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jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:27
F.A.O. Nino

Scroll down the linked thread

Link: Naughty Nino :-)

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:30
re: F.A.O. Nino

Tone it down a little, mate. I know it is a laugh, but you dont wanna get banned again.

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:34
re: F.A.O. Nino

No, we definitely don't want you getting banned again Nino

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:34
re: F.A.O. Nino

Responded now. Nothing I've posted has been anything worse than the majority of people on here. I like having a laugh. They have a problem with me due to what happened with bliss.

I'll keep on posting as long as I can, and having a laugh where I can. The onlytime I have ever been truly abusive was when that nob said that about your daughter steppy.

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:36
re: F.A.O. Nino

I know, yes. I cant understand it either. But you dont wanna get banned, so dont push the boundaries for a while

I think sometimes, when its late we forget that anyone can read what we post during the day and may not lke it. I dont agree with that, but maybe that's it?

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:36
re: F.A.O. Nino

Well lets hope that Rob decides that you are an asset to the board

( well an ass anyway )

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:38
re: F.A.O. Nino

I post to all Boro and football related threads in a generally sensible way (well more so than most anyway), and like to have a crack.

I agree maybe I should tone it down but I'm being called a racist and a homophobe.

Never ever been a homphobe and the alleged racism was far from it.

I'll be here til the bitter end.

And if I get banned again, I'm boycotting buying FMTTM anymore

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:39
re: F.A.O. Nino

Jax -

You can't say that!!!


stepat Posted on 14/6 23:40
re: F.A.O. Nino

To be honest, i dont like you, never have.

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:40
re: F.A.O. Nino

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:40
re: F.A.O. Nino

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:43
re: F.A.O. Nino

a few people have been banned lately, and the board was on shut down lasst night for VERY VERY little. its all getting abit silly, theres not been any real incidents since that bliss thing

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:46
re: F.A.O. Nino

Shut down last night too Esky?

I didn't know that. I got carried away with some of those quizzes that were linked to on here the other night, so I didn't post much. Are you sure it wasn't just quiet cos I wasn't here?

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:47
re: F.A.O. Nino

well i tried to post but from 1am it was on read only

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:49
re: F.A.O. Nino

Now the strange thing is, from what I understood him to say the other day, Rob doesn't like it being put into read-only status. Very strange!

Stokoe23 Posted on 14/6 23:49
re: F.A.O. Nino

Was it? I was on at half one and it was ok. Maybe it was a Rivals glitch.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:51
re: F.A.O. Nino

Stokoe - while your hear a question. . .why has rochey been banned?

Stokoe23 Posted on 14/6 23:52
re: F.A.O. Nino

For a post made in very bad taste.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:53
re: F.A.O. Nino

can i ask what it is. . .you can email me it if its too bad to retell

jax_1 Posted on 14/6 23:53
re: F.A.O. Nino

Why were threads being deleted today? What was wrong with them?

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:54
re: F.A.O. Nino

Stokoe- what clique are you talking about? Why didnt you go on MSN instead of the Hogs Head thread? It is like minded Boro fans having a bit of banter. Anybody with an ounce of sense would realise Elnino is joking and is no racist or homophobe.

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:55
re: F.A.O. Nino

"you can email me"

you talk about cliques admin?

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:56
re: F.A.O. Nino

ill give you it late steppy

stepat Posted on 14/6 23:56
re: F.A.O. Nino

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:58
re: F.A.O. Nino

Stepat, all joking aside I'm glad someone can see that. Not once have I ever made a serious post displaying racism or hompohobia.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 23:58
re: F.A.O. Nino

yes you have, i cant even get past the swear filter with some of the stuff youve said. . .

Stokoe23 Posted on 14/6 23:59
re: F.A.O. Nino

Esky - I'd rather not, it's nothing to do with me.

Jax - to be honest I don't know

stepat - you know what I mean. if not, you need some common sense as well.

elnino1 Posted on 14/6 23:59
re: F.A.O. Nino

Esky, sshhhhhh, you'll blow my lie

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 0:00
re: F.A.O. Nino

common sense is not all he needs. . .

stepat Posted on 15/6 0:01
re: F.A.O. Nino

I understand the board needs to be monitored. But it is obvious that a couple of admin boys' passwords have gone to their heads.

Some people can post anything, no questions asked, and others, like elnino (it seems) have their cards marked for upsetting a certain person ( or their girlfriend or mates)

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elnino1 Posted on 15/6 0:01
re: F.A.O. Nino

Stepat - Nail. Head.

stepat Posted on 15/6 0:04
re: F.A.O. Nino

That is not intended toward you, stokoe, but sometimes it seems people have been banned because of who they are or who they were talking to, not for what they said.

Lifer_Reilly Posted on 15/6 0:05
re: F.A.O. Nino

I'm still pitzed off that Blondie has been banned due to her posting a link to the other 'fmttm' board that is available to the whole world where some people are living their lives on there. The ruler of this site has not seen fit to remove the ban for reasons unknown. If people want to talk on a message board (not this one of course) then it is for public consumption not private (ie via MSN)

That's me banned from here then as well.

ps. Blondie's cat passed away today as well - but she can't tell anyone on here about it.

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Stokoe23 Posted on 15/6 0:13
re: F.A.O. Nino

stepat - i don't know about that. show me an example of something worse.

Lifer_Reilly - I didn't know she was banned.

Lifer_Reilly Posted on 15/6 0:18
re: F.A.O. Nino

Yes Stokoe - one of your fellow admin has banned her because she posted a link to the other fmttm site where some former board members are posting to each other. She only did that after I provided her the link after someone else had asked about the other parties. The leader of this site has yet to reply to an email sent to him a week ago (roughly) with her side of the arguement. The whole thing stinks of big clique......

As I say as soon as one of your fellow admin find out I too will be banned and to be honest I really couldn't give one either.

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Stokoe23 Posted on 15/6 0:20
re: F.A.O. Nino

I'll see what I can find out.

Stokoe23 Posted on 15/6 1:03
re: F.A.O. Nino

esky, I've e-mailed you about rochey, no harm in letting you know.

I used the address you used to send e-mail to admin.

stepat Posted on 15/6 1:05
re: F.A.O. Nino

clique clique

chboro Posted on 15/6 1:06
re: F.A.O. Nino go on forward it to me

stepat Posted on 15/6 1:11
re: F.A.O. Nino

Five to one, baby, one in five,
No one here gets out alive,
Now you get yours, baby, I'll get mine,
Gonna make it, baby, it we try

The old get old and the young get stronger,
May take a week and it may take longer,
They got the guns but we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeh, we're takin' over, come on

Your ballroom days are over, baby,
Night is drawing near,
Shadows of the evening grow across the year
You walk across the floor with a flower in your hand,
Trying to tell me no one understands,
Trading your house for a handful of dimes
Gonna make it, baby, in our prime
Get together one more time
Get together one more time

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A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 1:13
re: F.A.O. Nino

ill check me mail now mate