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Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:30
Advice Needed

I met a lass on sunday night and she told me to call her through the week on her house number but I havent had the courage to do so and I think she is keen on me and I think she is sound after a 3 hour chat about general stuff.. like relationships etc..

what should I do?

speckyget Posted on 21/4 14:32
re: Advice Needed

Have you thought about a career in IT?

chboro Posted on 21/4 14:32
re: Advice Needed

Reverse the charges

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 14:33
re: Advice Needed

ask her to get her rat out, always a good conversation starter. On a more serious note though, why the fuk are you asking a bunch of people you dont even kno

SouthernSmogette Posted on 21/4 14:33
re: Advice Needed

Last Sunday???

She's probably married with 3 kids by now then about playing it cool. Do you men folk ever learn?

Boro85 Posted on 21/4 14:35
re: Advice Needed


Anyone else reckon this has got 100 written all over it?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 21/4 14:36
re: Advice Needed

`Specky....tut, tut, stereotyping again

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 14:37
re: Advice Needed

was it a blind date?

*plays a square ball on the edge of the box*

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:38
re: Advice Needed

We have stuff in common like family issues etc, and really enjoyed her company.

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 14:41
re: Advice Needed

how much of a frap are you

bigwheater Posted on 21/4 14:42
re: Advice Needed

Text a message to her home number asking her to call you. Just get on with it. If a lad hadn't called me by now I'd think he wasn't interested (as if)

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 14:43
re: Advice Needed

Where did you meet her Adam??
How old is she??
What does she look like??

swordtrombonefish Posted on 21/4 14:45
re: Advice Needed

"We have stuff in common like family issues etc"

The long winter nights will just fly by!

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 14:45
re: Advice Needed

Does her beaver have a beard?
Does she like rides in limo's?
Were you infact in secrets and thought you pulled a stripper?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 21/4 14:46
re: Advice Needed

Adam you muppet and I thought I was a loser.

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:46
re: Advice Needed

She is 17.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 21/4 14:46
re: Advice Needed

Send her some grapes with the get well soon card.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 14:48
re: Advice Needed

Where did you meet her?? Aruba??
Is she a looker?? (I said looker!!)

Lisbonlegend Posted on 21/4 14:49
re: Advice Needed

He met her on faceparty.

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:49
re: Advice Needed

to be fair even my mate agrees this time that she is nice.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 14:49
re: Advice Needed

Marlon_D Posted on 21/4 14:50
re: Advice Needed

"we have stuff in common like family issues etc"

Is it your sister?

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 14:52
re: Advice Needed

Well he is from Loftus, Marlon......

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 14:52
re: Advice Needed

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:53
re: Advice Needed

Of course it isnt my sister, and I aint going to discuss family issues on here am i?

Marlon_D Posted on 21/4 14:55
re: Advice Needed

Now are you sure?

Now that it's been mentioned that your from Loftus, she could be your sister/mother/cousin.

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 14:56
re: Advice Needed

"meet my sister and my wife. Here she is!"

swordtrombonefish Posted on 21/4 14:56
re: Advice Needed

Adam, come on man gather up thy spine and bollox and go ask the girl. You have nothing left to lose - you chucked your pride away on here!

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 14:57
re: Advice Needed

Being from Loftus I wouldn't be surprised if his mother/sister/cousin was the same person.

Come on Adam, your dodging my questions!!

Has she got 2 eyes?
8 fingers and 2 thumbs??
10 toes??

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:57
re: Advice Needed

Shut up lillie go and fook a sheep as usual.

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 14:58
re: Advice Needed


Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 14:58
re: Advice Needed

yeah I suppose but will be gutted if it is a non-starter.

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 14:59
re: Advice Needed

mmmmm chomps

VodkaByName Posted on 21/4 15:00
re: Advice Needed

Cast your minds back to last Sunday people - it was Easter Sunday, a day when folk go on a bender........

Her beer goggles will have been firmly in place - either that or she was 'hopping' mad.......

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 15:01
re: Advice Needed

go for it, whats the worst that could happen. other than the thought of children.

ERICMUS Posted on 21/4 15:03
re: Advice Needed

Boateng-7, my advice - don't bother, just forget about her.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 15:04
re: Advice Needed

She could have a cock bigger than his, john.
That is probably the worst thing that could happen.

*Refrains from another Loftus joke*

john_lillie Posted on 21/4 15:05
re: Advice Needed

if she got her belly button out and it was an outtie tony......

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 15:07
re: Advice Needed


Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 15:10
re: Advice Needed

I was actually camping at the riverside when I met her for West Ham tickets.

The_Commisar Posted on 21/4 15:11
re: Advice Needed

For gods sake be careful, don't let her get you preggers...only have sex STOOD UP and never ever ever take your socks off !!!

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 15:13
re: Advice Needed

Two people with the same mentality to camp out for Semi-Final tickets?
Yes, you two are made for each other.

Marlon_D Posted on 21/4 15:16
re: Advice Needed

Jesus Christ, that's some coincidence.............

meeting your long lost sister in a queue for football tickets.

It must be fate........Marry her, when it's legal.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 15:19
re: Advice Needed

Why should he wait til it's legal??
It never stopped his mam and dad 20 Year ago.

Sorry thats too much, I do apologise Adam .

Seriously though, just go for it with this girl, you've got nothing to lose and if you've got plenty in common then go for it.
Treat her to a day out in Birmingham on Sunday!

EmersonsPerm Posted on 21/4 15:21
re: Advice Needed

I can't believe the stuff that's posted on there sometimes!!

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 15:21
re: Advice Needed


Nearly burst out laughing on the phone!!!

The_Commisar Posted on 21/4 15:21
re: Advice Needed

hang on, met her when you camped out ?
She has her own tent ?
Thats a big plus in your neck of the woods.
By any chance did she also have a dog on a bit of string ?

Table_Football Posted on 21/4 15:23
re: Advice Needed

Just ring her up. And if you don't feel comfortable when she picks the phone up, just say you had a wrong number.

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 15:27
re: Advice Needed

and if her parents answer?

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 21/4 15:28
re: Advice Needed

"and if her parents answer?"

I take it you do kno her name!! jesus ask if she's in!!

Table_Football Posted on 21/4 15:28
re: Advice Needed

ask if Dave is in.

VodkaByName Posted on 21/4 15:30
re: Advice Needed

Ask them to get her to call you - when she gets in from school.....

VodkaByName Posted on 21/4 15:30
re: Advice Needed

Ask them to get her to call you - when she gets in from school.....

Marlon_D Posted on 21/4 15:31
re: Advice Needed

"And if her parent's answer?"

Don't worry I'm assuming your comfortable speaking to your own Mam and Dad.

mufflar Posted on 21/4 15:32
re: Advice Needed

dont bother ringing, you sound like a bit of a nancy with all this 'what if it doesnt work out' crap and she would only end up dumping you for someone with more confidence...

Lefty3668 Posted on 21/4 15:34
re: Advice Needed

Can someone from a call centre please volunteer to help him out.

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 15:35
re: Advice Needed

Of ocurse I know her name.

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 15:48
re: Advice Needed

I'm gonna take a chance and call her tonight.

tony_block19 Posted on 21/4 15:54
re: Advice Needed

Go full throttle Adam!!
If shes that game, you never know you could up having phone sex, and no that doesn't mean trying to shove your cock down the receiver.

Dr_Evil Posted on 21/4 15:59
re: Advice Needed

how old are you boateng?

Boateng_7 Posted on 21/4 17:29
re: Advice Needed

I am 18 years young

mufflar Posted on 21/4 17:47
re: Advice Needed

'faint heart never won fair maiden...'

means_the_world Posted on 21/4 17:52
re: Advice Needed

if you can make that one year age gap work then you deserve it.

sperks Posted on 21/4 18:10
re: Advice Needed

"yeah I suppose but will be gutted if it is a non-starter." - very nearly is

One of the sweetest little threads I've read in ages.

Some time in your life you're going to grow balls, might as well be now.

Smifter Posted on 21/4 18:13
re: Advice Needed

Leave it be Boateng, if its meant to be you will meet her again

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means_the_world Posted on 21/4 19:02
re: Advice Needed

smifter's right. like in captain corelli's mandolin if it's meant to be you will meet up again in your sixties and will all be fine.

just call her and go out.

newholgate Posted on 21/4 19:03
re: Advice Needed

Call her, but have a good excuse ready to get off the phone in case the conversation bit strained.

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 19:34
re: Advice Needed

Still havent plucked up the courage, tried texting her house phone but got no response.

ste_north_stand Posted on 24/4 19:35
re: Advice Needed

Really Boateng_7, that's very surprising.........

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 19:37
re: Advice Needed

am gutted because im having a drought from female attention.

hells_bells83 Posted on 24/4 19:39
re: Advice Needed

I can't believe I missed this the other day! Its a fantastic read!

Boateng, I think you should ring her, what have you got to lose.

ste_north_stand Posted on 24/4 19:40
re: Advice Needed

hells, if a lad text your house phone rather than ring you would you seriously give him the time of day?

hells_bells83 Posted on 24/4 19:43
re: Advice Needed

Oh I see ste, you're right, I misread his other post. Thought he meant texting the house phone didnt work.

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 19:44
re: Advice Needed

Yeah but im shy

Shaun71 Posted on 24/4 19:44
re: Advice Needed

Cant believe you texted her home phone?

I see the art of romance hasnt died.



jd1973 Posted on 24/4 19:52
re: Advice Needed

Fooking hell - post her number on here and I'll ring her up for you.

ThePrisoner Posted on 24/4 19:55
re: Advice Needed

Who's going to give boateng the birds and bees talk? I think it's time.

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 20:01
re: Advice Needed

I'm only shy though, maybe I should have made the effort to call her as she wanted to arrange a night out and what better time than this weekend as I get paid on Friday.

Boris10 Posted on 24/4 20:08
re: Advice Needed

Are all her Tattoos spelt correctly ??? if so go for it

If not pass her number around i'm sure some one will

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 20:10
re: Advice Needed

I could feel there was something there once we got talking.

Brotton_Smoggie Posted on 24/4 20:11
re: Advice Needed

Go for it Boat mate. You are giving us wooly-backs a bad name!
She can only say no, and who cares if she does? You haven't lost anything have you?

Thinking about it.. she wouldn't give you her number if she was gonna say no. You're onto a winner mate. Where's your balls?

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Boris10 Posted on 24/4 20:11
re: Advice Needed

How old are you mate ?

Exactly Smoggie it could be the start of a perfect 40 fingered 4 headed relationship

--- Post edited by Boris10 on 24/4 20:13 ---

jd1973 Posted on 24/4 20:14
re: Advice Needed

Are you the Sherminator from American Pie by any chance?

Boris10 Posted on 24/4 20:16
re: Advice Needed

It sounds like she has bigger balls than you...

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 20:16
re: Advice Needed

Brotton_Smoggie - I suppose you have a point, will probably call her nearer payday and she sounded canny enough.

ThePrisoner Posted on 24/4 20:20
re: Advice Needed

Here you go boateng. Check out the URL address. Spooky or what?

Next step is to get some blobs. It's so easy today and no-one blinks an eyelid. In my day it was a real challenge.

Link: The mystery of life

Boris10 Posted on 24/4 20:23
re: Advice Needed

Worth a try Boateng it would double you're Crowds

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 20:25
re: Advice Needed

why dont you come and gloat on friday morning?

Boris10 Posted on 24/4 20:29
re: Advice Needed

Gloat where have i gloated on this thread ??? and i will be back Friday

RedWurzel Posted on 24/4 20:35
re: Advice Needed

Boateng 7 - Always believing you are.......

a love machine.

Boateng_7 Posted on 24/4 21:35
re: Advice Needed

I feel like crap and so want to go home!!

middlesbro_redsox Posted on 24/4 23:17
re: Advice Needed

Did anybody hear that amazing Alan Shearer song on the news tonight?

I thought this thread was sad until i heard that. Cringeworthy.


You'd think the guy was dead or something the way people over react.

Boateng_7 Posted on 27/4 10:42
re: Advice Needed

I was sat there tempted to call her last nigh tbut didnt have the bottle! Im losing my chance and its getting me down cos i'm shy.

captain5 Posted on 27/4 10:44
re: Advice Needed

Not too shy to bring back a thread from about 4 pages back.

Sean_Eton Posted on 27/4 10:49
re: Advice Needed

For gods sake man, get a grip, are you a man or a mouse?
Better to regret something you did rather than something you didn't do. Pick up the phone and dial the number!!!!

VodkaByName Posted on 27/4 10:51
re: Advice Needed

Are MontagueLongfellow and Boateng 7 related?!?!

There's a definite link between the two 'shall I go for it' threads.......

Boateng_7 Posted on 27/4 10:52
re: Advice Needed

saying that its payday on friday so she may just fancy a nigh ton the town.

tony_block19 Posted on 27/4 10:53
re: Advice Needed

Tell him what next Sean, the lads going to need a little more guidance than 'Pick up the phone and dial the number', he'll be sat in silence until that woman says 'The other person has cleared'.

Adam can I just say off the record, you're an idiot.

Aaah felt good to get that off my chest.

Marlon_D Posted on 27/4 10:55
re: Advice Needed


Sean_Eton Posted on 27/4 10:57
re: Advice Needed

Go nibble on some cheese and forget about her.

Boateng_7 Posted on 27/4 10:57
re: Advice Needed

Well theres always the possibility of Amsterdam in less than 2 weeks.

Sean_Eton Posted on 27/4 10:59
re: Advice Needed

Edam, now that's worth a nibble.

tony_block19 Posted on 27/4 11:00
re: Advice Needed

Adam please stop, I'm getting embarrassed for you!!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 27/4 11:09
re: Advice Needed

Do you ned a Script?

Adam: {Ring ring}, Hi, Adam here, can I speak to {name}
Girl: Hi Adam
Adam: fancy going for a drink
Girl: ...


stud_muffin_as_if Posted on 27/4 11:09
re: Advice Needed

go for it young could be taters deep within the hour!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 27/4 11:13
re: Advice Needed

Sadly I doubt it, if he's on here discussing it with a load of eejits who can't be ar$ed to do any work (myself included) then he obviously doesn't stand a chance.

This thread was started what seems like an eternity ago - she'll have some new yolk on the go by now.

Slow and steady often wins the race. Plain stand still = stupidity and lost opportunities.

Move on

stud_muffin_as_if Posted on 27/4 11:16
re: Advice Needed

good point've s**t it mate

London_Boro Posted on 27/4 11:17
re: Advice Needed

18 years old? You sound like a 12 year old.

Just call her!!! Why would she give you her home phone number if she's not interested. Even if she's changed her mind, it's only a phone call. Face to face I could imagine getting a little embarrassed if you we're knocked back, but on the phone, you just say ok then and put the phone down!

Better get in there quick before someone else does. She sounds like a go-er if you're not going to call her, give me the number and I'll have a pop at her!

SouthernSmogette Posted on 27/4 11:20
re: Advice Needed

London_Boro - a 'pop at her'????

Jaysus - the lads rejected her now you want to knock her out???


London_Boro Posted on 27/4 11:22
re: Advice Needed

tony_block19 Posted on 27/4 11:23
re: Advice Needed

Just call her before her next customer does...

stud_muffin_as_if Posted on 27/4 11:23
re: Advice Needed

he could always draw a sketch of her and post it on here for a 'marks out of ten' poll, then he could never say he didn't ask the audience

Boris10 Posted on 28/4 1:12
re: Advice Needed

Shhhitt its friday

Well done Lads Fantastic comeback well deserved,just hope Sevilla do you in the Final

Boateng you scored yet ???

Or are you still sitting to Deep..

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Arctic_Mongoose Posted on 28/4 1:21
re: Advice Needed

This thread is hilarious. What a loser.

plymuff_diver Posted on 28/4 13:03
re: Advice Needed

Aren't we being a little uncharitable? That having been said Boateng, I would be less concerned about the possibility of a date and possibly some elbowey love and more worried about the whereabouts of my nuts. Try re-tracing your steps. Where did you see them last?

The ex-girlfriend is a good place to start looking.

Once they have been retrieved successfully you are set fair on course for true love and all the best with that. Sounds to me if she's funshished you with intimate details of her mother's sinus trouble and how she's a martyr to her corns or whatever it was you discussed, she's probably prepared to go out with you.

Loftus eh? You two meet at banjo practice?

Boateng_7 Posted on 1/5 18:38
re: Advice Needed

Had a serious think, this weekend about calling her but it appears this episode will not get another chapter, she works at the riveside aswell.

means_the_world Posted on 1/5 18:41
re: Advice Needed

to be fair, waiting three days may be industry standard as they say in Swingers but 10 days is a little long not to be rude.

did you ever think that she may be offended that she gives you her number then you just blow her out by ignoring it?

Boateng_7 Posted on 1/5 18:51
re: Advice Needed

yeah but I would love to have taken her out just havent had the courage to ask!.

jax_1 Posted on 1/5 19:36
re: Advice Needed

Oh Adam, just go and do it now.

Faint heart never won fair maiden you know.

She's likely to go off the boil if you leave it any longer, that's if she hasn't already

means_the_world Posted on 1/5 20:04
re: Advice Needed

tell her you lost her number then have found it again. any longer than now and it's gone my friend. this is your last chance. just suggest something casual.

you are making a bit of a meal of this to be honest. it's no wonder this thread is on the TOTT board. though to be fair, we're going to the UEFA final and all they have to look forward to is the love lives of teenagers in Teesside. Saddo geordies.

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Get_your_rat_out Posted on 2/5 11:13
re: Advice Needed


Smifter Posted on 2/5 11:15
re: Advice Needed

Where does she work at the riverside? ticket office?(if so get in my son)

tony_block19 Posted on 2/5 11:17
re: Advice Needed

"she works at the riveside aswell."

It's not Karen Nelson is it??

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 2/5 11:43
re: Advice Needed

Come on Adam!! We need answers!

Smifter Posted on 2/5 11:45
re: Advice Needed

Adam are you there??????

Spoff_MFC Posted on 2/5 11:56
re: Advice Needed

Forget all this, he's never going to phone her. I have a real problem.

I'm Married and have a child but was smiled at by a beautiful older woman at work today.

Should I go talk to her?

Boateng_7 Posted on 3/5 17:57
re: Advice Needed

she works in the catering department on matchday.

London_Boro Posted on 3/5 17:58
re: Advice Needed

Catering mean she's one of those greasy little birds that work behind the burger bar?

Boateng_7 Posted on 3/5 18:00
re: Advice Needed

in the west stand, with all the prawn sandwich eaters.

manboobs69 Posted on 3/5 18:09
re: Advice Needed

ask her to show you her best beef and tuna sandwich

gravy_boat Posted on 3/5 18:43
re: Advice Needed

You fuking doyle, get her rang for the following reasons:

1. She gave you her number, so must have been a least a little bit interested.

2. You ring her up and ask if she wants to me for a drink and she says no. So fuking what? You don't know the girl, its highly unlikely you'll ever see her again. What does it matter? It might be different if it was somenbody in your circle of friends (if you have such a thing), but its not, its just some random bird.

Stop being a complete fannyy and bite the bullet. I've asked birds for phone numbers when I'm out, and been knocked back (not very often I may add - honest), its just the way it goes. If you don't ask, you don't get.

Boateng_7 Posted on 3/5 18:54
re: Advice Needed

you have a point like to be fair, she wouldnt give me the number if she wasnt interested, and thats if it isnt a dummy number.

gravy_boat Posted on 3/5 18:59
re: Advice Needed

Well again, so what if it a dudd number? Who is ever going to know?

If you don't do it you'll be forever wondering.

Anyway, I don't reckon its about not daring to ring her up, its about shittting yerself if she says yes.

'Oh God, now I've got to think of things to say for an ENTIRE night'

--- Post edited by gravy_boat on 3/5 19:00 ---

Boateng_7 Posted on 3/5 19:02
re: Advice Needed

Nah I'm ok after a few pints!! seemed a nice lass and I agree it would be a waste, but she's probably with someone else now anyway.

SmellMyCheez Posted on 3/5 19:06
re: Advice Needed


Is this a wind up???

Get her phoned up man! Have a think about an intro as an ice-breaker, then hopefully the chat will flow. If not, then just let her know you'd like to take her out on a date.

A hint: women love confident men. So sound confident, even if inside you're shaking like the poor, trembling little lambkins you obviously are! ;)

Boateng_7 Posted on 3/5 21:38
re: Advice Needed

No it isnt a wind up.

mr_r_soles Posted on 3/5 21:44
re: Advice Needed

tell her, the next time a phonecall with her lasts three hours, you expect phone sex, or a phone BJ at least.

means_the_world Posted on 3/5 23:50
re: Advice Needed

two simple things here:

1. just ring. I'm not sure how else you think this is going to happen.

2. don't give any more information identifying her. i know this is a tight little family but you REALLY don't want people telling the girls there that some stalker is humming and hawing over whether to ask them out. though to be fair as there are no more home games you may be safe here.

as an icebreaker you have the club's first ever european cup final now to speak about. if that doesn't give you something to talk about then nothing will.

actually, am getting distinct feeling this is a wind up. this board has given greater advice than Cosmo ever could but still you're arsing about.

manboobs69 Posted on 3/5 23:53
re: Advice Needed

does she post on the board and does she know you exist

means_the_world Posted on 3/5 23:57
re: Advice Needed

let's hope the answer to the first question is no and the second is yes for fmttm's very own cary grant's sake.

br14 Posted on 4/5 0:11
re: Advice Needed

Boateng_7 there are probably 60 million people in Britain and half of them are female.

So guess what. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If she rejects you there are 29,999,999 women left to go at.

I guarantee at least one of them is dying to meet you.

means_the_world Posted on 4/5 0:16
re: Advice Needed

actually, despite the arsing around unnecessarily, this post is still kind of sweet (as long as he does sommit about it and hasn't wasted her and our time).

if anyone needed proof why life is better once you have gotten over your teens and early twenties then this is it.

Jack_Bauer24 Posted on 4/5 0:16
re: Advice Needed

Whats the worst that can happen? That she says no? If she says no then you havent lost anything, if she says yes then there you go, FFS just ask her out!! nothing to lose

means_the_world Posted on 16/5 16:40
re: Advice Needed

errr, did i miss what happened here?

SuperBokSupper Posted on 16/5 16:54
re: Advice Needed

hoo hoo cracked me up reading this?
So Boateng7 did you two star-crossed lovers get it on?

Boateng_7 Posted on 17/5 10:47
re: Advice Needed

no we never.

Marlon_D Posted on 17/5 11:13
re: Advice Needed


What sort of man are you ????

Answers below please -

VodkaByName Posted on 17/5 11:16
re: Advice Needed

Well did you even bother ringing her then B7?!?!

Boateng_7 Posted on 17/5 11:17
re: Advice Needed


tony_block19 Posted on 17/5 11:27
re: Advice Needed

You shall be known as Adam McCabe 'The Bottler', as well as the already acclaimed 'Village Idiot'.

Adam, do you find that between your legs instead of something resembling a chippolata/Irish/Cumberland sausage (Please delete where appropriate), you find you have nothing but a bit of flappy skin and a hole where it spits blood out at you around the same time every month??

Cos' by the sound of things, you should do.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 17/5 11:34
re: Advice Needed

Rather than a recap post we had on Monty's thread can someone please list the reasons Boateng 7 didn't call this girl please?

boroboy75 Posted on 17/5 11:36
re: Advice Needed

The only telephone in the backwards village he inhabits was out of order.

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Get_your_rat_out Posted on 17/5 11:36
re: Advice Needed

Yeh no probs Spoff:

A) he's a fadge
B) he's a fadge
C) he shag's his cousin
D) he has the I.Q of a paperclip
E) it's adam what do you expect?

Boateng_7 Posted on 26/5 14:48
re: Advice Needed

might need some more advice soon.

boro_daley Posted on 26/5 15:00
re: Advice Needed

you got another hottie lined up?

Boateng_7 Posted on 26/5 15:01
re: Advice Needed


boro_daley Posted on 26/5 15:02
re: Advice Needed


Boateng_7 Posted on 26/5 15:10
re: Advice Needed

dont put pictures of birds on the internet mate, of out respect.

boro_daley Posted on 26/5 15:16
re: Advice Needed

always a ladies man

Boateng_7 Posted on 26/5 15:17
re: Advice Needed

of course.

Get_your_rat_out Posted on 12/11 21:58
re: Advice Needed

This needed hoofing

GillZean Posted on 14/12 15:44
re: Advice Needed

Idiocy is a meal best served regularly.

Hoof for you, ratboy

Come back Adam, all is forlorn.

captain5 Posted on 10/4 11:31
re: Advice Needed

For old time's sakes.