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PapaJohn Posted on 3/7 15:17
FA "risk" - appointing SMAC

Regardless of my own feelings about SMAC and his results at Boro.

The FA when they appointed him took a huge gamble because of his 'involvement' with the setup. SMAC is tarnished and linked with the last 3 failures at major champs. This means his job is going to be almost impossible before it starts.

Today already questions are being asked SMAC and what he may bring to the team. Not a lot of positives are coming out.

SMAC will not be given 5 years ala Sven.

PhillyMac Posted on 3/7 15:33
re: FA "risk" - appointing SMAC

It'll all be down to results. If we fail to qualify for Euro2008, he will be sacked. If get there and get out of the group stages, he will be allowed to continue.

Playing style doesn't matter to the FA, results do.

captain5 Posted on 3/7 15:33
re: FA "risk" - appointing SMAC

And revenue