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jam69 Posted on 8/4 16:02
fao cheeses_christ

saw your post about newcastle on tott reguarding your link on newcastles crowds,states that the lowest post war top flight crowd for newcastle was 16001,this is wrong 26/4/78 v norwich in the old 1st div att-7,986
btw this is the lowest post war crowd in the top flight for ANY north east club,and theres me thinking they always get 53k.
would have posted but iam barred

Cheeses_Christ Posted on 8/4 16:12
re: fao cheeses_christ

interesting.................unfortunately they all have short memories.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 8/4 16:31
re: fao cheeses_christ

They've got fookin long memories when talking about trophies though