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slaven Posted on 6/5 22:13
spare ticket

Right then,one spare ticket available to genuine boro fan s or t prefix only for face value 42.50.

Post names on here and I will draw them out of a hat tomorrow night at 7pm.Winner must provide proof of prefix and i.d.

Good luck.

juno10 Posted on 6/5 22:15
re: spare ticket

Jonathan Hamilton

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 6/5 22:16
re: spare ticket

I'm looking for a ticket for one of the lads travelling with us. Doing an MFC style draw eh, and not first come first served. Hope my application doesn't end up in the bin! Fair play to you though.

CrazyL Posted on 6/5 22:16
re: spare ticket

You need them to prove that they don't already have a ticket too Slav otherwise the whole problem just arises again.I have got mine but i could tell you i havent cos i know plenty who havent. You need to think it through.

achambers Posted on 6/5 22:17
re: spare ticket

Well done fair approach good luck everyone

Smifter Posted on 6/5 22:17
re: spare ticket

A friend of mine Richard Jones, who couldnt get one and is past himself all his friends get one, he is a S

Mat_Evans Posted on 6/5 22:18
re: spare ticket

i think you should do it a little sooner to as people need to make plans.

rob_fmttm Posted on 6/5 22:19
re: spare ticket

Thanks slaven - I couldn't possibly have done this myself.
Good luck everyone.

holuc Posted on 6/5 22:19
re: spare ticket

Go to the winners house show him the ticket and then take the ticket home with you.Meet the winner in eindhoven and if it isn't the same person fook him off.

I know this doesn't stop him selling his ticket on but it will stop him selling your ticket on.

Why only S & Ts. 'ducks behind computer' other season ticket holders are just as gutted.

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ayresomeangel365 Posted on 6/5 22:20
re: spare ticket

give it to Curly please!!...she really deserves it

chboro Posted on 6/5 22:20
re: spare ticket

I'm not an s or t so can't join in (damn having them kids and giving up for a season) good luck to you all


rick_smoggie_uefa Posted on 6/5 22:22
re: spare ticket

there is 4 of my family who want to go

Amy davis
Richard Cairnes
Eileen Cairnes
John Cairnes

let me know if thts ok and i will pay double that if you want

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 6/5 22:29
re: spare ticket

Can you put Mr Lardarse down please.

Thank you.

manboobs69 Posted on 6/5 22:31
re: spare ticket

A 2nd vote for mscurly, she has been to loads of european away games this season.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 6/5 22:36
re: spare ticket

Just noticed only S or T. The lad I'm applying on behalf of is a white book holder so you may have to count me out.

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boyo1980 Posted on 6/5 22:37
re: spare ticket

richard jones patron number s12240 row 33 seat 9 block 15 tel 07969620674 email

A_New_Era Posted on 6/5 22:37
re: spare ticket

Daniel Eskdale

CattermolesSexPest Posted on 6/5 22:38
re: spare ticket

emma eskdale

Smifter Posted on 6/5 22:41
re: spare ticket

Slaven as you will see, Boyo aka Richard Jones has left all his details there. I know he isnt a regular poster, but is 100% genuine, he hasnt got one and applied correctly. known the lad for years, really cut up, and the club have been so rude to him its shocking treatment. Please condider him I would love one myself, but wouldnt feel right getting 1 before this guy!

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manboobs69 Posted on 6/5 22:41
re: spare ticket

daniel eskdale can be taken off as he already has about 6 tickets and is just making money off them

A_New_Era Posted on 6/5 22:42
re: spare ticket

trust me i bloody am not, have 4, need 5

chboro Posted on 6/5 22:44
re: spare ticket

I hope you are all "s or t" patrons cos if not - I'm in

manboobs69 Posted on 6/5 22:44
re: spare ticket

but you already have 4! and so have one for yourself. I bet many on here would just be happy with the 1!Its not as if a ticket hasnt passed through your hands already.

Boro85 Posted on 6/5 22:45
re: spare ticket

Put ch's name in that there hat pot thing.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/5 22:45
re: spare ticket

im applying for a friend who isnt about atm, he goes to most home and away games, all euro ones etc, and imo deserves to go

manboobs69 Posted on 6/5 22:46
re: spare ticket

well put his name up then!

ST0CK0 Posted on 6/5 22:46
re: spare ticket

My lad is only white book holder, of 2 years ,so if you reconsider your s and t option could you put his name in the hat, cheers.

Smifter Posted on 6/5 22:48
re: spare ticket

Please dont reconsider. S or T only who havent managed to get one is what the guy wanted to do.

chboro Posted on 6/5 22:50
re: spare ticket

Listen to Boro85(admin) he speaks sense

missimo Posted on 6/5 22:52
re: spare ticket

Got one now thanks.

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danholh Posted on 6/5 22:57
re: spare ticket

b stanforth (old username we_have overcome)
S 08054
Been to all home Europe.

Been to all Europe away for 2 years except the Grek ones and Alkmaar.

Will show season ticket and photos to confirm attendance at all games.

Will travel anywhere in UK to collect after 7pm draw.

Applied for 4 s tickets we got none. Club confirmed correct form, we where just unlucky.

We meet in Eindhoven to pick them up if successful as I have flights booked on Tuesday.

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bblf Posted on 6/5 23:03
re: spare ticket

Keith robinson,
desperate and can provide proof of S prefix and pasport ID.

slaven Posted on 6/5 23:16
re: spare ticket


Tweek Posted on 6/5 23:18
re: spare ticket

put number 10 and cobain 94 on that list as they have shown there devotion on here, great gesture by the way.

good luck everyone

holgate69 Posted on 6/5 23:25
re: spare ticket

one of the lads at work genuine s pre fix who applied and was unsuccessful p adamson

holuc Posted on 6/5 23:34
re: spare ticket

LTS_1 put his in please.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/5 23:34
re: spare ticket

borored aswell

chboro Posted on 6/5 23:38
re: spare ticket

chboro - used to be an "s" but for one stinking year out when he put his kids first when money was tight.

Surely deserves a chance the same as any other

He is a genuine lad, and hasn't missed a home game this season. Spends his spare time giving out free info on boiler repairs to board members to save them money and updates the predictions after Lisbon decided to fob it off.

Go on, let me in


stepat Posted on 6/5 23:40
re: spare ticket

Put chboro in, he deserves it.

P.S- Anybody selling a passport?

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Smifter Posted on 6/5 23:41
re: spare ticket

Still no lucky steppy?

stepat Posted on 6/5 23:44
re: spare ticket

No, Smifter, thinking of going to Durham on Monday and begging.

Smifter Posted on 6/5 23:45
re: spare ticket

Talking to brothers mate this morning, and he said his mum was in the same situation before, made an appointment at durham and demanded she got one, and she did Maybe you need to take a woman with you to kick off

Tweek Posted on 6/5 23:46
re: spare ticket

is it to renew it smifter? or have you never had one before

chboro Posted on 6/5 23:46
re: spare ticket

The problem is getting the appointment - if he just turns up they will phone the police if he gets pissed off with them

Smifter Posted on 6/5 23:48
re: spare ticket

I guess! get otley boro fan help you ramraid it Tweek its not for me its for stepat, hes one of the "chosen few" who have been lucky to get a ticket but the stoopid plonker has lost his passport-so needs replacing!

bruce_lee Posted on 6/5 23:56
re: spare ticket

add bruce_lee to the list. patron number s04443 its my fathers number but he is on holiday at the moment. my mate filled it in for me as im away at uni and thus asked for my details instead of my dads.

good looking out by the way

mark1962 Posted on 7/5 0:02
re: spare ticket

Mark Smith - here's hoping! Fair play to you mate.

stepat Posted on 7/5 0:06
re: spare ticket

'stoopid plonker'

I rang for an appointment yesterday, they said i could have an appointment but would NOT get a pssport for a week.

Gonna turn up there on Monday and explain, beg, cry, demand, insult and smash up. in that order.

Smifter Posted on 7/5 0:14
re: spare ticket

Yea smash the gaff up Love the spirit!

It cant hurt trying?!!-Can it?

Tweek Posted on 7/5 0:14
re: spare ticket

moved to other thread

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South_Stand_Steward Posted on 7/5 0:15
re: spare ticket

Another nomination for P Adamson (Im a workmate of his also)Hes a decent lad.
Holgate 69 one day I will find out who you are ;-)

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 7/5 0:16
re: spare ticket

Would that be Paul Adamson originally from Easterside? If so I know him and he's a smashing lad.

stepat Posted on 7/5 0:18
re: spare ticket

I am a UK citizen with photocard driving license as proof (which was supposed to ensure travel throughout EU without passport). Already on the system. WHY cant they replace it in a day? Its pathetic.

South_Stand_Steward Posted on 7/5 0:26
re: spare ticket

Boro Gadgie..Yes it for the NHS...I think he'd even donate some money to charity (what his wife would have let him spend on a ticket off a tout) if he was lucky cos thats the kind of bloke he is.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 7/5 0:34
re: spare ticket

Well assuming I'm out of the running as it is for S and T, another nomination for Addo. I'm biased like as he's an old mate of mine, but he's been going for many years and is a top lad.

blackbullboozer Posted on 7/5 0:35
re: spare ticket

blackbullboozer iv'e got a ticket but my dad who's an s book and 74 so might never see this again has'nt if not will give him mine.

freetheboro1 Posted on 7/5 0:39
re: spare ticket

do not need ticket do not need ticket do not need ticket

good on ya see you in the city of dreams

do not need ticket do not need ticket do not need ticket

davapazza Posted on 7/5 2:10
re: spare ticket

take it back to the ticket office and let the the next in line get it , im sure ther is someone waiting for a ticket on he list

chorleyphil Posted on 7/5 2:22
re: spare ticket

Anyone think this is a wind-up... Geordie style???

South_Stand_Steward Posted on 7/5 2:29
re: spare ticket

If it is Rob should out him and then I think there'd be a few wanting his blood..BUT I dont think even the Geordies would swoop so low....mmm would they????

sswinton Posted on 7/5 4:47
re: spare ticket

Cheers Slaven,
A rejected S and T holder so I'm in.

rocky10 Posted on 7/5 6:38
re: spare ticket

A good friend of mine(Smudger from the Five Alls) is looking for one for his daughter

She has an S season ticket and has been to most euro away matches.

I think her name is Gemma, She will come and meet you and is also travelling on spec to Eindhoven so the meet you here and in Eindhoven is on.

Is this right some tawt in the Rudds has 30 tickets going for 250 each? shame on him fleecing all the boro fans.

BroughtonLad Posted on 7/5 6:50
re: spare ticket


He has always been here to help others who have had problems with heating and plumbing.

He has in the past gone out of his way to help others in distress.

He wouldn't rip anyone off.


Well done Slaven
If I had a spare I would do the same

mfcislife Posted on 7/5 8:27
re: spare ticket

Kevin strachan
S patron number in the North stand.
Thanks for the chance Slaven.

timbo_baggins Posted on 7/5 8:27
re: spare ticket

Where there's hope - there's always a genuine Boro fan!!!

Thanks for a second chance - my S application looks like it disappeared into the Bermuda triangle that is the Boro ticket office

Fingers, eyes, legs, arms all crossed

Caatje Posted on 7/5 10:16
re: spare ticket

I am still looking for a ticket!!!

john_lillie Posted on 7/5 10:33
re: spare ticket



Phil_K Posted on 7/5 10:34
re: spare ticket



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juninho_the_legend Posted on 7/5 10:34
re: spare ticket

Michael Davies, will prove ID if chosen Cheers

CS_Simo Posted on 7/5 10:36
re: spare ticket

If it is not too late

Craig Simpson - S03144

Good luck to me and everyone

badbradderz Posted on 7/5 10:41
re: spare ticket

my uncle's application was refused, he is beside himself, he is a genuine S prefix, die hard boro fan.

Peter Oakley

good luck everyone.

chboro Posted on 7/5 10:58
re: spare ticket, just reminding you

heine Posted on 7/5 12:09
re: spare ticket

i didnt get mine cos i left a didgit of credit card no.
andy 07771560727

vena Posted on 7/5 12:27
re: spare ticket

very kind of u slaven but dont you have any friends or family who would like to go?

and i love the way you have all the fmttm'er licking your bum its good that you dont need the money and sell them on for a reasonable profit but is the reason you are doing this to give a "true fan" a chance or to prove to everyone that you are above them and better than people who may need to sell on for a profit?

not slagging of youre actions just questioning the fact that you have no deserving friends or family and questioning your motives for doing this,

no doubt most of the FMTTM bum lickers will bounce to you deffence because they think it will give them a beeter chance of the ticket!

dundeejock Posted on 7/5 12:28
re: spare ticket

put me in draw please Slaven-I'm an unlucky T-patron holder if need to be contacted.

toddymfc50 Posted on 7/5 13:47
re: spare ticket

put me in its worth a try :)

Borored Posted on 7/5 13:53
re: spare ticket

worth a shot

James Boothby - S11349

chboro Posted on 7/5 13:53
re: spare ticket

Thats not fair toddy - you bought one from ebay for 10 000 000

Stop being greedy

mikey002 Posted on 7/5 14:00
re: spare ticket

michael ellis

vena Posted on 7/5 14:06
re: spare ticket

guess thats a no to you having any friends or family then.

so is the reason you are doing this to prove you are a better man than most, just being flash or simply to have people idolising/bumlicking you?

ask yourself 1 question would any of these "true" fans do the same for you?

these are not your friends just people who are after a ticket or out to make a quick profit.


even the sadest of men know someone who is a fan

oh sorry i forgot doing that wouldnt ellevate you to "willy wonka status" and have ppl kissing bum

chboro Posted on 7/5 14:10
re: spare ticket

vena - what is the problem with doing it this way?

I am not an s or t so almost definately won't get this ticket, but WTF is wrong with doing this??

It is a good gesture from someone not looking to make a quick buck - something I did for the Carling Cup final when i was offered 150(which I turned down) for a spare ticket I had when a friend got ill - I gave it away at cost to a stranger.

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CHEESE_PIES Posted on 7/5 14:12
re: spare ticket

I'm an S without a ticket slav,

I can meet on Teesside, with my red book.


gazcoch Posted on 7/5 14:12
re: spare ticket

Put me in the hat pls Slaven - thanks for the opportunity.


uncle_harry Posted on 7/5 14:13
re: spare ticket

I've never to my kn0owledge met this person and I have an aversion to rimming as a personal preference but this is proof if proof were needed that some who tries to do a decent thing in a fair way will provoke some one who'll moan at them and act like a tosspot-such is life eh - gve some people a gold pig and they'd moan about how heavy it is

Chicken_Run_Len Posted on 7/5 14:16
re: spare ticket


I've got mine, but my 16 year-old son (who's only missed xanthi away this season in europe), is an H and obviously ain't got one (yet)

I can meet you for a pint, and show you his white book, and voucher Y

Thanks in advance

vena Posted on 7/5 14:18
re: spare ticket

i dont have a problem with the gesture i just find it hard to beleive that that the bloke doesnt know anyone who wants to go.

i believe the reasons for doing this is to "show off" and say look at me i wont sell my ticket for a profit and to have ppl licking his bum.

i hear that ginger bearded bloke didnt get a ticket give it him slaven!

just saying if i had one i would give my spare ticket to a mate first if not sell it on ebay, i wouldnt give more ppl false hope while they were kissing my bum i wouldnt make a point of it.

nowt against the bloke but if he has got enough money not to sell it for profit he sould pay for a family member or friend to go with him.

Otley_Boro Posted on 7/5 14:19
re: spare ticket

Colin Kish -

Agian I'm a unlucky "T" season ticket holder. Will produce ID and season ticket, no problem.

Good luck everyone.

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bombero Posted on 7/5 14:20
re: spare ticket

UH A bit like Robbie Williams complaining about been addicted to sexandf having to sleep with some of the worlds most lovely women!You had to feel for the lad eh?

shaungav Posted on 7/5 14:40
re: spare ticket

Put me in (must be worth a try)

in the same boat as another members son (couldnt find the post a second time) could only be an s or t holder if i were going when i was extremly young. I am currently a H will produce the season ticket if needed.


helie Posted on 7/5 14:52
re: spare ticket

PLEASE put me in slaven. I'm a D. Followed the boro since 1989 home and away. never missed a home game this season and been to several aways including two euro away trips. Have all ID, ticket stubs etc etc to prove it. Thank-you.

Smifter Posted on 7/5 14:55
re: spare ticket

Vena what is your problem? Would do you no harm reading some of his other posts! You seem quite obsessed with this. The chap has one left and asked Rob if he could help him out, cos he didnt want to give the ticket to anyone a family,friend,colleague, he wanted to give it to a S or T who missed out cos of MFC-cos he knew how he felt the day before when he didnt have a ticket. Rob couldnt possibly choose, as it would be seen as favouritism, so its getting done this way.- Excellent slaven

Mat_Evans Posted on 7/5 14:56
re: spare ticket

Got tickets for my dad, me and my dads friends all S patrons. Haven't got one for my mum whose a b, but only because she became a nurse and had to give it up. Had it since 94, this season has been to basle, alkmaar, bucahrest and rome. It's at your discretion slaven, thanks for the opportunity though.

Otley_Boro Posted on 7/5 15:01
re: spare ticket

Proving you don't already have a ticket is a very valid point, only way to prove this is to phone the club up in morning with the winning Patron number and ask if its been successful. Also to speed things up get winner to E-mail you a copy of their season ticket and ID.

Your doing a very honourable thing.

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holgatehoof Posted on 7/5 15:07
re: spare ticket

Adam Laverick

S patron season ticket holder but didn't get a ticket.

Can pick up from anywhere!

Biggz Posted on 7/5 15:08
re: spare ticket

David Bigerstaff S patron number. With id.

Can pick up ticket.

Good luck guys.

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neiceyboro Posted on 7/5 15:25
re: spare ticket

S pat number. Applied but haven't got a ticket, I've got all the stubbs from every uefa cup round this season as well. Desperate for the ticket.

Garry Bothwell

skudala Posted on 7/5 16:01
re: spare ticket

Mike Harvey please so many reasons

Spartakus Posted on 7/5 16:04
re: spare ticket

Put Jack and Paul Martin in the hat

email contact

plwwolvo Posted on 7/5 16:46
re: spare ticket

put me down please .I've booked the travel non refundable .(45 yrs of support(Ayresome season ticket holder,every home league and cup game this season,some away and they put you in a lottery !! with the west stand non turnouts.
Gutted - thanks for the chance

Mat_Evans Posted on 7/5 16:48
re: spare ticket

take us off the list mate, we've got that last ticket. good luck everyone.

doddsysdds Posted on 7/5 16:50
re: spare ticket

its for my brother-inlaws 15 yr old son, hes absolutely gutted he never got one (ste watson).

MFC1225 Posted on 7/5 17:10
re: spare ticket

I have an S patron number, I been waiting like many others for the postman to bring my ticket. It didn't come on saturday, so I queued up yesterday with lots of other dissapointed Boro fans to find out I hadn't been allocated a ticket. I been to Every game I possible could go to in this uefa cup run. Please include me in your draw.

Kind Regards

Dave Keetley

gh53 Posted on 7/5 17:13
re: spare ticket

Won't bore you with tales of woe Slaven, but would love to be included in an "honest" lottery for a change


Geoff Horne

number_10 Posted on 7/5 17:15
re: spare ticket

Put me on the list please.

Wether I could use it or not and leave my mate who I applied with outside I don't know, although if we got one face value we could possibly get another off a tout and split the cost.

Very noble of you to do this anyway. Fairplay to you.

If you want the tale of woe it's at

Thanks again.

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GazC_MFC Posted on 7/5 17:16
re: spare ticket

Vena i think your being a little Hasty. He may have offered it to friends and family who dont have a ticket, but these people might not be able to for financial reasons or work commitments. You need to weigh up both sides really which you never. I can understand you having your doubts though.

Johnson_MFC Posted on 7/5 17:21
re: spare ticket

Richard Johnson


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paulista Posted on 7/5 18:10
re: spare ticket


paul phillips

seat 123 row 9 block 22 north stand season ticket holder only missed one year (g patron number) in riverside, am travelling over anyway woithout ticket!

holuc Posted on 7/5 18:16
re: spare ticket

LTS_1 again. just spoke to him and still no ticket . Thankyou slaven.

uncle_harry Posted on 7/5 18:18
re: spare ticket

the things people will do to get a century thread

chboro Posted on 7/5 18:20
re: spare ticket

I still need one too.

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LeBigMan Posted on 7/5 18:21
re: spare ticket

Jonathan Payne. I am a genuine S season ticket holder but was not lucky enough to be awarded one via the clubs 'draw'.

LeBigMan Posted on 7/5 18:22
re: spare ticket

sorry double post.

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benpoolie Posted on 7/5 18:34
re: spare ticket

i think vena should win it
seems like a lovely fella........

missimo Posted on 7/5 18:39
re: spare ticket

Vena is a nice bloke actually.

benpoolie Posted on 7/5 18:41
re: spare ticket

thats why i said he should win!!

timbo_baggins Posted on 7/5 18:57
re: spare ticket


Take me out please

Just got back from the chocolate factory - got a phone call off wonka and been to pick up a golden ticket

thanks anyway and good luck all


holgate69 Posted on 7/5 19:00
re: spare ticket

A final plea for Addo, he is a good egg and long time supporter.

Good luck Addo I have a place on the coach for you anyway.

slaven Posted on 7/5 19:02
re: spare ticket

Right then its seven oclock and thats what time I said I was going to do the draw,so here goes just give me a couple of minutes.

slaven Posted on 7/5 19:14
re: spare ticket

And the winner is .............

someone called Richard Jones

holuc Posted on 7/5 19:17
re: spare ticket

well done richard

well done slaven

Biggz Posted on 7/5 19:19
re: spare ticket

Thanks for doing the draw Slaven, it's much appreciated.

Have fun Richard Jones :)

chboro Posted on 7/5 19:21
re: spare ticket

Well done Richard, enjoy the game

slaven Posted on 7/5 19:25
re: spare ticket

Dont believe this!

He has just got a ticket from the club,fair play to the lad for being honest.

Ill do the draw again!

boyo1980 Posted on 7/5 19:35
re: spare ticket

i know how you all feel without a ticket im a true fan and i wanted to give it a lass i know but hey good luck on the draw lads

JVMC Posted on 7/5 19:41
re: spare ticket

Thanks for the chance

John Coates
Flying Tuesday AM.

Caatje Posted on 7/5 19:49
re: spare ticket

So I still have a change???

Caatje Posted on 7/5 19:49
re: spare ticket

So I still have a change???

slaven Posted on 7/5 19:50
re: spare ticket

The winner is...........

Dave Keetley

chboro Posted on 7/5 19:57
re: spare ticket

Well done - I hope you are genuine since you are one of the new ones.

Enjoy the game

slaven Posted on 7/5 20:04
re: spare ticket

Dave keetley can you possibly let me have your e-mail so I can arrange for you to have your ticket.
I will need proof of i.d. and your patron no.

Sorry to all the unlucky ones.

I hope you all get there somehow.

jomc Posted on 7/5 20:15
re: spare ticket

very generous offer pity its only s and t son only sixteen been to all the home matches most of the away went to rome goihg to amsterdame please submit his nameif u change your mind he is a white book holder

gh53 Posted on 7/5 20:16
re: spare ticket

Thanks for the opportunity Slaven

Well done Dave .... give the lads an extra cheer for me!


Caatje Posted on 7/5 20:18
re: spare ticket

Good aktion Slaven! and dave have a good time and cheer a bit for me too!!!!!!!!!!

South_Stand_Steward Posted on 7/5 21:00
re: spare ticket

Well Done Slaven...a Big Up from me and Well Done to Dave..Congratulations...
Its threads like this that restore my faith in Human Nature

bblf Posted on 7/5 22:13
re: spare ticket

Nice one slav, gutted but have a good time david.

MsCurly Posted on 8/5 2:31
re: spare ticket

Hoof for David.

Well done Slaven, great gesture.

borobonge Posted on 8/5 3:47
re: spare ticket

iv been 2 all the away games after the group stage im a s number i wasnt accepted thanks alot for doing this hopefully il be picked

BroughtonLad Posted on 8/5 6:27
re: spare ticket

Big Hoof for Dave

Proud of you Slaven
Well Done

slaven Posted on 8/5 8:09
re: spare ticket

Right then, Im off to work and I have still not had a response from the winner!.I will give him till seven oclock to claim the ticket so if anyone on here knows him then please let him know.If he doesnt claim it then I am going to give it to someone else because time is running out regards travel arrangements etc.And I am spending far too much time on here!

BroughtonLad Posted on 8/5 9:42
re: spare ticket


Marcmcboro Posted on 8/5 9:47
re: spare ticket

Marc McPhillips

mail me at

MFC1225 Posted on 8/5 9:56
re: spare ticket

Is it right that i have won?

I'm never that lucky

MsCurly Posted on 8/5 9:57
re: spare ticket

If you're Dave Keetley then you've won.

Would seem your luck has changed.

footeeshirts Posted on 8/5 9:58
re: spare ticket

Gold dust, I see there is one on E-Bay for 275.

BroughtonLad Posted on 8/5 9:58
re: spare ticket

You need to get in touch with Slaven
Century 18:00

MFC1225 Posted on 8/5 10:07
re: spare ticket

My email is and phone number is 07909970565.

Does anyone know how i can get in touch with slaven?


skudala Posted on 8/5 10:14
re: spare ticket

fair idea - I am a T prefix from Ayresome days

Mike Harvey

belasis Posted on 8/5 10:31
re: spare ticket


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MFC1225 Posted on 8/5 18:42
re: spare ticket

Slaven, have you still got he ticket, and are you still going ahead with everything?

Get in touch either way please so i know.

Dave Keetley