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jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:12
William Wilberforce

Prescott claims he went to stay with an American billionaire that he had never met before to discuss William Wilberforce.

Why do I find it difficult to believe that?

captain5 Posted on 5/7 10:16
re: William Wilberforce

Have you had bad experiences with fat men from Hull before, possibly??

PumpingGnome Posted on 5/7 10:17
re: William Wilberforce

Probably the same reason as everybody else will find it difficult to believe. He's a joke and what's more, it would appear that he's a liar. And not a very good one, either.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:24
re: William Wilberforce

Now that would be telling, wouldn't it Cap'n

I agree with every word you've said P.G. He has no credibility at all, in my opinion

PumpingGnome Posted on 5/7 10:26
re: William Wilberforce

He once sat behind me at an ice hockey game in Hull. About 17 years ago actually.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:28
re: William Wilberforce

Really P.G.? bet that put you off your half time snack. He's a horrible little man.

His wife is quite pretty I think but I can only assume that she married him for one of two reasons.
Either she was completely desperate or she was twice as greedy as him for the trappings of power.

PumpingGnome Posted on 5/7 10:34
re: William Wilberforce

I was doing photographs. I didn't see him in the bar. And one of the good things about ice hockey is that it's played in 3 periods so there's 2 half times and they each last about 20 minutes, so plenty of time for a couple.

jax_1 Posted on 5/7 10:38
re: William Wilberforce

Yes you are quite right about the ice hockey being played over 3 periods, I should have realised that when I was replying, went to enough matches when I was a kid.

At least you spared the torture of seeing/ hearing him during the breaks then.

Did you find it easy to take the photographs or did you find that you got so engrossed in the games that you would forget to take the pics?