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jax_1 Posted on 12/6 21:08

This is awful

Cooke's daughter tells of nightmare

Alistair Cooke's daughter has spoken of the nightmares she had after finding out her father's leg bones had allegedly been removed from his corpse by bodysnatchers.

Susan Kittredge said she dreamt she opened a door and saw her screaming, legless father reaching out to her.

The body of the BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke is one of more than a thousand authorities claim was plundered for parts which were then sold on to the tissue industry.

"To know that they chopped off his legs, then you can't help but see in front of you a truncated person on the floor whose head comes up to the waist," Ms Kittredge said.

She also revealed she had noticed there was something odd about her father's ashes, but did not give it much thought.

As a minister she had handled ashes in the past and had expected to see shards of bone. But Mr Cooke's remains were smooth and fine like talcum powder and contained a coil of wire.

"It never occurred to me for a minute that it might be a by-product of someone having engaged in some nefarious endeavour," Ms Kittredge said.

Mr Cooke died from lung cancer at his home in New York in March 2004. Last December his daughter was contacted by a detective who told her his investigators believed his body had been ransacked and bones sold for thousands of dollars.

She was told the gang had allegedly made Mr Cooke appear a suitable donor by falsifying his cause of death by listing it as a heart attack, not cancer, and listing his aged as 85 rather than 95.

Ms Kittredge said she had been told her father's bones were never implanted in anyone, and she does not know what happened to the rest of his body. The owner of Biomedical Tissue Services, the New Jersey company accused of taking bones, tendons, ligaments, skin and other tissue from cadavers, and three others, have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

jax_1 Posted on 13/6 0:04
re: Eeeeeeeks!

stepat Posted on 13/6 0:05
re: Eeeeeeeks!

Couldnt they give Heather one ?

jax_1 Posted on 13/6 0:06
re: Eeeeeeeks!


It's a bit naughty though, isn't it?

stepat Posted on 13/6 0:09
re: Eeeeeeeks!

Yes, it is. I have nightmares my dad calls me a fat useless idiot and a waste of good legs... It seems real too

jax_1 Posted on 13/6 0:13
re: Eeeeeeeks!

I'm sure he doesn't mean it though

stepat Posted on 13/6 0:18
re: Eeeeeeeks!