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ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:11
Summer Hornyness

Is it the onset of summer that has got the board all hot and bothered under the collar lately?

I mean, there was the clout thread, the rat thread, the thread about the CH5 show about rat, the steppy-smifter-esky love triangle, smifter offering me and monty a nip each.

It goes on!!!

This board is horny!

swordtrombonefish Posted on 24/5 0:12
re: Summer Hornyness

It's pissing down - perhaps it's horny rain.

Prince had Purple Rain, so why not?

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:12
re: Summer Hornyness

She offered you WHAT?

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:13
re: Summer Hornyness

HAHA I hoped you never knew about it!

I also now know that she has no nip piercings!!

Ask Monty, I'm not lying

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:19
re: Summer Hornyness

What I have noticed though is that it's not quite hot enough for the girls y.

We need the big fella upstairs to turn the heat up to get the ladies all hot and bothered...

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:21
re: Summer Hornyness

Yes we need some hunky men, that's the problem

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:22
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax, I introduce myself...

Link: Wink Wink

kazzaxxx Posted on 24/5 0:23
re: Summer Hornyness

yep jax is right

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:31
re: Summer Hornyness

Well I would seriously think about that one O.T.W.

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:34
re: Summer Hornyness

summer, oh the board is horny

stand up straight, then down on all fours

Mashed potatoes, where's the gravy baby?

We gave of the flower and said it was ours.

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:35
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy - WW

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:37
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh, yes. I can wax lyrical.

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:40
re: Summer Hornyness

Indeed you can, I am impressed. It didn't make any sense but it sounded ' chilled'

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:41
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:43
re: Summer Hornyness

Have you got any more?

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:45
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy, I want to have a go at you about your poems, but I find myself more and more inspired..

Steppy oh steppy your poetic gift is great
Your opening your heart in search of a mate
But you need to realise that doing it this way
Is convincing ohthenino that your a super-gay

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:46
re: Summer Hornyness

Rofl Nino

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:47
re: Summer Hornyness

fly me to the moon

In spite of the fact that I'm facing east.

I tried to steal one, but got beat up by goons

Swirling and moving like an arm in a cast

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:48
re: Summer Hornyness

Jesus he's started me off now,

Jax, i'm glad you like my thought
ALthough I'm sure a clasy heart like yours cannot be so easily bought
I find myself a wondering if in love with you I am
But then I remember your old enough to be me mam!!!

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:49
re: Summer Hornyness

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/5 0:50
re: Summer Hornyness


Get yer tits out for the boys
Get yer ti'its out for the boys

Not quite waxing lyrical but straight to the point I think you'll agree

Hangs head in shame

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ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:50
re: Summer Hornyness

Grumpy, nice!

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:51
re: Summer Hornyness

Get outta town Grumps

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:51
re: Summer Hornyness

wihout our jax

who then tried to feel my swollen balloons

Esky, Otters, Nino maybe

Do you long for fields of dandelions?

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:52
re: Summer Hornyness

Yet another bender offering from a mis-guided man
Surely he is in search of a ban
Stop him now before we are all sick
Steppy wants to give smifter a portion of his.....

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness

nino, my longing for a mate

It's fun to cover babes in pesto.

Heap loads of coleslaw onto your plate.

Will she come, I dont know

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness



stepat Posted on 24/5 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:55
re: Summer Hornyness

I don't mind admitting I'm in tears of laughter here

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:56
re: Summer Hornyness

Doubled over myself Nino

More, more, more!!!

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ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:56
re: Summer Hornyness

Where has Esky gone in search of more rat?
We all know he is a dirty horny tvvat
But fear not girls your way he does not come
For I heard a rumour he likes a bit of bum.

Sorry esk

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 24/5 0:59
re: Summer Hornyness

smifter i want your soul

such a marvelous clout, but it's no sink with out a spout

loins on fire in the depths of her hole...

She sighs her way in and shakes it about.

--- Post edited by stepat on 24/5 0:59 ---

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 0:59
re: Summer Hornyness

freethenorton7 has disappeared for now
He wins prize pri .ck and must take a bow
For all us board members bore the brunt
OF the horrible nasty little cu .nt

I'm geeting inspired now.

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 1:00
re: Summer Hornyness


jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:00
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Steppy but I'd edit that before she sees it if I were you

stepat Posted on 24/5 1:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Im gonna leave it

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 1:02
re: Summer Hornyness

Whilst we're talking of horny, I've just ordered this for me new bird...

Link: I wish THAT was my new bird...

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:04
re: Summer Hornyness

I rather like that myself. The cossie not the girl, I hasten to add.

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 1:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter offered monty and nino a portion of nip
And for all those who want action I'll give them this tip
Avoid poems like those of mr steppy n'that
And the lady will surely lob her rat

Have I gone too far?

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Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/5 1:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Young Boetang7 went to the Dam
In search of joy, to become a man
He hit the jackpot, he got the lot
Alas,his dick will wilt and rot

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:07
re: Summer Hornyness

lol u 2

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 1:07
re: Summer Hornyness


In search of wonderment did Adam go seek
He spotted a tranny and fancied a peek
He got a shock when he found himself bent
He'd promised himself no more nob for lent

stepat Posted on 24/5 1:09
re: Summer Hornyness

the board snatch

it sleeps like a chair upon a polished shelf

Make yourself rich, you squalid witch

while i play special games with myself

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jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:10
re: Summer Hornyness


I could just imagine you at one of those W.I. poetry reading afternoons with those.

stepat Posted on 24/5 1:11
re: Summer Hornyness

Will i be in trouble tomorrow?

Dare i continue?

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:12
re: Summer Hornyness

Yes and yes Steppy

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 1:12
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm nearly ready foe bed.

But fear not fellow muses, thou will return on the morrow to spout more bollox!

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 1:15
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh goodo then Nino - I shall look forward to your next offerings

and yours too Steppy

I think Grumps is on a roll now, so he'll fill the gap for a while

stepat Posted on 24/5 1:17
re: Summer Hornyness

esky dephiled smifter

Grave implicatations for all to tell

Moored amongst her heaving bifter

i must struggle to wipe off all this gel!

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/5 1:21
re: Summer Hornyness

I lost my cherry on Seaton beach
My lady mentor, she could teach
touch and feel with gentle hand
then give it big with manly gland

Felacious lust and hairy pie
for both bodies to satisfy
gentle love then frantic flourish
give and take your bodies nourish

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 24/5 1:24
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax, I'm only likkle
not very good at filling the gaps.

Not too bad at tikkling them though

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 12:50
re: Summer Hornyness

Afternoon all, has the sun made everyone even hornier??

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 14:53
re: Summer Hornyness

Well sod you then, no more poems from me!

northeastcorner Posted on 24/5 15:03
re: Summer Hornyness

at 18, your always horny, no matter what the weather is

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:00
re: Summer Hornyness

Well it's clear the board don't appreciate my writing,
Too busy arguing and fighting,
Fear not though though now I'm back,
Writing about BB, sportdaq and crack!

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:04
re: Summer Hornyness

Well thanks a lot for that nice try
not as good as eating pie,
not upex,petches or pukka,
Yes im a horny Big fukka!!

--- Post edited by big_galoot on 24/5 21:05 ---

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 21:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh goody, more poetry. Been looking forward to it all day Well since about 10 - 9 but you know what I mean

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:07
re: Summer Hornyness

Well thankyou galoot for joining in,
I too am horny and dreaming of quim,
Thinking of boobs, bums and clout,
Hoping Imogen gets her rat out!

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:08
re: Summer Hornyness

Hey jax! Might have ben a bit too naughty on that last one

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 24/5 21:08
re: Summer Hornyness

I got a barmaid from The Navi in the back of my Vauxhall Viva

She had massive melons and I wanted to bang her beaver

She had real bad breath and a dose of the pox

I ripped off her thong and her sweaty socks and rattled my potatoes against her dirtbox

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:08
re: Summer Hornyness

.....Goes to play with his iambic pentameters!!

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:11
re: Summer Hornyness

Well Charlotte Church is the girl of my dreams,
like to cover her in squirty cream,
and if that puff Henson gets in the way
ill tear him another asshole,yay!!

stepat Posted on 24/5 21:11
re: Summer Hornyness

I think i got myself into enough trouble last night

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 21:12
re: Summer Hornyness

In the interests of 'Art' we'll let that pass this time Nino

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:16
re: Summer Hornyness

jax has decided to ignore my dirt,
I always knew she was a horny flirt,
She wants a pice of ohtheway now,
But I'm gonna try to resist the filthy cow.



ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:17
re: Summer Hornyness

So what happened with steppy and smifter,
Did he get a peek of her bifter,
He's obsessed and becoming a prowler,
All to see the ladies growler.

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:23
re: Summer Hornyness

I know ull think im such a ham,
but i love ladies bearded clam,
u ladies might think all this is folly,
wait till i show u my pork lolly!!

Someone tell me to stop please!!

stepat Posted on 24/5 21:30
re: Summer Hornyness

Out of order nino

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:32
re: Summer Hornyness


Do I need to edit?

stepat Posted on 24/5 21:33
re: Summer Hornyness

What do you think?


manboobs69 Posted on 24/5 21:34
re: Summer Hornyness

There is far too much sexual frustrations on this thread, why dont some of you get together.

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:35
re: Summer Hornyness

manboobs, you offering like

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:40
re: Summer Hornyness

manboobs is after some gay frolocking,
but nino's dad will give him a bollocking,
I just can't get involved with gays n'that
Just please serve me up a nice rat.

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:45
re: Summer Hornyness

Time to raise the tone a bit....
I wandered lonely as a cloud,
that floats on high oer vales n hills
then all at once i saw a crowd,
a host of golden muffs!

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 21:47
re: Summer Hornyness

@ Nino

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:49
re: Summer Hornyness

A softly of foot I wandered,
Through golden fields and a sparrow did chirp,
Lonely as a cloud in a blue sky
Collecting ones thoughts on love

That shoite is gay, I'm talking about rats again next!

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 21:49
re: Summer Hornyness

Come on jax, give us a dirty offering

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 24/5 21:55
re: Summer Hornyness

She wore big knickers and she worked at the sewage farm.
Got my hands down her jeans and I nearly lost half my arm.

But after ten pints, she looked quite fit,
Couldn't wait to get my hands on her flabby tits.

Slap that and ride the ripples,
just got to get my gob round her greasy nipples.

Flabby arse, sweaty breasts,
thirty eight chins, she was a mound of flesh.

Curvey Curly, she eats a lot of pies,
Curvey Curly, she's got enormous thighs,
Curvey Curly, have you smelled her breath?
Curvey Curly, she'd crush a man to death.

big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:57
re: Summer Hornyness

U and curls fallen out monty?

manboobs69 Posted on 24/5 21:58
re: Summer Hornyness

she dumped him

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 24/5 21:58
re: Summer Hornyness

Eh ?

Im wooing her.


big_galoot Posted on 24/5 21:59
re: Summer Hornyness

......makes notes.....

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 24/5 22:00
re: Summer Hornyness

Although if Curlz wants to fall out I certainly wouldnt stand in her way

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 22:10
re: Summer Hornyness



I bow to your superiour musings!

OI, JAX................

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 22:34
re: Summer Hornyness

The board has gone all mad on jax,
This FAO has been done to the max,
Lets get back to talking about poon,
Lets not forget the rat thread so soon,
We are horny and we want some love,
And non-smelly growlers that smell of Dove!

stepat Posted on 24/5 22:49
re: Summer Hornyness

clouts rats growlers

we all wish to be friends with assorted fresh fish

dream of flesh and Navy trawlers.

if covered just slightly with relish

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 24/5 22:52
re: Summer Hornyness

Not all my own work Ohtheway, infact apart from the odd tweek here and there none of it is

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 22:53
re: Summer Hornyness

Monty, shame on you! I used to respec.....Did I fook

Stepat - nice work!

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:10
re: Summer Hornyness

smifter smifter smifter my belle

I shall go and weep in my maternal shed.

Reality is a staircase leading to nowhere

like a mosquito resting on my eroding bed

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 23:13
re: Summer Hornyness

Your poems do say such a lot Steppy - very deep

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:14
re: Summer Hornyness

jax I'm still waiting for ANY contribution from you, come on lady you know you wanna!

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:14
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 24/5 23:15
re: Summer Hornyness

Maybe when I have stopped laffing Nino

I couldn't hope to top you guys' efforts though.

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:24
re: Summer Hornyness

Go on give it a go.

I've dried up me like, I'm out for the night!

The day shift never liked it anyway, the nobs!

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:25
re: Summer Hornyness

nino thinks, he probes. controvesy

Pundit plots of putrid poetry

he asks of me, he scorns

Whilst opening and closing moss-covered doors

obsessed he says with a grin

He ate all the houseflies I wouldn't let in

talks about cricket

i hate when you drool and act like a chipstick

leave me, and her, to be

and sadly seeming,even armour can't protect me

he will decide my fate

He who cast the first stone will masterbate

manboobs69 Posted on 24/5 23:26
re: Summer Hornyness

You all seem a good laugh, does anyone fancy meeting up for a few beers and take in a world cup game in the pub?

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Are you still trying to pull me manboobs

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:30
re: Summer Hornyness

steppy has finally lost it and gone mad
His writing is so gay and getting bad
He is strong though, and can take a knock
Even when I laugh when he writes about co ck
Oh steppy fear not and follow your goals
But stop fantasising about Smifters h.l.s

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 24/5 23:30 ---

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:31
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino a good laugh? FFS He's a bloody idiot. Im a sexually deviant pervert stalking a girl 12 years my junior. Are you sure about this?

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:33
re: Summer Hornyness


Manboobs i would be happy to share a pint with you

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:34
re: Summer Hornyness

Yeah, steppy is a proper perv.

I'm an agressive attention seeker who keeps on getting banned, who likes arguments and controversy. and is horny as hell!

Sure you want that drink?!?!

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:42
re: Summer Hornyness

Ok, Manboobs. We'll meet for a drink.

Ohtheway will be wearing his 'I hate Asians' T-Shirt. I will be in the 'Groomers R Us' Hoodie.

--- Post edited by stepat on 24/5 23:43 ---

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:45
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat PMSL @ those clothes!

Manboobs, mine's a Guiness Extra Cold. What yer having steppy?

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 24/5 23:46 ---

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:49
re: Summer Hornyness

I'll Have a Stella, please. And a slush puppy for my lady friend.

ohtheway Posted on 24/5 23:51
re: Summer Hornyness

I've got tears in my eyes steppy!

Can I have a pint of curry as well please...

FFS anyone who thinks that's offensive it's a joke!!!

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 24/5 23:52 ---

stepat Posted on 24/5 23:54
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 25/5 0:27
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat steprat

so why does my smile melt with the confusion?

a thousand roses adorn your rat

prisons: obey your reflection

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Can't believe the dayshift shunned our poems again, the benders!

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 25/5 21:22
re: Summer Hornyness

Too busy putting the world to rights.

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:23
re: Summer Hornyness

Your right Monty, I've noticed that.

Dayshift for the serious stuff
Nightshift for the fun

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 25/5 21:26
re: Summer Hornyness

A fitting anthem...........

Gypsy woman told me
Iíve got to walk the night
Like a fallen angel,
Iím blinded by the light.
I need to find a love child,
Who never did no wrong.
A superstitious woman
To love me all night long.

Let me love you.

My heart beats like a hammer,
Iím scared of being alone,
I never thought Iíd see the day
Iíd curse when I was born.
Caught up in a fever, running hot ín cold,
I need a sweet young woman
To satisfy my soul.

Let me love you.

Nighthawk, nighthawk
Shadow of the light,
A loner in the city streets
Crying in the night.
Nighthawk, nighthawk
Howling at the sky,
When the moon is on the rise
Youíll hear the nighthawk cry.

Let me love you, let me love you.

Let me love you, let me love you, let me love you.

Gypsy woman told em
Iíve got to walk the night,
Like a fallen angel
Iím blinded by the light.
Caught up in a fever running hot íní cold,
Need a sweet young woman to satisfy my soul.

Let me love you.

Nighthawk, nighthawk
Shadow of the light,
A loner in the city streets
Crying in the night.
Nighthawk, nighthawk
Howling at the sky,
When the moon is on the rise
Youíll hear the nighthawk cry.

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:27
re: Summer Hornyness


Would be even more impressed if I actually thought you wrote it.

I might try to write a long one.


--- Post edited by ohtheway on 25/5 21:27 ---

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 25/5 21:39
re: Summer Hornyness

That one is actually all my own work

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:46
re: Summer Hornyness

The summer draws closer every day
Its getting harder to keep the hormones at bay,
The heat is rising, its getting hot
Almost time for the ladies to lob their mot,
But before te girls get out their haven
Let them ensure they are nicely shaven,
For a hairy rat we do not like
Unless she's the prized village bike,
For a village bike will not let you down
She'll even let you invade the brown,
And now the men are getting stiff
For the ladies have shaven their fishy biff,
Fear not the hornyness is brewing
Shortly all the board will be a screwing!


--- Post edited by ohtheway on 25/5 21:47 ---

stepat Posted on 25/5 21:52
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:53
re: Summer Hornyness

Go on steppy, beat that one!

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 25/5 21:54
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppys chatting up the Smifter
Eskeys puking in the street,
Steppy couldn't pull a muscle,
Smifter gave me crabs the other week
Get the ale in, swill it down, have a drink in every pub in town
Flash the ash, ohtheways crashed
Half past ten -its Monyts Round

Beer, beer, we want more beer, all the lads are cheering:
Monty get the beer in.'

You've got veins in your bodies
We've got Boddies in our veins
We'll outdrink anybody
Then we'll go and do it all again.

ohtheway Posted on 25/5 21:56
re: Summer Hornyness


Still no jax though, she's still pretending to be a prude

stepat Posted on 25/5 22:02
re: Summer Hornyness

Monty, top stuff.

Not sure I can, Nino

stepat Posted on 27/5 0:56
re: Summer Hornyness

I like to Dog

life is such a lonely open road

I want Nino, over an oaky log

i would kiss him but he's too much of a toad

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

very bohemian Steppy

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 0:58
re: Summer Hornyness


stepat Posted on 27/5 0:58
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter's gone, Nino is next

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Now we take a new track
Ater which we can never go back,
For Steppy wants to dog in the open
But nino will not get his schvincter broken,
But going public it is
We're all gonna get covered in jizz.

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:02
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:05
re: Summer Hornyness


stepat Posted on 27/5 1:06
re: Summer Hornyness

My heart yearns

watching homosexual pigeons

for little spots, that itch and burn.

a cup filled with clouds of memories

smifter left me, elnino will do

dogging, baby. Join the crew

She betrayed me, with her bifter

Come on Nino, et tu Smifter

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:06
re: Summer Hornyness

jax this thread can never rest until you contribute.

Its like a ghost thread wandering rivals at night, waiting for fulfillment!

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:07
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy LMFAO

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:08
re: Summer Hornyness

I can't write anything for laffing at you guys. I sit here in hysterics at the stuff you write.

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:10
re: Summer Hornyness

We need jax to write some stuff
Not neccesarily about her muff,
For we men are not that thick
We know jaxy likes big d..k.

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:10
re: Summer Hornyness

I think I may have just jumped over the line!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:12
re: Summer Hornyness

Yes Nino, I think you just might have

Somehow though, I can't believe that we are the only peeps reading this thread but no one else seems to want to own up

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:14
re: Summer Hornyness

I posted a link the other day on this thread to that bird in the jungle outfit.

Well the other day at work I spotted a member of staff of where I work with the girl as his desktop.

I asked him where he got it. He said off this thread! He is not registered, just said he reads this every day pishing himself laughing.

Anthony, when you read this - GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:16
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino, sack him! Go on just for the sheer hell of it

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:18
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL bit harsh!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:19
re: Summer Hornyness

Nah it's not - he should be working not reading this thread

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:21
re: Summer Hornyness

he saw the line

like damp rising to the mountain top

And finally decided on a solution fair

cross it till admin make him stop

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:23
re: Summer Hornyness

Deep steppy, very deep!

Well this thread has gone a bit Brokeback Mountain
Fels like we've all been drinking from the gaylord fountain,
The creative juice are now a flowing
And young Boateng_7's rectum is still red and glowing,
For he a took a banging from a Duth Tranny
And now he's a afraid to seek lotion of his Mammy!

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:25
re: Summer Hornyness

I think I might sack him actually, just for a laugh.

Anth, get in my office NOW

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:25
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy, we'll have to get you a pair of jesus sandals and hire you out to the W.I.

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:25
re: Summer Hornyness

can i taste your clout?

Jax, it sucks and spits and rears its head

C'mon Nino Twist and Shout

I tied him and ate him and gave him head

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:26
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh rofl

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:29
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:32
re: Summer Hornyness

So just the three of us on this thread
Maybe time for this menage a trois to hop into bed,
Steppy, Nino and jaxy in the middle
Everyone gets a sneaky fiddle,
jax is in heaven she realises a dream
But she doesn't know where the blokes have been,
For steppy is a sly old fox
He's only riddled with nob pox,
But nino is ready for this mammoth task
And prepares to empty his jizzz flask.

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:34
re: Summer Hornyness

Good stuff

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:35
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm just gaging jax's reaction now, the line is getting further away!

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:35
re: Summer Hornyness

a sneaky fiddle

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:39
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm laffing so much it hurts Nino you are a nutter!

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:41
re: Summer Hornyness

hahaha I'm doing my best!!

Nearly bed time now like, creative juices are running low!

MsCurly Posted on 27/5 1:42
re: Summer Hornyness

*partakes in a bit of voyeurism*

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:43
re: Summer Hornyness

Welcome Curly!!

Go on, get all poetic and dirty on us!

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:48
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino's juices running low

He'll blame the Asians as we know

he's after jax, whats wrong with that

wants to see her baldy rat

when he's there, will he stop?

take this thread right to the top

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:50
re: Summer Hornyness

ROFL Steppy, PMSL.


That is me done for the night, catch you peeps later!!

MsCurly Posted on 27/5 1:50
re: Summer Hornyness

I wandered lonely as a clout,
Devoid of the love of a rampant spout.
I remain uncovered,
I long to be smothered.
By a big hairy fella,
With a fondness for nutella.'s very late you know.

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 1:51
re: Summer Hornyness


See jax, that's what I've been looking for!

stepat Posted on 27/5 1:51
re: Summer Hornyness


Night Nino

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 1:52
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Steppy

Night night Nino, sleep well and pleasant dreams great stuff again!

LOL @ you Curls How are you today?

MsCurly Posted on 27/5 2:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Sweet dreams el ohtheway, x.

Hello steppy and jax. I'm alrighty sweetie, ya do what ya have to do to get by.......n'est pas?

It helps if there's a handsome man with a family sized jar of nutella and a spatula of course. Although I have to say, the spatula is just to get me up off this seat.

Sorry to peek in and then run, but if I don't get some beauty sleep soon, I'm in grave danger. I looked in the mirror earlier and say Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall looking back at me. Scary.

Take care peeps and night night, x.

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 2:03
re: Summer Hornyness

Indeed so Curly. Glad you are ok

Sleep well and pleasant dreams, night night xxx You take care.

ohtheway Posted on 27/5 15:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Well another day is dawning
Tired board members are still yawning,
LAst night Curly lobbed her literate filth
Proving once and for all she is a milf,
Now we wait with baited breath for jax
To follow Curly's horny tracks,
We want to hear about bush, rat or nob
But not about women on the blob!

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:33
re: Summer Hornyness

Ill drum something up now, did you see my latest offering from this afternoon? The day shift shunned it again!

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:35
re: Summer Hornyness

And back to the FMTTM board I arrive
Religious talk is like kicking a bee hive,
Yet we have right to mock
Steppy has revealed jesus sucked (ock,
And still the blind doth follow
Even though the big guy did swallow!

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:36
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:38
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:40
re: Summer Hornyness

Tonight I met my new lady
I spoke of her as "baby",
From this language it's obvious to tell
That nino was horny as hell,
But despite my romance and that
I never got to see the rat,
For this girl will not lob it easy
And I cannot act all sleazy.

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:40
re: Summer Hornyness

Take no notice of the day shift Nino, someone asked the other day if there were two seperate entities - day and night shift and there are. They very rarely add to threads from the night shift and rarely visit at night. I don't know why that is but it's very odd in a way.

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:41
re: Summer Hornyness

Is that a true story, nino?

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:42
re: Summer Hornyness

Very true steppy, from the heart my man!

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:43
re: Summer Hornyness

True story about the day shift jaxy, they are obviously not horny like us nighters

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:45
re: Summer Hornyness

My revelations were not meant to shock

Jesus, true, did suck cock

He hang on the cross to teach us a lesson

All the time, wanting a session

Like nino, he got no rat

He said to John 'swallow', but he spat

The masses will never admit he was gay

Is this how i drove smifter away?

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:46
re: Summer Hornyness

hahahahaha quality

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:46
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino, my storm, you send my heart all a flutter,
do you fancy a tumble
if so, fetch the butter

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:48
re: Summer Hornyness

Sheer genius Steppy

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:48
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:50
re: Summer Hornyness

For all the disciples did gather on mass
To discuss jesus's fondness of ass,
The apostles were sick of jesus being rude
And never offering to apply some lube,
Jesus just sat there taking the mick
Looking at John, Peter and Dave and yearning for dlck,
And Mary Magdelene sat their not scratching her fan.ny
For the alleged wife of the lord was a tranny.

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:50
re: Summer Hornyness


I'll write a response now!

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:51
re: Summer Hornyness

That's brill

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:52
re: Summer Hornyness

Let's all laugh at Jesus

Let's all laugh at Jesus

La La La La

La La La La

My God, Im in trouble

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness

And jaxy's love of nino was finally revealed
And nino stood there naked, his clothes already peeled,
Nino thought jax was a horny nutter
As she stood there holding the butter,
SO nino lay on the bed
Waiting for the butter to be spread,
And nino realised he could never be a bender
As the butter was spread on his throbbing member.

I can't stand up

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm mocking the bearded tosspiece as well steppy!!!

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 28/5 0:55 ---

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:55
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino top stuff

Mary Magdelene turns me on a bit, is that weong?

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 0:55
re: Summer Hornyness


stepat Posted on 28/5 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

I hope my daughter doesnt copy and paste this and take it to school

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:58
re: Summer Hornyness

Nah its OK steppy, I bet many a muse has shook one out over Mary, she's the forbidden fruit.

What DOES worry me though, is you say this after I reveal she is a tranny???

Questions have to be asked!

stepat Posted on 28/5 0:59
re: Summer Hornyness

Well if it's good enough for the big man

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 0:59
re: Summer Hornyness

"Mr Stepat, it's Ms Trunchbull here, your daughter missy stepats headmistress. Can we talk please, specifically about your double life on the internet.........................."

FFS that would be awkward

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Yes that would put a whole new complexion on show and tell

stepat Posted on 28/5 1:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Ha yes. I can see the headlines now, stepat exposed as pervert, calls christ a bummer

--- Post edited by stepat on 28/5 1:12 ---

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:04
re: Summer Hornyness

I think the main job would keeping it away from the mother in law!!

True story - one morning my best mate's son took a dirty mag that was left on my mate's nightstand from the night before and took it to his bed.

My mate wakes up, realises the rag is gone and panicks. He flies off into his sons room, and find the young 8 year old flicking though the pages.

Now daddy basically tries everything to keep the kid quiet, but later that day his uncle is over and said son happens to mention he saw a mag with ladies sucking mens tails!!!

My mate is so scared the mother in law will find out he has to buy him a playstation to silence him!!

PMSL when he told me, 100% true as well!

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 28/5 1:05 ---

stepat Posted on 28/5 1:05
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:06
re: Summer Hornyness

steppy, what happened to your alter ego, steprat???

--- Post edited by ohtheway on 28/5 1:07 ---

stepat Posted on 28/5 1:07
re: Summer Hornyness

It was chboro.

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:09
re: Summer Hornyness

Was he jax_2 as well?

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:13
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino having fetched the butter
and setting jax heart more a flutter
drew out his weapon and bared his bum
and said this evening i shall proudly cum
and with that ... and bread bun raised
he jiggy'd on with knee caps grazed
till all at last a deep deep sigh
and the moment he'd waited for was nigh
urged on and on, at frantic pace
he missed the target and shot on jax face

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:15
re: Summer Hornyness



stepat Posted on 28/5 1:15
re: Summer Hornyness

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:16
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy, I'll let you have a sniff!

I'm so happy!

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:16
re: Summer Hornyness

Can I edit that now please

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:17
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:13 Email this Message | Edit
re: Summer Hornyness


Nino having fetched the butter
and setting jax heart more a flutter
drew out his weapon and bared his bum
and said this evening i shall proudly cum
and with that ... and bread bun raised
he jiggy'd on with knee caps grazed
till all at last a deep deep sigh
and the moment he'd waited for was nigh
urged on and on, at frantic pace
he missed the target and shot on jax face

You can try

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:19
re: Summer Hornyness

Oi!!! That's not fair

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax, having read most of my previous musings, I do believe you have just exceeded them all for filth!!!!!!!


jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:22
re: Summer Hornyness


Oh I'm embarrassed even more now!

stepat Posted on 28/5 1:26
re: Summer Hornyness

The shocked symbol cannot convey how shocked I am

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:27
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm so shocked I'm not even playing with myself anymore!

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:30
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh guys, no don't say that. I can still feel myself blushing

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:31
re: Summer Hornyness

Only joking jax, it was pure genius!!!

Curly will be proud!

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:33
re: Summer Hornyness

And with her horny thoughts does jax shock
Nino still has his head up her frock,
She need not worry about being horny and stuff
FOr nino has ravished on her musky muff,
And in love nino now is
Whilst jax removes the facial jizz!

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:36
re: Summer Hornyness

@ you

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:47
re: Summer Hornyness

Well lets ignore all that bollox going on, this is where the laughs are!!!

stepat Posted on 28/5 1:49
re: Summer Hornyness

I'm off to bed now.

Thanks you guys!

More hornyness tomorrow

ohtheway Posted on 28/5 1:51
re: Summer Hornyness

Keep my side warm steppy

That was for the benefit of the religious nob!!!

Laters, I'm off shortly as well. Gonna print jax's post first like

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:51
re: Summer Hornyness

Night steppy pleasnant dreams - sleep well

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:54
re: Summer Hornyness

No Nino you can't do that!

Night night you too, pleasant dreams, sleep tight

Pubtonic Posted on 28/5 1:54
re: Summer Hornyness


markofdboro Posted on 28/5 1:55
re: Summer Hornyness

jax your a cyber flirt

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:56
re: Summer Hornyness


They made me do it - it was all their fault!

markofdboro Posted on 28/5 1:57
re: Summer Hornyness

yer yer

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 1:57
re: Summer Hornyness

@ Mark

markofdboro Posted on 28/5 1:59
re: Summer Hornyness

there you have done it you made me cry

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 2:03
re: Summer Hornyness

Really Mark, I am an innocent girl, they have goaded me all week to do that.

markofdboro Posted on 28/5 2:04
re: Summer Hornyness

its all just fun well most of it

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 2:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Yeah Mark, you'll find as you go along on here though that there are a few who aren't quite so nice. I have my moments admittedly but usually only in the face of severe provocation. Like with Chboro earlier - I can't stand liars like him.

markofdboro Posted on 28/5 2:08
re: Summer Hornyness

chboro i have seen him online whats the prob?

markofdboro Posted on 28/5 2:10
re: Summer Hornyness

like when i asked why it was slow on a tue still not sure?

jax_1 Posted on 28/5 2:16
re: Summer Hornyness

its on the catholic thread towards the bottom, i won't go into the full story but you'll get the giste. Now he's trying to make out like he called the shots - nothing of the sort and he's done it in a most ungentlemanly way too. He's full of bull anyway. i think most peeps on here are starting to realise that now.

As for Tuesdays on the board - for some reason the board always breaks down on a Tuesday. It breaks down on all the other days too but even worse on a tuesday. hence we used to have a tuesday board, which is now the eindhoven board/big brother board.
That was how I knew that you were a noob to the site cos you didn;t know that.

yeah_man Posted on 28/5 2:53
re: Summer Hornyness

i suppose sometimes its the best you can get. doom.

juninholegend Posted on 29/5 0:26
re: Summer Hornyness

I don't know ANY of these people but this is funny!

manboobs69 Posted on 29/5 7:56
re: Summer Hornyness

So have anyone on this thread met up and put their summer hornyness to good use or just still letting their keyboard take the frustrations.Maybe you should all meet up before the next home game and get a hotel room at the hospitality in

ohtheway Posted on 5/6 21:45
re: Summer Hornyness

I can't believe this thread died!!!

elnino1 Posted on 5/6 21:51
re: Summer Hornyness

And now elnino is back
Jax will soon been back in his sack,
And steppy is also running free
But is he as horny as me?

elnino1 Posted on 5/6 23:06
re: Summer Hornyness

Just a small note jax, just gaging interest before I start off on one again!

Any sign of steppy?

jax_1 Posted on 5/6 23:06
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino

It somehow seemed wrong to add to add to it

elnino1 Posted on 5/6 23:07
re: Summer Hornyness

Ohhh, you've ben waiting for me???

stepat Posted on 5/6 23:17
re: Summer Hornyness

The board is still horny

Elnino's rhymes so corny

I wish he was banned

And my toilet was without leaks

thrashing in the throes of death they are the damned

I cannot think, I cannot speak

what about cricket

and asked ever so gently, "do I really have to suckit?"

what the hell im glad he's back

With a week's worth of smack

Broke into a million bits

still elnino's off his tits

With Jax he would know not what to do

in a daze

he couldn' wait for orgasm to begin

But why do I sit here all alone....On my green recycle bin


elnino1 Posted on 5/6 23:46
re: Summer Hornyness

ROFL Steppy, nice!!!

I'm all welled up now, there was some love in there!!!

stepat Posted on 5/6 23:47
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 5/6 23:48
re: Summer Hornyness

great stuff Steppy well done. You haven't lost the knack

elnino1 Posted on 5/6 23:50
re: Summer Hornyness

Glad to see step is glad I'm back
He wants to give my arse a smack,
But I'm holding him at bay
For I am not a bender-gay,
Never seen a post with such emotion
Steppy is a homo with such devotion,
For he is determined to turn me to the dark side
But my jacksy will not stretch that wide,
There is a fact he needs to face
He will ever enter my smelly brown place!


stepat Posted on 5/6 23:52
re: Summer Hornyness

HaHa. Superb, elnino

stepat Posted on 6/6 0:12
re: Summer Hornyness

If jax wont be horny, i guess i must

Elnino's cock oozing is puss

throbbing member, wandering freely

If I told you you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?

We drank away the best part of the day

But like a small womble from Norway, you are so gay

You cannot rhyme, you cannot rap

dripping bundles of constructivist crap

Your pathetic tones reach so far

All the time, wanting my brown star

I guess, right now, you will try to mock

I say to you, suck my cock

elnino1 Posted on 6/6 8:59
re: Summer Hornyness


jax_1 Posted on 6/6 9:10
re: Summer Hornyness

"Like a small womble from Norway"

Morning Nino

elnino1 Posted on 6/6 9:11
re: Summer Hornyness

Good morning my lady, what you upto today?

Smifter Posted on 6/6 12:42
re: Summer Hornyness

Dear oh dear, some of my "friends" went way over the line...

Why does smifter have to rhyme wth bifter

stepat Posted on 7/6 0:52
re: Summer Hornyness

Stepa.T rules

Young girls, so what?

Elnino is jealous

smifter is hot

Talks about gash, he dont get no rat.

I made time to speak to you so what

racist tvvat

Just cos i love you

Dont mock me so

we all know on FMTTM

Your lass is a Ho

On the board, I am the stud

All the time, pulling your pud

Kneel before me

and bow to the king

my rhymes are fresh

Yours merely ming

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 0:54
re: Summer Hornyness


Very "black rap" that rhyme, lots of aggression!

And I missed smifters comments!!! Happy days, she gets to see your smut steppy.

"why does smifter rhyme with bifter" ROFL

stepat Posted on 7/6 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

I only wish she felt the same way. Where is she?

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 0:57
re: Summer Hornyness

Poor effort steppy, you can't diss me
Now I'll let the aggression run free,
You are a grooming tvvat
And the ladies know your nob is not fat,
We've all heard about you
It's not thick enough to fill any foo,
Not shut your mouth, and show some respect
Or another lyrical beating you can expect.

--- Post edited by elnino1 on 7/6 0:58 ---

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 0:58
re: Summer Hornyness


I reckon she's grooming the bifter

stepat Posted on 7/6 1:02
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 7/6 1:08
re: Summer Hornyness

rofl @ you guys

stepat Posted on 7/6 1:13
re: Summer Hornyness

smifter, im sorry

My stalking scared you away

I know your skin is nice and furry.

I'm sat in my night vision goggles, what do you say?

I saw you order chips

They didnt go to your hips

You eyes are sexy, but i love your lips

Please come back, i promise to be good

Will even stay out of your neighbourhood

My aim is to groom you

bit im not fussy

Just give me some of that hot smifter pussy

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 1:15
re: Summer Hornyness

onthemap Posted on 7/6 1:18
re: Summer Hornyness

What in gods name is this thread about.

stepat Posted on 7/6 1:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Its my birthday tomorrow and Im feeling lucky

Is Smifter around? I want sucky sucky

She may not agree, I dont care

I'll track her down and pull ger hair

I know she likes me, ive seen her banter

Of the FMTTM boys, i win at a canter

She plays hard to get

Thats ok

Im here waiting, ready to play

onthemap Posted on 7/6 1:22
re: Summer Hornyness

Why does anyone humour this ... or is it a (very poor) joke?

jax_1 Posted on 7/6 1:22
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL @ Mappy

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 1:23
re: Summer Hornyness

onthemap, would you prefer milk with those cornflakes rather than pish?

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 1:24
re: Summer Hornyness

Nice steppy, although I'm sure smifter is gonna be after your blood!

onthemap Posted on 7/6 1:25
re: Summer Hornyness

no cant even comment - and you lady!

jax_1 Posted on 7/6 1:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Some of it is really funny though Mappy. Honestly, pure genius at times.

As for my own little contribution - it was their fault, they made me do it

elnino1 Posted on 7/6 1:34
re: Summer Hornyness


jax_1 Posted on 7/6 1:35
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter Posted on 8/6 13:43
re: Summer Hornyness

"Is Smifter around I want sucky sucky"

How are you single again with that patter how can the girls simply resist?

jax_1 Posted on 8/6 23:57
re: Summer Hornyness

Mappy has a problem

With what, I dont know.

He choked on a pastie, should have bought a coke

he doesnt like us horny

but encourages John to go and poke.......

Jax is ok, she often makes me laugh

Just dont venture into John's seedy caff

Back to Mappy- the man who loves to scorn

Unlike the rest of us-

He just doesnt have the horn

He has some obvious issues

That's fine, he might be gay

Just come out of the closet

Or let the rest of us play

Yoiu wanted some rap?

Right now i will get down

Get my muthafckin Uzi

And shoot your misery down.

Mappy is a tuesser, lets hear the shout

Girls of the board- come on he needs some clout.

By Steppy

--- Post edited by jax_1 on 9/6 0:01 ---

stepat Posted on 8/6 23:58
re: Summer Hornyness

Elnino attempts to rhyme

Link: Bender

jax_1 Posted on 8/6 23:58
re: Summer Hornyness

An Ode To Steppy

Not happy Mappy, why so sad?
Steppy's poetry isn't that bad.
He talks of lust and sex and stuff
and even poor smifters chuff.

If all the world it was a stage,
the outward pouring of his rage,
through pen and ink and written prose
would save him from paying all those ho's.

He's been to see the doctor now,
and he did wipe Steppy's fevered brow,
and his medicine has started to work,
so in no more hedges will he lurk.

Of course these are just early days
and all could change, in many ways
but for now, we let him be
cos it is his birthday, today, you see.

By Jax

jax_1 Posted on 8/6 23:59
re: Summer Hornyness

Mappy is a cock

It's there, you see it's true

He has no sense of humour

He hasnt got a clue

He comes on here- full of moan and winge

All the time, needing some minge

By Steppy

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:00
re: Summer Hornyness

The thread that just keeps on giving!!!

Jax, your offerings are quality as well!

I'm waiting for mappy to indulge.....

stepat Posted on 9/6 0:00
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:04
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino, you are also way too kind but thanks anyway.

Well we tried to get Mappy to join in last night but he wouldn't Am sure he could write some good stuff to if he tried

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:07
re: Summer Hornyness

We are awaiting to confirm mappy's gender
For he is acting like a stroppy bender,
He should show us his poetic gift
To prevent their being a rift,
For steppy and nino have already shown
That when we want, his ass we will own,
For he cannot compete with our writing
Instead he just keeps on biting,
And all the more we shall mock
His apparent fondness for (ock,
He should cheer up and join in on the thread
And in retutn I'll let him have a go with jax in me bed,
For jax is dirty little pooch
Who is always sharing her cooch,
Nino and steppy have both had a go
But preferred her deep sloppy blow,
For as we have all read she will easily follow
And do as she is told and gulp and gag and then swallow

Now I realise I might be in a different planet to the line on this one, so my disclaimer is as follows:

I didn't mean it

stepat Posted on 9/6 0:13
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter, Im sorry

This I have to say

I should have done my wooing

In a more subtle way

Your skin isnt furry, it's beautiful and soft

I would like to hide away

stroking it in my loft

Im talking of your skin, in case youe wonder

When i sat next to you

My heart was beating like thunder

If i remember right, it was in the Woody

Im a fool, a chipstick, just like Jade Goody

I couldnt say hello

Cos of the things i said

I hang my head in shame

When i think of it i turn red

I hope there is a time

When i can make ammends

Smifter, forgive me

Can we now be friends?

(note the respect shown- no clouts, bifters etc)

manboobs69 Posted on 9/6 0:17
re: Summer Hornyness

have you both not shagged yet?

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter oh smifter
Why does it have to rhyme with bifter,
Don't listen to the lying get
Listen to your uncle nino my pet,
For he is currently upside down on your washing line
Stroking his beast, thinking your looking fine,
Don't be wooed by his wicked ways
He looks to add you to his limited number of lays,
Keep your dignity and don't get out any flesh
For nino, keep your body supple and fresh,
For we know we have this special bond
Even though my mind is as mucky as a Park End Pond.

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jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:23
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino @ you offering my body out on loan

LOL at other stuff though you guys

manboobs69 Posted on 9/6 0:25
re: Summer Hornyness

So jax is still available?

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:25
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax, you know I would never do that..

I couldn't get any takers

stepat Posted on 9/6 0:28
re: Summer Hornyness

I have shagged Nino and he is nothing to write home about. And his sexual preferences are quite scary at times.

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:29
re: Summer Hornyness

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:29
re: Summer Hornyness

Manboobs stalks like a prowler
Sniffing out jaxy's growler,
He awaits her getting out her naughty bits,
And strokes his fleshy man tits,
And he drinks slowly enjoying a tipple
As he drools over jax's hairy nipple,
But he must be aware she is no longer fab
She has a very badly packed kebab.

Sorry jax, that just turned into abusing you. I'll do something nice for you soon!

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:31
re: Summer Hornyness

Stepat PMSL!!!!

Manboobs, I scare myself sometimes to be fair!

Only the other day I found myself naked, upside down in the shower having fun with a pair of marigolds and some WKD40.

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:32
re: Summer Hornyness

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:35
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh Jax -

Jax is a lovely lady
I dream of her having my baby,
But I fear for me she is to classy
As she is stunning and always sassy,
She is a thief she stole my heart
And what a woman, I bet she doesn't fart.

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:39
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino, much better - me to a tee, thank you

stepat Posted on 9/6 0:40
re: Summer Hornyness

nino is a conspiracy theorist

heīs never gonna be what Iīve been

The mist cleared uncovering the sleeping psychiatrist

And he shags like Mr Bean

Manboobs is a pervert

Probably a bender

In the same boat as Mappy, worry about their gender

Jax isnt easy, doesnt play the field

But i've seen her in St Hilda's, locked and ready to yield

I am the king of rap, dont smoke weed or grass

But if i come across Mappy

I'll put a cap in his ass

I'm a bad muthafcka and you know this

Nino's wack, weak as p1ss

He spouts his crap on a keyboard

Ill take him out without a reward

Like Hammer said You Cant Touch This

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 0:41
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Steppy that's brill.

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 0:44
re: Summer Hornyness


Yo yo steppy don't mess or there will be blood
Trash talking in my neighbourhood,
Your rhymes are weak your talk is lame
Your not playing no ho in this game,
Keep pushing it I dare you
Don't be dissing me fooo,
For you liable to get a cracking
And I'll have The Jax's backing,
She's sick of your pussy ass cracker ass ways
She knows you knock one out dreaming of hot gays.

stepat Posted on 9/6 0:47
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 9/6 1:03
re: Summer Hornyness

Steppy stinks, says it's not his fault,
his water supply was brought to a halt.
You'd think he'd make an effort though,
instead of sharing his B.O.

Nino, with his tongue sharpened tonight,
must try harder not to fight,
he's set on steppy, boobs and the map,
he'd be better off having a nap.

So then boys, what is to do,
if I'm to continue with this thread with you,
will you behave and stop your games
or will you carry on, like two old dames.

Oh please, say you will desist and cease
and go back to writing poems of peace,
poems of love and happy times
and sentences that contain no rhymes.

Make my day a happy one,
or from this thread I will be gone
and sad as sad I will be
to call an end to this jollity.

J.K. Lads

stepat Posted on 9/6 1:05
re: Summer Hornyness

elnino1 Posted on 9/6 1:08
re: Summer Hornyness

I love Steppy, Mappy, Jax and boobs long time
For in my heart they are all mine,
The board is still horny and hot
Yet still be see little offer of mot,
I am sorry for my previous aggression and stuff
I now eagerly await some lovely muff,
The heat is rising the sun is out
Maybe we will get some horny clout?

stepat Posted on 10/6 0:01
re: Summer Hornyness

Happy slappers
Elnino's knackers

Week old socks
Elnino's cock

All these
Say cheese

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 0:04
re: Summer Hornyness

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:19
re: Summer Hornyness

Cheesey indeed. Not me that is, I used a toothbrush on my member earlier and give it a good scrub!

stepat Posted on 10/6 0:21
re: Summer Hornyness

Will you also brush your teeth with it?

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 0:22
re: Summer Hornyness

Awwww and all the world I love you guys
you make sweet tears fall from my eyes
though your disconcerting love of foo
is the only thing that despoils you

If only we could get that straight
our lives together would be great
but still you insist upon your kink
and chaining me naked to the sink.

If only you would let me go
my love for you would grow and grow
seems however, that the lock is locked
and yet again I am defrocked

You bind my legs and tickle me with feathers
and when I'm naughty you whip me with leathers
but don't you think, better it'd be
if you'd do it instead with wet celery

I try my best, I really do
to satisfy your love of foo
I get no thanks, or any kind words
is this how you treat all your birds?

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:29
re: Summer Hornyness

Emotional Jax, from the heart!

Well now I've just had a Guiness poo
I can go back to dreaming of foo,
However I must note the poo was black
I hope I cleaned it all from my ass crack,
And as I read what Jax has said
All the more I want her in my bed,
She has opened her heart and let me in
Now I can get full access to that lovely quim,
Jax is a lady and needs to be treated nice
Her hornyness and filth comes with a price,
But she must love everything I do
Even when I talk about my black Guiness poo,
Now Stepat must step aside and not be a prat
He can go back in search of smifters rat,
Now jax and nino can have a horny life
Even though I suspect she sleeps with a kinfe.

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:30
re: Summer Hornyness

It wasn't my toothbrush steppy, it was our lass's!

stepat Posted on 10/6 0:35
re: Summer Hornyness

It's summer and Im horny

The night is still young

Elnino's silence is deafening

Has your gayness got your tongue?

elnino is so gay

A terrible tasteless seemless word

so have some pussy, what do you say?

probably pining for a pork sword

He pretends to be contreversial

His belly is yellow, clothes off-white

Hasnt heard of persil

ohbytheway nino, you talk shiyte

I'll wait her for a response

It prbably wont come

And if by chance it does, we all know he's a ponse

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:39
re: Summer Hornyness

I shall not rise to stepat's baiting
For I know for my love he is waiting,
I keep on telling him I'm not queer
No matter how much he offers me free beer,
He choses to laugh, poke fun and mock
But we ALL know he after my supersize (ock,
For he is jealous he has a tiny member
Stillhe insists on being a rent-a-bender,
And to London one day he will go
As he arrives the Soho gays will know,
They will smell the cum on his stinking burp
As on a rotting gay nob he did lick and slurp,
Fear not old fella we do not judge
Just because you like a chocolate nudge.

stepat Posted on 10/6 0:48
re: Summer Hornyness

I was in Soho last Thursday, actually.

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:50
re: Summer Hornyness

*there's a suprise*

Was boateng_7 there as well?

stepat Posted on 10/6 0:53
re: Summer Hornyness

No, not that i noticed

Was an eye-opener though. My first time in London except to footy grounds.

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 0:56
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh fancy that I've found the key
just one turn and I'll be free
that nino really thinks i fancy him
but i'd rather wash my face with vim

on the whole he's just a ninny
and now it's his turn to wear the pinny
I'll hide behind the kitchen door
thenjump out and wrestle him to the floor

I'll tie him up and tighten the chain
oh just wait till he feels some pain
I'll make him stand there all debagged
and check his man boobs haven't sagged

I'll treat him like he treats me
and make him though naked, fry my tea
and when it's time he was in bed
i'll play songs by right said fred

oh that nino is such a puff
even though he thinks he's tough
i'll make him whine and whinge and cry
while laughing my socks off nearby

at last i'll finally have my way
but first, one more thing i have to say
i'll shoot it straight from the hippy
you do not make me deeply dippy

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:56
re: Summer Hornyness

Aye it's a different world from the Boro like, people thre are really ignorant and there are soooo many freaks.

I was in Soho about three years ago with 6 mates from work, we got lashed up and ended up in that gay bar G.A.Y. for a laugh, we phhoking proper gay

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 0:59
re: Summer Hornyness


I like the kinky stuff, your turning me on!!!

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:00
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax. Super stuff.

People in London, in bars, on the Tube, wherever wont even look you in the eye never mind speak- bunch of vvankers.

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:05
re: Summer Hornyness

So jax likes to be nasty and naughty
Even though she is the wrong side of forty,
She must like bondage, pain and stuff
I'm not too sure but I think she likes muff,
She has broke my heart I'm tres upset
I thought she was horny little sex pet,
But she likes me no more
The frigid little bore,
I thought she loved mish
But she just loves to lick dish,
For she must be a lesbian not to love me
For I am horny and gorgeous, it's easy to see,
I might just let stepat have his wicked way
Jax has just made me think I'm a gay.

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:08
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:08
re: Summer Hornyness

At last the truth is out

I knew, can tell his type

Nino doesnt like clout

Takes it up the dirt-pipe

He went down to London, for longer than a day

After Nelson's collumn- mosied down to G-A-Y

Was with a bunch of lads

Apparently for 'fun'

All the time longing for some cockney bum

Ive suspected for a long time

Elnino leaned this way

Jax is a smokescreen

It's me he wants to lay

He ruined my chances with smifter

Of this i can be sure

All the time, in his head

Imagining me on all-fours

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:10
re: Summer Hornyness

*decides whether to write a filty gay poem to his one true love, steppy*

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:18
re: Summer Hornyness

Go on.

Elnino is teetotal

Doesnt like a tipple

He gets drunk, on the thought

Of nibbling on my nipple

Link: Me&Ohtheway

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:21
re: Summer Hornyness

rofl @ you guys again!!! brilliant!

was just looking for my gravy poem, was going to post it for mappy but can't find it, any ideas?

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:24
re: Summer Hornyness


I never thought we'd read this far
I'm dreaming of taking steppy to a gay bar,
An evening of prancing and acting like a tart
Then back to mine waiting for the hornyness to start,
Our gay lips do gently touch
But we mustn't be soft too much,
Cos ohtheway is horny and wants to lick

Phhok this, I'm stopping there, I'm turning myself on and I don't like it

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:24
re: Summer Hornyness

Not sure, Jax.

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:25
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino, Im turned on too

Dont stop

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Jax, I want you back....

They say sugar is sweet and honey is too,
But baby what do I call you?
Your sexier than sexy
and hotter than hot.
There`s only one name for you
and that`s to good to be true.

The sky is blue
Water is wet
I`ll make u come
I`ll make u sweat
Press against my body
Movin up and down
Slowly but firmly
We will move the ground

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:29
re: Summer Hornyness

S'ok, found it

I know where my gravy's at,
that makes jax, one cool cat.
Mappy's not a happy bunny,
he says the poetry isn't funny.

My gravy it is nice and hot,
lets see what gravy you guys have got.
Is it runny, smooth and cool
will it make my tastebuds drool.

Will it make me want to swallow
and have even more to follow.
or will it make me want to spit
and refuse any more, just for a bit.

Yeah, I know where my gravy's at
It's a wonderful feeling, you know, is that.
Well that's my recipe in the pan
and now to sleep, if indeed I can.

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:33
re: Summer Hornyness

This one isn't my own work but I think you'll like it!

A fine man was Father McDougal
humble, mild and ever so frugal
in his noble search
to save funds for the church
he aquired free child porn through Google

There was a Mulah from Kabul
who worried about his poor tool
he cried of his ails:
'what good are four nails,
when the hammer is so miniscule?'

Padre, why do you loath lust?
do not turn away in disgust!
had your own mother
not lusted your father
you would not have been born I trust!

There once was a celebate monk
who was heard to say while he was drunk
"if a nun is God's wife
(thus her celebate life)
then what am I, Jesus' punk?"

There once was a jolly old preist
who was hornier than a wild beast
the sins of his mind
into some lads behind
were often from his soul released

A young Jewish student from Spain
who lived during Ferdinand's reign
was burned at the stake
then dunked in a lake
by a clerical error, that's plain.

There once was an old Nazi colenel
consigned to the Fires Eternal
one day he asked why,
and The Devil's reply:
"you see my old freind, Nazis burn well!"

There once lived a man of the cloth
who jerked off to the writings of Roth
thus did he repent
with his eyes heaven-bent:
"At least my hand's sin wasn't sloth!"

A Jew from the town of New York
was arrested for dining on pork
in rabinical court
thus did he report:
"It was all the fault of my fork!"

There once was a relegious schism
about blessing god with one's jizzem
some said its a sin
to rub one's hands in
a new prayer called annonism

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:34
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino, there's no need to feel down.
I said, Nino, pick yourself off the ground.
I said, Nino, 'cause you're in a new town
There's no need to be unhappy.

Nino, there's a place you can go.
I said, Nino, when you're short on your dough.
You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time.

It's fun to stay at the G-A-Y
It's fun to stay at the G-A-Y

They have everything for you men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

It's fun to stay at the G-A-Y.
It's fun to stay at the G-A-Y .

You can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal,
You can do whatever you feel ...

Nino, are you listening to me?
I said, Nino, what do you want to be?
I said, Nino, you can make real your dreams.
But you got to know this one thing!

You are as bent as a 9 bob note

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:36
re: Summer Hornyness


jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:36
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino

Ok then if my tears you'll dry
we'll start anew and have a try
I'll let you love me all the time
and practice your tantric mime

elnino1 Posted on 10/6 1:37
re: Summer Hornyness


And on that note I'll go to bed and dream up more bollox to spout tomorrow!

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:40
re: Summer Hornyness

Rofl Steppy

Night night Nino sleep well and pleasant dreams

stepat Posted on 10/6 1:41
re: Summer Hornyness

Night Jax

Night Nino, gonna go to bed and give you a pearl necklace

jax_1 Posted on 10/6 1:43
re: Summer Hornyness

Night night steppy, sleep well and pleasant dreams

elnino1 Posted on 11/6 1:37
re: Summer Hornyness

I write this as I'm drunk
Playing the solo fiddle in my bunk,
You can take this one to the bank
nino's having a posh vvank,
And for those of you who don't know what this is
It's when you have a shufty using a jonny to catch the jizz.

stepat Posted on 11/6 1:40
re: Summer Hornyness

I use a sock

jax_1 Posted on 11/6 1:41
re: Summer Hornyness

* shuts eyes! *

elnino1 Posted on 11/6 1:41
re: Summer Hornyness

Ah, the old spunk sock....

Link: Good site this...

jax_1 Posted on 11/6 1:45
re: Summer Hornyness

Well I'm shocked and sad, I have to say,
to learn that Steppy and Nino are gay.
I didn't suspect they were tooty-fruity
I thought it was me they wanted - my little booty.

Well, what is a little girl to do,
when guys no longer adore the foo.
they've had their heads turned, that is true.
how will I ever get over both of you?

stepat Posted on 11/6 1:46
re: Summer Hornyness

elnino1 Posted on 11/6 1:49
re: Summer Hornyness

You won't need to get over us if you try
If your very horny we might turn bi,
And a threeway it will then be
And we can set our baby batter free,
And from your eager horny posting
I can tell your looking for a roasting,
And like snooker this session will go down
But which will we pot, the pink or the brown?

stepat Posted on 11/6 1:51
re: Summer Hornyness

Im saving my rhymes for tomorrow when my tyres are fixed.

jax_1 Posted on 11/6 1:53
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino

Awwwww Steppy

elnino1 Posted on 11/6 1:53
re: Summer Hornyness

Night steppy, give me a nudge at 9 in the morning

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:11
re: Summer Hornyness

Candles burning, my stomachís turn in the awaiting of you.

Canít wait to see you, even though itís only been 8 hrs. 30 minutes, but whoís counting?

Wearing that outfit you love, you know the one with, and with, oh who am I kidding I am your favourite outfit, as I sit bare with just anticipation.

Wanting to touch you, hold you, taste you, I imagine you there already.

Kissing and caressing, being in mind as one. In tune of each otherís being. Knowing what the other wants.

Slowly you touch my, as I touch your, ooh.. Donít stop Elnino

As you touch my soul with your mind, my body elevates to the climax of an uncontrollable intoxication.

I am drunken by your words, and blinded by your loyalty, as we continue on our mental voyage.

Your tongue slowly licks around my inner most desires, as it cools my burning fire.

Damn, itís getting hot in here!

Teasing my thighs with every touch of words so sweet.

Embarrassing my soul with excitement, just canít take anymore!

Explode!!! Joy, tearsÖ. I, IÖI think I..
I think I love youÖ

I whisper your nameÖsilenceÖohtheway

Nothing, but a rainbow shinning through my window after a storm.
Elnino, I love you

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:15
re: Summer Hornyness

I think I've started gay jokes with the wrong groomer here, hellllllllpppppppp!

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:17
re: Summer Hornyness

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:17
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino, have you seen the telling off that Rob has given you yet?

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:18
re: Summer Hornyness

I need jax to write me some more filth so I can feel straight again.

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:18
re: Summer Hornyness

What telling off, where???

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:23
re: Summer Hornyness

JAX, OI!!!!

What telling off?

stepat Posted on 16/6 0:17
re: Summer Hornyness


jax and nino on a thread
Nino pretending they're in bed,
For he has buttered jax up
Now he wants to see some fairy cup.

elnino1 Posted on 16/6 0:25
re: Summer Hornyness

And you never seen it

elnino1 Posted on 16/6 0:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Nearly every night I come on this board
And it used to be in search of a broad,
And when I found jax I thought it was meant to be
But Stepat made me realise there was something wrong with me,
He wrote me poems he opened his heart
And now from him I cannot be apart,
For he is my one true love in this hot summer
Yes, I'm out, I admit I'm a bummer!

jax_1 Posted on 16/6 0:31
re: Summer Hornyness

LOL Nino

Rob would have a fit if he read this thread

elnino1 Posted on 16/6 0:32
re: Summer Hornyness

I bet I'd get the blame for it all!


jax_1 Posted on 16/6 0:34
re: Summer Hornyness

Hee heee

stepat Posted on 16/6 0:35
re: Summer Hornyness

Elnino is not with it

His head buried in the sand

He tries to flirt with Jax

Soon he will be banned

He tries to to be the big ' i am'

But can never even come close

Cant understand how i can just kill a man

And shag his muthafukin ho's

He's fast become the board bender

With his silly talk and crap

i return it all to sender

He cant get it up without a strap

he was jeakous of me an smifter

Now she is my ex

I do my stuff on my BMX

He's stuck on his Grifter

elnino1 Posted on 16/6 0:36
re: Summer Hornyness

I still love you

stepat Posted on 16/6 0:58
re: Summer Hornyness

If you can give me head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can thrust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for my doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't lick my crack or look in my eyes:

If you can cream--and not make creams you master,
If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear enter the hole you opened
Twisted by many to make a trap for fools,
Or watch my ring you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with your worn-out tool:

If you can make me come of all your winnings
And risk it all on a toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath the word ĎI love you bossí;
If you can force your manhood up my foo
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Willy which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill my dirtbox
With sixty seconds' worth of jizz,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be my Man, my son!

jax_1 Posted on 16/6 1:32
re: Summer Hornyness

Oh Steppy, you've totally bstrdised my fave poem.

Funny though

Where is Mappy this fine night
not a sign of him in sight.
From this board he wants to take me away,
He's offered to take me on holiday.

To the land of Aruba, with seas clear and blue,
where our love can grow, open and true.
To walk along the glistening shore,
and give me all I want and more.

Oh where has he gone, where can he be,
do you think he didn't listen to me,
I said, I'll take less clothing, pack less bags,
I'll even carry his duty free fags.

I hope he hasn't scarpered, n'er to come back,
was really rather hoping, i'd get to stretch him on the rack,
Oh come back Mappy, please say you will,
I'll even go Dutch with you, to pay the hotel bill.

stepat Posted on 16/6 1:34
re: Summer Hornyness

stepat Posted on 17/6 1:03
re: Summer Hornyness

The thread is starting to wobble

since nino got into trouble

I think he fears admin's wrath

Trying to tread an uncontreversial path

The problem is we seem to have

A poster who wants to shock

Trying to woo Hells, bur secretly wanting c0k

I dont think im the first

To want this cloud to burst

with such promise Summer Hornynyness started out

It seems to by dying a death

Where are the bifters, the minges, the clouts?

The board is full of meths

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 17/6 15:19
re: Summer Hornyness

Many fellas on this board
Would like to get into Jax's knickers.
But what worries them the most
Is that she might look like Stevie Vickers!

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 15:21
re: Summer Hornyness

Rofl Gadgie

stepat Posted on 18/6 1:48
re: Summer Hornyness

My Venezuelan Beaver Toast was slightly much too hot
It smelt like fresh bananas with the consistency of snot
It wasn't very luscious but it didn't see why not
It looked just like a pheasant that was waiting to be shot

Oh send me down to Satan's lair
I have been bad, I belong there
Oh tie me up and strip me bare
I really really do not care

My congealed balaclava smurf was sitting in the sun
He suffered from a skin disease so he didn't have much fun
He thought the beer was squiffy so he sheltered in his bum
He kept on making handbags 'til his handbag days were done

Oh haul me up and cuff me tight
I am reborn, I've seen the light
Oh fly me like a great big kite
I am the Lord. I feel alright.

My inate self-delusion is as furtive as can be
It thinks it is much cleverer, much cleverer than me
It tries to make me think that I am doing a degree
When really I'm a dolphin which is looking for a knee

Oh sing my song, Oh sing my song,
I am so right I can't be wrong
Oh give me money, fags and beans
And fly me off to New Orleans.

stepat Posted on 19/6 23:40
re: Summer Hornyness

Elnino's gone too far

All this malicious talking

It started out as fun

But ended up in stalking

I tried to be nice

Even stroked his member

He only cares about himself

And should be banned until December

Im as horny as the rest

With my rhymes i like to mix it

But nino accusing me of being a sex pest

Really takes the biscuit

His views he should keep to himself

And not spoil my summer

He only reads from the top shelf

Im horny, he's a bummer

elnino1 Posted on 19/6 23:48
re: Summer Hornyness

And back to this thread we go
With Stepat proving he is a man-ho,
Nino has been cutting it back
But it's about time he was given some slack,
Afraid of posting I am no more
Especially with Steppy being a fooking bore,
For he is on the defensive about his perverted ways
All the while hoping to attract some horny gays,
Until then he stalks the innocent philly
But we know he yearns for willy,
And by attacking me he makes it not very subtle
He is begging for a hersh re-buttal,
But do this I will not
For I am browsing the board in search of mot.

And on and on I can go
But his mind is very slow,
He will not grasp he is a joke
And will never get a sly poke,
For all the ladies are now cautious
For steppy is making them nautious,
Ladies, I agree he makes me sick
He is a sick stalking grooming pri(k!

elnino1 Posted on 19/6 23:49
re: Summer Hornyness

God I love this thread!

stepat Posted on 19/6 23:55
re: Summer Hornyness

Me Too

elnino1 Posted on 20/6 0:00
re: Summer Hornyness

I think steppy sould cut me some slack
And climb down off my back,
For I am suspicious about his "pen" touching me
Something back there feels like it's trying to break free,
But I will never let his chipolate come lose
So nino calls for a truce,
We are two lyrical gangsters for sure
This board can't handle us, there is no cure,
I am a pussy magnet its obvious to see
As for steppy, well we'll see what will be,
I have a lot of work to turn him into my side-kick
Especially when every window he see's he takes a lick,
Yes he is not all there
But regardless I still care,
For steppy is alright, sound
I'd miss him if he wasn't around.

Feel the love

jax_1 Posted on 20/6 0:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter Posted on 21/6 16:07
re: Summer Hornyness

Stepat Im not your ex, it was never happening!

PS Im back!

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:17
re: Summer Hornyness

Now our lady Smifter returns
Hopefully with no carpet burns,
She came back on this thread, a true corker
To view the latest offerings of her net stalker,
Let's hope Steppy can keep himself in line
He still thinks he's committed no crime,
He follows, watches, keeps a close eye
If only smifter knew she would surely cry,
He rifts through her rubbish and stuff
And uses the binocular's hoping to catch a glimpse of smifter in the buff,
Fear not smifter, he means you no harm
DOn't be scared and try to keep calm,
For nino is here to save the day
Don't believe him, I'm not gay.

stepat Posted on 22/6 0:19
re: Summer Hornyness

You swine.

Smifter Posted on 22/6 0:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Ive neva laughed so much on here! nino im a fan of your work, how did I know this thread was about to be hoofed back up

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:20
re: Summer Hornyness

You knew I was going to do it

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:22
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter, I thank you!

This being hoofed was as predictable as it is that Stepat is using his roaming internet whilst hanging upside down in that tree outside your bedroom window right now

Smifter Posted on 22/6 0:23
re: Summer Hornyness

reaching for my ra-pe alarm right about now...

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:26
re: Summer Hornyness

Let me run away first!!!

stepat Posted on 22/6 0:28
re: Summer Hornyness

Im staying away from this thread now, it was a bit of fun but has gone too far, the things i am being accused of are out of order.

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:29
re: Summer Hornyness

Haha, I've been waiting for your reply!!!

Smifter Posted on 22/6 0:31
re: Summer Hornyness

hahaha, its only to alert my parents you are lerking about again!

elnino1 Posted on 22/6 0:32
re: Summer Hornyness

I think I've hurt his feelings.

I'm only trying to keep him away from you cos I want him to myself

Stepper_T Posted on 6/8 2:13
re: Summer Hornyness

Before you slip into unconsciousness
Id like to have another kiss
Another flashing chance at bliss
Another kiss, another kiss

The days are bright and filled with pain
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran was too insane
Well meet again, well meet again

Oh tell me where your freedom lies
The streets are fields that never die
Deliver me from reasons why
Youd rather cry, Id rather fly

The crystal ship is being filled
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time
When we get back, Ill drop a line

Not only horny, but beautiful.

Smifter Posted on 6/8 2:16
re: Summer Hornyness

Nino stepper REALLY wants you now

Stepper_T Posted on 6/8 2:17
re: Summer Hornyness

I meant YOU ffs.

Smifter Posted on 6/8 2:20
re: Summer Hornyness

Smifter Posted on 1/9 1:10
re: Summer Hornyness


Stepper_T Posted on 1/9 1:12
re: Summer Hornyness

My favourite thread ever.

Smifter Posted on 1/9 1:17
re: Summer Hornyness

Kind of mine too, oh yea and the one of eskys that got deleted

Stepper_T Posted on 15/9 22:59
re: Summer Hornyness

Some of the busiest rhymes ever made by man
Are goin into this mic, written by this hand
Are comin out of this mouth, made by this tongue
I'll tell you now my name, my name is Step
But so you think that it's your destiny
To get the best of me, but I suggest to be
Quiet, bro, don't even try it from the east and west of me
Takin it and never breakin it or even shakin it
Groovin it and always movin it, coz I'm not fakin it
Pullin out rhymes like books off the shelf
Born in England, raised in Boro, taught to go for myself
This is stone cold rhymin, no frills, no fluffs
And it's no accident that these rhymes sound tough
I'm goin off, baby, there's no turnin back
I'm on your TV, on your album, cassette and 8-track
And when the show is finally finished I'll be takin' my bow
My name is Step, and yo I got know-how, you know what I'm sayin'?

Smifter Posted on 15/9 23:11
re: Summer Hornyness

You are strange

ohtheway Posted on 15/9 23:55
re: Summer Hornyness

A classic, brings salty tears to the one eye this does.

Great times, it was a simpler time.

Smifter Posted on 22/3 23:31
re: Summer Hornyness

The thread of all time

Stepper_T Posted on 22/3 23:32
re: Summer Hornyness

Classic. Where is Nino ffs?

Stepper_T Posted on 22/3 23:34
re: Summer Hornyness

Night goggles. Smifter. Hot

Surely some revelation is at hand.

She vaporized my mind. A mistake? Not!

I said farewell and waved my sullied hand

Smifter Posted on 22/3 23:36
re: Summer Hornyness

I nearly just fell of my chair laughing