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deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:26
on the fitness trail

guna be starting my new fitness regime 2moro by biking it to work and bike every day(grangetown to redcar so approz 8 mile round trip)
totally not looking forward to it at all but its gotta be done as i need to lose the excess flab and get fit.

anyone else on a fitness regime at the mo

OhWell Posted on 11/6 22:27
re: on the fitness trail

I've started typing faster. And I'm on the lookout for some of those wrist and ankle weights but small enough to fit on my fingers.

Rondo_1 Posted on 11/6 22:27
re: on the fitness trail


Been to the gym 5 times this week. I'll be fighting fit come pre-season.

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:28
re: on the fitness trail

i have just bought a gel seat for me bike so i dont end up getting a ass rash

chboro Posted on 11/6 22:29
re: on the fitness trail

It is a start but after a while you want to biking up in Eston hills. Redcar - Grangetown is flat and good for preparing, but when you get into it you want to pushing yourself.

This info was given by the fat tvvat starting to get more active to lose his weight

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:33
re: on the fitness trail

snap on the fat t**t wanting to lose weight part

thats what im doin it for

hopefully be able to get to redcar in 40 mins

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littlejimmy Posted on 11/6 22:37
re: on the fitness trail

Yep. Went for a little ride with the family today in the heat. Got a nice sweat on. Have bought cycling gloves to stop the handlebars hurting my poor hands. How much is a gel seat? My arse is tender with all this riding. (Easy now...)

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:38
re: on the fitness trail

well i went to wilkinsons in boro and got one for 6.50

OhWell Posted on 11/6 22:40
re: on the fitness trail

4 miles in 40 minutes is only 6 mph, go any slower and you'll fall off :)

20 minutes I would have thought, since it's mostly flat.

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:41
re: on the fitness trail

hopefully 20 mins depends how windy it is and if the wind is against me or not

chboro Posted on 11/6 22:41
re: on the fitness trail

You should do it in less than that - 20 mins at an average - slow speed to get to the traffic lights on Kirkleatham lane. I used to do Loftus - Redcar in 50 mins and that was up the hills and down a few too Wouldn't be able to at the moment tho

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:43
re: on the fitness trail

hopefully mate get me to work quicker

deano2k12 Posted on 11/6 22:46
re: on the fitness trail

i will let everyone know how i progress 2moro.
if im not on by 6 assume i have fell off and landed in a ditch

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 7:42
re: on the fitness trail

made it to work in 40 mins

took it very easy

just got the wobbly knees now

not looking forward to the ride home

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 8:13
re: on the fitness trail


sparkins Posted on 12/6 8:59
re: on the fitness trail

Deano, I am on a fitness binge too. I am in training for a cycle ride I am doing for Marie Curie Cancer Care in September. I am cycling from Berlin to Warsaw which is about 425 miles. We are going to be doing about 70-80 miles per day so I am having to do long rides two or three times a week. I am cycling in to work twice a week (South of Oxford - Heathrow) which is taking me about 3 hours for 40 miles. On Saturday I did about 45 miles around home which meant a ver early start to avoid the sun.

I only started riding about 6 weeks ago and if you stick with it you can really make some progress. A gel seat is a good start, but the best thing I have bought is padded cycling shorts. anyway good luck with your get fit campaign.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 9:00
re: on the fitness trail

were did you get the padded cycling shorts from????

sparkins Posted on 12/6 9:17
re: on the fitness trail

I have a mate of a mate who is a product reviewer for a mountain bike magazine and he gave us both a couple of pairs. You can get them on ebay for under 20 normally. When you have a gel seat and some of them it is a lot easier on the rump.

littlejimmy Posted on 12/6 9:20
re: on the fitness trail

Do they do them for chubsters like us?

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 9:23
re: on the fitness trail

best pair on ebay is XL i want a very big pair me like

easy on the cheeks

Bak_Row_Boy Posted on 12/6 9:33
re: on the fitness trail

I would be more worried about getting out of Grangetown with your wheels still attached, than a gel seat.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 9:34
re: on the fitness trail

i lived in grangetown for 19 years neva had anything done to my bike


janplanner Posted on 12/6 9:39
re: on the fitness trail

i was going to walk to work this morning, but i got up too late. so i thought, ill get the bus in and walk home (about 40 mins walk), but then it was raining, so i thought, sod it, i'll start tomorrow.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 9:43
re: on the fitness trail

when i started cycling this morning afta about 5 mins i just couldnt be a**ed with it and fought about turning back and getting the bus but i thought i aint guna get nowhere with that attitude and kept going.

hopefully be able to improve and lower my time to get to work the longer i keep the cycling up

littlejimmy Posted on 12/6 9:47
re: on the fitness trail

Keep it up, fella. WE CAN DO IT.
I even brought a pack-up in today, with loads of fruit. That will save me money and help me eat better.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 9:48
re: on the fitness trail

this is now the official deano2k12 and littlejimmy get fit thread

we gotta keep it updated

jo290204 Posted on 12/6 9:59
re: on the fitness trail

im om a fitness regime, im doing the 10k run in september for cancer, im not looking forward to it but ill do all the same, just starting to jog a bit i didnt realize how unfit i was im really ashamed

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moxzin Posted on 12/6 10:02
re: on the fitness trail

Count me in.

Want to try and get fit for the OTC at University (bit of a pipe dream that though) but otherwise its about time I did get fit. Going to start early morning runs and lots of upper body weight work.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 10:04
re: on the fitness trail

nice one lots of people trying to get fit

i have got a nice lil rash of the bike ride earlier and the seat has become loose....good job i have brought the spanner.

the seat is so uncomfartable man :(

littlejimmy Posted on 12/6 10:09
re: on the fitness trail

Is that with the gel seat? Is the gel seat you got just a piece that goes over your existing seat or a completely new seat?

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 10:15
re: on the fitness trail

just a piece that goes over the existing seat

the existing seat was the worst seat i have eva had.

thats why i am not looking forward to the ride home

the gel seat just makes it a bit better

i might have a pop over halfords to see if they have a new saddle alltogether which i could put on.

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deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 10:42
re: on the fitness trail


deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 11:20
re: on the fitness trail


deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 13:07
re: on the fitness trail


London_Boro Posted on 12/6 13:17
re: on the fitness trail

50 sit ups when you get out of bed and 50 before you get back in it at the end of the day. You will see the result in weeks.

Knocking the booze on the head for a month or 2 will do the trick as well.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 13:25
re: on the fitness trail

got a 40th of saturday so will be on the booze this weekend.

duno if i can stick off the booze like it i enjoy it too much.

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 20:48
re: on the fitness trail

got home in 40 mins.

now i am feeling it. knees nacking, ass rash the lot.

i feel like giving it up but im guna stick with it and take the aches and pains that come with it

little jimmy if ya there ave u done ought 2day on the bike?

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 12/6 21:02
re: on the fitness trail

Cycled to work on Saturday and today too. Gonna try and do it Mon, Wed and Fri each week (coupled with FMTTM footy on a Tues and a "proper" mountain bike ride on a weekend).

11 mile trip from Nunthorpe to Markse, just over 35 mins there and just under 50 mins back (guess which way is more "uphill"?!!). Really enjoyed it, but was hot and sweaty for ages at work, even after a shower. Doesn't do my hayfever much good either!

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 12/6 21:06
re: on the fitness trail

deano, get to somewhere like Netto, they often have cheap (but decent) padded cycling shorts, gloves and tops.

If you wanna spend a bit more, the bike shop in Guisborough has a good range.

I like this website too:

Link: Link

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 12/6 21:35
re: on the fitness trail

Just ordered myself a nice cheap Nike mountain biking top from that site for 14.99

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 21:38
re: on the fitness trail

u ride quicker to get from nunthorpe to maske than i do from grangetown to redcar.... i feel ashamed

but im just starting out i reckon a few weeks of it should do me good

chboro Posted on 12/6 21:40
re: on the fitness trail

I would love to cylce to work, but I don't think my bosses would be too happy if I turned up without the van

deano2k12 Posted on 12/6 21:42
re: on the fitness trail

14.99 lol thats nice and cheap

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 12/6 23:53
re: on the fitness trail

lj, have you been back out on your bike recently?

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 13/6 0:06
re: on the fitness trail

I've been doing Physio for a while now after a leg op. I also bought an excercise bike which I use three times a day in short sessions.
After the first few sessions on the bike I got confident with the knee and started to use it as much for the excercise as for the physio. I have almost doubled the distance travelled in the same time on the same programme and the pulse recovery rate which was bad is showing a decent improvement.
Don't 'binge' on heavy excercise but develop a programme which suites and stick to it. Enjoy the benefits.

deano2k12 Posted on 13/6 8:42
re: on the fitness trail

didnt ride in today decided to get the bus.

bit sore from yesterdays ride

plan on aving a ride up the hills tonight see how far i can get

stocko_mfc Posted on 13/6 8:59
re: on the fitness trail


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stocko_mfc Posted on 13/6 9:00
re: on the fitness trail

I dont need a gel seat i have all the padding i need in my arse cheeks

littlejimmy Posted on 13/6 9:04
re: on the fitness trail

Someone called me?
Went for a ride with the family on Sunday. Can't do it every day just yet. Will go out tonight. I promise!
Did start the sit-ups this morning before I got in the shower. Only managed 40 though.

deano2k12 Posted on 13/6 9:07
re: on the fitness trail

im guna ave a bike up the hills tonight LJ

littlejimmy Posted on 13/6 9:10
re: on the fitness trail

Have you got a bottle of oxygen with you?
Good luck! I'm sticking to the nice flat Vale of York for now.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 13/6 9:10
re: on the fitness trail

deano2k12 said "plan on aving a ride up the hills tonight see how far i can get"

Not far.

There are no easy routes up, although once you're on the top it's fairly gentle stuff. If I were you I'd either

a) Push it up Cally Bank and cycle along to the SS Castle then back down near Lazenby

b) Start at Flatts Lane, push your bike up Pig Bank then cycle to the Nab from the top of Pig Bank (a nice gradual climb for you there, good aerobic exercise). Be very careful riding back down though, it can get quite steep (but fun!)

c) Start at Flatts Lane but go on the hills on the Flatts Lane Woodland Centre side (i.e toward Ormesby). The terrain is a little more forgiving over that side.

I would guess if you're cycling straight from Grangetown then route a) would be the most obvious. You could cross the Parkway on the footbridge at Eston-Under-Nab or use the underpass near where the old California School was. Both of those take you to the bottom of Cally Bank. If you're taking your bike to the start by car, then I would start with option c).

Enjoy it!

deano2k12 Posted on 13/6 9:11
re: on the fitness trail

fink im guna need it like but just guna see how far i get up.

got a little rash on me ass like where the seat goes and thats with the gel seat on aswell so thats why i didnt bike it today.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 13/6 9:12
re: on the fitness trail

A game for all you cyclists; Count The Dead England Flag.

I must have passed at least 50 by the side of the road yesterday.

deano2k12 Posted on 13/6 9:15
re: on the fitness trail

cheers for the advice on goin up G_S

guna cycle up and start on flatts lane way

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 13/6 9:24
re: on the fitness trail

I would say the ride from Grangetown to Flatts Lane itself will probably be enough to begin with! Roads that you would swear were flat in a car seen ten times steeper on a bike.

deano2k12 Posted on 13/6 9:28
re: on the fitness trail

i will probably be tempted to pop in the conquest for a quick one on my way back.

im also contemplating whether to join the eston lesuire centres gym again.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 13/6 22:40
re: on the fitness trail

Well deano, did you go?

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 14/6 10:40
re: on the fitness trail

Hoof for deano!

heine Posted on 14/6 13:15
re: on the fitness trail

used to cycle boro to smiths dock
once did it in 12mins on racing bike i was 17
it would take me 12mins to get on the bike now

Cobain_94 Posted on 14/6 13:25
re: on the fitness trail

I do 3 - 4 heavy exercise sessions a week, gym and kick boxing mainly, cardio and weights. Have done this for about 6 years starting with just the gym (Kick Boxing a year). Haven't needed to think about getting fit until the start of this year, I injured my foot on new years eve, no idea how I did it but put me out for a while. Back on track now though.

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deano2k12 Posted on 14/6 13:27
re: on the fitness trail

hello G_S yes went on a bike ride last night.

didnt go up the hills though just went for a leisurely ride just round gtown, eston etc.

hows ur cycling goin?

deano2k12 Posted on 14/6 14:25
re: on the fitness trail

hooofffff for goal scrounger

deano2k12 Posted on 14/6 18:53
re: on the fitness trail


Goal_Scrounger Posted on 14/6 21:14
re: on the fitness trail

Cycled to and from work on Saturday, Monday and today so far (nearly 65 miles in total).

Must admit, my legs are heavy now, last night's FMTTM football was particularly tough going! It will get better I'm sure.

Rest day tomorrow. Car to work and no exercise on the evening!

littlejimmy Posted on 14/6 21:27
re: on the fitness trail

Just did a 5.5 mile ride round the high spots of Darrowby. Feeling good. Wasn't really up for it at all, but decided to do it anyway. Glad I did now.

Tour de France next year anyone?

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deano2k12 Posted on 14/6 21:43
re: on the fitness trail

gd lads

seems to be goin well

i avent done ought tonight but will be 2moro

shaun86 Posted on 14/6 21:49
re: on the fitness trail

go on deano, shed them pounds lad.

Some_Strange_Gadgie Posted on 14/6 21:56
re: on the fitness trail

Been going to JJB gymn for a few months. Seems to be an unusual amount of german sounding people in there. Lost a few pounds at first but stalled since then.

If anyone has any tips on exercises to tone up love handles or the flabby bits under my armpits, it would be appreciated.

deano2k12 Posted on 14/6 22:18
re: on the fitness trail

haha cheers shaun

borodrew Posted on 14/6 23:07
re: on the fitness trail

just gone back to the gym myself too after a month of nothing due to exams and stuff. 2 days so far this week, doing 25 min run both times and a few weights as well as a game of football tonight. feeling better already. only problem is, it makes you wanna eat more, not that that effects me fortunately.

littlejimmy Posted on 15/6 21:55
re: on the fitness trail

Went for a quick half-hour blast tonight. I'm getting addicted to it. Fresh air, light traffic and the cool still air of late evening - you can't beat it.

BERWICKHILLS_BOPPER Posted on 15/6 23:48
re: on the fitness trail

Been doing a bit moreself in an attempt to get more fit. in the last week, done a bit of weights, been walking everywhere, was at redcar last week, walked from the south gare bit to Saltburn pier, and had a hoof up eston nab the other day, walked from berwick hills and back.

but today my bloody foot is killing me, dunno why, like my sole is gonna crumble everytime i walk!

23 yrs old...maybe age is a factor, when chicken tasted like chicken....

littlejimmy Posted on 16/6 20:52
re: on the fitness trail

Can't be arsed tonight. Been out last 2 nights, though.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 16/6 20:56
re: on the fitness trail

I've cycled to and from work four times this week. According to my little bike computer, I've cycled 90 miles, burned up just over 2,500 calories and shifted nearly half a kilo of fat!

I've been eating healthily too and also played an hour of footy on Tuesday night.

Oh how I laughed when I weighed myself and found that I'D PUT ONE POUND ON???!!! WTF?

littlejimmy Posted on 16/6 21:03
re: on the fitness trail

That'll be the lean muscle in your legs. You'll have legs like twee twunks in no time.

Right, I can be arsed. Off into town to buy some lard.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 17/6 9:44
re: on the fitness trail

Hoof to remind jimmy to get on his bike today!

beeline Posted on 17/6 12:23
re: on the fitness trail

If you want to lose weight, get a virus! I lost 4 kg in a week recently.

Seriously though, keep it up all you masochists - the hard work is in the head.

I used to cycle from Skelton - Marton shops where I met up with my club mates for an all day ride, then had to ride home again. The madness of youth.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 17/6 14:22
re: on the fitness trail

Today's exercise was in the form of 3 sets of tennis, accompanied by the sound of (rather good actually) live skate punk bands from the skate park next to Tennis World.

littlejimmy Posted on 17/6 17:53
re: on the fitness trail

Getting serious now. Bought some lycra padded shorts today in JJB sports, about 2 minutes after my son vomited at the foot of the stairs. It was either the mental image of me in lycra or car sickness, I don't know which.

Also got a little doo-dah to measure speed, time, distance and calories and all that jazz. I'll be able to see how slow I'm going now. 6.99 in Argos.

littlejimmy Posted on 18/6 11:27
re: on the fitness trail

Hoof for the fitness brigade.

Had a quick blast last night and managed to do 3.5 miles in 23 minutes, when it took me 35 minutes the first time I went out. I didn't stop once and probably could have done it twice if it hadn't started raining.

Come on Deano. Have you abandoned us?

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borodrew Posted on 18/6 11:39
re: on the fitness trail

i hit the gym yesterday and off now before a bit of music live too, feeling much better already. the 30 minute runs do the business.

guyr Posted on 18/6 11:42
re: on the fitness trail

what type of bike you got, if its mountaing bike with big fat tyres eyc then buy set of lower profile thinner tyres. makes a world of difference if you are mainly riding on the road.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 18/6 12:43
re: on the fitness trail

Rest day for me today. Feeling the arm muscles from tennis yesterday and having my first bad hayfever day.

Might have a quick blast to the Nab and back on my bike this evening if I feel up to it mind!

littlejimmy Posted on 19/6 19:52
re: on the fitness trail

Come on, Deano, not heard from you for a while. Gone on your jollies?

Off out in 10 minutes for a blast.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 19/6 20:22
re: on the fitness trail

Dunno what the wind is like where you are LJ?, but it was bloody hard work cycling home from work today, took me ten minutes longer than usual.

littlejimmy Posted on 19/6 21:05
re: on the fitness trail

Hardly any wind here, GS.
Just did 5 miles, the other way round my route, and BY GUM it was hard work. It's all uphill the other way. It was like one of those optical illusions where the stairs go up all the way round. Managed to keep going all the way though, and feel knackered but good now.

littlejimmy Posted on 21/6 15:37
re: on the fitness trail

HOOF for Deano/GS. Saw you posting on another thread, Deano, so I know you're about. What's happening?

That ride the other night was a real killer. My body was really sore yesterday. Going for it again tonight.

deano2k12 Posted on 21/6 15:49
re: on the fitness trail

hi L_J

havent done anything lately been really busy....but may go for a ride tonight as i havent got anything on.

was thinking about joining the local gym aswell to get even fitter

Smifter Posted on 21/6 15:55
re: on the fitness trail

Im gonna join in this fitness thingy ma jiggy if thats ok with you boys! Started my diet on monday, so far so good, but its only day3, and im going on a 11 mile walk 2moro

deano2k12 Posted on 21/6 16:07
re: on the fitness trail

fink i seen you in the woody on friday

deano2k12 Posted on 21/6 16:17
re: on the fitness trail

hoof for L_J

Smifter Posted on 21/6 16:18
re: on the fitness trail

yeh u probs did- I was in there! cos the fitness didnt start till monday Ive gave up alcohol now till my birthday!

deano2k12 Posted on 21/6 16:19
re: on the fitness trail

did u fink it was propa dead

Smifter Posted on 21/6 17:01
re: on the fitness trail

Yea its proper dead everywhere now in normanby, we even went to the tiger times are bleak!

deano2k12 Posted on 21/6 17:05
re: on the fitness trail

must have been bad for yas.....

hoof for l_j

littlejimmy Posted on 21/6 20:03
re: on the fitness trail

Ah, the old "too busy" excuse...
Keep it going, even when you can't be arsed. GEtting it into your routine is the hard part, but when it becomes routine, you won't look back.

Nedkat Posted on 21/6 20:14
re: on the fitness trail

Done a couple of miles walking every morning this week, followed by 30 minutes of swimming when I get home from work. Eating healthier, and trying to lose weight. Doc's sent for me after I had me blood test done last week, he's gonna give me a bollicking about the high cholesterol, and he gonna try and get me to take Crestor, which is a statin, and the wife won't let me take statins, cos they're bad for the liver ...

I hate being 48 !! I was as fit as a fiddle when I was younger, and all this shyte pisses me off no fookin end !!

littlejimmy Posted on 21/6 21:28
re: on the fitness trail

I wouldn't be worried about the statins, Ned. By the sounds of things, you like to knock back a few sherberts, and I bet your liver took some punishment in your Navy days. Splice the main brace!

Not that I'm fit to judge any fooker, like!

Just got back from another 5-mile ride. Windy tonight - made it hard work.

BobendBill Posted on 21/6 21:52
re: on the fitness trail



deano2k12 Posted on 22/6 12:16
re: on the fitness trail

wahey my first ton

deano2k12 Posted on 24/6 10:27
re: on the fitness trail


Goal_Scrounger Posted on 24/6 10:31
re: on the fitness trail

Managed to not only ride to and from work yesterdaty, but play an hour of indoor hockey inbetween too! Doesn't do much for the back, mind you.

littlejimmy Posted on 24/6 11:16
re: on the fitness trail

I'm starting to suffer injuries. My lower back hurts and my left elbow is really sore this morning. But it's a price worth paying.
Now, if only I could knock the bad eating on the head, I'd be onto a winner.

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 25/6 13:04
re: on the fitness trail

Just done my first ride to Eston Nab since my two weeks of cycling to work and could really feel the difference (except for Pig Bank which was as much torture as usual).

Although I'm eating reasonably well and have definitely lost some waistline, I seem to be piling on the weight.

beeline Posted on 25/6 13:24
re: on the fitness trail

PORRIDGE! That's what you need Ned. I have hereditary high cholesterol, although I didn't find out til I was 50. I hate taking drugs so when I read about the benefits of porridge it seemed a good alternative. I have a bowl for breakfast every morning, winter and summer, and it's keeping it in check - I even enjoy eating it now. Oatcakes, which I think are popular in your neck of the woods is another way of getting it down you. Give it a go - it can't do you any harm.

GS That's not a bad sign - muscle weighs more than fat!

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Nedkat Posted on 25/6 14:30
re: on the fitness trail

Funny that, I was looking for an alternative to taking those Statins, and I read about the Porridge and it's great cholesterol fighting goodness. I also happen to love the stuff, so I reckon it's going to be Porridge all the way from now on.

The Doc wanted me to take Crestor, but after discussing it with the missus, and researching the whole caboodle, it looks like those things do yer liver more harm than good.

Thanks for the tip ..

beeline Posted on 25/6 15:51
re: on the fitness trail

You're welcome Ned. If nothing else it'll keep you regular!

littlejimmy Posted on 26/6 21:26
re: on the fitness trail

Change of tactics tonight - Rowing Machine!
Dug it out of the garage earlier and just had a 25-minute blast whilst listening to a random selection on my mp3 player. The Boss is good to row to!

How's everyone else doing?

littlejimmy Posted on 28/6 21:32
re: on the fitness trail


Went out on the bike tonight and got a bleedin' puncture!

Goal_Scrounger Posted on 2/7 18:36
re: on the fitness trail

deano and lj, you're getting suspiciously quiet?!!

I shaved 3 and a half minutes off my best time from Nunthorpe to Eston Nab and back on my bike tonight. Can do the round trip in just over 47 minutes now.

deano2k12 Posted on 2/7 18:55
re: on the fitness trail

joined the gym now and trying to get there as much as possible

im feeling the benefit of it now!!

littlejimmy Posted on 2/7 20:26
re: on the fitness trail

Hey! I don't spend all my life on here, you know!
I've been doing rowing while the bike was out of action. It's harder on the body and muscles, but doesn't get the heart going as much.
Fixed the puncture yesterday morning. Was going to go out tonight, but I've heard thunder in the distance...

littlejimmy Posted on 6/7 22:01
re: on the fitness trail

Right, you buggers. How's it going? I've starting doing cycling and rowing on alternate nights, and have done something on 9 out of the last 12 days. It's getting easier every time I go out.

Cobain_94 Posted on 6/7 22:07
re: on the fitness trail

I have my first K1 Kick Boxing Bout on the 15th of September so I have been stepping up the fitness and training in preperation for that. I can't believe I've actually gone ahead and put my name forward for it.

borodrew Posted on 6/7 22:26
re: on the fitness trail

ive been fitness crazy this last week or 2. gym almost every day. football every 2-3 days.

yesterday went on a bike ride too. we set ourselves a target of great ayton, from james cook hospital. one of us isnt fit and doesnt do any fitness at all so wasnt expecting it to be that successful.

but was very good. done it at a nice pace with a few breaks and slow bits and only took around an hour or so. stopped, had an ice cream,relaxed, then back. set off at 4 home for 7 to half past.

the only problem, the seat. oh man at times i was peddling facing sidewards so i could sit on one buttock. the bike i had had a racing seat which basically your crotch sat on. agony!. can see why you reccomended the gel seats now.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/7 22:42
re: on the fitness trail

5th night in a row tonight! 7.6 miles! RAR! Come on!

Got a great photo on my mobile from my ride tonight.

Oooh, I'm fooked.

japsterboro Posted on 7/7 22:50
re: on the fitness trail

Cobain - Well done that man! I do Muay Thai and really should have got my ass in gear for a few comps but not had time (on going excuse!) to do it. Its not the fight itself, its the preparation. Good luck!

Rondo_1 Posted on 8/7 0:18
re: on the fitness trail

Where are you fighting at Cobain? Billy Arms?

littlejimmy Posted on 8/7 0:41
re: on the fitness trail

Here's photographic (though miniature) proof.

Link: Long shadows on the country lanes of Nor

Cobain_94 Posted on 8/7 1:17
re: on the fitness trail

Sheffield mate. Long way to go and alot of pain between now and then.

littlejimmy Posted on 10/7 22:35
re: on the fitness trail

Been doing this nearly five weeks. I feel fitter, my middle is definitely shrinking size-wise. But I'm not losing weight! AARRRGGHH! The wife says it's me putting muscle on, but I know what is happening. I'm still eating the wrong things.

Cobain_94 Posted on 11/7 1:47
re: on the fitness trail

The weight takes time to come off, just keep at the exercise. Push yourself more and more and you won't need to worry about what you eat. Obviously the weight will come off quicker if you eat healithy like.

moxzin Posted on 19/7 17:37
re: on the fitness trail

About 5 weeks ago I posted on this thread, really far up it is, about starting on the fitness trail.

Well today I started on that long and arduous road.

The hottest day of the year, going for a run, it was brutal, it takes everything out of you, so..... go do it!

Boro_Owl Posted on 19/7 17:53
re: on the fitness trail

I have a stepper by the computer, makes typing a bitch but its easy stuff, and good too. Really works for burning off stomach flab, and getting the legs nice and solid.

Boro_Owl Posted on 25/8 8:17
re: on the fitness trail

After a month of it, I've realised climbing is a damn good way to exercise. Fun too.

littlejimmy Posted on 25/8 8:31
re: on the fitness trail

*Hides away*

Boro_Monkey Posted on 25/8 9:26
re: on the fitness trail

My fitness for the start of the season was coming on well.

Then I sprained my ankle last Wednesday. It's still badly bruised. And the season starts next weekend. *Frowny Face*

Barzini Posted on 25/8 9:44
re: on the fitness trail

Just read the full thread - i gym and swim on alternative days. For a cardio work out a swim cant be beaten.

Everyone keep up the good work!

littlejimmy Posted on 20/12 10:21
re: on the fitness trail

Well well well. Will be interesting to see if anyone on this thread has actually stuck with their fitness regime.

I didn't, mainly because I emigrated. Great excuse, eh? Well I went 3 months without doing anything and I ate loads of crap and drunk too much, as you do. I had my health scare in early Nov. and now I'm doing a diet/exercise plan which has helped me lose 10.5kg (23lbs) in about 6 or 7 weeks. Weird thing is, I feel totally crap! I suspect I'm over-doing it, TBH. I always throw myself into things fully, and I've been going to the gym 5 times a week and cutting most carbs out of my diet. GAH! I just want to feel better! I can see the results, my waist has shrunk by a few inches and all that, but I thought I would FEEL BETTER, FFS!

Any ideas what I should do? Apart from shoot myself, obviously.

Rondo_1 Posted on 20/12 10:23
re: on the fitness trail

I haven't been to the gym in a while. Cancelled my membership because we weremeanttobe getting payed off from here in Barrow.

Still need to shift 2.5 stone in 5 months.