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jax_1 Posted on 22/6 23:27
F.A.O. Bungy

While you are about.

Those relations of mine are in Tikipungi and Little Munro Bay?

I think I have that right.

Do those place names ring any bells with you?

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 0:17
re: F.A.O. Bungy

I know both places well. Tikipunga is a suburb of Whangarei while Little Munro bay is out on the coast and about five minutes further along from Parua Bay, where I live, and about 25 mins from town. LIttle Munro bay is a beautiful place with only about 15 houses in it and great views and access to the sea.
what are their surnames Jax, I'll probably know them...
And why don't you get your backside down here to visit them (in the off season of course), you won't regret it?

jax_1 Posted on 23/6 0:24
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Hiya Bungy

To be honest I'd love to go and have a look. I remember seeing photos that they had taken. The ones in L.M.B. could see the whales at sea from their home,or from fairly locally anyway, which must be great to watch. The other one has a garden that joins onto the outback. All looks gorgeous. her previos home, was on the side of a huge hill and was on stilts. LOL looked scary to me, that wasn't in tikipunga though was somewhere else in Whangarei.

Names alf and pauline ( she was a huge boro fan when she lived here ) and anne and les. have a cousin Tony too.
Ann and les's son geoff, has or had a number of coffee and cake shops in Wellington i think it was or could have been Auckland.

IanMnorton Posted on 23/6 0:36
re: F.A.O. Bungy

You still about? calling fm Devon. How are you?

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 0:37
re: F.A.O. Bungy

I need their surnames Jax ()...
LMB is a good place to see orca and dolphins frolicking about. About a year ago I was driving along the Whangarei Heads Rd, which passes LMB, and saw a pod of about 30 dolphins just 15 to 20 metres from shore at McKenzie bay, which is the next one round from LMB. I stopped the car and watched them for about 30 minutes before they swam off. I've also seen two pods of orca (missnamed as killer whales) twice around the same spot, including one time when I managed to get onto a boat to get up close to them.
I was with a lady called Ingrid Visser who is one of the world's authorities on orca and lives in Whangarei and she took a photographer and I out to them.
Ingrid knows all the orca around NZ by name and can tell them apart from a hundred metres away.
Also, at Ocean beach, which is a bit further out again, I was body boarding in the sea about two years ago when a pod of 5 dolphins started swiming alongside me, chasing fish through the waves, one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had (though not quite as good as the Steaua game)and you could almost see the panic in the eyes of the fish when they realised they had dolphins on their tail.

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jax_1 Posted on 23/6 0:43
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Thanks Bungy, have mailed you if you want to edit your post now

That sounds fantastic. Really!

One of these days I will get round to saving up and going and having a wander over there. It would be nice to catch up with them all, have lost touch with them at the mo and I should make more of an effort to do something about that.

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 0:44
re: F.A.O. Bungy

IanM, is that you who I used to go to Freddy Nat/Blakeston with?

IanMnorton Posted on 23/6 0:45
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Same one, How you? missed you at the Euro games

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 0:48
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Well you won't be disappointed if you do Jax. I had a mate come over and visti my lat may and he loved the place so much that he's put his gaff near Preston Park up for sale and is looking to emigrate here with his wife and kids (at least I assume he's bringing the wife and kids)...
The best time to come is our summer, between December and March, with February and march providing the best weather conditions.

jax_1 Posted on 23/6 0:51
re: F.A.O. Bungy

LOL well I imagine it will be a few years yet before I make the trip Will ask for some handy tips as and when I get anywhere near boarding the plane

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 0:52
re: F.A.O. Bungy

How you doing Ian mate? I had a great time at the games although Eindhoven was a bit of a let down in the end, but still really enjoyed it over there.
I'm back in NZ now and would have loved to have caught up when i was back there recently, but you know what it's like. I only intended spending a week up in Teesside, but stayed there for nearly three altogether. so wasn't able to do all the things I wanted too
Caught up with Baldy and Heather a few times and Jayne and Elaine Rudge, Kitchen, Minto, Ange and Sue Sedgeman and heaps of others.
I can't believe baldy has finally found a woman who can settle him down (or at least as settled as baldy can get)...
How's your family doing anyway mate?

IanMnorton Posted on 23/6 0:54
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Sent you an email, are you on Messenger? no work today? how much time do journos have off?

IanMnorton Posted on 23/6 1:02
re: F.A.O. Bungy

All is well in Devon, live in a little place on the edge of Dartmoor(know anyone in prison) called Horrabridge, 12 miles from Plymouth. my son flew up to the Steua game i use his sound bites of f his phone as my ring tone(sad)

bungydinsdale Posted on 23/6 1:12
re: F.A.O. Bungy

I'm at work mate, no rest for the wicked here I'm afraid and yes I'm working very hard thank you.
How old's your lad then?
Shyt time flies doesn't it? My youngest lad Oscar turned 16 last week while the eldest Matt is 18 in August. It makes me feel well old like.
Matt will probably be in the UK next year as I'm sending him over there for a year before going to Uni to get a bit of life experience as well.
I'll make sure he gets up to Blue Hall to have a look over the old stomping ground.
You still in the marines?
I'll drop you an email a little later for a catch up.

IanMnorton Posted on 23/6 1:21
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Just sent you an email. forgot youngest she is 13 right pain in the arse.
If your lad wants to spend any time in the southwest he can use here as a base if he wants.
my oldest has just finished his 1st year in college. i don't believe that we are both happy with our kids doing further education. School of life nothing wrong with the mucky duck. got to go now as it is 1.25 am see ya look fwd to hearing from you again, email attach is me on the left and my lad in green, chip off and all that. Catch ya bye

jax_1 Posted on 23/6 1:26
re: F.A.O. Bungy

Thanks for your reply Bungy, was much appreciated [:)} have mailed back.

Take care