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jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:14
Tarrant On T.V.

Anyone else watching?

Weirdo's or what

DrBuck Posted on 5/7 0:19
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Where do you live? It's not on in Teesside!

kazzaxxx Posted on 5/7 0:20
re: Tarrant On T.V.

probably on one of the sky channells

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:21
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Yes it was, it's just finished sadly. It was on ITV1 or Tyne-Tees in old money

DrBuck Posted on 5/7 0:24
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Mind you there is a programme on channel 4 called Friday Night Project (how wacky) featuring a person who is speaking like Kenneth Williams and desperately trying to be funny, but only succeeds in making me want to punch him in the face. I need to switch this drivel off otherwise I will be too angry to sleep. Who is this person and why is he on my television?

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:26
re: Tarrant On T.V.

I haven't seen that Dr Buck. Graham Norton has that effect on me - is it him?

kazzaxxx Posted on 5/7 0:27
re: Tarrant On T.V.

yep tyne tees at 11.40-12.10
love it when people say old money, you must be as old as me
can you remember when decimilisation came in?
I can

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:28
re: Tarrant On T.V.

@ Kaz

Stepper_T Posted on 5/7 0:28
re: Tarrant On T.V.

I used to enjoy the Tarrant shows with the Japanese Endurance show on- very funny.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:31
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Endurance * wincing type smiley * they must have been nutters to go through all that pain just for 10k.

The British version started off ok but couldn't really compete on the same level, thankfully

Stepper_T Posted on 5/7 0:34
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Brought both laughter and tears at the same time, Jax.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 0:36
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Oooooooo yes, it was torture to watch so imagine how it must have felt to be dragged across sand paper with a bare botty

DrBuck Posted on 5/7 0:39
re: Tarrant On T.V.

Hey kazzaxxx, did you have to watch special t.v. shows about deciamalisation at school like we did? I seem to remember a rather catchy tune with words that went - decimalisation, deciamalise, decimalisation will change your lives.

I also remember my nan trying to work out what prices were in old money as if it would make any difference to what she'd bought.