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ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 19/5 20:59
Middlesbrough Frontline?

Are they a thing of the past or are they still active?

The only time ive heard them cause bother this season was half time at Basel. Is football hooliganism completely gone? I know that in the lower divisions it isnt but in the premiership you rarely see violence now.

Just interested thats all.

chboro Posted on 19/5 21:00
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

It is still there, not to the same extent but is is still active.

Stay well clear if you enjoy WATCHING the games LIVE in stadiums.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 19/5 21:01
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

lol, dont worry im not gunna go down that route, just interested.

manboobs69 Posted on 19/5 21:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Despite what they say, they are not here to protect us and 95%of fans go to watch the game without wanting to fight

chboro Posted on 19/5 21:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

There is a website but it is shoite

markofdboro Posted on 19/5 21:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

pack of assholes who trash some innocent peoples live by just been in the wrong place at the wrong time

wheelz Posted on 19/5 21:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

it aint big and it aint clever, dude

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 19/5 21:04
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I know, just wondering how it works? Is it spontaneous or organized or a mixture of both?

markofdboro Posted on 19/5 21:05
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

organized there such low lifes they can not pre plan lunch

markofdboro Posted on 19/5 21:06
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

have you noticed have velcro shoes

wheelz Posted on 19/5 21:07
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

you're liable to lose more than yer flag if u got involved with that shyte; your freedom probably, and your passport, methinks.....

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 19/5 21:08
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Repeats again

Im only interested in it, Im not going to get involved FFS.

markofdboro Posted on 19/5 21:09
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

its ok they just pi55 me off

manboobs69 Posted on 19/5 21:12
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

i think you are too young to join, you have to be over 40 and have a beer gut

wheelz Posted on 19/5 21:16
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

its not a beer gut, MBs -- just me stomach's gone for a look round!!!

stepat Posted on 19/5 21:20
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than a good scrap with rival fans. You fools who want to watch footy and treat fellow supporters with respect make me sick.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 19/5 21:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

If it was in me face then I might have a go (maybe in a couple of years when Im bigger anyway). But Id be careful not to give the police reason to arrest me.

wheelz Posted on 19/5 21:42
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

thing is they tend not to need a reason if your in the vicinity of summat kickin off...

Back2Basics Posted on 19/5 22:32
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"Despite what they say, they are not here to protect us"

lol !

ohtheway Posted on 19/5 22:34
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Despite the fact they are vilified (and probably rightly so), they are a part of football history and folklore, and should not be forgotten about.

It's from those dark days that we can see just how far the game and society as a whole has moved on.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 20/5 10:05
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


papa_smog Posted on 20/5 10:15
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

They are bullies.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/5 10:17
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

keep it real lads



towz Posted on 20/5 10:18
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

they still show up for the odd game, wear their stone island and burberry gear and talk about having a fight. not really anything to be concerend about these days.

angelmatty Posted on 20/5 10:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Sell by date gone for most.

But must admit got me out of a sticky situation a few years back at Leeds

towz Posted on 20/5 10:23
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

There were a fair few of them in Rome but due to the "efficient " policing they never got a look in

mda04rps Posted on 20/5 10:23
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

whats the frontline website? Theres a book called boro frontline, its a good read, i used to sit in the east stand and one of the main characters 'bri' in the book sat the row in front of me, cudnt believe it. Also got talking to a taxi driver in redcar who knew him!! The book is a worth a look.

manboobs69 Posted on 20/5 10:24
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

can you get his autograph for me

angelmatty Posted on 20/5 10:28
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

The frontline Book was written by John Theone

The other book about Boro is the the Brick
Written by Paul Debrick

Both are ok but contradict each other in parts.

angelmatty Posted on 20/5 10:32
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Link Below

Link: LINK

uncle_harry Posted on 20/5 10:33
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

i'd sooner people wrote than give each other a kicking and hats off to any one who has the perseverence and ability to write one but why are the books on the 'sports' shelves, what the fooks it got to do with sport - it should be on the real crime shelf

towz Posted on 20/5 10:36
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

The noble sport of fat men fighting.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 20/5 10:43
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Uncle Harry, not sure why I remember this, but I remember being in WHSmiths in Boro and looking at the Brick book and it WAS on the CRIME shelf, if that cheers you up at all!

manboobs69 Posted on 20/5 10:45
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

apparently frontline are happy to lay on protection for any fans going to rangers. Just bring your own water pistols and foam hands

manboobs69 Posted on 20/5 11:08
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

here is the boro frontline youth

Link: top mob

uncle_harry Posted on 20/5 11:27
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

thanks a lot ILMF - it doesnt take much to make me happy

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/5 11:29
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

You seem to spend a lot of time on chavscum booby

Back2Basics Posted on 20/5 13:39
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

It won't be to everones cup of tea but Ive heard the Frontline are opening up for new members soon. If anyone's interested keep your ears to the ground ;)

towz Posted on 20/5 13:40
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

ooh ooh! pick me pick me. I'm dead hard and that

uncle_harry Posted on 20/5 13:54
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

ah 'opening up for new members' - how sweet, like a mobile library or the AA,

"do you want to hit people and smash stuff up using football for an excuse? - well drop in to our offices and have a chat with our reception staff"

towz Posted on 20/5 13:55
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 20/5 13:55
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Brilliant stuff Uncle Harry!

speckyget Posted on 20/5 13:57
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Is there an interview process? Minimum tattoo requirement? Maximum IQ? That sort of thing? Will they ask to inspect your ASBOs?

towz Posted on 20/5 13:59
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Minimum weight 16 stone, hair less than 1mm length, poofs need not apply

manboobs69 Posted on 20/5 15:45
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

uniform free, just beat someone up and nick their stone island throwing training included

toxic_bob Posted on 20/5 16:14
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Frontline now make this flea treatment stuff for pussy cats - works a treat.

I think they've gone soft

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 20/5 20:47
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Youve gotta laugh

Link: at this

red_rebel Posted on 20/5 23:23
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"The noble sport of fat men fighting"

world_cup_willy Posted on 21/5 13:47
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

where did they get the name frontline from? i'm sure years ago when i was a teen the hooligan elemant went with a different name

the_righteous_one Posted on 21/5 13:58
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

hasn't it always been the frontline
i must admit i read the messages on the frontline site
you get some intersting stories of years gone by

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 14:18
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Anyone watched the video? I think its quality!

stedontsurf Posted on 21/5 14:36
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

just watched it but it aint that good really

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 14:37
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"and if youve got a set of keys make em count!" LMAO

ianson_smoggy Posted on 21/5 22:53
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

this not you flaggy is it?

Link: you are getting into it!!

ohtheway Posted on 21/5 22:55
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

flaggy that sounds very much like you.

Tut tut.

ianson_smoggy Posted on 21/5 22:58
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

i reckon it is like

Link: look at this and elsewhere on there

speckyget Posted on 21/5 23:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Would be such a shame if future 'offs' involved...

Link: ...this adorable little dickens

yeah_man Posted on 21/5 23:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"The only time ive heard them cause bother this season was half time at Basel"

Eh? I doubt it was Frontline who caused the "bother". As far as I'm aware it was pissed up Boro tits having a stupid scuffle with stewards.

Didn't Esky get jizz in his eye at that game?

ohtheway Posted on 21/5 23:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Silly boy!

stepat Posted on 21/5 23:04
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Would they let him in after he 'came out' on the board last week?

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:11
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Not me lads

Jon_Gannon_on_loan Posted on 21/5 23:20
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

My mate lent me the Boro frontline book and I thought it was shoite! Every story ended with 'and at the end of the day, the Boro had had the upper hand'. Boring as fook and in some the very rare mentions of football in it he got the scores wrong!!

ohtheway Posted on 21/5 23:20
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Come on flaggy, you have to admit its a bit coincidental!

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Aye it is! But im not into that.

ianson_smoggy Posted on 21/5 23:25
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

hmmm . . .

ohtheway Posted on 21/5 23:26
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:28
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Id get flattened if i got into that. Im too small.

No I havent.
hmmmm, or have i?

ianson_smoggy Posted on 21/5 23:29
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

can i start my own thread on this?

see what the people of the nation believe?

holgate_rochey Posted on 21/5 23:30
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"Greatest Boro moment: Carling Cup Final (Cliche). Beating Man City to get into Europe last year comes in second. "

Just for the record, it was a draw.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:30
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Id rather you didnt and you took my word for it.

Now I am being serious I wouldnt like people to think im being caught up in that.

ianson_smoggy Posted on 21/5 23:31
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

so why post on there?

silly billy

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:33
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Ive already said I didnt, I dont like the thought of people suspecting I have though.

Can we leave this thread to rest? Cos I dont like this territory.

And for that matter not start any more either.

stepat Posted on 21/5 23:34
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Imagine what your dad will think, Flaggy.

A gay hooligan for a son

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 21/5 23:34
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Might be proud! First of a kind! LOL

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/5 23:36
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Why weren't they there in Rome when it kicked off?

stepat Posted on 21/5 23:36
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

ohtheway Posted on 21/5 23:38
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

They are just a bunch of young chavs those Boro Youth

Would be fun to see them get a good kicking and get it knocked out of em.

I'd oblige if I knewany of them, the little gets!

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manboobs69 Posted on 21/5 23:44
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

the frontline are the teliban of teesside, just dont mess with the fookers

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 21/5 23:48
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


maybe it was Eurovision night!

stump_hole_lover Posted on 22/5 10:37
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Your ignorance of this subject proves that you are all a bunch of johnny come lately fans. Back in the dark days of the early/mid 80's the crowds of 4-5000 were made up of nearly 50% joeys and casuals and this club would of disappeared without them. The frontline was born out of this era. The links to the boro youth forum are laughable, they are a bunch of kids who are trying to get into something well past its sell by date, a bunch of cyber warriors, all mouth but those on here who say they would like to "give them a kicking" are hypocrits in the extreme.

Winston_Spangler Posted on 22/5 11:15
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I heard from a good mate that it could've been a lot worse in the bar in Rome if it wasn't for a few Frontline in there. Can anyone give their opinions on that? I was pretty wrecked when he told me so I may have got it mixed up.

SuperBokSupper Posted on 22/5 11:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

apparentl that bloke who once got done for attempted murder or summat took a few roma out before he got an axe put in his back.

Winston_Spangler Posted on 22/5 11:24
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Still made the game though. All this they don't care about the football. Some of them clearly do. People are too quick to stereotype.

Freddy_got_Fingered Posted on 22/5 13:14
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Well said Stumpy, some of these no nothing clowns on hear forget the fact that the Frontline if they want to call it that were there before any of them. The vast majority of people who graced Ayresome park were all lads, not benders with jester hats and face paint...

RedWurzel Posted on 22/5 13:14
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Boro's fighting fans are respected in fighting circles. You might say thats nowt to be proud of, but it didn't harm the team on the pitch as it kept visiting fans numbers down and Boro away support up.

They might have helped ruin football in the 1970s and 80s, but some of them did follow the team with great passion, some of the vocal passion we could do with today.

Browse through books such as Soul Crew and you can read how Cardiff fans said that they were ambushed on their own patch by Boro. On Bravo on Thursday night, an Everton fan said only three sets of fans had caused them difficulties at Goodison and you can guess which one of them were.

vbomber Posted on 22/5 13:26
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

You call them brainless tvvats?

Its actually some of you who are the brainless tvvats. Why comment on a matter you clearly know fuk all about?

Have you ever met one of these 'beer belly hooligans'?

You have been watching too much tv. Most of the lads hold down very important jobs, and i can almost gurantee alot of them have a higher placed jobs than many of you. You have a go because of their chocice of clothing and what they do. 6 days a week the are a law abiding member of the public just like you, but on a saturday go to football a different way to you. To say they don't like football or don't care about the club because the don't wear the red shirt, or wait for a fuking players autograph after a game, or wet themselves everytime they see a footballer is absolute shyte.

Your all stereo-type.

When you need the lads your all to keen to befriend them, then when they get you out of a sticky situation you are in no doubt back on here calling them all the names under the sun.


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BoroMutt Posted on 22/5 13:27
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

neanderthal vvankers to a man. I have no time for them and only pity for the sad fookers who idolise them. Sad, sad people.

Smifter Posted on 22/5 13:32
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Vbomber dear dear me, I for a while havent read a post that contradicts itself so much.
I quote, "Your all stereo-type." whilst you have stereo-typed most of them yourself and then everyone else.

sasboro Posted on 22/5 13:33
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

surely if the frontline and hooligans werent there in the first place we wouldnt need protecting when people want to fight. most of us like having a beer and a bit of banter with rival fans but doesnt mean we want to kick their heads in. unfortunatly the ones that want to fight spoil it for the rest of us. if they want to fight then do it in a field and disassociate the good name of being boro supporters aswell but dont be classing yourself as boro fans like the rest of us are.

vbomber Posted on 22/5 13:34
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?



japsterboro Posted on 22/5 13:41
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

vbummer = Full of phucking cack.

Smifter Posted on 22/5 13:42
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Vbomber Ive read what ive put again and it makes complete sense, so care to read it and I wont need to explain. sasboro could not agree more, Iv been to at least 10 away games this season without any bother at any of them, and this included having drinks with away fans-this is what football is about, having banter and enjoying the game.

As for freddy_got_fingered "The vast majority of people who graced Ayresome park were all lads, not benders with jester hats and face paint...", oh here we go again, so these season ticket holders who put money into the club season after season are benders ey? What an idiot you clearly are, ask gibbo what fans he would rather have, im sure he would put you clearly right, not your sort. As for I would be happy for them to et my out of a sticky situation is shiite to be honest, as I have said out of the games I have ever been to, I have been involved in no football violence whatsoever.

Marlon_D Posted on 22/5 13:43
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

i_l_m_f - You've opened up a can of worms here.

I know former Boro Boot Boys and frontline lads and I would agree that the majority of them come from an era when sub 10k crowds were the norm and they made up a good percentage of it. i have been caught up in violence (As a bystander) at both the Riverside and Ayresome. I don't particularly have a strong point of view for or against The Frontline but what I would say is that I put a Paul and Shark t-shirt on a too high temperature wash over the weekend and it looks like it might fit you. Do you want to buy it ??

Jog on............

boroboy75 Posted on 22/5 13:43
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

One of the Frontliners who wrote a book, had no interest in the Boro at all. He's just a bully who battered smaller people than him.

speckyget Posted on 22/5 13:43
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I particularly enjoyed the phrase 'go to football a different way to you'.

Don't despise them just for being different.

vbomber Posted on 22/5 13:56
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I still don't understand how I was streo-type. And don't just put all the usual shyte 'well you must be thick blah blah etc etc'

If you put a comment, then back it up!

Smifter Posted on 22/5 14:01
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I have backed it up, you clearly read what you want to read. As I have said I dont need the "lads", I have no bother at matches, and I enjoy going to football "the proper way" to enjoy the game with banter. I dont care what happened in the past, this is now, and there is no place for it anymore. You were stereotyping everyone who wasnt one of the "lads", as "You have been watching too much tv""To say they don't like football or don't care about the club because the don't wear the red shirt, or wait for a fuking players autograph after a game, or wet themselves everytime they see a footballer is absolute shyte."

You dont class that is sterotyping? Or do you need further explainaion?

vbomber Posted on 22/5 14:22
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I can see your point about sterotype.... BUT ITS WHAT YOU FUKING DO SO I SEE IT AS THE TRUTH.

As for not needing the lads..... you may not yourself have needed them in the past or in the future, but i know there is cases where alot of fans who 'don't like hooligans' have needed them.

Im not normally one for name dropping, but fuk it, you lot are so sure of yourselves i will.

If i think back to Crystal Palace a year or two back, a lot of Middlesbrough (hooligans) where in and around kings cross, as where Sunderland (hooligans)

Ginger Ninja comes running into the station with a few mates and straight upto the Middlesbrough Hooligans.... We have been getting trouble from the sunderland fans because we are Boro fans, is it ok if we stay with you..... the reply from these big bad hooligans was..... yeah no problem mate, stay with us, you'll be fine.

Now to me that is needing the lads, and i also believe he is the type to slag off the hooligans when they are not there.

You are so sure that 'you don't need the lads, or you will never need them' So, you and your missus are happily drinking in a bar, with your Boro shirts on, when 10 Hooligans from another club attack you for no reason other than for being Boro fans. Accross the road are 10 Middlesbrough (hooligans), as you don't need them you are quite happy for them to sit and watch you take a hiding, because in your eyes you DON'T NEED THEM?

You never know!

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sasboro Posted on 22/5 14:25
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

how come boro hoooligans are the only hooligans in europe that dont attack scarfers?

Freddy_got_Fingered Posted on 22/5 14:26
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Vbomber, im sure he would just throw his Flask at them...

--- Post edited by Freddy_got_Fingered on 22/5 14:29 ---

stump_hole_lover Posted on 22/5 15:36
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Boro have fans have enjoyed the "protection" of the frontline withouteven knowing it for the last 20 years! Their reputation has been so strong that only a handful of other teams mobs have bothered to turn up in boro ( tottenham, man u, everton ). Now with the banning orders in place a couple of smaller teams have started to fancy their chances. Hence the trouble in the cup replays against Nuneaton and Coventry where "ordinary" boro fans have received a few slaps. You had better get used to it, this small scale violence is going to continue for a couple of years yet untill these new groups start getting the banning orders that have been dished out to the frontline in the last few years. Sas-boro, I don't want you to think I am picking on you or anything with these recent messages but you need putting right on one point. You ask "how come the frontline is the only hooligan group that don't attack scarfers". They are,nt. Most"firms" do not condone this type of behaviour but there are always exceptions. Smifter, where do you have the right to call freddy "your sort", you are making some big assumptions there are'nt you. I_L_M_F, there is probably truth in both sides of this argument, make your own mind up lite fella, but don't fall into the trap of believing some of the sterotypical hypoe that is posted by some people on here.

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 22/5 15:48
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Stump it wasnt me

sasboro Posted on 22/5 15:50
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

just proved my point then that we dont need protecting if most mobs dont attack scarfers.

BTW, why dont the firms just be representing their town rather than the clubs? that way they can go around riddin to towns of the chavs on the streets. i'm sure beating up chavs outside shops will give them more street cred than making things awkward for scarfers

BoroMutt Posted on 22/5 16:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Everytime we get searched going into a ground, it's the fault of hoolies; everytime we get treated as a "football fans" rather than a citizen, it's the fault of hoolies; everytime we get shoved around by coppers rather than treat with civility it's the fault of hoolies; everytime we have to sit in segregated grounds, it's the fault of hoolies.

If the price of all that is so that we can be thankful when they fight each other instead of assaulting us then it is not a price that I for one am prepared to pay. Banning orders are too good for them. They have ruined many a game that I have attended and made following a football club something to be wary of admitting in certain situations. I have nothing but contempt for them.

stump_hole_lover Posted on 22/5 16:05
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Take your head out of your a_se long enough to fully comprehend what people are trying to say. With the most of the old school mobs, scarfers have nothing to fear, try reading some of the books, they are only interested in people of their own type. I think there is going to be problems in the future because on the "new" mobs ( Ala Nuneaton and coventry this year ) where you get a bunch of "chavs" to use your words who don't care wether your a scarfer or a hoollie. BTW sas, they are just as big a fan of MFC as you or anybody else on here, that where their loyalties are. I now lads who are on banning orders ( one got banned for falling asleep at this years fa semi!!) and they are absolutely gutted that they have missed these euro trips. Most have visited nearly every ground in this counrty and were long term season ticket holders so don't try and question their love of the boro. They maybe from a by-gone era but most will be back to support the boro when the bans have lapsed and will probably be still there when the crowds are back to below 10K.

Smifter Posted on 22/5 16:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

" Smifter, where do you have the right to call freddy "your sort

", Sas,
Take your head out of your a_se long enough to fully comprehend what people are trying to say. With the most of the old school mobs, scarfers have nothing to fear, try reading some of the books, they are only interested in people of their own type"

Type/sort same thing?

I arent questioning whether they are football supporters, they just shouldnt use football as their excuse to fight. Boromutt has it completely spot on.

UgoAfro Posted on 22/5 16:22
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Part of the reason that crowds were so low in the 80's was because this hooligan element was so rife at the time and families were afraid to go to the match. It's nothing to be proud of.

BoroMutt is spot on. It is the behaviour like this in the past that gives the authorities the justification to treat ALL football fans as scum. Things have improved a lot in the last 20 years but not everywhere as people found to their cost in Rome.

stump_hole_lover Posted on 22/5 16:31
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Smfter, by referring to freddy as "your sort" you are inferring that he is frontline, a broad sweeping statement.
Ugo, by blaming the low crowds on football violence , you are guilty of a thatcheresque simplistic view of the problems with football in the 80's.I could go into further detail but your blinkered views probably would'nt allow you to digest it.

holgateoldskool Posted on 22/5 16:32
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Well I've lost me flag I am sure you are a lot wiser about Frontline. It has certainly moved to be a very emotive issue !!!!

UgoAfro Posted on 22/5 16:34
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

s_h_l - if you take YOUR blinkers off you might notice that the first 4 words of my post were "Part of the reason".

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 22/5 16:37
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Aye Holgate Ive learnt my fair share and managed a century in doing so.

T_T_T_TEESSIDER Posted on 22/5 16:41
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

haha and also managed to try and join the boro youth eh flaggy?

sasboro Posted on 22/5 16:43
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

why cant all hooligans/frontline mobs and firms just go to watch the football and if they love fighting then join the army,take up boxing or karate? fact is, 99% of football fans do not want them there.

stump_hole_lover Posted on 22/5 17:08
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Fair enough Ugo. Missed that, trying to maintain a reasoned debate while working does that sometimes.
Sas,99%?? I think you might be suprised and as for joining the army taking up karate or boxing, think some do all three!!

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 22/5 18:29
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Not quite Teessider, I think ive said it enough times, that wasnt me.

vbomber Posted on 22/5 19:07
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Why don't you ra ra's read a book or two to get the idea.

The majority (and i say MAJORITY before someone posts about it) don't use Football as an excuse. The reason they are involved or should i say does it happen at Football is because its all down to reputation. As John says in the Frontline book 'he doesn't like the idea of someone strolling into his/our town thinking they can do what they want. If you don't understand now, then you never will. Hooligans arn't big bald headed thugs who just like fighting for the sake of it (although there are a few) but its more to do with the reputation. They feel the need to protect and serve the town and its name.

captain5 Posted on 22/5 19:10
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

That's quite patently a load of bollox.

The people who feel that they are 'protecting' the town are the exact same bunch who then go and become the instigators when they visit another team's town.

This isn't some sort of unlicenced security force. They're a bunch of lads who like a scrap and want to prove their masculinity, virility, whatever.

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manboobs69 Posted on 22/5 19:15
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"As John says in the Frontline book 'he doesn't like the idea of someone strolling into his/our town thinking they can do what they want." they stand on the a66 stopping and checking for cars from outside the area or do they tell people they arn't allowed to shop in a particular shop. what happens if the person is with someone from middlesbrough? Do they try to tell them which pubs they cant drink in. What ever happened to freedom of movement they all complain about after getting a banning order.

vbomber Posted on 22/5 19:15
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Like i said, if you don't understand now you never will.

When going away, they want show the other team they have a bigger/better reputation than them, its about showing up 'the home team' proving that they can't hold their own in THERE own town.

Read one of the books for fuk sake.


captain5 Posted on 22/5 19:17
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I'm quite glad I don't understand the motives to be honest.

I just find it funny to see the justifications that they and their apologists come out with.


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vbomber Posted on 22/5 19:21
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I like scrapping and wish i were still at school.

THANK FUK Winston Churchill didn't have the same attitude as you lot all them years ago or we'd all be fuked.

manboobs69 Posted on 22/5 19:22
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

winston churchill was in the frontline army

captain5 Posted on 22/5 19:25
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Stirring speech time......


"We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old."


"We'll give them the big un outside the station and then there's an off sorted with their boys on some wasteground. Keep an eye out for the rozzers."

vbomber Posted on 22/5 19:25
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


If it was upto you lot you would let anyone into the town and greet them with open arms 'come on, come on in, do what you want, take the pi55, we don't mind'

If someone walked into your house who you didn't know and tried to do what they liked, would you sit back and watch or put up a fight?

Thats how the HOOLIGANS feel about a Saturday afternoon if another team is coming to their town.

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marskephil Posted on 22/5 20:02
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

at the end of the day just remember 20 years ago when there was only a few thou going, them boys were there then and if it was'nt for the OB would be following Boro everywhere and not just for the big games so before you slag them off remember that there might not be a Boro now if it was'nt for there support back then, FACT

captain5 Posted on 22/5 20:04
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Bollox. They're part of what stopped a lot of people going.

When hooliganism was seen to be on the wane, attendances went back up. FACT.

manboobs69 Posted on 22/5 20:04
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Yep, dont thank Gibson for saving MFC thank the front line army

plof7 Posted on 22/5 20:05
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

v bomber your wasting your time mate with this lot.they just love their face paint and flasks.

captain5 Posted on 22/5 20:07
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

As long as we know that the sweeping generalisation works both ways, plof7.

marskephil Posted on 22/5 20:16
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

most of you lot won't remember Gibbo travelling to away matches and drinking in the same pubs as some of those lads and that didn't put him off, all I was saying is that before the Riverside mob started going there was only 4 or 5 thou there and these lads are now getting bollox from all the ra ra's which is totally unfair as like I said earlier there would be no club now as back then the club would not have survived without there following.

manboobs69 Posted on 22/5 20:18
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

bloody hell gibbo mixing with the frontline army. its liek the ultras at lazio

thesonofgod Posted on 22/5 20:19
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

did he not travel to away games in a red ferrari?

mda04rps Posted on 22/5 20:20
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

do any of the frontline still meet up or is it completely finished now? Surely some still go to games

marskephil Posted on 22/5 20:20
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


mda04rps Posted on 22/5 20:23
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

how many meet up now? Theres hardly any trouble now, apart from europe the last i saw was at leeds wen they were last in prem.

mda04rps Posted on 22/5 20:24
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

we wer taking the piss out of them wen ricketts was ripping them to bits 3-0. We prob deserved the missiles

mda04rps Posted on 22/5 20:31
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

do they still go to all the games? I avnt seen any real trouble at an away game for ages.

borosteve Posted on 22/5 22:28
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


manboobs69 Posted on 22/5 22:35
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Why not?what will happen?

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 15/6 0:53
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 0:57
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

this is your only one!

ive_lost_me_flag Posted on 15/6 0:58
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

I aint been posting as long as you and dont post as much as you. Sounded bad - edited.

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YodaTheCoder Posted on 15/6 7:55
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?


what a gem!

Block_15 Posted on 15/6 11:31
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

There's always going to be disagreements on this subject because there's two completely different type of people in question. Do you really think the Holgate end would have got it's reputation if it wasn't for these lads. I think the cost of going to football has priced the working class out, and is the reason why the atmosphere at the riverside is flat week in week out. Seems to be too many 'prawn sandwich' types, people who go because they can afford to and dont really feel passionate about the Boro. Obviously not all of the Boro fans are like this, every club has them. I don't think it's right to call these people criminals, fact is it was a way of life at football 70's, 80's and early 90's.

neilteesside Posted on 15/6 11:32
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

ayresome angels rule ok!!!

BoroMutt Posted on 15/6 11:33
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"I don't think it's right to call these people criminals" really? What term do you prefer for someone who breaks the law?

sasboro Posted on 15/6 11:38
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"I think the cost of going to football has priced the working class out"

where do you think the people who watch boro at the riverside stadium come from? surrey? riverside crowds are higher than at ayresome park so how can that be true?

XboroX Posted on 15/6 11:41
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

its like when you leave school you can talk bad on the cool/hard kids without fear of reprimand.

captain5 Posted on 15/6 11:42
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

"Most of the lads hold down very important jobs, and i can almost gurantee alot of them have a higher placed jobs than many of you."

Can't have been priced out of it surely??

glippy Posted on 15/6 12:33
re: Middlesbrough Frontline?

Still around and still with the 80's haircuts.

Link: Front Line