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prepman Posted on 26/6 13:40
the same old

boring none football crap,being posted on this board....

Spoff_MFC Posted on 26/6 13:43
re: the same old

Make sure you close the door properly on your way out, the wind sometimes blows it back open if you don't life the handle.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 26/6 13:45
re: the same old

I assume this is directed at me, mr preppy.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 26/6 13:49
re: the same old

I thought the same about me tbf

the_broken_fridge Posted on 26/6 13:51
re: the same old

Maybe he would like to post some boring football crap, to balance it out.

prepman Posted on 26/6 14:03
re: the same old