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Perry_Combover Posted on 3/6 9:36

i'm probably being naive but I dunno how this guy sleeps at night.

throwing ridiculous amounts of money at footballers, agents whoever. even when they win something it cant be quite the same, afterall they've 'bought' the trophy, which anyone could do with enough money.

does he give any money to charity? if he does, fair enough. i just think theres got to be many better uses for the money he throws around, rather than lining footballers pockets.

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 3/6 9:38
re: abramovich

Launder that dirty money.

Futue_te_ipsum Posted on 3/6 9:56
re: abramovich

"i'm probably being naive but I dunno how this guy sleeps at night."

Probably very soundly, on a bed of gold, with pillows stuffed with 50 notes.....

Seriously though, this is a man who has made his money by talking gullible workers out of their share vouchers, made billions out of rigged privatisations, share dilution coups, and tax avoidance. So throwing a load of his dosh at Chelski won't cause him too many sleepless nights.

mattrich Posted on 3/6 14:07
re: abramovich

i like the way the guy does business, puts a bid in for company it gets rejected, the board of directors get machined gunned to death, next in line decides it is wise to sell. simple.

20_Briggsy Posted on 3/6 14:10
re: abramovich

He wants to buy into Corus.

mattrich Posted on 3/6 14:14
re: abramovich

lets hope the directors make a quick decision for their sake.