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jax_1 Posted on 5/7 9:50
Desert Island Discs???

Chutneys thread reminded me on to have a go with this one.

You are about to be marooned on a desert island but you have time to take a few things with you.

You are allowed 5 discs
3 books
1 luxury item
and a sandwich

What would you take?

( you don't need to list everything in one go, if you have trouble deciding )

Chutney Posted on 5/7 9:53
re: Desert Island Discs???

Can we pick a marooned location as well? Always thought that was a choice missing from the original concept.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 9:56
re: Desert Island Discs???

Yeah, you go right ahead Chutney - good call

pisces Posted on 5/7 9:57
re: Desert Island Discs???

Can I have a cabin cruiser as my luxury item?

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 10:00
re: Desert Island Discs???


Blondie - Parallel Lines
Beatles - Abbey Road
Sigur Ros - ()
The Streets - The Streets
Oasis - Definitely Maybe

A dictionary
Schott's Complete Miscellany
Some form of pornography. Or a Viz annual.

Luxury item - I might cheat and take my iPod, but most likely either a footy or a PSP

Sandwich? Has to be chicken and stuffing on brown.

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 10:00
re: Desert Island Discs???

And somewhere like Fiji will do.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:08
re: Desert Island Discs???

No Pisces you can't Good try though.

Why do I get the impression that you have already got contingency plans to cover just such a disaster Legend?
Very interesting choices though.

It would be nice if you could link a pic of your desert island locations if possible guys

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 10:20
re: Desert Island Discs???

It's good to be prepared Jax.

I think I'd like to be stranded...


jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:26
re: Desert Island Discs???

LOL Legend and yes, it is always wise to be prepared.
I've already got my cushion ready for Saturday

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 10:31
re: Desert Island Discs???

Dare I ask what you are doing on saturday that requires you to have a cushion nearby?

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:33
re: Desert Island Discs???

Don't you know Legend?

Link: This lot are coming !!!!!! ((( HELP )))

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 10:34
re: Desert Island Discs???

Blimey. All looks very exciting, even though I haven't seen much of this series.

Christopher Eccleston shops in my local Spa and drinks in my local boozer, don't you know?

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:42
re: Desert Island Discs???

Oooooh, well then that makes you a celeb by association Legend.
I've enjoyed this series more than I thought I would, to be honest, except for the Peter Kaye epsiode, which I thought was rather strange.

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 11:03
re: Desert Island Discs???

I find Tennant's cheeky chappie routine a bit annoying. He has a good wardrobe though.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 11:10
re: Desert Island Discs???

I quite like him, not sure who I prefer between he and Eccleston but I think they both managed to bring something with them to the part. It's just good to see some of the Dr's old foes back really esp the cybermen, I was always more frightened of them than the daleks.

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 11:18
re: Desert Island Discs???

I grew up with Peter Davison (not literally) as the Doctor. He was rubbish, although apparently he was getting jiggy with the two female companions in the show during filming. Nyssa and the other one, whose name escapes me.

Dirty boy.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 11:25
re: Desert Island Discs???

LOL I never knew that about P.D. he used to be married to that little american woman with the squeaky voice, didn't he?
I never reckoned much to him as the Dr, I spose that was partly because I just saw him as Tristan from All Creatures Great And Small and he just didn't fit the character.

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 11:31
re: Desert Island Discs???

As I got older, I just thought he looked like David Gower's gay brother.

Link: Howzat?

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 11:32
re: Desert Island Discs???

Or Paul Merson

Link: disturbing

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 5/7 11:36
re: Desert Island Discs???

Bruce Springsteen - Greeting from Asbury Park NJ
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
The Clash - The Clash
Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits

Borstal Boy - Brendan Behan
Rioutous Assembly - Tom Sharpe
Indecent Exposure - Tom Sharpe

Luxury Item - TV + DVD Player

Sandwich - Fish and Chips

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 11:39
re: Desert Island Discs???

LOL Legend Striking similarities there
Ta for the natter this morning, have enjoyed. Sadly I have to dash now. Hope you have a good day.

Fish and chip sarnie Boss? must be a dorstop and half that one!

boredreceptionist Posted on 5/7 11:42
re: Desert Island Discs???

The Peter Kaye episode was completely bizarre. Still at least they give guest writers a chance to be experimental.

I would pick...

The Beatles - Please Please Me
Wham! - Greatest Hits
Trainspotting soundtrack
Stone Roses - Complete Stone Roses
The Beatles - Revolver

Books: Nigel Slater's Real Fast Food (just bought it and it's really good and I'm sure you could make some of the recipes even if you were stranded on a island)
Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code (because I haven't read it, but secretly want to, yet wouldn't want anyone to see me reading it)
Jane Austen - Emma (because I could never tire of it).

Luxury item? Huge never ending vat of suncream, which would hopefully double up as moisturiser and hair conditioner and if I got really hungry I could eat some as well.

My sandwich would be cheese and pickle because I probably wouldn't be able to make my own cheese so I wouldn't be getting any for a while otherwise.

Chutney Posted on 5/7 12:49
re: Desert Island Discs???


Cammell Laird Social Club - HMHB
Symphony #5 - Henryk Goriecki
Beethoven's 9th
Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division
Aegeits Byrin (or however it's spelled) - Sigur Ros


LA Quartet - James Ellroy (bit of a cheat, that)
The Golem - Gustav Meyrink
Something by Ray Mears might be handy as well

Luxury Item:

Encona Hot Pepper Sauce


Bacon, Blue Stilton and Houmous - I'm sure I'll be allowed veggie opt out dispensation if I'm going to get stranded for the rest of my life


Upstate New York, somewhere in the mountains, Lake Saranac maybe

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 13:20
re: Desert Island Discs???


coldplay - rush of blood
oasis - definately maybe
jeff buckley - grace
bloc party - silent alarm
jack johnson - in between dreams

strange one this. You wouldn't take books you've already read because that wouldn't make sense and you don't kow how good a book is till you've read it. no win situation!!

luxury item
a woman

ham, mustard and coleslaw ( can i sneak a few crisps in too??)


jax_1 Posted on 5/7 18:50
re: Desert Island Discs???

Whams greatest hits Recep??? Well they had a few good ones I spose

I take your popint about the Da Vinci Code, I feel much the same way about it.

The Camel Laird Social Club Mr Chutney? I've never heard of that group? Do tell me more?
By all means you can have a veggie type sarnie, it's entirely up to you which sarnie you choose, though I'm still having a problem accepting that fish and chips can be put in a butty?

Ok Mat you can add some crisps but just a few mind.