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jax_1 Posted on 4/7 0:57
PDF Files....


Is there a reason why organisations tend to write everything to PDF files rather than write in HTML?
Sometimes you get a choice but not always.
Is it just me that tends to close a web page, if it looks like all it's links lead to a PDF?

Stepper_T Posted on 4/7 1:01
re: PDF Files....

PC getting you down again Jax?

Sean_Eton Posted on 4/7 1:01
re: PDF Files....

Probably space is the reason.

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 4/7 1:02
re: PDF Files....

I really don't know Jax but I guess document security might have something to do with it if I'm thinking in the right context and understand your question.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 1:07
re: PDF Files....

Why would my pc be getting me down Steppy?

Stepper_T Posted on 4/7 1:12
re: PDF Files....

Because of your anger at PDF files, Jax.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 1:15
re: PDF Files....

Hmmmmm, not angry at PDF files, they just sadden me.
By asking the questions, I hoped to find out why they are used in preference to HTML.
Grumps could be on the right lines but I really don't know, I find them a lot slower to navigate so I just end up not bothering with them.

Stepper_T Posted on 4/7 1:19
re: PDF Files....

OK, sorry.

coheadboro Posted on 4/7 1:26
re: PDF Files....

most PDF files have a lot of information on them so I would assume it's a way for companies to get a lot into one thing rather than have a website with loads of links although it may be something to do with security aswell.

They are friggin annoying though

onthemap Posted on 4/7 1:41
re: PDF Files....

HTML files can be looked at as a quick way of viewing things - pdf is the finished article - bells and whistles - is the extra time thing the issue?

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 1:53
re: PDF Files....

Thanks Co and Mappy

Maybe I should take the time to have a good look, next time one pops up ( as the actress said to the bishop )

onthemap Posted on 4/7 1:58
re: PDF Files....

Didnt think a woman complaining about things being a little slow would happen in my lifetime - live an learn.

beeline Posted on 4/7 10:27
re: PDF Files....

They can be used and viewed on any platfom, that's why.

bear66 Posted on 4/7 10:48
re: PDF Files....

If you have a document in, say, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer format or a company brochure - press a pdf write button and it will appear in the website exactly as written - converting everything to HTML takes time and money and won't be an exact representation.

Security is the main reason though. You can't (easily) change a document.

neiltrodden Posted on 4/7 10:53
re: PDF Files....

"They can be used and viewed on any platfom, that's why."

The same could be said for HTML though. Difference is, at least HTML is accessible for people with sight problems, PDF is not.

"Security is the main reason though. You can't (easily) change a document"

Security by obscurity. The real reason is that a pdf file gives absolute control over design and markup of the content. HTML only gives directions but it is up to the client's browser to decide how to display it.

If you don't like pdf files, google will give you the option to view as html.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 12:53
re: PDF Files....

Thanks very much Bear and Neil, I understand now

I know some sites offer HTML as an alternative but sadly not all, though now I know that it's likely that PDF files will contain more info than an HTML page, I will take more time to read any docs that appear in that version only, rather than just closing them as I tended to do in the past.

Gadgie Posted on 4/7 13:10
re: PDF Files....

There's also the fact that a PDF can contain full postscript information with fonts embedded in the single file. This means that many PDFs are "print ready" all in the single file. With HTML you can't be sure the user has the fonts on their machine that you are choosing to display the HTML page in. Many companies therefore send PDFs, because they don't want to mess around with different versions of their files. The same sales brochure PDF that you get via email, is the same file they send to a printer to get printed copy of the brochure.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 13:13
re: PDF Files....

Thanks for that Gadgie

I'm beginning to view PDF files in a whole new light thanks to you guys. I'm glad I asked now.

PhillyMac Posted on 4/7 13:22
re: PDF Files....

Can I add 'portability' to the mix? You can't save a web page (easily) and look at it when you're offline.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 13:40
re: PDF Files....

Another little handy snippet of info there Philly. Thanks