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Camsell_345 Posted on 16/5 11:41
Great Teesside/Boro shops

The names that we all grew up with some are still hanging on but sadly others are long gone;

Leslie Brown's

SuperBokSupper Posted on 16/5 11:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Jack Hatfields

Marlon_D Posted on 16/5 11:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Romer Parrish

sasboro Posted on 16/5 11:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

dovecot sales room

boroboy75 Posted on 16/5 11:43
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Bill Gates'

sasboro Posted on 16/5 11:56
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

just for forzaboro..geordie jeans

jax_1 Posted on 16/5 11:57
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Jack Hatfields is still there isn't it? Though under different ownership.

Shipmans cake shops

Lyburds_left_boot Posted on 16/5 11:57
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

I play cricket with Mr Pacito himself
He is a season ticket holder in the east stand lower!!!!!

SuperBokSupper Posted on 16/5 11:58
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

yeah its still hanging on as said in the original post!

red_rebel Posted on 16/5 11:58
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Frankie Dee

towz Posted on 16/5 11:59
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Sparks Bakery

FW_2 Posted on 16/5 12:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


means_the_world Posted on 16/5 12:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Alan Fearnley

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towz Posted on 16/5 12:13
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Booze 4 U's

EMCM Posted on 16/5 12:22
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

And one for the really old

John City and Weston (sp)

I always bought my Loons there 1.50

MsCurly Posted on 16/5 12:26
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

I would like to buy a Loon for 1.50.

Paleschi's at Marton shops.

captain5 Posted on 16/5 12:27
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


Marlon_D Posted on 16/5 12:32
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Tower House.

(now McDonald's in town)

Lyburds_left_boot Posted on 16/5 12:35
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Frankey Dees

blotonthelandscape Posted on 16/5 12:36
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Baums and getting your school uniform on a Provi ticket.

Marlon_D Posted on 16/5 12:37
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

School uniform - Ross's on Borough Road

gibson Posted on 16/5 12:44
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Sinbads Tattoo Parlour.

grantus Posted on 16/5 12:46
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Wimpy - A real burger house
The Great American Soda Fountain - Ice Cream Sundae me right up
Farras and Kitchens (Stokesley)- Boys, with a touch of class

mufflar Posted on 16/5 12:47
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

also in Stokesley - Beatties...

Derby_Red Posted on 16/5 12:48
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Stockton Modeller

speckyget Posted on 16/5 12:51
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


Bill Beattie's

And of course Newboulds

belasis Posted on 16/5 13:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Melba Bar (Norton)
Upex Pie Shop

P.s Stockton Modeler is still in Stockton on silver Street

sasboro Posted on 16/5 13:02
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

the origonal middlesbrough HMV store

Leedsclive Posted on 16/5 13:04
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Private Shop

groucho_boro Posted on 16/5 13:06
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Record mart

FW_2 Posted on 16/5 13:12
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The original HMV (Teesside) shop was in Stockton, not Boro.

Always had loads of scary looking skinheads outside.

glippy Posted on 16/5 13:23
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Doggart's and Blackett's in Stockton High Street before they built the Castlegate Centre.

littledick Posted on 16/5 13:24
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


Maxwells (Corner)
Timothy Whites

St_George_Dragon Posted on 16/5 13:27
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Austins Records on Parliment Road
Danbys in Yarm - quality icecream shop from years ago
and now of course - Whyte's of Yarm!!

bblf Posted on 16/5 13:32
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Stewarts near the train station. Normal type shop with a BOUTIQUE downstairs for the trendies.

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 16/5 13:41
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

In Redcar:

Pacitto's (lemon top please)
Reed's sports (lots of subbuteo stuff)
Saltburn Home Bakery (excellent pasties)
Charlie Skinner's model shop
Gifts and Goodies - Saved up me pocket money and bought a Captain Scarlet SPV in there for 25/-
Pennock's (TV and radio)
Kelsey's (cycles, model railways)
Barry Brown's
Hudson's hairdresser
Cox's hairdresser
McKenna and Brown - photography, TVs.

Whaat was the name of that record shop very close to Redcar bus station?


Lord John
Hamilton's Music Store
Romer Parrish
Bill Gates Sports (remember being speechless with awe when Mr. Gates served me there once)

...and home again on a red and cream, UNITED bus!

speckyget Posted on 16/5 13:44
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Recall Billingham Town Centre (when it was new and space age, not Pound Universe) having a supermarket called Brough's. Up in the Boots/Natwest Bank corner.

groucho_boro Posted on 16/5 13:45
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Jazz Video's
Mad World
Keithlands Pets
Steve's Parmesan House (The original Parmo?)

wiganbo_ro Posted on 16/5 13:52
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Peter's records in Eston

boroboroboro Posted on 16/5 13:56
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Yung Carnaby
Greenwoods Pawnbrokers @ North Ormsby
Blackwells Butchers in Nortn
The Emporium

grantus Posted on 16/5 14:02
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Odeon
Club Havana
Mike Forbes the barber (Is he still there)
That pet shop on Linthorpe road that used to sell tropical fish.

squarewheelbike Posted on 16/5 14:18
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Twas Tony's Records next to Redcar bus station.

hugobasset Posted on 16/5 14:32
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Dean Wycherleys record shop
Normans paper shop opposite B/Hills school
Italcibo- Linthorpe Rd
Sliced Tomatoes- Redcar Psyche!
Colin Armstrong cycles one of my favourite ever shops!

The_DiasBoro Posted on 16/5 14:40
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

A lot a Redcar shops mentioned but not Graeme Souness' hairdresser, Ron Chilver (of the "agent orange" setting lotion).

means_the_world Posted on 16/5 14:41
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Boro Fish Bar


Rea's Ice Cream Parlour

skeelo Posted on 16/5 14:43
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Liptons, Acklam road
Tower House

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LTS_3 Posted on 16/5 14:45
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

PETER'S RECORDS IN ESTON !!! Outrageous, forgot all about that place, remember buying our Dad a Status Quo album from there for his birthday when I was a kid!

Focus 21
Eston Chippy
The Top Shop (for anyone who went to school at Gilly!)

riverboat_captain Posted on 16/5 14:50
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Ted Kyle's - offbeat sports shop opposite Gilkes St baths. Sold boomerangs and stuff.

Eyeball kicks - 70s underground shop in Abingdon Rd, Victoria Rd area. Sold strange posters and subversive magazines etc. (The bloke who workes in the Private Shop used to work there.)

borobadge Posted on 16/5 14:58
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

fw_2..your wrong about the was in middlesbrough first.

closed in 1977 (end of) and opened in stockton!...

beggs bus's office..

beeline offices in the linth village

winterschladens ..

upex pie shop @ the palladium shops..

army and navy store (over the border)..

dinkys tattoo parlour..

bobbys bicycles (i know its still there , but its a classic!)..

the contessa..

The_DiasBoro Posted on 16/5 14:58
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

That army surplus type shop in Newport road (Wisemans??), for RAF greatcoats.

FW_2 Posted on 16/5 15:05
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

I sit corrected borobadge.

Where abouts in Boro was the first one? I don't remember that at all.

paulo86 Posted on 16/5 15:21
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Fat pats, thornaby :)

means_the_world Posted on 16/5 15:24
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Kirk - god rest its soul and all who snogged in it. Not really a shop I suppose, more of a market.

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VodkaByName Posted on 16/5 15:30
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Anybody remember Paddy's Chippy on Parliament Road - now they WERE fish and chips..........and the scraps!!

Beerwulf Posted on 16/5 15:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Hills the Baker, my first job, a long time ago.

VodkaByName Posted on 16/5 15:44
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


How nice were them jellies you could get from there, either strawberry or orange with a mousse bit at the bottom??!!


towz Posted on 16/5 15:47
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Rooney's, "fish restaurant"/ underage drinking den

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foggonsfplandiet Posted on 16/5 15:48
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Of course! Chilver hairdresser's. Ron did look like Graeme Souness - complete with moustache. He started around 1971 when the Rod Stewart cut was all the vogue.

From then on whatever you asked for; a short back and sides, a crew cut, a Gatsby, a mohican, you stil came out looking like Rod Stewart. If Massimo went in there tomorrow he'd come out looking like Rod Stewart.

flabby66 Posted on 16/5 16:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

cant believe nobody has put reas cafes! my mum use to work in the one oppsite albert park with chris reas cousin who went on to study opera at the scala milan. also macfisheries fishmongers and for billingham the queens which is now the asda and freeman hardy and willis shoe shops and for the girls remember chelsea girl!

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borobadge Posted on 16/5 16:05
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

it was opposite the side entrance of the cleveland centre...(Its pedestrianized now)the nearest pub was the lord raglan..

near a shop that was called The Great American Panthouse...

and along from another classically located boro shop/building F.H.and. W.

flabby66 Posted on 16/5 16:07
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

and remember family disco in billingham am on a roll now...

wiganbo_ro Posted on 16/5 16:20
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

LTS_3, I think Craddocks is still there. Focus 21 sounds familiar - what/where was it? Is the top shop the VG? (as we used to call it as Sarah's)

Reading1967 Posted on 16/5 16:28
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Joseph Pecks - Grangetown
Smollens south bank
would have got dressed if they hadnt have took me ma`s tickets

Towell Posted on 16/5 16:34
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Romer Parishes was qaulity

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juninho_is_god Posted on 16/5 16:54
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Hills Bakers: My granddads company, but was never old enough to be able to eat all of his cakes :(

stewboss Posted on 16/5 17:04
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

I batted with Mark Pacitto once!

The git ran me out!

billiesdoublevision Posted on 16/5 18:45
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

wot about: young yorkshire
manchester house
mac fisheries
t r wright
radio rentals

newholgate Posted on 16/5 19:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

paulo86, I remember Fat Pat's in Thornaby, and Betty Vasey's.

Woolco in Thornaby
Leslie Brown's in Stockton
Di Maggio's in Yarm

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Steaknife Posted on 16/5 19:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Nelson's toy shop
Kirkupp's fruit stall
Disco (with that walkway to the Co-op and a choice of exits from the lift)
Dovecot sale rooms
YK Chow
Middlesbrough Music deserves a mention if only'cos Tony has been around since God was a lad.

bigwheater Posted on 16/5 19:05
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Georgie Girl in Redcar - was dead trendy in the mid 80's.

flabby66 Posted on 16/5 19:12
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

terry coopers in wolviston court billingham boro old school
alex smith sports on wolvison rd also billingam
willy maddrens sports shop think he had a few branches..god rest his soul...

napoleonboroparte Posted on 16/5 19:15
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

club contessa - originally serra's ice-creamery
joe Kitchen on Grange road
Ernie's the barbers or butchers morelike!

bigwheater Posted on 16/5 19:18
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Catholic shop.

Yes_290204 Posted on 16/5 19:47
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Watt's on Paliement Rd
Jack Hatfield's (the original was it Wilson Street)
Rea's cafe
The Golden Cock Waterloo Rd
Mrs Dent's she had great new years parties
Mr Brown Newsagent Abingdon Road
Stewarts clothes shop at the very top of Linthorpe Road (now the Halifax)
The Bee Line coaches (used to book all my Boro trips there)

swordtrombonefish Posted on 16/5 19:54
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Smarts Toy Shop - wason the corner opposite the Eye Infirmary (said Ey Infirmary soon to be a godamn ALDI's if they get their way). After that it became a Camping shop I think - cannot remember it's name.

Does ANYONE else remember Smarts toy shop (far better than Romer Parish IMHO) or did I dream that we sat outside near Christmas whilst the back of the car had a big box placed in it?

Yes_290204 Posted on 16/5 20:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

I remember Smarts

Coluka Posted on 16/5 20:02
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Paccitto's still exists on the seafront in Scarborough, and they attend the matches regularly, nice people too

awaits voucher for free 99 ( yes 99 !!)

madlad Posted on 16/5 20:07
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

"Leslie Brown, Leslie Brown, Leslie Brown for toys.......MOTHERRRRRRR!"
Class TFM advert.
What about "Thoms" in Redcar...does that count?

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 16/5 20:10
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Have we had Bobbys Cycles ?

Just checking through to post Peter (the frog)'s Records and been beaten to it twice.

Reeds Sports Shop Jubilee Road Eston

The Criteria Hardware Shop South Bank, purveyors of bicycle repair out fits, mam can I borra yer spoons

flabby66 Posted on 16/5 20:12
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

i worked at leslie browns in 82/83 and will never for get the cabbage patch kid dolls riot....grown adults fighting over dolls not a pretty site..

YearbyRed Posted on 16/5 20:18
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

According to my wife there was a Bongo Bills music shop in South Bank with a 'department' called Guitarzan.

Surely not?

Homeflair - Eston (Hintons answer to Ikea)

Hamiltons Music - Middlesbrough Town Centre - used to get all my punk singles from there.

My Mum worked in Audreys wool shop on Trimdon Avenue.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 16/5 20:20
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Thank you Yes_290204 - my sanity is no more confirmed than ever it was, but at least I have proof there is another in this self styles madhouse.

craig_pancrack Posted on 16/5 21:22
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

MANCHESTER HOUSE (Borough Rd nr Jack Hatfields) - ancient and bizarre sellers of army surplus ran by a couple of old eccentric...suits you. Closed about 1983???

BONGOBILLS/GUITARZAN - South Bank...a place for wannabe rockgod schoolboys to go n salivate instead of school dinners at St. Peters!

Badger_ Posted on 16/5 21:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Taffy Turner's (sweet shop on Newport Rd)

Valer Posted on 16/5 21:46
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The Inn Scene (Became Chelsea Girl, then River Island, but stopped taking "tickets").
Bradmore's (Became Werff or was it the other way round? Best Sacha's on Teesside).
Van Allen (Became Richard's - never the same).
The Chocolate Box (Real chocolates - none of that Belgian rubbish).
Paleschi's (taste of Italy?!).
Ray McLaren's (Best Mullett - everyone came out looking like that guy off Smokey!).
Maxwells (Only shop to sell Speedo's in Stockton in the '70's).
Sergeant Peppers (The first MODERN denim on Teesside, always packed with Boro players).
So my Gran tells me.

mfcuk Posted on 16/5 21:48
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Walter Wilson
Newhouses (only place to stock St Mary's College uniform)
Harry Fenton
Munro butchers
Bindoff (barber known as 'Bindoff all off'}
Ward Thompson fishing tackle, guns etc.
McMahons fruit and veg
Wells shoe repairs (that woman really frightened me)
Mac Fisheries
Moores Grocers

Loads of cinemas
Elite (subsequently ABC)
Pav (North Ormesby)

Pennyman Arms
Black Swan
The Worsley

Have I really got nothing better to do on a Tuesday night!

longster Posted on 16/5 21:49
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


My mother used to work at Paddy's before I was born - so thats over 36 years ago! Of note there is a chippy now near the police station called Paddys Return - maybe one of his family?

Boro_Calling Posted on 16/5 22:54
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Hamiltons for all punky tunes and bondage trousers.
I seem to remember Manchester house being over the border.
Focus 21 was a hairdressers ran buy a lad called Peter I think.
Coopers bakery in Eston always had a window full of fly's.
Charlies in Eston cheap crap clothes.
Raymonds hairdresser (backs against the wall if you visited this one)
Reeds for all your sports essentials.
Pop in
The man Alan Fearnley.

Leedsclive Posted on 16/5 23:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

What's Presto's (then Safeway) in Eston now? Is it still a supermarket? Are there any shops left in Eston now?

NorfolknGood Posted on 16/5 23:10
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Ward Thompson - gunshop on Borough Rd

And his rival brothers arms merchant in Stockton known only as Thompsons.

THEPRIORYMAN Posted on 17/5 0:16
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Kath and Ray's Fish N' Chip Shop (Jedburgh Street in the Boro).

"Dolly Parton" (Battered Chicken Breasts) or "Steve Cram" (Battered Chicken Legs) and chips were the usual orders !

Happy days !

VodkaByName Posted on 17/5 11:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Thanks for that info Longster - sounds like it could be a family member or somebody cashing in on the name..........

jason040270 Posted on 17/5 11:03
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Dressers in Stockton, wasnt it on the end of Dovecote street

markofdboro Posted on 17/5 11:05
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

abc cinema seen et there

glippy Posted on 17/5 11:11
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Ray McLaren's still exists (on Yarm Lane). 5.50 a cut.

red_rebel Posted on 17/5 11:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Young Yorkshire
Club shop in Warwick Street
The old club shop on Kensington Road
Duffield's over the border
Edna's in Stonehouse Street

Hardwickgeorge Posted on 17/5 12:27
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Stockton: Maxwells, Leslie Browns, Studs Boutique (Stewarts), Ray Allan, Duncan, HMV, Badge shop (upstairs in Castlegate cen...1977-78ish)

Middlesbrough: Sgt Peppers, Reporter, Psyche, Hamiltons Music, Wiseman (army and Navy)

tees_tripper Posted on 17/5 12:30
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Romer Parrish brings back the memories. That talking parrot when u walked in, n that cool working train set that was upstairs, that u always wanted n would watch for ages! I wanna be a kid again!

Playback used to be quality too

Rondo_1 Posted on 17/5 12:32
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Brian Bells in Billingham, also the old Stockton Modeller.

NorfolknGood Posted on 17/5 12:43
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Pa Henry the bike repair shop in Barnabas Road.

I have been racking my brains since yesterday trying to remember the name and it comes just in time for the ton up.

wilks54 Posted on 17/5 12:57
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

fatdog records on linthorpe road

Ding_Dang_Boro Posted on 17/5 12:59
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

THE BONGO -- --- -- Come on.

rozi Posted on 17/5 12:59
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Outlook (from 60's) and CandA both great for lasses clothes, Dean's record shop, (near Baker Street I think), before it moved to Cleveland Centre, Taffy Turners was the best sweet shop ever, and Bealls on Union Street - barber/sweet shop - was good as well. Bindoff's Barbers in Doggy - his grandson is quite a regular on here.

libardi Posted on 17/5 13:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Denim United - for all your Spencers requirments

Fine Fare at the Palladium - for 5p crisps (and logo of a giant purse on legs with a Shaggy lookalike)

Simons on Tollesby Road

Trenchers at Acklam Shops - for all your prawn cocktail starters needs

Porthole cafe - still there??

Already mentioned, but the essence of childhood for me has to be Romer Parishes (or Roman Parachutes which I thought was hilarious). There was just so much cool stuff in there

gravy_boat Posted on 17/5 13:02
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Can't be arsed to read the whole thread, so some of these have probably already been mentioned, but....

Record Mart, Stockton - Many a happy hour spent looking for Cure albums.

Rawcliffes, Stockton - Many a painful hour spent looking for school trousers - and my auntie worked there (and still does).

Yarm Records - First ever LP purchased from that place.

Leslie Browns - Remembered with a whimsical fondness. I remember the glass cases and piles of games.

Stockton Modeller - Still there, but will never be the same as in that big old place.

Fearnleys - Plonk yourself in there about 11am, and tortune Alan Fearnleys Mate (never did find out his name), to play you shitt records all day. His daughters shop just doesn't have quite the same atmosphere. Although she did mend my jeans for nothing.

dorivasdad Posted on 17/5 13:04
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


Jack Hatfields was in Newton Street opposite where Woolworths used to be on Linthorpe Rd, where Dixons is now for the bairns. Macfisheries was at the other end of the street.

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 17/5 13:12
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Redcar: Rockfeller's next to Pacittos. Made fantastic rock and sweets. Loved their toasted teacakes, golden mint humbugs and peanut brittle. Many a tooth ruined by their excellent products.

acklamlad Posted on 17/5 13:12
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Hahaha, Mrs henry's on barnabus Road. The messiest bike part shop you've ever seen yet she somehow knew where everything was, unlike Stubbs over the road.

How about Testers Barber shops, Oxford Road, and the Palladium shops I think.

cooperman1 Posted on 17/5 13:17
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Jack Hatfields and Dean Wycherleys Record shop,both on Newton street, before the cleveland centre was built. Woolies on linthorpe road (now Dixons)

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 17/5 13:24
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Not a shop but I remember the ABC Cinema on Linthorpe Road, now bingo. And afterwards to Mama Vittoria's restaurant across the road.

Wasn't there another cinema near to Alan Fearnley's and Gaskin's, demolished early 70s? I think it was a theatre before that; seem to remember being told that Teesside's own Will Hay once appeared there.

craig_pancrack Posted on 17/5 13:44
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

At Linthorpe and Southfield corner stood the mighty Opera House which did become a cinema Marton Hall in Stewart's Park and the Royal Ecxhange, this was another mighty architectural / cultural loss to bland old Boro....

libardi Posted on 17/5 14:02
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


Fearnley's sidekicks were Droop Doggy Dogg and Tha Bodybuilder (who once sold me some Funkadelic records 'under the counter')

libardi Posted on 17/5 14:07
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

you could overhear some great conversations between very sensible looking Mr Fearnley and assorted spotty kids

"have you got deathsperm by bastad frogspawn?"

"erm yes, I think it's on nosebleed records"

"ow have yer got gabba hits 12 mate?"

"erm no, its sold out but we have got the new techno speedfreak 12""

His knowlegde of music was immense. His curled up record sleeves are sorely missed

flabby66 Posted on 17/5 14:10
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

geordie jeans was in boro for years every type of denim under the sun

The_DiasBoro Posted on 17/5 14:18
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

The coolest shop in Redcar in it's day, damn I've forgotten (senior moment) ...opposite the library. Gentry?

jax_1 Posted on 17/5 14:36
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

A bit off the beaten since we are talking about shops but how about Charlie McMann, the ice-cream man. His ice cream was gorgeous

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 17/5 14:52
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Craig Pancrack - yeah that was it, the Opera House. I can just to say remember it.

Opera? In the Boro? Blimey.

jones40 Posted on 17/5 16:42
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Stuart Boams on st barnabas road linthorpe, and yes he did work behind the counter,,,,always remember is big curly wig

borobadge Posted on 17/5 23:52
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

"Anybody remember Paddy's Chippy on Parliament Road - now they WERE fish and chips..........and the scraps!!"

that was Paddy Callans fish shop, he passed away last year (apologies, it may have been the year before)....i went to school with his daughter Julia and their paul was in the greatest new wave band to come outta Teesside... No Way....

coggeur le conks brother was in that band (paul) interested to find out if one of Paddy s Kids has started the chipp up again...a grand man and a grand family..........

any way can i just add..The Gaumont.

kazzaxxx Posted on 17/5 23:57
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

blundells off dovecot st
co-op butchers i think on dovecot st

stepat Posted on 18/5 0:00
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

WC Gent in Normanby.

borobadge Posted on 18/5 16:55
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

the sjomanskyraka (s.p)...the swedish mission....

on the corner of park road south and linthorpe road..a fantastically designed building ..

another great designed building on park road south was/is the synogogue...

borobeer Posted on 18/5 19:09
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Does anyone remember Griffins over the border? I used to get my 2p lucky bags from there. Also CandA and the strange shop on Sussex St that used to sell Navy uniforms

the_stallion Posted on 18/5 19:14
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Gentry- good call!.
Harry Roberts- paint shop
Kings Of Saltburn
And I know it was Tyneside but all together now

borobadge Posted on 18/5 19:15
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

the shop on sussex st was the origional Army and Navy store...

although more navy than army, i think iot took a lot of trade from the vessels and ships that came in from around the world and docked on the Tees.....

it was a fine shop with some tremendous clothes in it...

i bought a pair of black plastic deckk shoes from there in 1977!

oldman Posted on 18/5 19:49
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

mike forbes old barbers shop was known as foffa's.

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 18/5 20:06
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops


There's so much to see
And the car park is free
come shopping at Shepherds
with the whole Family!

Could be Freddie's theme tune. Perhaps they'll run out to it next year at Sid james'

twoshots Posted on 18/5 20:16
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Borobadge - are you sure of your dates re HMV in Stockton? The Summer of '77 they had a box at the front of the shop of "New Wave Singles". Bought a few from there, and Blank Frank from Blitzkreig Bop used to work in there!

And then over the other side of the road under Mr Trimms, there was Maynards - what a sweet shop!

chorleygeorge Posted on 18/5 20:19
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Newboulds ! What is wrong with you people. I've been away from Teesside for over 20 years and no one does saveloy like Newboulds.

Shame on you all for not mentioning Newboulds . Newboulds.

wheelz Posted on 18/5 20:21
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

In the Boro

Hollifields Wet Fish shop, @ Palladium (i thought all fish were wet?)
Weston's butchers, Oxford St


Genty's barbers
Harry Fosters barbers
Scott's Corner @ 5 Lamps


Leslie Browns, bought my 1st LPs there!

Maccarone_Is_Me Posted on 18/5 20:44
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Some of these may still be there, I ve not gone shopping in Boro or Stockton for years.

Young Yorkshire on Borough Road, I used this shop as proof that Middlesbrough was in Yorkshire.
Army and Navy on Stockton High Street, with the bald headed fella.
Guitarzan and Bongo Bills music shop.
Skinnergate Cycles
Dressers in Stockton, is the on in Northallerton still there?
Mad World
Country News and Martins Newsagents in Yarm
Thomas/Nisa on Norton Road
Willie Madderen Sports
Dovecot Sales Rooms

Celestron Posted on 18/5 21:01
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

Colbecks on Wilson Street...their potted meat was legendary.

achambers Posted on 18/5 21:05
re: Great Teesside/Boro shops

What about

Fine Fare
Pearce Bridal Wear Linthorpe Road
Carricks cafe opposite the station, Wilson street, (bursting on match days)