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jax_1 Posted on 17/6 19:07
Dr Who

A bit weird, so far tonight

haribofn Posted on 17/6 19:29
re: Dr Who

The worst yet.
"The french know how to do things ..... French........".
Luckily the kids havent asked about that one yet !!

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 19:32
re: Dr Who

It's been quite silly so far Not enjoying it at all tonight.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 17/6 19:47
re: Dr Who

A definite twisted tale.........after the magnificence of the last two parter it simply pales in comparison.

littlejimmy Posted on 17/6 19:49
re: Dr Who

Not so much a Doctor Who episode, as a vehicle for Peter Kay. The Absorbaloff was designed by a 9-year-old kid. Could you tell?
Like the way when he resorted to his true form, his Bolton accent came to the fore. And he was from the planet Clom.

Boro_Owl Posted on 17/6 19:54
re: Dr Who

Utter crap, the next one must be better, or it'll put me off stealing the box set from my uncle

CrazyL Posted on 17/6 20:04
re: Dr Who

Gotta disagree with everyone.Was an episode written purely as a doff of the cap to the finest traditions of the original Dr Who before big budget and special effects came in.Massively tongue in cheek and very funny.Peter Kay definitely ripped off Vic Reeves doing Barry White.Really enjoyed it.

Revol_Tees Posted on 17/6 20:23
re: Dr Who

The finales of each episode let the whole series down, and tonight was a good example. It's always the most obvious, stupid solution. The doctor turned up and within 10 seconds had suggested a successful plan of action, to which the other characters say: "He's right! Come on." Having said that, I still enjoyed it tonight.

Revol_Tees Posted on 17/6 20:25
re: Dr Who

CrazyL's right, it was a tongue-in-cheek episode overall. I usually hate that kind of thing, but it was done quite well. I think it was also an affectionate pisss-take of Doctor Who fandom too.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 17/6 20:27
re: Dr Who

It was played for laughs admittedly, so you cannot complain too much. I'm not looking forward to Billy Piper leaving, she seems to have the part down to a tee.

uncle_harry Posted on 17/6 20:27
re: Dr Who

it was different it was great fun and it featured my favourite actress Shirley Henderson I pronounce it good and what I say counts seeing as I am now

Harry Pimblett, the 2nd Earl of Urlay Nook and all stations to Darlington.

c/o Mr Rog

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 20:28
re: Dr Who

Well it didn't impress me at all, I'm afraid. Each to their own though, I spose

CrazyL Posted on 17/6 20:30
re: Dr Who

Spot on RT-5 anoraks in the mould of proper old style Dr Who fans, faced by a 'monster' in the crapest traditions of the original series.Was well written for me and Peter Kay was hilarious as ever.

uncle_harry Posted on 17/6 20:32
re: Dr Who

I can imagine an awful lot of steam coming from an awful lot of who-ers - splendid! it'll do em good to have the rules challenged

I can just see patrick troughton grinning at the prospect

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 20:34
re: Dr Who

Doffs cap to his Lordship.

Which one was Shirley Henderson?

I agree with STF regarding Rose, I think Billy has done a super job and is one of the best to have played the Dr's assistant that I can remember.

Boro_Owl Posted on 17/6 20:40
re: Dr Who

There was one moment that made me laugh

"Whats the twin planet of Raxicoricofalipitorious?"

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 20:44
re: Dr Who

Wonder if any parents had to try and explain how a man could have a love life with a paving slab that only had a mouth and 2 eyes?

uncle_harry Posted on 17/6 20:48
re: Dr Who

she was Ursula- also Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter, a great opera singer in the fantastic Topsy turvy- her version of 'The Sun Whose Rays' is spine tingling and she's most well known for being the rebelious schoolgirl in trainspotting

Best Wishes-Harry Pimblett, the 2nd Earl of Urlay Nook and all stations to Darlington.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 17/6 20:50
re: Dr Who

Made me smile that Jax - a bit salacious but a nice touch.

CrazyL Posted on 17/6 20:54
re: Dr Who

Rebellious schoolgirl in Trainspotting was Kelly MacDonald?

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 20:56
re: Dr Who

Right your lordship, thanks. I recognised her as Myrtle but didn't know that was her real name.

Yes, you would STF

cardiff290204 Posted on 17/6 21:05
re: Dr Who

I thought it was different and for that alone, it did actually work as an episode. Good story too.

Trouble is I quite simply didn't like Peter Kay in it. Although it was quite amusing when he broke into a broad Bolton accent when he turned into the monster.

Enjoyed seeing Marc Warren with his top off though phwoarr.

uncle_harry Posted on 17/6 21:23
re: Dr Who

Ms H was also in trainspotting -

Link: aka 'gail'

jax_1 Posted on 17/6 21:26
re: Dr Who

Thanks Uncle H. I've never actually seen that film though - am I the only one?

Come_On_Boro_the_1st Posted on 17/6 22:58
re: Dr Who

Yes there were one or two nudge nidge wink wink moments tonight which you wouldn't want to explain to your 9 year old daughter. That's got to be a first - a bloke with a craving for his paving.

I have to say though that she wouldn't have had to spill that wine on me twice.

Bit too bizarre for my liking having been brought up with Dr Who from the William Hartnell beginnings.

As for Billie Piper - I'm gutted. The eyes, the lips. Can't understand what she ever saw in that creep Evans, when she could have had me.