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Kilburn Posted on 3/5 10:26
Ticket Office!!!!!1

Got straight through after two seconds of hold music to buy my Fulham ticket.

Impressive considering they are in the middle of dealing with UEFA cup final applications and enquiries.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 3/5 10:26
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

.....or are they?

Capybara Posted on 3/5 10:28
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

Did you ask how many Fulham tickets they've sold?

Bump_MFC Posted on 3/5 10:30
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

Bought mine yesterday (4.30pm)and they said they had sold about 400.
Also got told that they didnt reckon that all the SandT's had applied so not to worry about a final ticket!

BroughtonLad Posted on 3/5 10:36
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

So why not say something?
All they have to do is come out with a simple statement.

Capybara Posted on 3/5 10:38
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

I agree. It can't be that difficult putting a short story on the official site about how they've sold 400 for the Fulham game.

Bump_MFC Posted on 3/5 10:40
re: Ticket Office!!!!!1

your guess is as good as mine.
Apparently a lot of SandT's has applied with other prefix's so thats confusing things.