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japsterboro Posted on 3/7 18:03
So what is going to happen ...

... to all the 'England' tat that has been sold to the plastic supporters now we're out?

I say they should give it all to charity ... will we see some poor little starving kid in Africa on the news running around with an England shirt on with 'Wozza' on the back of his shirt?!

bandito Posted on 3/7 18:04
re: So what is going to happen ...

the africans have got all the johnny wilkinson rugby tops.

japsterboro Posted on 3/7 18:10
re: So what is going to happen ...

Bet they're bloody hot in those.

I reckon they could fit 6 starving African kids into those shirts, as they were all probably owned by 18 stone fat sweaty fake 'Rugger Buggers'... at least they've gone to a good home!

bandito Posted on 3/7 18:11
re: So what is going to happen ...

them big guiness top hats will act as great foot muffs during the winter months!

japsterboro Posted on 3/7 18:15
re: So what is going to happen ...

You'll see Geldof preaching on TV and in the background you'll see a whole family of 10 freezing in their mud hut with their feet wedged into a hat!