for the 2008 Uefa Cup Final.

Uefa delagates and Europe's finest disending on Middlesbrough.


shaungav Posted on 20/3 17:52
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

Europes Finesest??

sasboro Posted on 20/3 17:56
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

would be great but cant see it happening in a million years. middlehaven still a dump and wil be in 2008,not enough hotels, got to walk through the underpass to get to ground, poor public transport facilites. i think its just about getting mfc and,middlesbrough and middlehaven bandied about to get investors interested

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JBBORO Posted on 20/3 17:58
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

its between us and city of manchester. having been to city of manchester i think theyll choose there over the riverside hands down.

badbradderz Posted on 20/3 17:58
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside


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Link: are we kidding?

JonSina Posted on 20/3 18:02
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

at least the fans can sit down in our stadium, which should put us above the Stadio Olimpico (the Rome version)

Jimmy_Boy Posted on 20/3 18:08
re: Uefa Cup Final- Riverside

It'll depend on where the Champions League final is held 1st.

If they pick Wembley then I cant see them giving the Uefa to England as well.

If not might have an outside chance, but i think its more a case of raising profiles etc. If Middlehaven ever gets off the ground then we could have a really good little venue. After all Einhoven for this year is similar size to the Riverside