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MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:11
Girls and boys.

Can they be 'just mates', or is there always just a little bit more?

I say YAY!!!

Of course you can be just friends.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:13
re: Girls and boys.

yes for girls and no for boys.

but as long as that's ok, then it's not a problem.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:13
re: Girls and boys.

Blokes are only friends with girls if:

a) they fancy them
b) they are botters
c) both

Be warned Ms Curly...

holuc Posted on 4/4 12:14
re: Girls and boys.

depends girls and boys yes

men and ladies no

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 12:15
re: Girls and boys.

a little bit more. Unless one of them is gay.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:15
re: Girls and boys.

What if a man is not sexually attracted to a woman, but they still think they're smashing company?

Then they would be perfectly happy being mates with them, surely?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:15
re: Girls and boys.

ha ha ha.

captain5 Posted on 4/4 12:16
re: Girls and boys.

I've got quite a lot of female friends.

So, no problem.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:16
re: Girls and boys.

sorry, but that was a joke, wasn't it?

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:16
re: Girls and boys.

I don't like the tone of your ha ha ha there, planner.

Surely, somebody must be on my side here?

FW_2......she'll back me up.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:17
re: Girls and boys.

Maybe being cynical but if a woman wasnt remotely sexually attractive to the bloke, why would he get to know her in the first place?

scuzzmonster Posted on 4/4 12:17
re: Girls and boys.

But the munter would get the wrong idea then, MsC. No?

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 12:17
re: Girls and boys.

I have quite strong feelings on this but I haven't really got the time to write them down at the moment. Anyway the answer is no, although Miss Planner raises an interesting point for consideration.

bororeddaz Posted on 4/4 12:18
re: Girls and boys.

unless your a beer drinking, gambling, footy addicted,swearing, farting,perverted, breast obsessed porn addict, I'd say no

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:20
re: Girls and boys.

The same way you would meet and chat to anybody, mufflar.

Work, music venue, college, school, neighbours, football or some other sport.

If a man was mates with a woman, would his male peers think him odd?

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 12:21
re: Girls and boys.

Ms Curly, I'll tell you something for nothing. When you are in the company of your "male friends" from here, they will all have at some time thought about shagging you. And they will have all made caddish and disrespectful remarks about you when you aren't there.

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grantus Posted on 4/4 12:21
re: Girls and boys.

Of course girls and boys can be friends with no shinanigans.

Those who can't are animals.

Buggerlugs is right for most anyway. Although it appears there are not too many gentlemen who come on here.

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holuc Posted on 4/4 12:21
re: Girls and boys.

No his male peers would think he was giving her one.

Billy69_uk Posted on 4/4 12:21
re: Girls and boys.

A man can be friends with a woman.

But he will always have the following question in the back of his mind "I wonder if she would?"

If you think anything else is true, then I am afraid you are kidding yourself.

bororeddaz Posted on 4/4 12:22
re: Girls and boys.

"they will all have at some time thought about shagging you"

usually whilst alone MsC

FW_2 Posted on 4/4 12:23
re: Girls and boys.

In my experience, women have no problem whatsoever being mates with blokes, with no underlying hint of naughtiness.

Men, on the other hand, are vastly different. It's a rare one who could sustain a geniunely platonic relationship with a woman. It does happen, but I reckon if a woman were to make a pass at a previously thought of platonic male friend, he'd jump on her bones sure as eggs is eggs.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:23
re: Girls and boys.

"Ms Curly, I'll tell you something for nothing. When you are in the company of your "male friends" from here, the will all have at some time thought about shagging you. And they will have all made caddish and disrespectful remarks about you when you aren't there."

To be fair most of them make those sort of remarks to my face.

You're all rotten eggs, I'm losing all my faith in humanity.

Marlon_D Posted on 4/4 12:25
re: Girls and boys.

I once tried being "just friends" with a woman but then got lashed one night and tried 356 ways to try and get her into bed.

So my answer is Yes course they can be friends as long as they look after their male friends needs when he's had a drink !!!

longster Posted on 4/4 12:25
re: Girls and boys.

I was mates with someone I have known for years, thought thats all it was never thought about anything else.

Now we're together - never works as just friends!

holuc Posted on 4/4 12:26
re: Girls and boys.

Will you be my mate MsCurly

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:26
re: Girls and boys.

Et tu, FW_2? Am I the last to know, and why didn't somebody tell me sooner? back to the point I made earlier. What if they don't fancy you and you're really not their type?

Would they not bother being mates with you, even if you're superb company?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:27
re: Girls and boys.

thank you, fw_2. that's just as i thought.

bororeddaz Posted on 4/4 12:27
re: Girls and boys.

The problem is MsC, the male of the species is mentally and biologically programmed to 'spread his seed'
Its just that some are more devious than others, I'm just one of the honest ones

FW_2 Posted on 4/4 12:30
re: Girls and boys.

MsC - they'll still be mates with you and enjoy your friendship. But I'm telling ya honey, give one wrong signal and you're a gonner.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:32
re: Girls and boys.

Give one wrong signal? sheer existance is a collage of wrong signals.

I think I need to amend my ways.

Lefty3668 Posted on 4/4 12:33
re: Girls and boys.

The old honesty ploy is actually one of the most devious ones.

Gillandi Posted on 4/4 12:34
re: Girls and boys.

"my sheer existance is a collage of wrong signals."

Can't be true passed a driving test once. So just approach all male friendships like you would a three point turn.

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sasboro Posted on 4/4 12:34
re: Girls and boys.

dont see the problem

my sister hangs around with towz and his mates, and they look after her and never any difficult situations and she is just mates with them.bit of a tom boy i suppose. I think its a middlesbrough mentality, typical of an english town. on nights out girls only go out with girls and lads only go on the piss with lads. go to cities and its less of a problem

janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:36
re: Girls and boys.

oh sas, you're so worldy wise.

but you're still wrong, i'm afraid.

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bororeddaz Posted on 4/4 12:38
re: Girls and boys.

the only condition on being 'just mates' with a girl is that she gives a good blow job.
the same as my male friends

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MsCurly Posted on 4/4 12:40
re: Girls and boys.

Hooray for Sas!!!!

My faith is somewhat restored.

I'll bet you've never secretly thought about shagging me, have you Sas?



Hehe........please ignore that last question Sas, I only put it there for giggles.

I think this amending my ways business is going to be trickier than I thought.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:41
re: Girls and boys.

its nothing to do with the Middlesbrough mentality, its to do with the male mentality and the spirit of nature...

grantus Posted on 4/4 12:43
re: Girls and boys.

I have a number of female friends that I've been friends with for years and I have no intention of getting in on with. Not that they are minging, or that they might say no. Its just that I like having some female friends, helps to give a man balance.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 12:47
re: Girls and boys.

How refreshing Grantus. Why don't you get your female friends to chase you round the park on your bike, it might have more street cred.

go4boro Posted on 4/4 12:48
re: Girls and boys.

Yes it is possible.

I have had 2 since starting work 30 years ago. Yes I was in lust with one but I was big brother to her so the friendship over came the lust and I have been the shoulder through her 3 marrages. The other friend is just that - a great friend. The wife couldn't believe our relationships when we got together and is just starting to enjoy the closeness of my friends instead of looking at them as rivals.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:49
re: Girls and boys.

thats what you get with Grantus...a fine balance. and he always dresses immaculately.. ;-)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 12:50
re: Girls and boys.

You helped her through 3 marriages eh.......

bororeddaz Posted on 4/4 12:50
re: Girls and boys.

LL youve just made me spill my lunch

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:53
re: Girls and boys.

admit it, you'd bone them both given half the chance..

sasboro Posted on 4/4 12:54
re: Girls and boys.

I sometimes go out on the piss with my sister. So is that wrong?

Do you have to keep mobile numbers of the opposite sex under a different name just in case your partner finds out you have friends from the opposite sex?

mufflar Posted on 4/4 12:56
re: Girls and boys.

No i have them under their real names..that wasnt the question was it?

It wasnt do you know any girls, it was do you have any mates who are girls. which is different.

Do you go shopping with your sister? or talk to her about her relationship problems?

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janplanner Posted on 4/4 12:57
re: Girls and boys.

but she's your sister, so it's quite different.

ok, so there are some exceptions, but in general, men do fancy or have sexual thoughts about their female friends, even if they have no intention of acting on them.

in my experience.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 12:58
re: Girls and boys.

so do you want to shag them all then mufflar?

women can be worse than men and more cunning

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 12:58
re: Girls and boys.

Sorry Reddaz.....

grantus Posted on 4/4 13:00
re: Girls and boys.

I reckon gay people have it easy. I reckon relationships are harder for straight people.

I've been called a lot of things over the years muff lad, an immaculate dresser is not one of them. Not in any sense of the word.

Lisbon, shut it bozo, go see if the fat secretary has got you another spare sandwich.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 13:01
re: Girls and boys.

their's nothing cunning about fancying someone. it just happens.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 13:02
re: Girls and boys.

SAS - Of course I do!!

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 13:04
re: Girls and boys.

Yes they do Janet and should I introduce myself to you and Ms Curly on Thursday just remember that no matter how charming and lovely I am I will be taking sly looks at your tits and making a general assessment on your getitability.

You are a special case Sas, you always strike me as an asexual type. I bet you bore the tits off women talking about football.

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sasboro Posted on 4/4 13:04
re: Girls and boys.

so if a partner was 'friends' with someone of the opposite sex. Would you ban them from speaking to them?

mufflar, does your girlfriend know?

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FW_2 Posted on 4/4 13:08
re: Girls and boys.

Buggerlugs - and likewise, I may bring your manly presence to the attention of the afore-mentioned ladies. I would advise against wearing those effeminate trainers if you're looking to impress.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 13:09
re: Girls and boys.

Is it considered unladylike to snort when you laugh?

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 13:11
re: Girls and boys.

How many times. They are terrace classics! The epitome of manliness.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 13:11
re: Girls and boys.

Buggerlugs you might be right, but i think in this case you might be talking out of your arse again.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 13:18
re: Girls and boys.

about his trainers?

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Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 4/4 13:18
re: Girls and boys.

When I was a nurse I had lots of female friends.....and only wanted to rattle about half of them. So yes, you can.

tony_block19 Posted on 4/4 13:23
re: Girls and boys.

I can easily become friends with other girls, if they are pretty then of course you sometimes think about them in a sexual way, I've done it before but its only natural.

Sometimes it's better to talk to a female friend rather than a male friend as the female would probably listen to you more, and not go "shut up you soppy qunt, lets go down the boozer!". It's miles easier opening up (stop it!) to a girl then it is to a lad.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 13:28
re: Girls and boys.

That's an excellent point, Tony.

Men don't generally discuss emotional issues with other men.

I think perhaps, lots of men have female friends, but it doesn't sound manly enough for some people to admit to.

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Nedkat Posted on 4/4 13:32
re: Girls and boys.

Dunno bout this one ? Difficult question, and a lot depends on the boy and the girl in the frame. I have several female pals, and I've never really felt the need to bonk any of them. One of them is a lesbian, a black lady, who is deaf and funny as fook. It's a lot to do with chemistry, some men and women just click, and others can have perfectly good relationships as good friends. I'm not the wandering type, but there's been a few clicks where I've definitely got the sniff, and wanted to progress with the smaller head leading the way, but the larger head just about prevailed, again ...

tony_block19 Posted on 4/4 13:39
re: Girls and boys.

Another example could be staying friends with ex-partners?? How easily can you do it??

Taking into account seeing this person with other men/women, hearing them talk about their new lovers/partners and learning to cope without them?

I've got a very good female friend who I used to see a couple of times and we were very attracted to each other but beause we lived so far away we decided it wouldn't work. However I still keep in contact with her and talk to her on a regular basis, shes glad I've got somebody beautiful and funny because "it's the least I deserve", apparently. We both help out each other with our relationships and give very good advice.

Nedkat Posted on 4/4 13:43
re: Girls and boys.

NOPE !! A definite NO NO !! Be friends with me ex-wife ? Are you joking ? I hope she gets hit by a friggin' large train !!

JimmytheHill Posted on 4/4 13:58
re: Girls and boys.

Haha NedKat.

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 14:07
re: Girls and boys.

Sasboro you misinterpret my remark. I wasn't being offensive I was just saying its probably different for you because women don't look at you in a sexual way.

That was a very cowardly edit Miss Planner.

boroboy75 Posted on 4/4 14:08
re: Girls and boys.

Tony, give it a rest man.
Drop the 'wordly-wise' act for fux sake. You're 18 or 19 years old, and your Mam still makes your bed.

Nedkat Posted on 4/4 14:09
re: Girls and boys.

Ooooooh, another cracker from BB75 .. !!

sasboro Posted on 4/4 14:12
re: Girls and boys.

very true buggerlugs, now you can see why there is nothing wrong with having females as friends.

bb75, dont get tony going on about his lass. wonder if he's been through her mobile yet checking for dodgy numbers and hassles her when she speaks to a male

boredreceptionist Posted on 4/4 14:12
re: Girls and boys.

This is something with so many variables you can't easily say one way or the other.
I can see this from two perspectives.
1. The best friend that i made on my uni course is a boy. For 3 years we sat together in lectures every day, went on nights out, also lived in the same halls and were really close. However we always used to get drunk and pull, the first time about 2 months after we'd met, then at the end of the first semester went even further. This happened several times, and afterwards we would just laugh about it and carry on with a normal friendship. We hadn't kissed or anything for about six months when i met my boyfriend nearly 2 years ago. My boyfriend knows what happened and didn't mind me seeing him, going out for a drink a few weeks ago etc.
2. My boyfriend has a female friend who recently tried to get off with him in the local pub, i reckon she was confident enough to try it on with him because he used to put 'hi gorgeous' at the beginning of texts to her, which i found upsetting. i trust him absoloutely but i'm not comfortable with other women thinking they have a chance with him. I think when that situation arises you should back off, which i would do with my friend if i thought he was getting a crush on me.

boroboy75 Posted on 4/4 14:15
re: Girls and boys.

I seems to me that blokes who have lots of female friends, tend to be bit 'light on their feet'. I blame television for women wanting to be fag-hags.

tony_block19 Posted on 4/4 14:16
re: Girls and boys.

Boroboy, maybe that speaks volumes for what I've been through, that I'm able to say stuff like that at 19 years old???

And for your information I make my own bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snippet Posted on 4/4 14:18
re: Girls and boys.

just read one of the top posts on this thread and someone used the term....'botters' the average age on this board now 12

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 14:20
re: Girls and boys.

The average age is 9.53.

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 14:20
re: Girls and boys.

"Boroboy, maybe that speaks volumes for what I've been through, that I'm able to say stuff like that at 19 years old???"

Oh give over you daft pudding. Thats the sort of nauseating remark you hear on American shows like Oprah.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 14:28
re: Girls and boys.

i know, ok.

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Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 14:30
re: Girls and boys.

Thats probably worth editing as well

Lisbonlegend Posted on 4/4 14:31
re: Girls and boys.

I think I'm about to give birth to a 12 pound turtle.

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sasboro Posted on 4/4 14:32
re: Girls and boys.

i think this thread deserves a big 'WOOOOOOSSSHHHH'.
Although not for me.

piggy_nichol Posted on 4/4 14:40
re: Girls and boys.

I have a few women that I count as friends, some are ex work mates, some wifes or ex wives of friends, some that I meet up with 2 or 3 times a year for festivals and stuff.

There are one or two that I might try it on with in the right circumstances, but most I wouldnt, either because they are currently with one of my male mates, or because I dont fancy them, or because I know that they wouldnt fancy me.

Its very easy to have a male-female platonic friendship in those circumstances.

If they are good looking, available and just about within your league I'd say its only possible if you stay off the drink.

red_rebel Posted on 4/4 14:43
re: Girls and boys.

I've got loads of women friends. When you socialise in groups of couples, or work in a liberal enviroment with a lot of intelligent, witty women that is what happens. You just make friends with people who you can relate too. They are peers, not potentialpartners.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 14:44
re: Girls and boys.

surely they arent female politicians?

mufflar Posted on 4/4 14:45
re: Girls and boys.

whats wrong with saying botters?

an essential element of communication is allowing easy comprehension of the point...which I assume you did, given your response?

snippet Posted on 4/4 14:51
re: Girls and boys.

well that's one way of looking at it, Mufflar. Another is probably the term you use is more of an adolescent euphemism - which some people may find offensive

mufflar Posted on 4/4 14:54
re: Girls and boys.

apologies to anyone who found the term 'botters' offensive..

jax_1 Posted on 4/4 15:01
re: Girls and boys.

The answer of course, is yes


and no.

boroboy75 Posted on 4/4 15:05
re: Girls and boys.

Behave mufflar. They might hit you with their handbag.

mufflar Posted on 4/4 15:22
re: Girls and boys.

alright, alright, there's no need to keep ramming it down my throat..

northeastcorner Posted on 4/4 17:34
re: Girls and boys.

i have loads of female friends at college, and get on really well with them. i think its possible to be "just friends" although if you grow close you always get the feeling...

and the awkward friday morning after a thursday night out

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 19:58
re: Girls and boys.

I've always been of the ilk that one can never really have enough friends.

northeastcorner Posted on 4/4 20:00
re: Girls and boys.

theres always that underlying thought though isnt there? who better to fall for than a friend?

sasboro Posted on 4/4 20:06
re: Girls and boys.

Reminds me of harry met sally...........particularly in the restaurant.

northeastcorner Posted on 4/4 20:08
re: Girls and boys.

reminds me of this morning (not the tv show)

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:14
re: Girls and boys.

but look at that thread where i asked if it was ok to invite a male friend to a wedding do. everyone assumed i was after him.
even you curly!

sasboro Posted on 4/4 20:19
re: Girls and boys.

did you sort that dilemma out?

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 20:19
re: Girls and boys.

Well, I wonder if that was because of something you actually said on that thread, planner.


"it's almost totally innocent. the party is in manchester and he's an old mate that still lives there."

Almost......such an innocent yet incriminating word, don't you think?

northeastcorner Posted on 4/4 20:22
re: Girls and boys.

my knowledge of this extends only to what ive just read, but ive come to this conclusion:

you were after him.

while i'm here, can you leave it too long with a "friend" or is it always a good time to bring up the old "more than friends" suggestion?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:24
re: Girls and boys.

i didn't ask him, i said i would if we beat charlton, and then it was a draw!!!

i don't want to cause him bother, so i don't think i will. i'll make curly go with me, more fun anyhow.

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 20:26
re: Girls and boys.

Hooray for us!!

Oh.......and for my timely hoofing of this thread.

Pah! As if I was going to let it lie on 90.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:26
re: Girls and boys.

and shut up, curls, that's not the point!

and i think conclusions were jumped to long before i posted that bit. i'm too honest.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 20:34
re: Girls and boys.

women telling fibs

You should go with gut feelings,women are good judges of that. If you see him face to face before the event ask him then and you can tell if he wants to go.Or he maybe waiting to ask you to an event. who knows?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:46
re: Girls and boys.

i don't even know if he is seeing someone still, but it's kind of difficult to ask, without seeming like i'm persuing him, which i'm really not. and then it'll be more difficult to remain as friends, and i don't want to mess that up, cos he's a great bloke. it's just that he would be good fun to go with, as he knows the girl that's getting wed, and he's excellent company.

anyway, without telling you some of his history, i can't really explain why i'm more concerned about his peace of mind, than i am about copping off with him at a wedding reception.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:52
re: Girls and boys.

but then evil planner on my other shoulder says; ask him, it's up to him to say no....

sasboro Posted on 4/4 20:55
re: Girls and boys.

sounds like you know whats the right thing to do. Just do what you think is best

janplanner Posted on 4/4 20:59
re: Girls and boys.

you're right, i'll wait and see what the result of the charlton game is!

sasboro Posted on 4/4 21:01
re: Girls and boys.

Does he hate charlton?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:06
re: Girls and boys.

does anyone?

no he supports liverpool, hates manchester utd.

--- Post edited by janplanner on 4/4 21:08 ---

sasboro Posted on 4/4 21:16
re: Girls and boys.

Not sure why the charlton result affects someone who is a liverpool fan and hates manutd..but there you go...anyway just do what you feel best and comfortable with.
you seem capable of keeping men under control

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 21:17
re: Girls and boys.

Sas, it's planner's way of relinquishing responsibility for the decision.

If the Boro win.........she asks him.

If we lose, it's a no go.

Handing the baton over to fate..............

Do you believe in fate?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:19
re: Girls and boys.

it doesn't affect it really. do you never use the outcome of boro matches to make decisions? for example; 'if we beat newcastle i'll ask that girl out, but if we lose it means that she would have said no anyway.'

or is it just me?

sasboro Posted on 4/4 21:21
re: Girls and boys.

oh i see!

sometimes i believe in fate. sometimes i just callit bad luck!

can you get bad fate? i dont like tempting fate.

planner,thats sounds more like being in the right frame of mind.

How would you cope if we ever got relegated or did a sunderland

--- Post edited by sasboro on 4/4 21:23 ---

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:28
re: Girls and boys.

that's a very good point. maybe it is more to do with positive mental attitude.

and then if he does say no, who cares? boro are in the semi-final of the fa cup!! yey!!

and i don't cope well with relegation or being beaten by sunderland. the day after leeds i threw up all day.

--- Post edited by janplanner on 4/4 21:31 ---

sasboro Posted on 4/4 21:38
re: Girls and boys.

was that from too much alcohol?

MsCurly Posted on 4/4 21:40
re: Girls and boys.

Yeah.....she had three pints that day.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:41
re: Girls and boys.

not at all. i wept myself sick, heartbroken by the sight of juninho with his head on his knees.

or maybe it was robert's driving on the way home.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:45
re: Girls and boys.

frot off curly! i used to be able to drink in those days!

--- Post edited by janplanner on 4/4 21:47 ---

sasboro Posted on 4/4 21:48
re: Girls and boys.

relegation is a good way to cleanse the soul. Allthat stress of waiting to be relegated goes away and a new start can begin.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 21:58
re: Girls and boys.

that's true. the season that followed was one of my favourites.

in fact the relegation/cup final one was probably my favourite robson season. tradgedy, injustice, drama, inevitable catastrophy.

and then we got to got to bury and huddersfield and port vale!

sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:05
re: Girls and boys.

You get to go to some cracking unique old stadiums in a promotion season, none of this plastic stadium rubbish in the premier league. Also good to see boro give teams a good thrashing.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:11
re: Girls and boys.

the stadium at alkmaar was like an old-fashioned english ground. low pitched roof and stands really close to the touchlines. very leitch. i think they'll miss it when they move to the new stadium.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:16
re: Girls and boys.

did you see the ayresome park pictures in the album above my rome pictures? brings back memories football these days is too much all pre-organised and a routine. You cant beat just turning up and paying on the day and sitting/standing where you like

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 22:21
re: Girls and boys.

Sas, sas, sas, sas! Will you never learn? What did I tell you about boring women with football talk? The poor lass is half comatosed here. Have you not seen Karen Millen's new Spring range?

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sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:24
re: Girls and boys.

..i thought you would appear at somepoint...

To be honest i dont even like watching boro or football. I just like coming on here to wind people up. Are you the new unlucky_alf?

janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:24
re: Girls and boys.

it's weird looking back at pictures of ayresome park. i didn't go there as much, sometimes it almost feels like it didn't happen. i suppose lots of other things have changed since then too, like growing up and getting a job and buying a house and all that crap.

i was thinking about moving to york a while ago, and starting to got to bootham crescent. that's a nice wee ground.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:28
re: Girls and boys.

hello lugs.

you know, i could out-bore almost anyone on the subject of football stadiums.

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Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 22:28
re: Girls and boys.

"To be honest i dont even like watching boro or football." We have more in common than I thought!

Unluck Alf was one of my students back in the day. I'm very proud of him.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:31
re: Girls and boys.

yeah, i lived in york for a while..saw johnno greening help knock out manutd at bootham cresent....ooops slipped back into football again. Its janplanners fault

micky_k86 Posted on 4/4 22:34
re: Girls and boys.

I have three close female friends. I have banged two of them but I am still friends with them. No big deal.

I would like to bang the third to make it a set but if I don't, fair enough.

I still like to talk to them about other lasses and that. It's the life man.

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janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:42
re: Girls and boys.

sas, we were doing so well proving that platonic friendship can exist between male and female, and then micky came along!!!

sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:47
re: Girls and boys.

yep, it does work.

..i'm just waiting for buggerlugs next one liner now

janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:51
re: Girls and boys.

he's been a little off-form lately, we may need to set it up for him.

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 22:51
re: Girls and boys.

No more Sas, I'm feeling jaded and I sense something wholesome and virtuous blossoming between you and JP. I want to respect that.

micky_k86 Posted on 4/4 22:51
re: Girls and boys.

We're just mates seriously. But drink is a funny thing. They're cool enough to understand that and not make a big deal about it.

Just need enough drink so I can get the set though. Then I'm done.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 22:53
re: Girls and boys.

oh dear. that's more than a little off-form.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 22:56
re: Girls and boys.

bit disappointing there.
i'm sure you'll think of some good uns after a good nights sleep.

Buggerlugs Posted on 4/4 23:01
re: Girls and boys.

Don't you be disrespecting my form Janet. I'm just in a transitional period at the moment.

janplanner Posted on 4/4 23:04
re: Girls and boys.

i beg your pardon, buggerlugs, no disrespect intended.

sasboro Posted on 4/4 23:11
re: Girls and boys.

right, i'm off now, burglarlugs has scared me off..see ya later

janplanner Posted on 4/4 23:14
re: Girls and boys.


onthemap Posted on 4/4 23:15
re: Girls and boys.

Ms Curly
I think that times "they are a changin" I have 3 step daughters and 2 daughters and they have numerous male friends (cue the guffaws) and their boyfriends have no problem whatsoever with this.(I also have a stepson).
One of my stepdaughters is regularly walked home from a club by her male friend and her boyfriend is completely ok with this.
Now I have taken the stereotypical older male point of view and of course mentioned intervention on either the boyfriends part if this is veering towards something more than friendship, as he is away at Newcastle Uni, and/or my stepdaughter if this is becoming problematic.
In both cases I am completely out of touch - sorry if this is rambling but my (ex)wife had 4 children when I met her, and I have 2 daughters and these are my reason for being here(all 6).I have a foster daughter aswell who to my immense, and I mean immense pride is now back living with her father as a result of us taking her into the family when she was being battered (not by the father I hasten to add)- so what im trying to say is that this 45 year old fool has a fair amount of experience when it comes to the attitudes of todays 14,15,16,17.18.21.and 23 year old people.
I went to school and grew up in an era when speaking to someone of the opposite sex was enough to get you in serious bother from the boy/girl friend of the person in question.
Today it may be, that from a male perspective, nothing has changed to alter the male first and most powerful instinct of propagation.
But as with everything changes happen despite our ancient programming and the youth of today are going through a period of change unprecedented before, the "divorce generation" forced this upheaval.
So in short Curly,yes boys and girls can have platonic relationships but it will take a lot longer,maybe generations, for the inherent programming to be cast aside without inherent problems.
I am really sorry to have ranted like this and this has been a very difficult post to write, but now I await the one line comments that prove me wrong or at the very least accuse me of just trying to get into your knickers!
Fire away.

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MsCurly Posted on 5/4 9:58
re: Girls and boys.

Good post, onthemap.

And well done you on such a HUGE undertaking, no mean feat at all.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 6/4 10:06
re: Girls and boys.


Im here to restore your faith in man and indeed womankind.

I am the very chap you seek to reinforce your beliefs that beneath the brash macho devil may care facade most males present deep down they are intrinsically the same as their female counterparts in their desire for friendship, confidence and companionship. Normally the male's strict code of "tell em nowt" is observed and adhered to by all members of the species as the consequences of revealing even a modicum of the inner emotions and feelings we keep so deeply hidden is nothing short of barbaric in the form of constant ridicule down the pub from ones peers.

But no more, Monty is going to break cover and let you into the globally kept male secret that females have pondered for decades, YES men can and indeed want to have friendships of a non sexual nature with ladies but are AFRAID to due to the peer pressure they are under. They dont want to be the one in the crowd that gives the merest of hints that they are not 100% mags fags and slags culture in case they are set upon by the rest of the group and hounded to the periphery of maledom.

I know the ladies of the board consider me to be the loveable rogue that they would strive to capture and transform into a life partner who not only has the traditional physical, humerous and aesthetical attractions but also has caring and emotional attributes too. Well ladies strive no more, I am already all you desire and I am no longer prepared to disguise it to perpetuate the myth most males want to break free from but are afraid to.

The yearnings that I feel to experience the simple things in life that are to be shared but never can be with a male friend due to the inherent boundries we percieve is overwhelming. A walk along a deserted beach in the dead of winter at dusk as a small fleet of fishing boats arrive back at shore then returning home to a roaring fire to sit infront of with a steaming mug of hot chocolate huddled together marvelling at the wonders of nature. A night at the cinema to watch a movie absent of firearms and aliens, a movie with a story to tell and feelings to arouse, a movie that can be enjoyed together and discussed whilst enjoying a bottle of Château Giraud Bordeaux Blanc in a quaint country pub afterwards. A trip into town for a days shopping knowing that your companion will give you honest and constructive advice when trying on perspective purchases and indeed suggest things you wouldnt normally go for, a friend who's opinion you can value to have no ulterior motives, just simply wanting you to look absolutely fabulous on your night out. A cosy night in watching chick flicks together huddled up in bed laughing and crying together through a rollercoaster of emotions.

YES MsC friendship is possible, what time would you like me round ?

Matelot Posted on 6/4 10:35
re: Girls and boys.

I think one has to read between the lines in the topic of this thread and can only guess at mscurlys motive in asking the question.

Lefty3668 Posted on 6/4 10:44
re: Girls and boys.

I always wondered who bought Barbara Cartlands novels.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 6/4 10:52
re: Girls and boys.

I baring my soul here Lefty so fook off

MsCurly Posted on 6/4 11:36
re: Girls and boys., that's sweet.

*rolls eyes and mutters 'what a poof' under her breath*

Matelot, no ulterior motives, just based on a discussion that I was having with somebody that's all. He said you can't have male/female friendships, I said you can.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 6/4 11:40
re: Girls and boys.

Although Im not totally adverse to a roll in the hay

jeff_potato Posted on 6/4 11:43
re: Girls and boys.

Some of my beshtesht friends in the world are women, they always have been throughout my life.

This, however, is more than likely due to fellas not liking me and women not fancying me.