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jax_1 Posted on 4/7 13:05
F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Hiya, I managed to pass by today and the only details worth copying were.....

Closest shop

Unit 18
Phase II ( 2, I assume )
The Bridges Shopping Centre

The administrators are Andrew J. Pepper and Peter M. Saville.

There was no address/phone number/e-mail address for the administrators or even a company name and nor was there a phone number for the shop in Sunderland.

Hope that helps a bit though

neiltrodden Posted on 4/7 13:12
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

They work for Kroll, here is a link to Peter Saville's profile (with his email address on the bottom)

Link: here

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 13:19
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

WW Neil, seems like they are rather big boys in the field of commerce. I thought they might just be a couple of guys working from a tatty office in Newcastle or something but it would seem not.

Our team
In approaching any issues involving fraud or corruption, Krollís Corporate Investigations Practice brings to bear a
wealth of skills and experience.
Its staff comprises lawyers, accountants and former senior police officers, all with extensive domestic and
international experience, former officers from HM Customs and Excise, IT and other technical specialists and
experienced research investigators. Together they combine to deliver results-oriented investigations of the highest
standard to our clients.

C A S E S T U D Y 1
Our client, a large media group, suspected that a senior employee had been selling confidential corporate
information to a competitor with whom he was planning to go into business. Our computer forensics team was
given access to a personal computer belonging to our client and used by the suspect. A careful examination of
the hard-drive revealed a number of highly incriminating documents which the suspect had deleted in the false
hope that he had covered his tracks. The documents revealed his plans to go into business with the competitor,
and the financial terms for his passing on confidential information.

Computerised evidence gathering
With technological advances the need to gather evidence from computers has become paramount, and such
evidence gathering will often be the starting point of any fraud or corruption investigation. With the full backing of
Krollís world-wide Technology Group, our computer forensics experts have a wealth of experience in gathering
evidence from computer sources. Very often, those committing frauds will have left incriminating evidence on
computers, believing that deleting the document will hide all traces. Our experts, however, can examine the hard
drive of the computer concerned and retrieve deleted documents identifying any which might be incriminating. Of
course, the work is carried out to ensure that continuity of evidence is preserved, and that any relevant
documents so retrieved will be admissible in evidence.
Fraud and

karembeu_ca Posted on 4/7 14:29
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

removed pending confirmation.

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jax_1 Posted on 4/7 14:32
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Oh I didn't know about that Kar, what happened.

This is about a video/dvd shop in town that was selling some of his dvd's for him. It's gone bust and he's lost some of his dvd's.

karembeu_ca Posted on 4/7 14:35
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

I think that was posted on here a long time ago, but will remove just in case.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 14:37
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Ok Kar, best to be on the safe side I spose

craig_pancrack Posted on 4/7 15:34
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Jax - bless yer ! and thanks a lot. Sunlun store like all the rest and their website have gone.

NeilT - thanks for the Kroll link...they have a New York phone number....something tells me this is not gunna be sorted in a heartbeat.

Karemebeu - you dodgy geezer, what you up to???

neiltrodden Posted on 4/7 16:00
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

They do have a north european office though...

craig_pancrack Posted on 4/7 16:47
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Neil - cheers mate, tracked down their London number and they are looking into it for me. Its just one box but every box counts!

karembeu_ca Posted on 4/7 17:27
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

craig, was in reference to the piracy at a local, now unnamed, company, but thought better of posting it.

hope you can get both sorted.

p.s. my mum and dad saw A Century In Stone and thought it was brilliant.

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craig_pancrack Posted on 4/7 18:43
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

cheers tell em !

Link: new ACIS stuff online

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 21:57
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Yvw Craig, lets hope that Mr Saville will Fix it for you oo oo.

john_b Posted on 4/7 22:05
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

If anyone is pasing Bletchley Park, could they pop in and pick up an Enigma machine to decrypt the code of this thread. It makes no sense at all.

jax_1 Posted on 4/7 22:08
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Shhhh John, you've stumbled across a bit of a conspiracy, if you nose about any more, we'll have to make sure that you are taken for a very long drive out into the country

jarazinho Posted on 4/7 22:45
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

Hi Craig..

Gidday from a rainy Sydney..

craig_pancrack Posted on 5/7 0:40
re: F.A.O. Craig- Pancrack

gday jara...apparently its warmer in blighty than it is in Darwin...Teesside meanwhile has been a pea-souper for 48 hours...ach the weather.
did yer go down circular quay for the big roos games?