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jam69 Posted on 14/5 10:38
have you noticed

that the people in your street who put these england flags on their cars are mostly the people who only have an interest in football once every 4 years?
bloke next to me never ever goes to a game ever,but come the world cup him and his fukin family are done up like that old mascot bloke you used to see at all the england games!

ParmoMan17 Posted on 14/5 10:41
re: have you noticed

I've got 2 for my car - will go up on June the 9th

although it always screams 'Boro Fan' my car!

Valer Posted on 14/5 10:42
re: have you noticed

Maybe he's just patriotic?
Did he have a flag up for the Rugby or Cricket?

petrio Posted on 14/5 10:43
re: have you noticed

My mate's dad has two on his car and he hasn't been to a game in years, apart from going to watch his two sons play local league football. Then, I don't think that he is a fan of a club side and genuinely just enjoys watching any football. He's English so England are his team.

jam69 Posted on 14/5 11:00
re: have you noticed

iam patriotic also,just dont feel the need to cover my house and car in st.g crosses in the middle of may.he hates football,having a go at me when i was setting off for eindhoven, wasting more money watching that crap again to quote him.i think he would struggle to name more than 3 of the england team

borobadge Posted on 14/5 11:06
re: have you noticed

most england fans would struggle to name more than 3 !