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wool_skull Posted on 25/3 1:30
Wedding or Semi's?

FA Cup semi final day.....Boro on the march to smash West Ham all over, thousands flocking from Teesside.....but its ma m8ts wedding!!!!!!! DILEMA

Should i custard pie him or not?

I've loved the Boro longer than him like!!!!

Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 25/3 1:43
re: Wedding or Semi's?

Doh! Custard pie...

wool_skull Posted on 25/3 1:52
re: Wedding or Semi's?


Been having this argument with a couple of ma m8ts in the boozer tonight!!

Apparently i'm wrong



Grumpy_Paul Posted on 25/3 2:04
re: Wedding or Semi's?

A bit of imagination and you should manage both.
Otherwise it's easier for your mate to re-arrange the wedding than it is for the FA to re-arrange the semi.
Assuming we get there of course

bungydinsdale Posted on 25/3 2:06
re: Wedding or Semi's?

Damned inconsiderate getting wed anyway, but on that day is just rude.
If he's any sort of mate he'll understand. You know what they say, if you love someobdy let them go (to the match) and if they love you too they'll come back (hopefully with a trip to the final lined up).

wool_skull Posted on 25/3 2:11
re: Wedding or Semi's?

Soccer AM ave to find out bout these two... 'LOSERS!'

Unhappy guests, whats the point?

I'm at the semi's no matter what now. He'll get over it.

Cheers lads and UP THE BORO

Fischer Posted on 25/3 2:20
re: Wedding or Semi's?

I'd go to the wedding. I can't see Charlton v West Ham being much of a thriller anyway.

wool_skull Posted on 25/3 2:25
re: Wedding or Semi's?

There'll only b one london team in that semi, and weddings are just borstal anyway!

Arnt thee??

ray192 Posted on 25/3 6:31
re: Wedding or Semi's?


you've gone down hill sharp young man shake your fooking head BORO comes in front of everything tsk i didn't even go to my nieces wedding because BORO were playing .

get yourself back in the derbyshire reds man and sort your fooking stupid self OUT .

Gains Posted on 25/3 8:15
re: Wedding or Semi's?

If they're getting married on the Saturday, it's ok cos our semi (should we make it) is on Sunday, 4pm kick off.
If they're getting married on the Sunday, they deserve nobody turning up. Wedding then up for work next day? That's not good.

ray192 Posted on 25/3 8:20
re: Wedding or Semi's?


well spotted i bet he never realised that .

AwesomeSwells Posted on 25/3 8:25
re: Wedding or Semi's?

*Smiley* thingy @ Fisch.

holuc Posted on 25/3 9:26
re: Wedding or Semi's?

If you HAVE to get married and can't make it put a big screen up in the reception.

When i got married i didn't reaiise it was world cup semi final day so i had a big screen arranged for the reception. I didn't need it in the end as we didn't get that far.(england didn't get that i still got married)