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prepman Posted on 5/5 14:25
boro surfer

is it going to eindhoven ?

boroboy75 Posted on 5/5 14:27
re: boro surfer

Not likely.
It's never even made it as far as the dry-cleaners.

Boro85 Posted on 5/5 15:04
re: boro surfer

Last i heard it could be.

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/5 15:21
re: boro surfer

go on boro85. You wish to divulge that info??

mfctraveller Posted on 5/5 15:45
re: boro surfer

Club have requested it but need permission from UEFA

Boro85 Posted on 5/5 15:47
re: boro surfer

To be fair the last i heard was MN4 and Standards talking about stuffing it in Standards caravan.

jonnyfloyd Posted on 5/5 17:00
re: boro surfer

hope it does go, will look class wot every1 else think?

Smoggy88 Posted on 5/5 17:06
re: boro surfer

Didn't Liverpool take theirs to Istanbul for the Champions League Final? Get it there man UP THE BORO!

thesmogster Posted on 5/5 17:12
re: boro surfer

Itís gotta go lads!!