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JBBORO Posted on 15/6 13:00
Top 3 Women

following on from Top 3 sites u visit...

interested to know womens views also, this should be based only on looks.

1 - Kelly Brook
2 - Angelina Jolie
3 - Micha Barton

coheadboro Posted on 15/6 13:04
re: Top 3 Women

1 Kelly Brooke
2 Angelina Jolie
3 Elisha Cuthbert

MsCurly Posted on 15/6 13:05
re: Top 3 Women

1. Kelly Brook (spooky)
2. Angelina Jolie (boring and repetitive but true)
3. Catherine Zeta Jones (I know she's a tit but she's beautiful)

I've always thought Christy Turlington was one of the most beautiful women I've seen too.

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FrenchFrank Posted on 15/6 13:08
re: Top 3 Women

Very strange 3 there. I dont think Angela Jolie is attractive at all and Kelly Brook has a nice body but wouldnt say she is one of the sexiest.

1.Cheryl Tweedy
2.Jennifer Anniston
3.Holly Valance

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 13:09
re: Top 3 Women

Jolie is a munter and no mistake.

1) Tina O'Brien (Sarah Lou off cora)
2) Cheryl Tweedy
3) Micha Barton

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 13:10
re: Top 3 Women

Catherine Zeta Jones, was 4th. watched return of Zorro the other nite, still looking good.

frank - anniston over jolie ?

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OhWell Posted on 15/6 13:11
re: Top 3 Women

1: Sarah Michelle Gellar (but only as Buffy)
2: Jennifer Garner (but only as Sydney Bristow)
3: Gillian Anderson (but only as Scully)

Seems I have a thing for fictitious, strong women.

Rumpole_Chutes Posted on 15/6 13:11
re: Top 3 Women

Shannon Sossamon
Jessica Alba
Natalie Portman

japsterboro Posted on 15/6 13:12
re: Top 3 Women

1- Brenda Schad
2- Beanda Schad
3- Brenda Schad ...

borderchris Posted on 15/6 13:13
re: Top 3 Women

1. Tera Patrick
2. Silvia Saint
3. Natalia Cruz

in any order!!!

OhWell Posted on 15/6 13:14
re: Top 3 Women

like pr0n much?

borderchris Posted on 15/6 13:16
re: Top 3 Women

What wrong with watching it!

FrenchFrank Posted on 15/6 13:18
re: Top 3 Women

Yes i really like Anniston alot. Dont think Jolie is nice at all and Brad made a huge mistake dumping Jen for her, but thats just my opinion. Hard to say a top 3 really isnt it? there are so many fit woman, Tara Reid, Tina o'Brien, Delta Goodrem, etc etc

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 13:19
re: Top 3 Women

its hard to name 3 yeah, but sometimes uve got to make these decisions. i will do a overall top 10 if more votes come in. FMTTM FHM

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OhWell Posted on 15/6 13:22
re: Top 3 Women

"What wrong with watching it!"

Nothing, but 3 porn stars in your top 3 women?

juninho_the_legend Posted on 15/6 13:24
re: Top 3 Women

now then chris hows it going? Do you have any of the photos from bucharest developed yet? Coud you possiby send them by email?

cheers, mark (one of the lads from the irish bar)

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 13:25
re: Top 3 Women

interesting top 3 there juninho

borderchris Posted on 15/6 13:26
re: Top 3 Women

Not yet!! should have them developed next week when I get paid. I doing okay at the moment however wish I was in Germany. What about yourself?

YoungAlf Posted on 15/6 13:35
re: Top 3 Women

1. Cheryl Tweedy
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Shakira

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 14:08
re: Top 3 Women

3.Jessica Alba

Link: ......

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 14:12
re: Top 3 Women

Cheryl Tweedy's tattoo on her leg makes her look as cheap as she actually is.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 14:12
re: Top 3 Women

2.Eva Longoria

Link: ............

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 14:13
re: Top 3 Women

1.Charlize theron

Link: Oh yes!

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 14:14
re: Top 3 Women

I'm sure you could do better BB75.

69_stuie_69 Posted on 15/6 14:14
re: Top 3 Women

Jessica Alba
Cheryl Tweedy
Jenna Jameson of course

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 14:20
re: Top 3 Women

parmo, her having fame and fortune doesn't hide the fact that she's a common tramp.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 14:30
re: Top 3 Women

What's all the fuss about Jolie? She's a moose.

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 14:34
re: Top 3 Women

Is the correct answer LL.

Come on then BB75, put your neck on the line, who's in your top 3?

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 14:35
re: Top 3 Women

how can u say that about angelina, does anyone have a pick

janplanner Posted on 15/6 14:36
re: Top 3 Women

rachel bilson
catherine zeta jones
kirstie allsop

cheese_shop_john Posted on 15/6 14:37
re: Top 3 Women

1) My Wife
2) My Mam
=3) Most barmaids in Yarm

Table_Football Posted on 15/6 14:38
re: Top 3 Women

Katie Melua
Amy Davidson
Kelly Brook

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 14:41
re: Top 3 Women

Tina O'Brien, and Cheryl Tweedy are pin-ups for the white tracksuited, checked cap generation.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 14:45
re: Top 3 Women

BB75 wot is ur selection, u have only knocked others, u dont bat for the other team do u?

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 14:45
re: Top 3 Women

Didn't answer the question BB75, looks like you just picked out my 3 and had a dig. Maybe attractive women aren't your thing.

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 14:48
re: Top 3 Women

No, I don't bat for the other team.
I can't say choosing a Top 3 of women is something i've given much thought to. Maybe i'll spend a couple of nights in my bedroom, tossing off over the latest copy of Nuts or Zoo, and i'll get back to you.

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 14:52
re: Top 3 Women

Just a bit of fun BB, no body will think any less of you if you join in. By posting who you think is attractive won't make people think you and your computer are surrounded by w@nk rags.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:15
re: Top 3 Women

catherine zeta jones popular with the ladies

The_Commisar Posted on 15/6 15:21
re: Top 3 Women

Do you honestly think BooBoy 75 will offer an opinion ?
nah. He just slags others off and wishes he had the courage to have an opinion.
meanwhile he'll be scribling in his book so he can try and slag people off down the line.

grantus Posted on 15/6 15:24
re: Top 3 Women

1. Helena Christianson
2. Michelle Pfieffer
3. Mariah Carey

grantus Posted on 15/6 15:24
re: Top 3 Women

double post

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parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 15:24
re: Top 3 Women

I knew he wouldn't, its easier to snipe at others when you don't offer any opinions on things.

A very defensive soul, bless him.

So good, he tells us twice!!

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Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:25
re: Top 3 Women

Mariah frigin Carey!! Dear God man.

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 15:26
re: Top 3 Women

I see Commisarse is recruiting disciples once again.
Looking for people to pay for you an advert again?

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:30
re: Top 3 Women

1) Keira Knightly (can't believe she hasn't been mentioned!)
2) Kirsty Alsopp
3) Sienna Miller

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 15:33
re: Top 3 Women

i forgot about her sophie.

Cheryl Tweedy relegated to the subs bench.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:36
re: Top 3 Women

Sienna Miller is definitely up there but lost the plot and cried to much and was relegated.

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:36
re: Top 3 Women

How anyone can forget Keira Knightly is beyond me

janplanner Posted on 15/6 15:37
re: Top 3 Women

oooh, i nearly had sienna miller!

(in my list, obviously, not in real life )

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grantus Posted on 15/6 15:37
re: Top 3 Women

Lisbon you woofter. Mariah Carey is lovely.

Link: gorgeous

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:38
re: Top 3 Women

sophie, good shout.

grantus - mariah ? :|

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:38
re: Top 3 Women

No way is Mariah Carey top three

grantus Posted on 15/6 15:39
re: Top 3 Women

Then again, maybe I got it wrong, perhaps she's a dog.

Link: Tough call

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:40
re: Top 3 Women

Well done Jan, you know the score. Grantus, I'm afraid if you like needy pink faced singers with fat heads then she's your man.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:40
re: Top 3 Women

not that u would want to knock opinions, BB75 does that

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:40
re: Top 3 Women


grantus Posted on 15/6 15:41
re: Top 3 Women

Nope, I was right, she's lovely.

Who said anything about personality? Half of the lasses mentioned here are nothing but little chavettes anyway.

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Link: Remember, each to their own kids.

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 15:41
re: Top 3 Women

She was alright til she turned into the rappers biatch.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:42
re: Top 3 Women

link does work, kelly brook is way above mariah, however u are rite everyone has own opinion

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:43
re: Top 3 Women

I don't really see the thing with Kelly Brook. Maybe its a female thing...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:45
re: Top 3 Women

Grantus, noone would bat an eyelid if Mariah turned up in the next episode of Grange Hill. Bleeurgh.

Kelly Brook is another wooden one, pretty lady but zero personality. I should know.

grantus Posted on 15/6 15:45
re: Top 3 Women

I saw Mariah Carey in a shop in West London once and she looked spectacular.

I saw Kelly Brook in Brixton cinema a few weeks ago and she was beautiful too. A lot smaller than I'd expected, but she is lovely, its true.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:45
re: Top 3 Women

she looks amazing, not skinny, just looks normal, girl next door type

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 15:45
re: Top 3 Women

To be fair the females seem to pick better top threes than the lads!!

grantus Posted on 15/6 15:47
re: Top 3 Women

That's right lisbon, of course, the country is full of girls fitter than Mariah Carey. You would know, you being such an authority and all. Remember, I've seen you in action. Pathetic springs to mind.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:48
re: Top 3 Women

except kirstie allsop

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:50
re: Top 3 Women

You mean Mariah looked spectacularly pink faced and needy.

Don't be getting all personal cos you fancy a munter, grantus.

boroboy75 Posted on 15/6 15:51
re: Top 3 Women

I think Kirstie Allsop is popular with frumpy women, because she makes them feel glamourous.

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:53
re: Top 3 Women

I think its cos she's a bit beautiful. and always wears nice clothes. and speaks her mind.

EDIT - that makes me sound like a right woman...

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JBBORO Posted on 15/6 15:56
re: Top 3 Women

are u not a woman? havent met any guys called sophie

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 15:57
re: Top 3 Women

Tom's sister...

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 15:58
re: Top 3 Women

Never heard of Alsop so searched and if she's one of the top 3 women in the world then I'm THE KING OF Narnia.

grantus Posted on 15/6 16:00
re: Top 3 Women

I am not ashamed to say that I think Mariah is the fittest woman in the Music industry, that you think she's a munter is quite funny considering you'll never have a lass that's anywhere near as good looking. I consider Helena to be the fittest model there is and Michelle to be the fittest actress.

Thats how I based my top three.

You're that busy slating mine, yet you haven't had the balls to put forward your own top 3. Says a lot really.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:02
re: Top 3 Women

yeah, had to check when u said... makes me sound like a rite woman.

is tom coming to music live on sunday, i txtd him but hasnt replied.

SophieBoro Posted on 15/6 16:02
re: Top 3 Women

Think he's going with the lady-friend

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 16:03
re: Top 3 Women

My missus wipes the floor with Carey's chubby chops. Stop trying to justify your poor decision.

Eh? My top 3 was up before yours, dunderhead.

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 16:03
re: Top 3 Women

LL i did exactly the same with Allsop and was shocked at the results. Not even top 100. Mariah however would be in the 90's.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:04
re: Top 3 Women

lisbon thats wot we did. u are definately not the king of narnia, cant remember the lions name

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:06
re: Top 3 Women

soph - theres a suprise... tell him were going for a beer on sat nite if hes untied... literately by all accounts

Lisbonlegend Posted on 15/6 16:06
re: Top 3 Women


Off to the pub to watch the match now. Mariah Carthorse.

grantus Posted on 15/6 16:09
re: Top 3 Women

Oh yes, forgive me, I missed it whilst having my afternoon nap.

Lisbon, all your birds look the same. They are all very nice, true, but they are all very typical too. Very easy selection. The selection of the Sun reader.

Blonde haired blue eyed typical hollywood looking girls. Quite a boring choice really.

See how my selection are all totally different? I like variety. That's because I'm not racist like you.

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 16:13
re: Top 3 Women

Mariah is white ain't she?

Ok Beyonce (sp), very nice.

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JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:18
re: Top 3 Women

yeah, but not top 3, far from

grantus Posted on 15/6 16:19
re: Top 3 Women

Mariah is half Costa Rican or something like that.

Christina Milan came close too.

That wasn;t my point though mate. I was just calling lisbon racist for his master race selection. Hitler would have been proud of him.

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:21
re: Top 3 Women

samantha mumba

parmos_r_us Posted on 15/6 16:22
re: Top 3 Women

Ah fair do's.

Samantha Mumba was very nice too. Where did she go?

JB - No where near top three? Where you looking mate?

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:23
re: Top 3 Women

there are at least 10 above her, in this thread alone

Revol_Tees Posted on 15/6 16:25
re: Top 3 Women

1. Lauren Ambrose
2. Georgie Thompson
3. That French newsreader everyone's always on about

Link: Amrbose

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 16:28
re: Top 3 Women

french news reader?

Revol_Tees Posted on 15/6 16:30
re: Top 3 Women

I can't remember her name now, but she's always being mentioned on here. She's probably already on this thread. Somebody will post a link in a moment...

grantus Posted on 15/6 16:33
re: Top 3 Women

That Ambrose girl, never seen her before, but wow, she has got the eyes alright.

That's the way lad, no need to be typical, good call.

Revol_Tees Posted on 15/6 17:01
re: Top 3 Women

Thank you grantus, Ambrose is a gem indeed.

Meanwhile, I've found that French lass and in the course of my research I discovered that her name is Melissa Theuriau.

Link: Theuriau

Natarli1 Posted on 15/6 17:30
re: Top 3 Women

I'm a girl but there's nowt wrong with a bit of what ya fancy

1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Rihanna
3. Pink

jonny_giles Posted on 15/6 17:57
re: Top 3 Women

Jessica Alba
Cheryl Tweedy
Jessica Simpson

JBBORO Posted on 15/6 19:01
re: Top 3 Women

jessica simpson, good shout again.

JBBORO Posted on 16/6 2:05
re: Top 3 Women

hoof, so close

Bulldog1954 Posted on 16/6 3:11
re: Top 3 Women

1. Mandy Moore
2. Sarah Michelle-Gellar (from her Buffy days)
3. Jessica Alba

Timboi Posted on 16/6 3:35
re: Top 3 Women

Just Kate Winslet. She's so lovely and beautiful and womanly. The only woman on my celebrity shaag list.
I generally don't like celebrities - they reek of talk shows and women's magazines and are actually just people (most not being very remarkable people anyway) and have strange priorities. Eugh....celebrities!

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 8:34
re: Top 3 Women

So my choices are all 'very typical' and the 'selection of the Sun reader'?

If it was the selection of the sun reader I would have chosen Jordan, Keeley and that other blonde one with the duck nose.

Hitler must have had good taste in women then. What is racist about liking beautiful talented women?

Link: Typical blonde har blue eyed girl.....

JBBORO Posted on 16/6 9:28
re: Top 3 Women

nothing at all mate.

grantus Posted on 16/6 9:33
re: Top 3 Women

Don't get your Aryan knickers in a twist, Hitler boy.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 9:34
re: Top 3 Women

You'd have been erased had Hitler had his way ya fat scruff.

grantus Posted on 16/6 9:41
re: Top 3 Women

Maybe, but you'd have been what you are right now. Cannon fodder.

What's with the photo anyway? You trying to prove that one of your top three can look like an absolute minger? Well done, you've done it. That sure does take talent.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 9:47
re: Top 3 Women

Yes. My choices are based on overall 'wife' material. Yours are based on schoolboy crushes. I'm surprised you never had your hero...

Link: on your list.

grantus Posted on 16/6 9:52
re: Top 3 Women

Wrong one mate, I always liked the cheeky little cockney lesbian.

Link: She was the best.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 9:59
re: Top 3 Women

Bah, I should have known, she fits your intellectual profile.

grantus Posted on 16/6 10:11
re: Top 3 Women

Haha. Yeah, she's only been a success for the last 20 years. She must be one real thicko.

mufflar Posted on 16/6 10:15
re: Top 3 Women

Kate Beckinsale
Kate from Lost
Melissa Theuriau


sjorrel Posted on 16/6 10:23
re: Top 3 Women

* Your mam
* Her mam
* Her mam's sister

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 10:28
re: Top 3 Women

A success at what though, numbskull. Thick with big tits, sounds like you.

mufflar Posted on 16/6 10:33
re: Top 3 Women

I didnt realise you'd met Grantus, Lisbon? ;-)

grantus Posted on 16/6 10:34
re: Top 3 Women

She's been a successful singer throughout Europe and Asia for 20 years, whitey. Anyway, I just liked her knockers, a fine set the lass has. Huge schoolboy crush on her.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 10:38
re: Top 3 Women

Yeah, mufflar. I thought he was a circus act at first.

Mariah Carey and Sam Fox. Classy!

grantus Posted on 16/6 11:45
re: Top 3 Women

Helena Christianson, Michelle Pfieffer. Like I said, i like variety.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 11:53
re: Top 3 Women


grantus Posted on 16/6 12:03
re: Top 3 Women

Come on lisbon, what's really bothering you? Why the anger and hatred all the time? Did your dog get ran over?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 12:06
re: Top 3 Women

Anger and hatred? Are you trying to portray me as a nazi war criminal again? I am simply jesting you chubby arab.

grantus Posted on 16/6 12:16
re: Top 3 Women

Come on, there's no point hiding it. Let it out lisbon. Let go of the fear and anger.

In her day Barbera Carrera (from Nicaragua) was one of the best there is too.

Link: Mmmmm

grantus Posted on 16/6 12:18
re: Top 3 Women

Hmmm, weird link didn't work properly

Link: try this one.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 12:21
re: Top 3 Women

I let go of the fear and anger after 12 pints last night, now I'm mullered.

You have serious 'trapped in a timewarp' issues. Hitler, Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi, Dr Who....Problems grantus, problems.

grantus Posted on 16/6 12:29
re: Top 3 Women

Time warp?

How's that?

Sam Fox - schoolboy crush.

You brought up Linda Lusardi and its you that walks around in platformns, flares and a tank top, not me.

That my memory stretches back into the 20th century doesn't make me trapped.

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 12:32
re: Top 3 Women

Says the man who goes out on a friday night in his school uniform complete with cap, long socks and satchel.

You mean your memory is stuck in the 20th century. You missed this one off your list.

Link: ......

grantus Posted on 16/6 13:33
re: Top 3 Women

Another racist post from Lisbonlegend. Keep it up lad.

Here's another exotic beauty who is not far off the top.

Link: Bollywood beauty

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 13:43
re: Top 3 Women

What are these racists slurs you're aiming at me? I am no such thing. Hang on you missed another one....

Link: .........

Max_Headroom Posted on 16/6 13:47
re: Top 3 Women

No-one has mentioned Scarlett Johannson (sp.) yet, so I will.

2. KT Tunstall (and I don't know why either)
3. Rachel Weisz

SophieBoro Posted on 16/6 13:48
re: Top 3 Women

KT Tunstall. The poor mans Katie Melua. The rich mans Joss Stone. The provider of literally minutes of amusement at Glastonbury.

Borored Posted on 16/6 13:58
re: Top 3 Women

Keira Knightley
Elisha Cuthbert
Shannon Sossamon

SophieBoro Posted on 16/6 14:01
re: Top 3 Women

Just googled Shannon Sossamon, don't know how I haven't noticed her before! Good call Boz

Borored Posted on 16/6 14:07
re: Top 3 Women

she is very lovely indeed, although i had forgotten about her till someone posted it further up!

Max_Headroom Posted on 16/6 14:08
re: Top 3 Women

SophieBoro - I never said KT Tunstall attraction was rational.

"provides literally minutes of entertainment"

thats all I need.

Besides I could argue that Allsop is the rich mans Lisa Riley, and the poor mans Kirstie Alley.

Its a game of opinions innit.

grantus Posted on 16/6 14:09
re: Top 3 Women

Some others that I think are worth a mention.

Christina Aguilera
Monica Belluci
Rene Zellweger

JBBORO Posted on 16/6 14:21
re: Top 3 Women

not a fan of KTT then SB?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 16/6 15:36
re: Top 3 Women

That's more like it grantus, welcome back to 2006.

gaz_of_boro Posted on 16/6 16:33
re: Top 3 Women


janplanner Posted on 16/6 16:36
re: Top 3 Women

gaz, you charmer!

gaz_of_boro Posted on 16/6 16:40
re: Top 3 Women

Jonesey_MFC Posted on 16/6 17:15
re: Top 3 Women

Lauren Pope!!!!

Link: Wow

Holgate_ender Posted on 16/6 17:52
re: Top 3 Women

Angela Lansbury
Valerie Singleton
Marge Simpson

stockton_smoggie Posted on 16/6 21:52
re: Top 3 Women

1. Edith Bowman ( despite the scottish accent) - She is HOTTTTTT!!!!!

2. Tara Palmer Tompkinson - WOW!

3. Sarah Dunne (Mandy in Holyoaks) - The one and only reason to watch aforementioned program, well lets face it it's for kids really!

Notice all three are british.

Never mind your plastic hollywood women, except Charlize Theron.

MsCurly Posted on 16/6 22:19
re: Top 3 Women



Link: Tyra........

MsCurly Posted on 16/6 22:20
re: Top 3 Women


Link: Banks?

MsCurly Posted on 16/6 22:25
re: Top 3 Women

You're 'avin a......

Link: giraffe!

stockton_smoggie Posted on 16/6 22:36
re: Top 3 Women

admittedly very attractive, but also very plastic and american. I likes me wimmin natural.... and british.

Sorry but it's about personal opinions and that is mine.

Scrote Posted on 16/6 23:08
re: Top 3 Women

winona ryder
rachael leigh cook
julia ormond

Lisbonlegend Posted on 17/6 15:02
re: Top 3 Women

You been watching Coyote Ugly Curlers?

damit1968 Posted on 17/6 15:35
re: Top 3 Women

Sylvie Guillem
Ariel Leve
Scarlett Johansson

MsCurly Posted on 17/6 15:36
re: Top 3 Women

No Lisbers, why is she in it?

HuggyBear2005 Posted on 17/6 16:44
re: Top 3 Women

Bridget Moynahan

Charlize Theron

Denise Richards

bblf Posted on 17/6 18:37
re: Top 3 Women

1....Mrs bblf
2....Angelina Jolie.
3....Christina Aguilera.

Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 17/6 22:01
re: Top 3 Women

Oo missed this one...

Jewel Kilcher
Winona Ryder
Patricia Arquette

Link: Jewel

Croasy Posted on 17/6 22:19
re: Top 3 Women

1. Angelina Jolie/Cheryl Tweedy
2. Beyonce/Victoria Beckham
3. Samantha Janus (Game On)...when she was fit!

Croasy Posted on 17/6 22:22
re: Top 3 Women

tyra banks aswell, my girlfriend watches americas next top model and i don't mind tuning in to see her she is gooooood, good set of cans too!

another_waster Posted on 17/6 22:27
re: Top 3 Women



Tortured_Mind Posted on 17/6 22:36
re: Top 3 Women

Why do so many female posters seem so interested in the women?

Lisbonlegend Posted on 19/6 8:16
re: Top 3 Women

She sure is Curlers.

Link: She was Zoe.

JBBORO Posted on 20/6 10:06
re: Top 3 Women

jennifer ellison

Fabio_The_Rock Posted on 20/6 11:21
re: Top 3 Women

Nobody mentioned Stacey Keibler?
Not that I watch wrestling.

JBBORO Posted on 20/6 11:36
re: Top 3 Women

never heard of her?

JBBORO Posted on 28/7 15:57
re: Top 3 Women


Ignore_Alien_Orders Posted on 29/7 1:15
re: Top 3 Women

Sacked Winona and she's been replaced with Evangeline Lilly.

Jewels still No 1 though.

Link: Jewel

sossage Posted on 29/7 7:26
re: Top 3 Women

Jennifer Connelly

HepDude Posted on 29/7 7:47
re: Top 3 Women

3 - Aishwarya Rai (see link in Grantus post above)

2 - Kylie ( am I the only one over 20 ? )

1 - Laetitia Casta ( see link below )

Link: Perfection

ParmoMan17 Posted on 29/7 7:55
re: Top 3 Women

1 - Keira Knightley
2 - Sarah Smart
3 - Natalie Portman

Thats my top 3

HepDude Posted on 29/7 8:23
re: Top 3 Women

quote: "Lisbon, all your birds look the same. They are all very nice, true, but they are all very typical too. Very easy selection. The selection of the Sun reader.

Blonde haired blue eyed typical hollywood looking girls. Quite a boring choice really." unquote

Not that I want to bother defending anyone, but actually I don't think there is one blonde in the entire thread. All three of Lisbon's picks are brunettes.

ParmoMan17 Posted on 29/7 8:30
re: Top 3 Women

everyone is entitled to an opinion - therefore no-one can knock it

agree tho - the majority are brunette's

MsCurly Posted on 29/7 8:48
re: Top 3 Women

My three sisters, all stunners.

One blonde, one redhead and one brunette.

(if Capy reads this, which he won't....please forgive me for pertaining to this heinous classification of women according to what colour their hair is).

HepDude Posted on 29/7 8:51
re: Top 3 Women

Actual natural blonde celibrities:

- Claudia Schiffer
- Heidi Klum
- Kate Hudson

and I can't think of any more at the moment. Blonde hair dye is used quite a bit these days...

Saudi_Ian Posted on 29/7 9:21
re: Top 3 Women

1) Angelina Jolie
2) Jessica Alba
3) Scarlett Johansson

grantus Posted on 29/7 10:59
re: Top 3 Women

HepDude, you keep out of this.

JBBORO Posted on 31/7 16:05
re: Top 3 Women