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bic_biro_eye Posted on 27/5 7:49

I have been informed that the majority of Boro fans are catholic, can anybody verify this? I mean were not exactly celtic or anything, and I couldnt give a toss if your catholic, prodestant, hindu .... etc..

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 7:52
re: catholics

Not sure were you've got that from. Not true.

bic_biro_eye Posted on 27/5 7:54
re: catholics

a mate told me

BoroinCheadle Posted on 27/5 8:17
re: catholics

Middlesbrough as a town has quite a high Catholic population in comparison to other towns but I'm happy to say that I don't think any particular religion runs through our football club. We're a well balanced group of fans where all religions live in harmony!

Valer Posted on 27/5 8:28
re: catholics

The whole of Teesside has quite a high Catholic population compared to other areas. I'm a Catholic, everyone I went to school with is Catholic,(may be just a coincidence!), but most of my mates who are Boro fans are not.
That said, at the Riverside, the 2 people who sit next to me, the 2 behind me and the 3 in front of me are all Catholic and most Boro fans I know prefer Celtic to Rangers.
Might be something in it?

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 8:32
re: catholics

Alot of Irish settled here, because of the industry. But as only %7.23 of the population of middlebrough and its surrounding areas are Chatholic its not possible that "the majority of Boro fans are catholic".

borobadge Posted on 27/5 9:13
re: catholics

"%7.23 "...source ?

Valer Posted on 27/5 9:16
re: catholics

Maybe this?

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Link: source

borobadge Posted on 27/5 9:29
re: catholics

its good to know that theres 1 Million 1 hundred and 34 thousand people living in Middlesbrough!.......

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 27/5 9:52
re: catholics

Isn't it true that at one time we only signed Catholics? Up until the 1950s/60s?

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 10:06
re: catholics

1,134,000 is the diocese of Middlesbrough, not the population of Middlesbrough itself, which is around 150,000.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 27/5 10:11
re: catholics

I'm no catholic.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/5 10:17
re: catholics

It's just the circles you move in. Did you perhaps go to a catholic school and that is the reason why your friends are all catholics?

Valer Posted on 27/5 10:26
re: catholics

Who said their friends are all catholics Goat?

Big_Shot Posted on 27/5 10:27
re: catholics

Aren't there a lot more normal schools than Cathloic schools.

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The_GOAT Posted on 27/5 10:27
re: catholics

I cut a corner on your response.

borobadge Posted on 27/5 10:32
re: catholics

big_shot.."normal" schools were your tort you to spell !..


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Big_Shot Posted on 27/5 10:35
re: catholics

I was unsure about using the word normal but I can't think of another way to describe them

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 10:35
re: catholics

Catholic schools were/are racist I reckon.

The_GOAT Posted on 27/5 10:38
re: catholics

The 'naughty' girls are always catholic. I put it down to the schooling.

chboro Posted on 27/5 10:38
re: catholics

The catholic school I went to = Sacred Heart in Redcar was the shiits, but not racist or anything like that.

fosm Posted on 27/5 10:39
re: catholics

Shoite Longfellow

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 10:40
re: catholics

They are like that because of the amount of time they spend looking at the sexy outfits the penguins that teach them wear

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 27/5 11:23
re: catholics

I read somewhere that we had the highest ratio for Irish immigration outside Liverpool. Hence the fairly high ratio of Catholic schools to the national average.

A lot of Catholic families send their kids to the local state school as opposed to continuing the segregation. Of my family none of the children went to a Catholic school, only two of my nieces/nephews have been to one.

We have a Catholic Cathedral after all. I don't know about buses to see Rangers play, but there are a few that leave Teesside for Celtic on a weekend. And what a good day out it is!

number_10 Posted on 27/5 11:25
re: catholics

You prods are lucky we let you support our team if you ask me.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 11:27
re: catholics

Did the sacred heart allow non Catholics in like chboro.

btw, is the ch in your username for central heating or is it just a coincidence, dunno why it just occurred to me.

yes fosm, luckily enough it was after I got up, wiped and everything

chboro Posted on 27/5 11:30
re: catholics

No it's for ch urch

Yes they did - but lots more now than when I was there.

I left in 96 and it is even more relaxed now than what it was when I was there.

sunset_over_ici Posted on 27/5 11:32
re: catholics

There are non-Catholic kids in Sacred Heart. Not many, but then again I wouldn't want to be forced to do loads of RE if I hadn't been dragged to church all the time.

chboro Posted on 27/5 11:35
re: catholics

I would say that only around 10% of the kids that go there now/ went there when I was there willingly went to church - the rest moaned like fook and dodged the masses in the school

sunset_over_ici Posted on 27/5 11:39
re: catholics

That's true. The way I always saw it RE was an extra few lessons to mess about. When I wasn't memorising the bible of course...

stevopotato Posted on 27/5 12:04
re: catholics

longfellow, did you go to a catholic school? by what means do you come to the conclusion that they are racist? there were plenty of kids from ethnic minorities at my catholic school.

there are more normal schools than catholic schools because catholic schools are being systematically shut down by the stae.

st. anthony's, michaels, pauls all shut down i don't put it down to coincidence that these school's from middlesbrough's working class areas have all been shut down over the years.

i'm proud to be a left footer.

NorfolknGood Posted on 27/5 12:31
re: catholics

me 2.

c txt spk!

Ive just seen your posts on the protestants thread stevo and would like to clarify that I'm not that proud. We all need to live together in peace and harmony, as Jesus and Blue Minx said. Cool it.

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MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 12:37
re: catholics

Yes I did Steve, and I dont mean racist from a point of ethnic origin I mean from a point of creed.

My school did not allow pupils of other denominations in, that was The Peters South Bank early eighties

Things may of changed more recently but that if my first hand experience of it.

Im sure I read recently of a Catholic school having a policy of recruiting Catholic teachers, possibly brought up on here.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 27/5 12:43
re: catholics

Although my family are Ulster protestant (though one set of great grandparents are Irish catholic), my parents always sought to protect me from any sectarian rubbish. One day however, when I was about 7 years old, a couple of lads I had started knocking about with, (their uncle or granddad lived across the street from us) found out what school I went to and started being quite aggressive to me, calling me a "proddy-dog". Primary school kids shouldn't be getting into sectarian stuff like that.

stevopotato Posted on 27/5 13:37
re: catholics

understood longfellow, but as RC schools are "faith schools" same as some muslim and jewish schools, they are largely funded by the church, as are schools of other religions. as a protestant country state schools are funded entirely by the state.

please refer to the protestants thread to see my withdrawl of earlier statements, but some pretty viscious things were said about catholics and i merely responded in kind. i got drew in, so apologies to all non bigoted racist protestants i inadvertantle offended.

uncle_harry Posted on 27/5 13:49
re: catholics

the Boro is not a club that has had any religious affiliations, it never ever had a catholic signings only policy, they tried to sign my grandfather who was said to be a quaker. There was a sizeable influx of Irish Catholics, due to industrialization and the famine but every industrial town was the same.
we also had a fair few - catholics from italy, muslims from Pakistan, and protestants from Prussia 'Winterschladens & Hornungs' being 2 famous families

Valer when you say '. I'm a Catholic, everyone I went to school with is Catholic' -might that be because you went to a catholic school?

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Valer Posted on 27/5 13:54
re: catholics

I'd presumed that would have been fairly obvious to anyone with a SOH Harry.
However, as you're the second person who's queried it I'd better clarify - it was a JOKE.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 13:58
re: catholics

Fair enough Steve, I view it as being discriminatory due to creed but thats probably an over simplistic view, I really dont know enough about it to be honest.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 13:59
re: catholics

Split denomonation schools are the basis for sectarianism in this country. Children should not be divided on the basis of their parents religion. Religious instruction has no place in a 21st century school.

Valer Posted on 27/5 14:00
re: catholics

Nor by their wealth.

number_10 Posted on 27/5 14:00
re: catholics

People have the right to choose the denomination of their childs school, wether it is Catholic, CoE or otherwise.

stevopotato Posted on 27/5 14:04
re: catholics

agreed valer, wealth is more divisive in this country than catholicism/protestantism. however it is the choice of parents to see how their child is educated. religious education is possibly more relevant than ever in 21st century schools, pupils need to be educated about fundamental right and wrong and shoould be informed and tolerant of other peoples religious beliefs. ignorance breeds suspicion and fear and hate.

chboro Posted on 27/5 14:05
re: catholics

My kids go to a catholic school for numerous reasons - less kids in the class, higher standard of education (proven by the government assessments of the schools in the area), the school where I live was a joke - even some of the non religious kids were pulled out and put into the catholic school.

The only school with better grades in my area was full up with a massive waiting list so I chose to send them to my old school!

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Valer Posted on 27/5 14:12
re: catholics

I have no interest in the Catholic/Protestant debates on here.
I am a Catholic; am married to a protestant; my children were christened Catholic and went to a protestant school. One is now a believer but doesn't go to church, the other is an atheist. It does not bother me at all.
I despise any competition that exists between religions, however, I notice the Catholic thread is currently beating the protestant one 43 to 33, wonder which will be first to hit a ton?

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chboro Posted on 27/5 14:13
re: catholics

And the protestant thread was started by a catholic, so we win either way

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 14:15
re: catholics

stevepotato, your right religious EDUCATION has a massive part to play in our schools, but religious INSTRUCTION has no part.

number_10, do children not have the right to grow up free from brain-washing and choose their own path in adulthood. How can we teach children that we're all the same if we divide them from an early age. You wouldn't advocate division based upon race, so why religion?
When i was at school, the Catholics went to a differant school because they're were differant and thats all i knew.

Scrote Posted on 27/5 14:16
re: catholics

monty - "I really dont know enough about it to be honest."

don't let that stop you posting - if everyone only posted on stuff they actually knew about then 99% of posts on the board would disappear

in fact that might actually be a good thing...

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 14:18
re: catholics

"don't let that stop you posting"

It doesnt usually Scrote

Scrote Posted on 27/5 14:23
re: catholics

valer - "I am a [child] is an atheist. It does not bother me at all."

don't want to be overly critical here but if you are a catholic then you believe in life-everlasting by definition

if your child became a smack-head would you just let him (or her) get on with destroying his life or would you be concerned enough to try and help him?

number_10 Posted on 27/5 14:38
re: catholics

Boy, last time I checked Parents control they children to the age of 16 and raise them as they see fit. Their parents have the informed choice to make as to how they see fit, and shouldn't be dictated to otherwise.

The fact that you only knew catholics as "different" shows a complete failure on the part of state schools, I went to catholic schools and we were educated on all different religions not just our own.

Valer Posted on 27/5 14:47
re: catholics

Scrote - I "believe in life-everlasting by definition". However, I do not think it is an exclusive club for those following the Catholic faith. My "atheist" child is far more spiritual and compassionate than many Catholics I know.
Frankly, I find your analogy of comparing me not brain washing my children with religion to "if your child became a smack-head would you just let him (or her) get on with destroying his life or would you be concerned enough to try and help him?" deeply offensive.

ospreyheights Posted on 27/5 15:24
re: catholics

i find it strange that many people in middlesbrough know so little about their social history.
similar to glasgow liverpool and newcastle the rapidly growing towns sucked in masses of irish immigrants. take a look at the phone book oe any war memorial to see the irish connections.
however most cities and towns over time became thoroughly assimilated the notable exception being glasgow which retains its strong cultural links with ireland. in part this through the centrality of the catholic church supporting the large comminity and local culture that is proud of its irish catholic and protestant past.While this has problems in sectarian hatred the average glaswegian can tell you their family history going back many generations to a croft in donegal such memories most boro folk seem to have lost sadly
Strange to think that middlesbrough used to have a reublican march in the early 1900,s (i believe it was around easter0.

jam69 Posted on 27/5 18:09
re: catholics

who remembers the irish club over the border? i never get involved in all this catholic protestant stuff other than to say that its well known that catholics are harder than prody dogs,but i think everybody knows that anyway!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 19:07
re: catholics

number-10 "last time I checked Parents control they children to the age of 16 and raise them as they see fit. Their parents have the informed choice to make as to how they see fit, and shouldn't be dictated to otherwise".

So by your reckoning a parent has the right to beat a child or imprison them away from the world and society. Its just b*ll**ks to suggest that parents have unlimted control over their offspring.

I think to brain-wash a child in to one belief, whatever that belief may be, is tantamount to child cruelty. Stopping parents doing this is nigh-on impossible, but it certainly should not be supported by the state.

Why can't all children be taught together, and learn about all religion without instruction or worship. The place for worship is church not school.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 19:11
re: catholics

Oh good grief, so now bringing up a child in the Catholic faith is the same as child cruelty?!

It's the total opposite!

I can't believe the utter drivel posted on here sometimes.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 19:22
re: catholics

"Oh good grief, so now bringing up a child in the Catholic faith is the same as child cruelty?!"
"It's the total opposite!"

Listen to yourself and think about how you've been indoctrinated, your spouting the shame S**te every Christian spouts.

If the Catholic or any other faith is so great, why not bring a child up independent from any particular faith and allow them to make thier own choice when they're mature enough to do so. What the problem with that?

number_10 Posted on 27/5 19:28
re: catholics

and who said you know best, you fcking hypocrit. For someone who see's religion as a way for controlling people (or children) you don't have much problem telling other people how their children should be brought up.

longster Posted on 27/5 19:29
re: catholics

I'm with TheBoy on this subject.

Unfortunately I aint blessed to have kids of my own, but if I did I would neither have them christened or baptised. I would allow them to grow and make there own choices, to make them aware what and who is out there and try to guide them, but in no way would I try to indoctrinate them in to any faith.

btw for the first 11 years of my life I went to protestant (c of e) church every week.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 19:43
re: catholics

TheBoy, you bring your kids up how you want and I'll bring my kids up how I want, we live in a free society.

FFS we could both be wrong but the beauty is we live in a free country so we can, within reason, bring our children up according to our own beliefs.

To compare a Catholic upbringing to child abuse is shameful and ignorant.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 19:46
re: catholics

longster, snap, i too went to a protestant church until i went to secoundary school. I can't say it did me any major harm but i was certainly indoctrinated to a certain extent, An indoctrination i carry with me to this day.

number_10, i certainly would tell somebody who beat thier child that they were bringing him/her up wrong. If that makes me a hypocrite then you can call me a fcking hypocrite all fcking day.

I would like to know why you would feel the need to brain-wash a child instead of letting him make his own choices? Again, whats wrong with that? If Catholicism is so good then surely he'll choose that path?

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boro_steve Posted on 27/5 19:49
re: catholics

Why is bringing a child up with a faith brainwashing?!

Celestron Posted on 27/5 19:51
re: catholics

Because you are making up his mind for him before he can form his own opinnions on the subject.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 19:53
re: catholics

So by the same extent feeding him chips is making his mind up for him!

FFS children are children and cannot make decisions for themselves until they are older!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 19:54
re: catholics

You are not allowing them to make thier own choices. You're telling them what to believe, and anyone who has children will know a child will believe anything you tell them. Again why not let them make thier own choices????????????

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 19:55
re: catholics

A child has to eat, he does not have to have a faith.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 19:56
re: catholics

I disagree, I think a child does have to have faith

We live in a democracy, you bring your kids up how you like, allow me to do the same, within reason.

longster Posted on 27/5 19:58
re: catholics

I do believe it is about personal choices. My choice, and my belief, is that it is wrong to for religion upon a child. If that is what you choose for your children then that is up to you. Something that you have to live with, and that you have to hope that one day your children do not resent you for it.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:01
re: catholics

It's not forcing it upon them, once they are old enough to decide for themselves then it's totally up to them.

Also think of this, if the entire family goes to church together, where should this baby stay while they're there?!

Until they are old enough to decide it's not for them how is it harming them?!

They are brought up in a faith where they are told God loves them etc. It's a positive experience!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:02
re: catholics

When you indoctrinate a child its with them for life, don't make that decision lightly, they may regret it.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:04
re: catholics

Utter tosh, but if that's your belief fine.

You do it your way, I'll do it my way. The way you are suggesting is not a free country!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 20:05
re: catholics

I thoroughly agree Longster. By all means educate about religions but to force a religion on a child is wrong.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 20:06
re: catholics

Surprisingly I find myself coming to Steves assistance.

I was brought up with religion but when I was old enough made my own decision regarding it and dont resent my parents for it, they wanted it for me but accepted that when I was old enough it was my choice.

longster Posted on 27/5 20:06
re: catholics


I think basically what is being said is that from experience I would not force religion upon my child, in the same way as TheBoy would not upon his.

We both went through it, we both had religion forced upon us as children, and we both resent our parents for doing that. Even more so I resent my parents for christening me and not allowing me that decision. Once baptised a child is a Catholic and has no choices.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:08
re: catholics

Depends what you mean by forcing it I suppose.

Until any child of mine is old enough to make the choice for themselves then they're coming to church with me.

That's the way my parents did it and it did me no harm.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:10
re: catholics

Boro_steve, what if one of your children turned out to be gay, but he'd heard so much about the sin of homosexuality, he feared what would happen to him. His head would be in turmoil. According to your religion, God doesn't love a gay.

Yet again whats wrong with letting them make thier own mind up when they're mature enough?????????? Why won't you answer this???????????

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number_10 Posted on 27/5 20:13
re: catholics

It's a parents choice, i'm sorry but you have no right to tell other people how they should and should not raise their children. Ultimately if they do not like the religion they will disown themselves from it when they are older. People have every right to send their children to a denominational school if they so please.

By the way, on an unrelated note, did you know a Catholic cannot become Prime Minister of this country?

number_10 Posted on 27/5 20:14
re: catholics

Boy, don't you realise some people actually believe that and again you're telling people what to believe.

You're a complete hypocrit and the fact you can't even see it is an utter embaressment.

chboro Posted on 27/5 20:16
re: catholics

It is amazing how narrow minded lots of people are with regard to catholics!

"When you indoctrinate a child its with them for life, don't make that decision lightly, they may regret it."

How? come on how is it with me for life? I am glad I was brought up going through a catholic school!

If you bring kids up in a non religious environment, how in the future will they have the choice to make to go into religion?
They will have the same view you have - religion is wrong which is bollox!

I made my decision when I was 14 not to get confirmed cos I didn't want to carry on with it - how is it stuck with me for life?

It is good to show the kids religion rather than to hide them from it because it is much easier to opt out of it when you grow up than it is to introduce yourself to it!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:19
re: catholics

"People have every right to send their children to a denominational school if they so please"

I don't believe the choice should be there. Education should be completely comprhensive and religion should not be divisive.

I'm not telling anyone what to believe, i'm saying they shouldn't force thier belief on other human beings. Quite the opposite tp what you suggest.

chboro Posted on 27/5 20:22
re: catholics

"I don't believe the choice should be there. Education should be completely comprhensive and religion should not be divisive."

The catholic school I went to had and STILL has the TOP grades coming out of the area where I live, so you are saying I should give my kids a shoite education just cos they don't do religious studies?

BTW - 30% of the school are NON catholics!

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boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:23
re: catholics

I don't think I've ever heard anything said about homosexuality being a sin either at church or whilst I was at a Catholic secondary school.

For the record I don't agree with everything in the Catholic faith, that's my choice, it's my faith, faith is personal.

Technically the fact is a Catholic cannot be PM but if it were ever likely to happen they'd change the law, in fact if you took it to Court you could get the law changed anyways as it's illegal under EU law.

TheBoy, I can accept the way you want to bring your kids up, why can't you accept the way I want to bring my kids up?!

There are over a billion Catholics in the world, are we all so bad?!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:23
re: catholics

I've never said religion is wrong, but i believe forceing a child into your own personal belief is very wrong.

I not narrow minded or against Catholics, if i was i wouldn't be engaged to one, and i wouldn't have had a child with her.

Celestron Posted on 27/5 20:25
re: catholics

boro_steve...your example with the chips is a puerile one people (kids) need to eat to sustain themselves whether they eat chips chicken nuggetts or anything else for that matter. But you are choosing their faith at an age when they can't think for themselves in short you are indoctrinating them.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:27
re: catholics

Right, this is going nowhere, I think we need to agree to disagree, you will not convince me, I clearly will not convince you.

Clearly you have an issue with religion.

Posted on 27/5 20:27
<no subject>

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chboro Posted on 27/5 20:29
re: catholics

"but i believe forceing a child into your own personal belief is very wrong"

Can't you see that is exactly what you are doing tho? You belive religion is wrong - you would keep your kids away from it because that is your "belief"

We think religion is right, so we would introduce our kids to it - our belief

I MUST stress again - I am not a practicing christian and I gave it up, but I DO NOT think religion is wrong!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:29
re: catholics

Sorry to repeat myself again but, I would like to know why you would feel the need to brain-wash a child instead of letting him make his own choices? Again, whats wrong with that? If Catholicism is so good then surely he'll choose that path?

As a catholic shouldn't you believe waht the pope tells you to believe? ie. homosexuality is wrong.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:30
re: catholics

Jax, that's fine, that's your opinion, you don't have to like the Pope I like him enough for both of us

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neiltrodden Posted on 27/5 20:32
re: catholics

I think Steve would be a hypocrite to live as a catholic but not bring his children up with the same values. Having a belief in a way of living your life in a good way *has* to be a positive thing.

I am not personally religious but I think people having a go at others for their beliefs is quite disrespectful.

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 20:32
re: catholics

Yes but you are also male, so why should you or he dictate what a women should do with her own body?
Especially if she is pregnant as a result of being raped or if there is a danger to either her or the childs life, if a termination isn't carried out?
Why should it be up to a man to decide that?

Celestron Posted on 27/5 20:33
re: catholics

No I do not have an "issue" with religion just with the brianwashing of young people who are not old enough to make their own minds up...

Posted on 27/5 20:33
<no subject>

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boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:34
re: catholics

Jax, he's not making laws for everyone, just for Catholics, don't like the rules, don't be a Catholic or be a pick and mix Catholic!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 20:36
re: catholics

Again, i do not believe religion is wrong. The fact that my child has attended several catholic services proves i'm not forceing my beliefs upon him. I'd like him to get a balanced view and then make his own mind up. Not a 1 sided 'this is what we believe' view.

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 20:38
re: catholics

There is a sad tvvat on this thread and it's not me! I think that description fits you a whole lot better than it does me.

You seem totally unbable to debate the subject without turning to personal abuse - I suggest you do one and go boil your head!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:39
re: catholics

In fairness Jax you did make a fairly outrageous and totally incorrect statement!

chboro Posted on 27/5 20:40
re: catholics

I agree you have the right to do what you want with your kids, but we also have the right for us to carry out what we feel would be best for our children - if we agreed on everything the world would be a boring place

It's not always the case of "religion being wrong" it's nearly always a case of "catholic religion" being digged at - as jax has shown.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 20:40
re: catholics

chboro, I love the way you refer to non catholics as normal people

chboro Posted on 27/5 20:41
re: catholics

Jax, if you want to make a pathetic statement like that then you should expect abuse, it was discusting that you wrote a blatant lie JUST to try and back up your hatred of catholics.

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chboro Posted on 27/5 20:42
re: catholics

You know what I mean

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 20:46
re: catholics

No Chboro you are just too pathetic to debate a subject without resorting to personal abuse.

What was incorrect about the statement Steve?

There are men in Africa raping new born babies, the pope knows this, the pope refuses to encourage them to use condoms.

The catholic church has always been against abortion - I do not agree with it as a form of late contraception, however, there are circumstances where it is understandable.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:46
re: catholics

LOL chboro, thought you were a bit harsh towards Jax mate but I see your point bout people getting at us left footers.

And Jax, thought you were better than that luv!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:48
re: catholics

Jax so you expect the Pope to come out and say, well guys if you're gunna r_@p_e babies at least use a condom eh?!

FFS that's naive! He's morally against condoms as he is against r_a_pe!

People blame the Pope for aids in Africa, yet if the people in Africa followed Catholic doctrine properly they'd not be having sex outside of marriage!

Posted on 27/5 20:50
<no subject>

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MrEko Posted on 27/5 20:51
re: catholics

If I made a thread saying

"bringing up children to a muslim faith is brain washing and comparable to child cruelty"

I would be banned and rightly so.

So why doesnt occur in this case.

Ban theBoy999

chboro Posted on 27/5 20:53
re: catholics

No bannings required, he is airing his views in a calm manner and not descriminating 1 religion - he's against them all

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:54
re: catholics

To be fair MrEko, us Catholics are dangerous and must be stopped!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 20:57
re: catholics

I think if you did some research, you would find that he has been petitioned by various charities including UNICEF I do believe and he refused to do anything about it.

Steve as far as Chboro is concerned, he is a very bitter man who is too immature to keep his grievances to himself.

As for there being no bannings required Chboro, you ought to banned for breaking Rivals rules regarding personal abuse and not for the first time.

neiltrodden Posted on 27/5 20:59
re: catholics

People doing that to babies is a result of poor sex education. Also people not using condoms is a symptom of that.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 20:59
re: catholics

Jax you're not going to get the Pope to advise people to use condoms under any circumstances, it just aint going to happen.

I'm sure he thinks r_@pe is wrong and is disgusted by it but do you really think what he says carries any weight with someone who's prepared to r_@pe children? Good grief lass, think about it!

MrEko Posted on 27/5 21:00
re: catholics

And its nigh on impossible to raise a child without faith if you have faith yourselves.

Should a jewish parent cook pork for their child as not to force Islam upon them?
Should a catholic parent leave there child at home whilst they go to mass on a sunday?

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:01
re: catholics

But the point is, the use of condoms is not condoned by the catholic church, he could change that.

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:02
re: catholics

Grow up!

You have given out more personal abuse than I ever have!

We have argued about this subject in private and you made a false statement there too, when I gave you the proof you were wrong you dismissed it and refused to accept you were wrong!

Don't bring bullshoite in about allowing kids to be raped becasue to back up an argument with a statement as FALSE as that is well and truly OUT OF ORDER!

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:04
re: catholics

BY THE WAY - I was shown how to put a condom on at school - a catholic school!

Posted on 27/5 21:05
<no subject>

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chboro Posted on 27/5 21:08
re: catholics

Can't she? Well theres a first

I never said dish it out to me - I mean others including davo (justified at times) and george123

Scrote Posted on 27/5 21:08
re: catholics

valer - sorry for not getting back sooner i was away biting the heads off african babies with the pope's blessing...

the comparison is valid

the only sure-fire way according to catholic dogma that i know of that guarantees you won't spend eternity in the presence of God is the knowing denial of Christ (Matt. 10:33)

to be an athiest you have to actively deny Christ or you aren't an athiest - again, by definition - agnostic at best

if you believe in the fundamentals of catholicism and you are then willing to allow your child to condemn himself without questioning it you might as well jam his body full of smack yourself

if this offends you then you really ought to ask yourself why you would not allow your chid to come to harm phisically but you would allow him to come to harm spiritually

--- Post edited by Scrote on 27/5 21:27 ---

neiltrodden Posted on 27/5 21:09
re: catholics

Come on, calling someone a tvvat is one thing but I think you've crossed over the line there though.

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:09
re: catholics

And that gives you a right to abuse me does it? Oh and btw Divo and george123 are the same person.
When divo under the guise of being george123 was abusing me that was also an occasion when you joined in. Grow up!

--- Post edited by jax_1 on 27/5 21:12 ---

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:10
re: catholics

Jax, the Pope is 100% against condoms, I happen to think he's wrong but he's God's messenger on Earth and anything he says, docrtine wise, is considered to come directly from God.

You try changing God's mind, he's so stubborn!

I'm sure the Pope would love to give his blessing to the r_@pe of babies using condoms but the big fella upstairs aint havin any of it!

MrEko Posted on 27/5 21:12
re: catholics

You might not agree with the catholic religion but why do you have to go around and try and convince catholics that their is relgion is bad.

I dont think I have ever been ranted at by a catholic to join there religion, to be fair some christians do it but Catholism isnt one of the main ones. But you get far more Atheists coming out saying, Religion is bad.

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:12
re: catholics

really? I know but I used both usernames cos you've abused both

I could have worded the abuse a bit better I suppose, but how can you think that putting something as sick as that is right?

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:13
re: catholics

@ Steve

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 27/5 21:16
re: catholics

Im starting to fear my sexual harrassment thread is in danger of being overhauled in the biggest posts league

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:17
re: catholics

Catholic threads RULE

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:22
re: catholics

To now try and make a joke out of it just goes to prove just how pathetic you are. You are not funny, you have embarrassed other people on here in an attempt to try and be funny, unsuccessfully obviously and yet you still seem to think that you are humerous. You aren't!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:23
re: catholics

Sorry Jax but it is you who's out of order here luv.

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:24
re: catholics

You have actually embarressed all of the ones on your side of the debate with that statement you made.

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:27
re: catholics

I'm not on about the debate on this thread, I'm on about your behaviour/attitude on the site as a whole.

Steve, you are not in the know, sorry but there are things that have obviously passed you by.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:28
re: catholics

Jax you're suggesting the Pope is partly responsible for what's going on with the r_@pe of babies in Africa, I find that very offensive luv.

Shevchenko Posted on 27/5 21:29
re: catholics

most catholics are not to be trusted.proud to be a protestant and proud to come from ulster.

Valer Posted on 27/5 21:30
re: catholics

Scrote - if my child or anyone I know chooses not to believe in God that's their choice, I will certainly not be brain washing them.
If my child chose to become a smack head, then that too would be their choice. If you are suggesting that I would not try and help my child or anyone I know if they became a smack head then I find that deeply offensive.
If you think that your anology is a fair one, then you are indeed a sad individual.
Let's fill all non catholics full of smack shall we? They clearly deserve a crap life on earth too.
I choose to have faith, my child chooses not to. If your child chose not to support Boro would you refuse to protect him if he became a smack head?

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:31
re: catholics

"your behaviour/attitude on the site as a whole"

errr, yes, I've been banned god(pardon the pun) knows how many time cos I'm a tvvat, yes thats right.

sorry, I forgot!

MrEko Posted on 27/5 21:35
re: catholics

If I had a child, i would raise them with the values I hold, and being a catholic it would be those values.

If my child became a teen and didnt want to be a catholic so be it, I wouldnt stop loving them. To suggest that is just pathetic

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:37
re: catholics

You are not immune from banning so don't try to be clever. Anyway, I have wasted enough typing time on you, I have said numerous times before, that I have no wish whatsoever to communicate with you, on any level. You have proved with your abuse that you are still beneath contempt.

Valer Posted on 27/5 21:37
re: catholics

Scrote is suggesting that if any children of Catholics choose not to follow the faith when they are adults, we should fill them full of smack.
All you Catholics on here agree?

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:39
re: catholics

That wasn't the point he was making but the point he was making was a bit extreme.

yeah_man Posted on 27/5 21:43
re: catholics

Catholics, Catholics never get a wash. If they do, they think they're posh.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:43
re: catholics

It's actually Catholic bulldogs, not Catholics, Catholics!

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:43
re: catholics

Yep whatever you say jax.

Depends on how expensive Smack is when my kids become teenagers

How on Earth can you compare pumping a kid full of drugs to showing them the options of having religion or not?

If you don't believe in religion then fair enough, but not allowing them to sample religion is surely the same as "forcing it on them" (which does not happen as they are given the choice of wherther to continue or not) as you are "forcing" your beliefs on them by not allowing them it!

Valer Posted on 27/5 21:44
re: catholics

if you believe in the fundamentals of catholicism and you are then willing to allow your child to condemn himself without questioning it you might as well jam his body full of smack yourself

So, what did that mean then Steve?
Would you have been offended if he'd said that about your child?

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:47
re: catholics

Valer you said "Scrote is suggesting that if any children of Catholics choose not to follow the faith when they are adults, we should fill them full of smack."

He wasn't, he was likening allowing them to do it to filling them with smack!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:47
re: catholics

Well, whoever you latch yourself onto next will find out for themselves.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:49
re: catholics

Jax luv, if you find chboro offensive (I don't know what's gone on elsewhere) simply ignore him. Have you no reply to my posts about the Pope?

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:50
re: catholics

" I have no wish whatsoever to communicate with you, on any level"

***cough cough***

Please carry out the wish, thanking you very much

Valer Posted on 27/5 21:50
re: catholics

So Steve, when your children, who you have brought up as Catholics, tell you when they are 21 that they do not believe in God. Will you fill them full of smack in their sleep?

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 21:51
re: catholics

But of course! It's my duty as a good Catholic!

Valer Posted on 27/5 21:52
re: catholics

Got any syringes?

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:53
re: catholics

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 21:53
re: catholics

The point I was trying to make Steve about the pope, condoms etc is that being the head of the majority church in those areas that he could do a lot more to dissuade the male populous from spreading AIDS and looking for cures in ways that just aren't going to work. All he needs to do is say that it is ok, to use condoms and he won't. The figures for people dying from aids in Africa on a daily basis are appalling. Those men that are catching it from prostitutes are then going home to their wives, having sex with them and spreading it. Although the use of condoms won't stop the spread it might go some way to slowing it down a little.

chboro Posted on 27/5 21:56
re: catholics

** to whoever

But it is also against the religion to have sex outside of marriage, so if they are willing to do that then there should be no problem with them slipping a condom on.

MrEko Posted on 27/5 21:56
re: catholics

but whats to say people will start strapping up before slapping it up because the pope said so???

Valer Posted on 27/5 22:01
re: catholics

The main problems on this thread between Catholics/non Catholics appears to be that it is assumed that all Catholics agree with every single thing their religion and the Pope says.
It's a bit like saying that we always love every Boro player and support every single thing the club does. Nobody does, we all still "follow the faith" though.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 27/5 22:02
re: catholics

As Boro Steve says, if these catholics in Africa followed their church's doctrine properly, they wouldn't be having promiscuous lifestyles. What does happen I imagine, is that people are being born infected with the AIDS virus and they get married and have unprotected sex, cue their partner getting AIDS and their children being born with it.

Posted on 27/5 22:03
<no subject>

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jax_1 Posted on 27/5 22:03
re: catholics

But it is also against the religion to have sex outside of marriage, so if they are willing to do that then there should be no problem with them slipping a condom on.

Never stopped you trying to get into my knickers!

Scrote Posted on 27/5 22:05
re: catholics

jax - are you seriously saying that the men not listening to the pope about not sleeping with prostitutes ARE going to listen to him if he says "wear a condom"?

valer - the point i am making re smack is that you say you are a catholic and therefore know that by denying christ your child is preventing their own salvation

you are suggesting that you might try to prevent your child from being a smack-head so why are you so blase about him not entering the kingdom of heaven?

i don't think that the analogy is particularly extreme either - killing someone with drugs is no worse to a catholic than allowing their spirit to be extinguished - something you claim to be not bothered about...

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 27/5 22:06
re: catholics

Who's that comment directed at Jax? Just out of interest, what size are you? I'm a 30 inch waist.

Posted on 27/5 22:06
<no subject>

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boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:15
re: catholics

Scrote it's "knowing denial of Christ" ie. you know he's God's son etc. but deny him just for the craic, that's the problem not atheists!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:17
re: catholics

Oh and Jax it's naive in the extreme to say that it's the Pope's fault, if they followed his teachings properly we'd not have half the problem we have!

Posted on 27/5 22:18
<no subject>

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boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:19
re: catholics

But Jax him and the big fella are against condoms so he can't speak out in favour of them can he?!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 22:21
re: catholics

Scrote thats a classic, if your not Catholic you go to hell, absolute gem, one of the best i've ever heard and i suppose you'd deny your a bigot, or maybe not.

neiltrodden Posted on 27/5 22:22
re: catholics

"post a few reminders"

Please do!

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 22:23
re: catholics

Gadgie, last time I looked mine was 24inches

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:23
re: catholics

Oh and Jax don't hold it against chboro, who hasn't felt the odd temptation of the flesh?!

Would you hold it against me if I said you had a good body?!

Scrote Posted on 27/5 22:23
re: catholics

something has to be done, yes - but not by God or his representative on earth

the people in those communities have to help themselves and their governments have to give them the means to help themselves

would you really be happier if a big hand came down from the sky and wiped the slate clean for everyone - curing all illness at the same time?

would you continue to live your life how you are living it now?

would the world become a better place or would there just be more bickering as to who exactly the hand belonged to...

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 22:26
re: catholics

Steve, I had absolutely no intention of holding it against CHboro, that's why he has a problem with me.

I might just do that Neil, if it gets a bit quieter later on. You won't half laugh

Valer Posted on 27/5 22:26
re: catholics

Because my dear scrote, her spirit has not been extinguished. As I said earlier, she is one of the most spiritual and compassionate people I know. She spent her Gap year working with Aids victims in Africa and India and has now turned her back on academia and a prosperous adulthood to do full time voluntary work abroad. She is 21, she may change her mind about the existence of God; if I fill her full of smack now she will never have that choice. I believe that she has as much if not more right to enter the Kingdom of God than the bitter twisted people in their finery who pay lip service to Catholicism and berate everyone.

Scrote Posted on 27/5 22:27
re: catholics

theboy999 - where have i mentioned hell?

and i've said nothing at all about non-catholics in general just that if you are an athiest and deny the existence of God then you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven (whatever that might be)

you are just making things up as you go along

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:27
re: catholics

ah no Valer, you're all wrong, fill her full of smack or you're not a good Catholic!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:28
re: catholics

And you're wrong again Scrote, it's a "knowing denial of Christ/God"

Posted on 27/5 22:30
<no subject>

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Scrote Posted on 27/5 22:31
re: catholics

valer - it is not enough that someone is 'good' if they deny Christ

to be an athiest you have to actively deny the existence of God form a position of knowing that a God could exist, and, in your daughters case she has presumably some knowledge of the catholic stance on this from your parenting?

there are not many things in the bible as unambiguous as this

i hope she does at some point take the time to reflect on her decisions but i would hope even more that you would encourage her to do so

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 22:33
re: catholics

That just has to be the funniest thing I have ever read on here. Very poor effort though all in all.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:33
re: catholics

If someone does genuinely not believe in God then that is not a "knowing denial" is it Scrote?!

Valer Posted on 27/5 22:37
re: catholics

But if not, I'll just fill her full of smack eh?
How long shall I give her?

jax_1 Posted on 27/5 22:39
re: catholics

and would we Atheists know that we haven't been allowed into a non existent place?

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:39
re: catholics

How long? Do it now man, she's bringing disgrace on your family.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 22:39
re: catholics

What a way to ensure future membership. Tell everyone that if you don't believe you're doomed to eternal damnation.

Scote you're obviously an intelligent bloke, how do you fall for this?

If God does exist and he's all forgiving and you repent your sins, would you not then be allowed into the kingdom of heaven even if you were an athiest?

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 22:49
re: catholics

Is there anyone willing to answer this question yet? I've posted it several times to no avail.

I would like to know why you would feel the need to brain-wash a child instead of letting him make his own choices? Again, whats wrong with that? If Catholicism is so good then surely he'll choose that path?

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:50
re: catholics

theboy999 - it's not brain-washing.

For goodness sake give your head a shake, so we disagree, no need to get offensive!

stepat Posted on 27/5 22:50
re: catholics

Bloody hell, it's all going on here, isnt it? Religion, Sex, Stalking, Abuse.

chboro Posted on 27/5 22:52
re: catholics

If you are telling your child your beliefs all the time that catholicism is wrong, then surely that is meeting the criteria for brainwashing too?

Scrote Posted on 27/5 22:56
re: catholics

boro-steve - i wasn't trying to get into the finer detail but at a simplistic level denial of God (without subsequent repentence) in any form will prevent entry into the state of grace necessary for salvation

the boy999 - "If God does exist and he's all forgiving and you repent your sins, would you not then be allowed into the kingdom of heaven even if you were an athiest?"

if you repent your sins before God then you have to believe He exists - therefore you are not an atheist

--- Post edited by Scrote on 27/5 23:00 ---

Valer Posted on 27/5 22:56
re: catholics

Boy999 - very few Catholics brain wash their Children, for most people it's about guidance and leading a good life. Lessons that can be taught by any good parents. Unfortunately, some of the Catholics posting on here are extreme and narrow minded and are not representative of the Catholic community.
My priest adores my daughter, and has never suggested I fill her full of smack.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 22:59
re: catholics

Valer I hope you realise I WAS joking!

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:07
re: catholics

chboro, i don't teach my child that catholic beliefs are wrong, in fact he'll be attending a Catholic service tomorrow with his Grandmother.

boro_steve, i don't see were i've been offensive.

Valer, the voice of reason. You seem more like the Catholics i know unlike the extremist on here. I still don't see why if your so sure of your religion you need to indoctrinate your child.

Ideally the best way would be to study all religions and atheism and then make an inform choice without prejudice.

Scrote Posted on 27/5 23:08
re: catholics


i feel it is right to 'brainwash' a child with the catholic faith because i truly believe in life-everlasting and the conditions set down for the attainment of such

in exactly the same way i will happily 'brainwash' a child to follow the laws laid down by society as i truly believe that by being a law abiding citizen the child will get the best chance of living a fruitful life

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:09
re: catholics

Scrote, if you WERE an atheist. If your standing before God i dout you would be anymore.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:12
re: catholics

scrote, is religion not a choice. If you brainwash your child, which you freely admit, then its not his choice but yours. His free will has been erroded and did God not give us free will.

--- Post edited by TheBoy999 on 27/5 23:12 ---

chboro Posted on 27/5 23:12
re: catholics

I was in the Army cadets - we HAD to go to the chapel and speak with the pardre(sp) after the mass - religion is everywhere.

As I say - I threw in the towel as soon as I was given the choice, but I have nothing against it, and have no problem with my kids getting the same sort of education I had.

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 23:12
re: catholics

theboy999 calling my faith brain washing is offensive mate!

Scrote Posted on 27/5 23:16
re: catholics

when he is old enough to make a choice then he can - as many on here have

until that time i will do what i feel is best - surely that is a parent's job?

and brainwash was in inverted commas for a reason...

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:19
re: catholics

Brainwash - persuade completely, often through coercion.

I'd say that was pretty acurate.

If your affended by that then you really need to get out more, but sorry anyway.

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:21
re: catholics

Scote according to the bible, at what age does free will kick in then?????????

Valer Posted on 27/5 23:24
re: catholics

"Ideally the best way would be to study all religions and atheism and then make an inform choice without prejudice."

Here, here. I took A level theology and A/O Hinduism and Buddhism - both at a Catholic 6th form. After being brought up by Mother Theresa herself, at the tender age of 18 -20 the arguments for the existence of God had the reverse effect on me, they seemed intellectually inadequate and I became agnostic! I subsequently chose to return to my faith, largely because my Mother respected my opinions and allowed me to find my own way and make my own choices - had she turned away from me, or forced her opinions down my throat, I would have probably rebelled and may well have been an atheist today.

Scrote Posted on 27/5 23:30
re: catholics

free will is granted from birth i think - kids can't sin until they are seven though so the consequences of free will aren't felt until after then

chboro Posted on 27/5 23:33
re: catholics

But if you don't believe in religion they don't sin at all at any age

Valer Posted on 27/5 23:34
re: catholics

"when he is old enough to make a choice then he can - as many on here have"
So, for arguments sake, if, when he makes that choice, it's not what you want, and he tires of you wittering on and says he wants nothing more to do you with if you don't respect that he is an adult and has a right to his own opinions, what will you choose to do? Drive him away with your wittering or just fill him full of smack and watch him on his slow painful journey to hell?

--- Post edited by Valer on 27/5 23:42 ---

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:35
re: catholics

My situation is similar in that i went to church upto age 11, never really considered anything else until the age of about 17, started to question things, was a atheist by my mid twentys and now i'm leaning back towards the existance God. What i question is whether or not thats the indoctrination i had as a child coming out in me. Thats why i want my son to make a choice without any leanings either way, nigh-on impossible though.

--- Post edited by TheBoy999 on 27/5 23:39 ---

TheBoy999 Posted on 27/5 23:38
re: catholics

Scrote if your child on his 7 birthday(why 7?)says "dad i don't believe in God and i don't want to go to church" you'd accept that?

Valer Posted on 27/5 23:43
re: catholics

No 999 - he will burn him at the stake!

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 23:44
re: catholics

No Valer, you have to inject them full of smack, how many times must I tell you?!

Valer Posted on 27/5 23:44
re: catholics

Sorry, just seen your earlier post. Yes, i did know you were joking.

--- Post edited by Valer on 27/5 23:45 ---

boro_steve Posted on 27/5 23:47
re: catholics

Good, wouldn't want to be classed as an extremist Catholic, an Opus Dei member or something!

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 27/5 23:48
re: catholics

I think a bit of spiritual guidance in the form of organised religion, is a good thing for a child and will hopefully teach them the right values in life. What we don't want though is parents, teachers and the church ramming it down their throats, as this could have the opposite effect to that which is desired. On the other hand, it could also produce over-zealous religious bigotry which is also loathsome.

There still seems ill feeling from certain catholic and protestant members of this board to those who kick with the other foot. I find that hard to take in this day and age in this country.

stepat Posted on 27/5 23:49
re: catholics

My daughter goes to a catholic school, as it is the best school in her area, where she will receive the best education. I dont beleive in God, personally, but grew up with religion. If the worst thing my daughter learns at school is that there is a God, that's fine by me. She can make her own mind up as she gets older.

I do not brainwash my children and would not allow anybody else to do so. There may be issues i disagree with in the Catholic Church, but for you to suggest my daughter is brainwashed, i find highly offensive.

--- Post edited by stepat on 27/5 23:50 ---

Valer Posted on 27/5 23:50
re: catholics

"No Valer, you have to inject them full of smack, how many times must I tell you?!"

Always wondered what that white stuff in the tabernacle was!(Bet I've made a right fool of myself now, smack is probably brown, I relly have no idea!).
Anyway, let's all offer each other the sign of peace - it's late and we've got mass in the morning!
Good Night, God Bless.

WHITEANT Posted on 27/5 23:55
re: catholics

Acting on complaints by sinn fein that there are not enough catholics on tv ,the bbc have now agreed to show crimewatch twice a week

Scrote Posted on 28/5 0:02
re: catholics

theboy999 - if your child aged 7 said "dad - i don't believe the laws of the state are acceptable and i'm for a life of prostitution and crack dens and armed robbery" would you accept that?

do you not think someone protecting children in the best way they know how is a good thing even if you believe that the form that protection takes might not be correct at a religious level?

would you rather children be given no guidance at all in anything or is it just religion?

you can laugh all you want at the smack-head analogy but it works in the terms it was made

valer knows God exists and he also knows his child will not be saved in that God and yet he does nothing

valer knows his child is a smackhead and he knows his child will die becasue of it yet he does nothing

where is the difference?

and if he argues that he would do something to save the corporeal then how can he be so blase about the spiritual?

the point isn't to offend but to but to point out the fallacy in the argument by taking it to an extreme level - i'm hardly a christian fundamentalist but for someone to claim to be catholic and yet not care about his childs spiritual well being just makes me sad

TheBoy999 Posted on 28/5 9:58
re: catholics

There are one set of laws in this country and they must be followed, you have no choice. There are many differant religions, you can choose 1 or non at all, you have a choice, unless one is forced upon you as a child.

How is being forced to go to church free will?

borobadge Posted on 28/5 10:08
re: catholics

who is "forced" ?

TheBoy999 Posted on 28/5 10:42
re: catholics

Scrote's hyperthetical 7 year son.

longster Posted on 28/5 10:50
re: catholics

Bloody Hell!!!

Think I will tell the gf to stay at home on a Saturday night in future so I dont miss a good fmttm scrap!

btw I still agree with theboy

Scrote Posted on 28/5 13:06
re: catholics

theboy999 - how do you propose we go about not 'forcing' children to go to mass?

do we build great big creches and dump the kids in them with random non-religious teachers or would that run the risk of the kids being influenced by agnostics/atheists?

or should we just lock them in a cupboard until we get back?

do you also advocate banning children from watching telly just in case songs of praise comes on?

and what do you do when the child asks to come with you??

can you give a realistic alternative to bringing your kids up in the way you live - as far as i can see there isn't one

TheBoy999 Posted on 28/5 16:34
re: catholics

The real issue here isn't taking kids to church, i sort of got sucked into that one. I still believe that taking a child to the same church(same religion) every week is indoctrination, but i can see your point. I find the free-will issue strange and contradictory.

The origianl point i made was about schools and i stand by that, but we'll never agree.

Scrote Posted on 28/5 17:56
re: catholics

ok - we can agree to disagree re schools/churches but the free will one is fairly straightforward

a child seven has the free will that is within the scope of a seven year old child

when i was seven i wanted to be a CHiP - was my free will being obstructed by the fact that i didn't live in california and my parents wouldn't take me (presumably 'cos they realised i'd never get a motobike licence at seven - even in california!)

or is it foolish to expect that free will can be limited due to circumstance and that this in and of itself is not 'bad' as long as the obstructions are made for the right reason from the perspective of the obstructor?

now i'm old enough i could, if i wanted, begin to put into motion the things needed to become a CHiP - i can exercise a level of free will that was denied me as a child

i see no inherent contradiction in this if you are willing to accept that a child and an adult inhabit different scopes

TheBoy999 Posted on 28/5 18:46
re: catholics

My point about free will is that you are denying a child free will, either now or later in life by indoctrinating them.

"or is it foolish to expect that free will can be limited due to circumstance and that this in and of itself is not 'bad' as long as the obstructions are made for the right reason from the perspective of the obstructor"?

From the perspective of the obstructor, thats what it comes down to. You believe you have the right to 'brainwash' your child into what you believe, i don't.

john_b Posted on 28/5 18:51
re: catholics

"When i was seven i wanted to be a CHiP".

If you study your Bible, you'll see that David's Triumph was heard throughout the land. Perhaps David wanted to be Eric Estrada too Scrote ?

The_Commisar Posted on 28/5 19:05
re: catholics

Bloody typical a great scrap going on and I miss it.....

Valer Posted on 28/5 22:53
re: catholics

There's a programme on ITV now which you all might like!

boro_steve Posted on 28/5 23:03
re: catholics

theboy999, so we agree to disagree, you do it your way I'll do it my way, the great thing about this freedom malarky is we can all do what we want (within reason).

However calling it brainwashing is you deliberately trying to get a rise out of people. You may disagree with bringing children up within a religion but please have a bit more respect for those of us who disagree with you!

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 28/5 23:15
re: catholics

"David's Triumph was heard throughout the land"

I thought it was Moses who had a Triumph. I didn't know David had one as well. If it could be heard throughout the land, it must have been bloody noisy. Like them stupid little 125cc bikes. Horrible noisy little things. People who ride them should get a proper bike.

sunset_over_ici Posted on 28/5 23:30
re: catholics

He would have had an ASBO these days...

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 28/5 23:31
re: catholics

Catholic gets pulled just outside Helmsley due to race pipe

bungydinsdale Posted on 29/5 5:09
re: catholics

When it comes to Christians of all denomonations I follow the Pontius Pilate school of thought...throw them to the lions...