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jam69 Posted on 6/5 13:01
club need to come clean

like seville did and state just how many tickets went to st sth,at least seville came clean and said that 1200 tickets were going to the club and sponsors.
i think boro owe it to the loyal fans who have missed out to explain who got tickets and why,instead of all these rummors flying around about accadamy kids getting tickets etc.
i know they cant please everyone but a bit of honesty wouldnt go amiss

borodrew Posted on 6/5 13:03
re: club need to come clean

academy kids got 2, reserves got 13, first team 20.

Riggotts_Missus Posted on 6/5 13:06
re: club need to come clean

I would appreciate a bit of honesty from the club, but if there has been the cock ups mentioned on here, I suspect such honesty is unlikley. The club can't risk the bad press.

fatharrywhite Posted on 6/5 13:07
re: club need to come clean

it makes no difference what the club say cos anyone who felt hard done by wouldnt believe them.

MKredleaderOne Posted on 6/5 13:14
re: club need to come clean

Honesty, you're having a laugh.

PR department should be politicians.

No ticket for FA Cup Final in 1997, leter from Steve Gibson telling me the next time there was a major final and not enough tickets to go around If I applied I would be given priority.

Every time I enter the so called lottery I never get a snif of a ticket, unless there are more than enough to go around.

I just hope that one day someone in charge might realise that we do remember. Just like the cold and wet winter nights on the south coast in 86/87.