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jax_1 Posted on 15/6 0:44
Ey Up Mappy

How's you today?

Have you had any more thoughts about going to uni?

onthemap Posted on 15/6 0:45
re: Ey Up Mappy

Hi Jax
Im fine - how are you?

stepat Posted on 15/6 0:46
re: Ey Up Mappy

Ba(Hons) Paranoia Humour-free IT

jax_1 Posted on 15/6 0:47
re: Ey Up Mappy

I'm good thanks Glad you are ok too

Have you had any more thoughts or has your nephew been keeping you too busy to have 5 mins to yourself?

elnino1 Posted on 15/6 0:48
re: Ey Up Mappy

Can I join this "exclusive" chat?

onthemap Posted on 15/6 0:50
re: Ey Up Mappy

Look the animals gather.

stepat Posted on 15/6 0:51
re: Ey Up Mappy

<ruts wildly>

elnino1 Posted on 15/6 0:52
re: Ey Up Mappy