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jax_1 Posted on 17/6 14:37
Board Sweep : - Portugal V Iran

Sorry these are late going up today, had a very busy morning.
Good luck peeps.

Portugal v Iran

STF, Crisboro, Borokaza, Shaun71, Gazza88, Mappy

ShaunGav, Livey, Illudicrous, BTID86, D.J

danboro0902 Posted on 17/6 16:04
re: Board Sweep : - Portugal V Iran

I played myself yesterday... Argentina V Serb and Montenegro

Guess what, i won

Anyone else played themselves?

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 18:53
re: Board Sweep : - Portugal V Iran

There's a few I think Dan, French Frank and Mappy I believe to bname but two

Glad you won though but was it the team that you most wanted to win that won it?