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jax_1 Posted on 24/6 18:53
Teesside Tommy

Where has he gone?

I was given a Sports, earlier on today and was looking forward to reading his column but there was no sign of him

Otley_Boro_Fan Posted on 24/6 18:55
re: Teesside Tommy

He's in Marbella with Lancashire Larry.

jax_1 Posted on 24/6 19:05
re: Teesside Tommy

I thought that might be the case.

Pubtonic Posted on 24/6 20:57
re: Teesside Tommy

Can i have the sports after you.......just for the cricket

jax_1 Posted on 24/6 20:59
re: Teesside Tommy

Grrrrrrrrr @ you

Not sure there is any actually, just proper sports like footy and rugby

Pubtonic Posted on 24/6 21:02
re: Teesside Tommy

You stick to netball darl!....oh!...them knickers

jax_1 Posted on 24/6 21:06
re: Teesside Tommy

You leave my knickers out of this tyvm

Pubtonic Posted on 24/6 21:11
re: Teesside Tommy

Why.....they seem to be in every other serge?

jax_1 Posted on 24/6 21:14
re: Teesside Tommy

You're naughty

Pubtonic Posted on 24/6 21:24
re: Teesside Tommy


jax_1 Posted on 24/6 21:26
re: Teesside Tommy

Pubtonic Posted on 24/6 21:29
re: Teesside Tommy

jax_1 Posted on 24/6 21:29
re: Teesside Tommy

Stop it! you'll be giving yourself another one of those funny turns