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JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:22
Non Season Ticket Holders...

For those that are not a season ticket holder and are either undecided about buying one or are not sold on the idea of having one... what would make you change ur mind? obviously cost is a big issue as it is for everyone, even season ticket holders, what would it take for you to splash out and buy one...

certain new players?
big crowds? would this attract even more?
would you want to see us performing well before u buy, i.e. at christmas...

alot of season ticket holders do not make every match coz of work, but still decide to buy one and go asmuch as possible

interested to know what factors are keeping people away, either those who have had a season ticket before and stopped going or someone who has never had a season ticket.

we need asmuch support as we can get and get the attendances we deserve.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 14:29
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

It is either in your blood or not !!

If it is in your blood you will get to the games whatever.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:32
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if i remember ritely we once had 28,000 season ticket holders, now expected 20,000, where have they gone, what are they doing on a saturday instead, 99% of them must still listen to it on the radio. what will motivate them to come back?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 14:33
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

In answer to your questions.

Certain new players? Not necessarily. I thought the squad we had last year was possibly the best I've seen at the club.

Big crowds. Well they can help the atmosphere but they're not an atraction in themselves.

Performing well. Yes, this is a must.

After many years as a season ticket holder/ever present fan I had enough the season before we won the cup. I've been back on quite a few occassions, mainly cup matches, and been to a fair share of away games.

Ideally, for me there would be.
1. A return to standing in certain sections of the ground.
2. A significant drop in the price of tickets. The players can accept lower wages before I start stumping up again. If they were halved they'd still make enough to retire by the time they're 25.
3. A restructuring of the league to make it more competitive. I don't want to be for a season ticket to watch a procession of three clubs take the top three places each season.

Seeing as though none of those are going to happen, I'll pop in and out when I fancy.

The team gets the crowd it deserves when there's spare capacity. The fewer season ticket holders the harder they have to try, simple as that. Too easy for too long for the players at the Riverside.

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The_Procrastinator Posted on 5/7 14:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Unrealistic expectations Corcaigh - making up stuff so you'll never go back.

And you aren't missed either, plastic fans.

Need some wooden ones.

captain5 Posted on 5/7 14:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

A few years before we only had less than half that number.

I think crowds generally in football at this level will be on the wane. We've already seen it at away games. The cost and the entertainment people feel entitled to receive for that level of expenditure will see crowds fall to a different level unless something fundamental changes in the Premier League.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 14:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

We had 28,000 ST
Now we have 20,000
= 8,000 jumped on the bandwagon / Part Timers

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:36
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

corcaigh u critism seems to be football in general not that that of boro, is this rite? is there anything we could do, realistically to attract you back?

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:39
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

broughton - what was the attraction for the 8000 at the time? how can we get them back. i no the matchday experience has gone down, i think the same myself sometimes and i look at the gaps in the crowd and its upsetting. big crowds causing a great atmosphere can really push us this season, one of which i am looking forward to.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 14:39
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

1 less Boo Boy will do for me.

The_Procrastinator Posted on 5/7 14:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

and it's only the start of July ffs, there's plenty of time to sell 8000 season tickets.

No point comparing numbers now, unless you've got the number of season tickets sold at this point last year.

Compare at the start of the season.

onthemap Posted on 5/7 14:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Broughton Lad
As a Boro fan you should perhaps be encouraging the part timers not slating them.
Maybe the type of attitude you express is keeping some fans away.Whether you like it or not the club needs the "plastic fans" as much as it needs the regular season ticket holders.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 5/7 14:44
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Alternatively people move away from the area (not the most prosperous place Teesside if you had'nt noticed), get married, have kids, get mortgages, their priorities change.

So due to lifestyle changes, you are a plastic fan or a part timer.


JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:44
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

procrastinator, season ticket sells are going to be well down from the 28,000 peak, i think we can establish this now. im merely trying to understand wot is keeping fans away and wot will bring them back

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

heaton, it is only a small amount that move away from the area.

priorities change and cost is a big aspect of buying a season ticket, but its the same for season ticket holders, they sacrifice certain things and find the money

The_Procrastinator Posted on 5/7 14:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I'm saying we don't know how many there will be at the start of the season so complaining about 8000 missing fans now is stupid.

holgate_rochey Posted on 5/7 14:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I agree with broughton.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 14:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


I am not slating Part Timers
I am just sick of moaners who do not back their local team.
If people don't want to renew their ST, so what but why come on here moaning about the team.
As I have said before It is in your blood or not.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i am not complaining, this is to discuss what can get get fans back, wot we can do as fans to get a full crowd

The_Procrastinator Posted on 5/7 14:52
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

well basically we can't do anything. unless you want to force people at gun point to buy a ticket then there's nothing much you or i can do.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:53
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if u come on this board u must be passionate about boro, how many on here do not have a season tickets? approx 20%?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 14:54
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I don't boo at the matches, well very, very rarely....though they would have had some off me this season.

Yes I'm not happy with football on the whole, though I'm happy that the grounds are full of the likes of Broughton, they can get the room clean at St.Lukes while he's out for a couple of hours.

I was talking ideally, as my comment says, a pity you're not all up to comprehension. To get me back there as a regular again I'd be happy with a team of 11 players trying and playing decent football.

What benefit is a season ticket to me? I have been to both cup finals, Rome, Lisbon etc. without one. I can get away tickets if I fancy a day out as well. I get to move about the ground without a season ticket too.....not stuck with people you don't want to be....could you imagine spending 400 quid and getting a numpty like broughton next to you?

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 5/7 14:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


You may very well be suprised at the "small amount" of Boro fans who live away from Teesside. Not 10's of thousands, granted, but a fair few nonetheless.

As for making sacrifices, I agree with you but if you lived in the midlands and travelled up to every home match, it is a damn site more expensive than getting the bus in from Middlesbrough itself. Sometimes, although you really want to go to all of the matches, you simply cannot. Sad but true.

Are you trying to appeal to these "rather spend 50 in the pub all day Saturday and watch it on a dodgy foreign channel than drag my lazy ar_e to the Riverside (but I will be at the front of the queue for all cup final tickets") types.?

In that case I agree with you 100%!

The_Procrastinator Posted on 5/7 14:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

or a pessimistic tvvat like you Corcaigh.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 14:56
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

forcing people to come would not acheive wot is needed, it would get more money but not a good atmosphere, wot is needed is to find out wot attracts people and get full crowds of fans that want to be there

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

heaton i understand completely about people living away from the area that cant get here and wouldnt expect them to buy a season ticket, any match they get to would be appreciated.

i am appealing to...

boro fans that used to have a season ticket and dont go anymore

those undecided to renew or buy for the first time

fans on fmttm who are passionate to read about boro but not go

fans who listen to the radio on a regular basis but dont have the get up and go to get to the matches

the pub prefers

Spoff_MFC Posted on 5/7 15:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If the Riverside could be moved to Wakfefield and the cost of season tickets reduced by about 50% I would come back.

As it is I won't have a season ticket until my son is older and I am not paying 350 a month on Nusery fees!

And meant to add, it doesn't matter who is or is not playing for us and what division we're in. GS could sign Henry, Ronaldinho, Lampard and Hargreaves and I still wouldn't be going next season.

Football is not my life, season tickets are an extra not everything.

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JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

spoff that is a good reason not to go. im sure when its possible ull be there

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:05
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Just to put the record sraight.
I am not from St Lukes
I am not a Numpty

I back the team whatever.
I would rather get myself down to the Riverside to back Boro rather than sitting in a pub getting pissed.

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Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 15:05
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Why am I pessimistic? Are you telling me you've had top quality entertainment for the last 6 years?

A guy asks a question and he gets an honest reply. Simple as that. It doesn't suit the ra-ra's but so what, you'll be there until your wives tell you that you have to go to bingo instead.

Now get back to writing songs for next season that will only be heard in your bedroom.

livinglegend Posted on 5/7 15:05
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Never has a season ticket at the Riverside. Too expensive and away games are a better laugh.

Plus baby on the way in November means not much footy at all next season.

I went to Ayresome Park for ten years, am I allowed to call myself a fan.

blotonthelandscape Posted on 5/7 15:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

C_t_C, why because I have a season ticket why does it make me a Ra Ra?

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:10
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

LL - anyone who shows an interest in boro is a fan, it can be going to every game, listening to the radio, asking "how did the boro get on at the weekend", this is a call to those who can get there and are passionate fans, to get there and show support

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 15:11
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I wasn't addressing you bloto, I was referring to a couple of half loaves above.

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 15:12
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

cocraigh did you have a season ticket in the "bad" days if so what was the motivation behind getting one then??

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 15:14
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Once the drift starts JBBORO it's hard to stop it. I was there through the late 60's to the 80's when I lived abroad. Trips home meant following the Boro home or away. Hopefully we're not on the type of slide that happened in the early 80's.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:14
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

MFC have come a long way over the last 6 years.
Boro in Europe
Cup Finals

Much better than the dark days of Pre 1986
Make the most of it now.
What is a football club without supporters?

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:16
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

broughton, the supporters are the club in many ways, this is y it is upsetting and frustrating to see empty seats.

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livinglegend Posted on 5/7 15:18
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The supporters are the club, full stop. Shame some clubs price them out.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i dont know what some people expect, at the moment we are the most successfull we have ever been in our history, some people will just moan at anything, they would probably still moan if we won the champions league. I travel back for every game from sheffield, when i moved away from teesside 2 years ago the thought of giving up my season ticket didnt even cross my mind. Also we have probably one of the cheapest season ticket prices in the league, so entertainment, price and travel are not good reasons really, just an excuse to hide behind. At the end of the day its how much you want to see the team not anything else.

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XXLshirts_fit_all Posted on 5/7 15:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

never been a st holder, befor i moved away there was no need for one pre 1991 went every week ish. carried on going when i could up until 96 ie end of ayersome. now cant afford to go due to distance, only west of scotland but have bigger priorities. what would attract me to go and buy one now is for the club to cloth and feed my family for the 9-10 months of the season, not too much to ask is it?

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I know what it is like to sit there when the ground is half empty.
I don't like it either.
Steve Gibson deserves better.

BossHogg Posted on 5/7 15:20
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Broughton is clearly is super-fan mode!

In his eyes there's no excuse for not being there every week..

The club need to tempt back the stay-aways, not castigate them for having priorities elsewhere! Thank goodness Broughton doesn't work in the MFC PR dept..

grantus Posted on 5/7 15:21
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

A private jet from London to Teesside and a limo to the match.

That would do it.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:21
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if fans need an excuse not to go then they shouldnt be there, its the reason behind wanting a excuse im interested in.

390 is 30 a month, 1 a day, could something not be sacrificed for this

bevo2005 Posted on 5/7 15:23
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

To get the fans back there must be a reduction in the price of season tickets. Teesside is not the most prosperous, money rich area in the country. There will be a huge amount of people in the area who would go to every game if they were able to, but are priced out of it. The riverside would not be able to handle the demand IMO

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:24
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah 1 pound a day! anybody who complains about the price is pathetic, our prices are so cheap compared to most other teams, infact does anyone have a set of figures for season ticket prices for allt he prem clubs, it would be good to see

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:24
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Not super fan
Just passionate about the club
Is that a crime?

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:26
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

being passionate about boro is not a crime. there are so many passionate fans that do not go, we need these guys in

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 15:26
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I got my first season ticket when I was 12 in 1969. I was given the first as a present and it went from there. I had been going since I was 7 in 1964 but only on my own as a regular since 1967 when I was 10 or 11. I was in the north stand and moved to the Holgate in my teens.

When my son started supporting we moved to the east end seats, then to the North Stand in the Riverside. So I've been through some pretty bad days at the Boro. There's something about this era that's really put me off though and I've tried to list a few things above that would ideallly change.

Obviously some aren't happy with my point of view, and to be honest, I'm quite pleased with that, having read some of what they've written on here over the years.

A football club gets the support it deserves. If people think they're being treat shabbily they move away. Happened under Amer, hopefully the current trend will stop. The back of Mac and the introduction of Southgate may be just what's needed.

It's time some fans opened their eyes that all is not rosy in the camp. If it were I and the other 8,000 that have drifted would still be there.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:26
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah we need more passionate fans

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:26
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

not jonny 1 games they do my head in

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:29
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

corcaigh, it is alot rosier than u make out

red_rebel2 Posted on 5/7 15:30
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I had one but wrapped in this season. There's a whole complex of reasons.

I was not enjoying it the experience, the whinging around me as much as the turgid football. After 30 years I think I am burnt out. Having done Cardiff and Eindhoven it seems like it has jumped the shark. I can't relate to most of the over-paid average players. I hate what Sky have done to the game. I don't like Sunday games, it eats into family time. I can't stand the levels of bile. I don't like the powerless sense of obligation of the Red Book. The Price is an issue too. I'd rather spend the time and the money on my kids.

I will be going to a lot fewer games this year but taking the boy more often to juicy ones. I'm preparing to pass the torch on.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:30
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I started following the Boro about the same time.
I for one feel we have come a long way.
Why throw the towel in now?

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Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 15:32
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Boss Hogg what are you on about? Broughton is spot on. Some people will purposely make excuses not too go because they can't be arsed. Someone said earlier, if boro's in your blood you'll be there week in week out, and i think thats exactly spot on.

I DO think the prices are the cause for the drop in attendances however. I know a lot of people who do have to put their families first and thats understandable, but those who make watch it in the pub, i have no time for.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:33
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

red - sky has caused alot of problems, i think in years to come, we will see a great reduction in players wages and saturday only kick off. if u are in the position to take ur kids, would u have the motivation to do it? when my dad first started taking me i loved it.

bevo2005 Posted on 5/7 15:36
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

"complaining about the price is pathetic", your a joke mate. Look around next time you come to Middlesbrough, shitloads of passionate boro fans, they just dont live in a castle like you must do

BossHogg Posted on 5/7 15:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Broughton, not a crime at all, anyone who knows me will tell you I'm passionate about them myself, but things have changed over the last 5 years or so!

Mat_Evans, "Someone said earlier, if boro's in your blood you'll be there week in week out, and i think thats exactly spot on.", it simply isn't as clear cut as that these days!

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Money !!
I am sure there are people who spend more money on booze or fags than what it costs for a ST.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:42
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

bosshog, there are always things going on that can stop u from going, money being a big issue, alot of people will spend money on other things than boro, whereas at one time, boro would be the priority, y has this changed to prefering to go to the pub etc

boroboy75 Posted on 5/7 15:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I dare say that they may get more pleasure out of booze and fags than watching some of the trash that was evident at the Riverside last season.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:44
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

bb75 - that will really get the fans in. do u have a season ticket?

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:45
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Boss things have changed over the past 5 years.
We have been in Europe twice.
Have we been spoilt?
Or would you like us to go back to the days when we were a Yo Yo Club?

Or shall I just take my Red and White Glasses off?

captain5 Posted on 5/7 15:45
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Mr 75 has been to more games than anyone who questions him. It's the law.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

we had 28,000 when we were up and down in the premiership, now look where we are and we have approx 20,000. im trying to establish wot has cause this? rav, juno, emmerson?

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

come on bevo 390 pound is not a lot of money for a whole year of seeing you football team, works out about 20 pound a game to see a top flight footy game. When i look around me all i see is empty seats along with the passionate fans.

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 15:47
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

jb beat me too it. For me boro is a priority, i'm a student, so i need to prioritise. It will most definately change when i finish uni next year, but i'll work around it. I couldn't imagine not being at the riverside on a saturday when the boro are at home in the league.

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BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Grow up

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah i also cant explain when people ask why are attendances have gone down even when the team has been getting better, we were selling out in 97/98 when we were in the first division, i can tunderstand it

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

being a season ticket holder is not just about going to the 19 home games, u take more of a interest in away games, u go or listen on the radio, u are connected and want us to do well, the pre season excitement, its a year round connection not just 20 games.

BossHogg Posted on 5/7 15:49
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Like it or not, IMO I think the standard of football at league games has been poor over the last few years and people have slowly drifted away!

Also, overpaid players, diving, putting the ball out when an opponent sneezes are things that are generally driving people away from the games!

Biggest problem is once they've got into the habit of not going, it's a difficult to turned that around!

Broughton, my point wasn't Boro related, it was about football overall..

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Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 15:49
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

There's lots of reasons why I stopped. The team have been succesful. I'm not denying that, and I've enjoyed the success as much a anybody. The whole package is what's not appealling to me. The amount they want you to pay to watch them is outrageous. It was once about the price of a cinema ticket so what happened?

There are too many greedy people in football. I follow the non league scene and even hear them griping there. It's a hobby, yet they want to take more and more out of society for the privelege.

It's no good saying it's not as bad as's how bad it was for me. It became a chore going to the games and when it gets that way it's time to do something else with your time off. I've stayed with football but choose non league more often than league. Often the effort and entertainment is of a higher standard, the craic can be good, the atmosphere will never match that at the Boro when they're on song though.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 15:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

mat evans do you travel from uni to games?

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 15:53
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Well yeah i travel back from headingley leeds, it's not too far away but the costs add up. I incorporate it into the weekend, because i play sunday league back home. The pain in the arse are weeknight games.

grantus Posted on 5/7 15:53
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Free burgers served on the terraces at half time by buxom young ladies in very tight corsetts would probably clinch it for me.

bevo2005 Posted on 5/7 15:54
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I guess once you get to a certain stage certain peoples priorities change. It doesnt happen to everyone, but some have to make the choice between an ST or settling down to a mortgage kids ect. Maybe thats where the 8000+ have gone. Maybe a new generation will start going soon and the 8000 will be replaced

morkfromork Posted on 5/7 15:54
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Fook me. I didn't realise that i wasn't a real fan as i don't have a season ticket.

Season tickets or no season ticket what does it matter as long as you support the team when you go.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 15:54
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

TV has spoilt the game for the fans.
Problem is without the SKY money we would be knackered.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:54
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

corcaigh, it sometimes feels like a chore, i understand that and have the same feeling myself sometimes, but if we could get those 8,000 back and more, we have a 35,000 capacity stadium now, it would lift the team, the atmosphere would be great, fans would love going to the game again. the riverside can be a amazing place at times, makes ur hairs stand on end. imagine wot a full crowd can do.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 15:57
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

mork, all boro fans if they go or not are supporters, we want to encourage those that have stopped to go again.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah know the feeling matt, i travel back from sheffield uni for the games. It takes some good money management skills in order to incorporate the boro into a student budget. worth every penny though!!!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 5/7 16:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

It's not just 390 though, often it is twice that if kid(s)/wife come along. plus there is travel (for me that is as much as the season ticket over a year)

Once you're there food, drink etc...

For me it's 60 a match! For only 90 minutes.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

no no jbboro people who dont go are fans not supporters

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 16:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

too right matey.

RaRaRasputin Posted on 5/7 16:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

When me and the wife added it up, it cost us over 1500 to watch the Boro in the league last season, inc food travel etc, of which we enjoyed about 4 games.
Having got a big new mortgage we cannot justify the expense anymore in relation to the entertainment.
By picking and choosing games and going to the pub we will save about a grand, to be spent on a holiday.

When we went from about 5000 to 28000 season ticket holders, I and the wife was single, but times have moved on and we feel that we now have other priorities in life.
I believe that many of the missing season ticket holders have also moved on with their lives.
The question should be why cannot the Boro attract the new season ticket holders?

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 5/7 16:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

F___ing students...........know it all don't they?

Don't judge others until you have grown up and been in their positions. You know f__k all frankly.

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 16:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I am sure when Boro win a few games fans will turn up

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

haha we have some student haters, what a suprise! I hate being a student but il av to put up with it i suppose

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if prices remained the same what do you think it would take in order for the boro to sell out again for home and away games?

grantus Posted on 5/7 16:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Or how about the Winnibanks WWolves Cheerleaders?

A beautiful, talented group af ladies it must be said.

I'd get a ticket for that.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 5/7 16:11
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Dont hate students at all fella. Best of luck to you in your studies.

Just try not to be judgemental on things you know nowt about.

When you are a bit older and have mortgages / wife / kids etc then pass comment. As time goes by, the Boro is not the be all and end all. Priorities change, but your feelings do not.

So this "supporters" and "fans" comment is nonesense.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 16:11
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I bought my son his season ticket this year. If I hadn't he wouldn't have been able to afford it, he's not a student, he has a full time job. Something wrong there I think JBBORO, don't you?

If the officials, players and supporters of a club want to be seen as important to the community, then what they have must be accessible to the majority of the community's members. There was a big push this way in Germany some time ago, an ex Chelsea keeper, Kharine I think, was interviewed about his time at Schalke and he made this point quite clearly in criticising the way prices were going in England.

14 Euros to see Roma at home. How much to see the Boro?

By the way, what do you think of the stadia with the terracing that can be converted? Borussia Dortmund's ground holds 77,000 for league games. FIFA cut this to 52,000 through the ridiculous insistence on a seats only policy despite an excellent safety record over there.

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:11
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i mean what do you you think the team would have to achieve in order to see sell outs again? obviously a half time show of loads of fit strippers would bring back some crowds

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:13
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah but a supporter 'supports' the team. Vocally and financially by attending the games.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 16:13
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i think the only thing that will make fans come back and prioritise money to boro, would be if we were performaning really well, a top 4 finish. finishing in the top 6 will attract some but not wot we should

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 16:16
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If we get off to a good start then maybe attendances will improve.
What are Newcastle doing to get 52,000 every home game?
Should we all start talking funny?

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:16
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

heres to doing well this year then, top 5 finish, back into europe and fans flooding back, bring it on

MrEko Posted on 5/7 16:17
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Im waiting till I get my univeristy results, if I pass I might have to move to get a job or do a masters meaning no season ticket, if i fail i wont have the money avialble to get one.

If I just have to resit my dissertation i will get one.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 5/7 16:18
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

And how do you think I have been "supporting" Boro over the past 18 years?

Paying in chocolate buttons?

Christ, I will have been getting legged around Sundeland, Barnsley and other lower league sh__holes while you were still in nappies!

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

yeah but newcastle have a population much bigger than middlesbrough and have had some success (hurts me to say) in the past which attracted some glory fans. In comparison with the town population middlesbrough have a high percentage for attendances

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 16:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

corcaigh, if ur son has a full time job and cant afford a season, there is something wrong i understand that, how old is he? wot does he spend his money on, wot would make boro his priorities

the seating arrangement at football is unnecessary, saftey has taken over so much, having stewards looking after standing sections would be ok. but we cant fill seats nevermind standings.

green_beret20 Posted on 5/7 16:20
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Point out to me please where MFC are entitled to more fans than they get?

Lets just blow a few things out of the water here.

The vast majority of people in Teesside have little or no association with MFC, thats always been the case.

Another thing that gets me is this small town mentally of some Boro fans who seem to think that because they hold a season ticket and throw on a crap tatty red shirt they hold more prestige than others who don't.

When most other companys/markets business lose customers they don't blame the customers.

I don't see how MFC should dictate the spending habits of people on Teesside in order to buy inflated tickets for something they don't want to do anymore.
Exactly why some of you think that that is your concern, need to consider getting a life.

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JBBORO Posted on 5/7 16:23
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

green, u have completely missed the point to this thread, but i will take it u don't have a season ticket

mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:23
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

bring back standing oh yeah!!!! everyone who wants to sing together, everyone who wants it chilled with the family together. It would be great, a better atmosphere definitely

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 16:24
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If not
Do you want one?

BroughtonLad Posted on 5/7 16:24
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


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mda04rps Posted on 5/7 16:25
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

woah chill your bean, green

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 16:29
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

My son is 17, loves the Boro, but fortunately they're not the be all and end all. He's seen that there's a life out there away from the Riverside. If you're looking for people that think like that then try the 5,000 that were there in 1985. It would appear that lots of the lads of this board are in that boat too, maybe they wouldn't be if there was a repeat of the seasons we'd had then.

I know for some it is life itself....for the majority of Boro fans, and that includes the majority on here, it isn't. If the football is good and priced correctly the ground will fill up. If not it won't, simple as that. Hence the drop in crowds.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 5/7 17:00
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Interesting debate.

I dont think the standard of football on average at the Riverside is much worse or much better than it has ever been.

I believe the major factor in reduced interest is complacency, familiarity and lackadaisical (sp?!) fans. In recent years the fans were more interested because it was all knew and exciting. Some of the older fans like Corc and Rebel have become bored. So what? The club should bust a gut to get them back just because they arent interested anymore. They have had their time, their shelf life as keen supporters has past. Its the kids and younger fans that are the most important not the "grumpy old gets" who's time has been and gone.

They're the ones the club should be trying to attract. Hence the reduced prices for the younger fans and for that effort I applaud Steve Gibson.

The club shouldnt be shackled by pandering to those hankering back to the "good old days" when said fans were more fresh faced and less world weary.

BoroStu Posted on 5/7 17:04
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I'd buy a season ticket straight away, if I could afford the travel back home every other weekend.

60 for a return on the train every home match is too rich for my blood...

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 5/7 17:05
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I can't disagree about the age thing Alf.

We'll still be there for the big games though, to lift the atmposphere, like we did against Basel, Roma and Steaua. It's a shame sending text messages doesn't generate an atmosphere, the Riverside would be buzzing.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 5/7 17:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

<Corcaigh hits Alf's annoyance Bullseye>

I couldnt agree with you more there Corc, it does my head in when people spend more time tapping away on their phones rather than watching the match.

Why not wait til the game is over and actually WATCH the game, or SUPPORT the team?

Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 17:20
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

All the talk about not being there in 85 is irrelevant to me, obvioulsy wasn't going when i was 1!! The stuff about me not being able to go in the future is alos irrelavant because it hasn't happened to me yet.I can only comment on my situation. In my situation i've been able to prioritise and manage to afford it, good for me.

As i've said before WHY do people prefer to go and spend the price of a ticket in the pub on beer, when they could be there. i'd love to know that.

joseph99 Posted on 5/7 17:34
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I have renewed but it was very touch and go. Had Mac stopped I would not have renewed. I buy 2 tickets - plus I like my seat. I can afford it. Last year I missed a couple of games (mainly the better ones - yes all 3). Everyone's position regarding ST renewal is different. Cost, demographics, pubs showing games, disenfrachised with the club, attitudes of players on/off the pitch, patronising comments by management, peadophillic chanting, Lambs admission that MFC have milked the fans. There is a PR problem at MFC IMO. Nothing seems to come back to the fans and there are too many on the gravy train, sadly the bisto's running out! How to get them back? Cheaper tickets, better football, better club/fans relationship, less spin and hype and more truth. Some stewards are pathetic and need to be trained properly.

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Mat_Evans Posted on 5/7 17:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

disagreements aside, honest question here, not having a go. would a 10-20% reduce in st prices get back those of you that haven't renewed? I just want to see the stadium full again.

jonicama Posted on 5/7 18:27
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Some intersting comments

Two points on things that in my view make football less attractive to me and maybe some other people.

There is much less empathy with the players (more foreigners and less loyalty to the club) than there was a few years ago. All you see now are players looking for the next contract at Boro or elsewhere. In one sense you can't blame the players it is just the way it is. Maybe the new crop of home grown younsters will change this.

I think football has sold it's soul to Sky. Sky pays the money and calls the tune. Sunday maches and random kick-off times are not good for the fans who attend games.

I have renewed - I can't see a situation in which I wouldn't - but the overall experience of watching football at Boro seems now to be less attractive overall than it was in the past. I go along but not with the same sense of anticipation that used to be the case. This is against a background of two seasons in Europe which I could only dream about for most of the 35 years I've supported Boro.

I shudder to think of how negative some of the comments on this board would have been over the last couple of years if we'd lost at Cardiff and Fowler had scored his penalty.

onthemap Posted on 5/7 18:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

So if you are judged as a supporter by the amount of money you spend on a team then someone who spends more than a few hundred quid a year in the club shop is the same as a season ticket holder.I thought being a supporter meant a bit more than whether you can afford a season ticket or corporate box or not.
What about the people who can genuinely only afford a few matches a year or are spending a higher percentage of their earnings because they treat the kids to matches rather than just buy themselves a season ticket.

JBBORO Posted on 5/7 20:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

onthemap, please read my original thread, noone is complaining at those who cant afford to go, its if they would rather spend there money on something else

sasboro Posted on 5/7 21:04
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

iwouldnt be surprised at a drop in season ticket sales. i know a coupl eof people who arent renewing. Apart from eindhoven which was a one off, generally you do not need a season ticket to get tickets for big cup games anymore. cups were exciting last year but the league wasnt. Cup games arnt covered in yoru season ticket price. 20-30+ quid a game is expensive and there are many other things to spend the money on which is better value. peoples budgets are getting tighter as things like energy bills keep going up. Watching it in pub on dodgy tv, has become more appealing and less hassle than going to the game or trudging down to the stadium during working hours to get a ticket.

despite the increase in tv revenue over the last 10 years,clubs continue to put up ticket prices. maybe its time ticket prices were subsidised by the tv money.

many fans are becoming disillusioned with the players wages and money leaking out of football. Fans cant relate to players who think they are like pop stars. fans get treated as havoing the mentality of 6 year olds

Money now talks with players and they just want that big lucrative contract.

Reality of things like massimo costing us 15M pounds in total has hit home

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 5/7 23:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

People can't afford season tickets nowadays, that's the problem.

I would happily get one next season, but i'm struggling to cover the cost of the ticket alone let alone trains etc.

It isn't the fact that fans aren't interested. It's that it costs a fortune nowadays and people can't afford to commit themselves to 350 quid a season

Personally, as with most other people I expect, I would be there regardless of which players came in or how we were playing, but it's not always possible.

holgateoldskool Posted on 6/7 9:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Interesting debate, ladies and gentleman. If I were Steve Gibson I would doubtless be thinking of why I should continue to invest in a product and club that more and more people of the region are turning their backs on.
Some of the ludicrous comments on here as to why buy a season ticket show a lack of understanding about business - which is what the Boro is. Season tickets - cash flow make it easier for the club to budget for the season - in turn who much we then have allocated for player purchases and wages.
Of course people can't be dragged screaming and kicking to the Riverside but surely of greater concern is the fact there isn't a queue of new supporters beating down the ticket office door. My club-your club needs this to happen.
If I were Steve Gibson, I would be asking questions about the marketing and PR of the club which has always struck me as distictly second/third rate.

red_rebel2 Posted on 6/7 9:25
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The club have tried to get new people in by offering cheap ST for kids, which is a good thing. BUT, and its a big but, it is not enough. You can only get cheap ST for kids if they sit with an adult ST. You are restricting it to the existing customer base.

The key thing is getting NEW people in and they are unlikely to stump up for a ST straight away. They have to be enticed in one match at a time and that is where the problem is.

With ST you are subsidised and maybe don't realise how expensive it is. On day prices are outrageously overpriced. A dad and lad going to see Newcastle/Man U/Cheslea last year the cheapest prices were 31 plus 19. That's 50 for a one off. That makes it just about the most expensive entertainment in town.

The on day prices are far far too high. What other business when it has unsold capacity puts the price UP?

Boro have to be adventureous to get new blood in. Every game where they know will be a low crowd (Charlton, Pompey, most TV games)they should do specials with one adult plus one child at say 20. With a fiver for every extra kid. And ST holders must not whinge about it. They should welcome new disciples.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 6/7 9:33
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

"The on day prices are far far too high. What other business when it has unsold capacity puts the price UP?"


DybuksChampion Posted on 6/7 9:39
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I think the club are finding out that they've made a mistake when the times were good.

The fan who goes to every game has always been transient. In the old days the new dads who can't afford to go and the old guys who can't make it anymore would have been replaced by eager late teenagers and fans returning to the game as the expenditure on kids goes down - e.g. they start school.

By overinflating the prices that kids have been charged in the last few years they have lost a large number of expected new intake.

Combine this with economic migration, low local income, a 3 tier premier league and frighteningly high players wages it's not much of a suprise if the attendance levels drop.

holymaccaroneee Posted on 6/7 10:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

My mate and I have been ST holders for the last 10 years and have not renewed this year for many reasons.
The cost 500. And you can double that if you include petrol from where i now live in Leeds.
Disillusionment with players ever increasing wages
The promise of a TOP Drawer manager....not
And afer Eindhoven i met many boro fans there who did not have a ST but paid 'on the day'. Basically you do not need a ST to get to any game.
Lack of any real competition in the prem league.

Felt after Eindhoven that here was a chance for us to really push on and I dont feel southgate was a good appointment.

We've decided to go the away games, better atmosphere and a bit of variety.

Up the boro.

prepman Posted on 6/7 10:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

broughton lad...i jumped on the bandwagon in 1959 aged 9;fell of it this season,does this make me a part timer? if it does,thats my chioce...

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 6/7 10:56
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The problem is red_rebel, the people that call themselves real fans would be up in arms if they thought that the stadium was being filled by offering cut price tickets to allow families in cheaply. Despite their cries of 'we buy a season ticket to show our backing', they're not happy to see others less well off given the chance to attend. If you reserve your seat and it's always there, why shouldn't you pay more?

The replies will be about the club showing loyalty. Well you're either backing the club or not.

The family seats policy worked up the road in Sunderland and it should be followed down here.

boropatch Posted on 6/7 11:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I could'nt care less if people paid a fiver, an emty seat is a wasted seat,let's face it some those seats have been sat in once in the last two years (steau).
There is something depressing about turning up and seeing banks of empty seats and a couple of hundred away fans.
On that point notice how teams such as Villa and Man City's away support has reduced over the seasons at the Riverside.

red_rebel2 Posted on 6/7 11:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

That is one of the big problems Corcaigh. Fandom has become about being a consumer. The more you pay over a longer time the better the fan, Red Books looking down on white books, white books looking down on part-timers. Why should these lesser beings get something for free? They should be made to prove their fandom by spending more. That is the only measure that counts.

It is ridiculous and self defeating. The elitism of the Red Book and the squabbles over priority is one of the things that has peed me off about the whole thing to be honest. Younger fans who are just as passionate can NEVER be seen as being as important as the elite until all those S and Ts start to die off.

Maybe that is another thing keeping Non season tickets from taking up the offer, they don't fancy being second class citizens and slagged as 'band wagon jumpers' by the more sanctimonious Red Bookers.

--- Post edited by red_rebel2 on 6/7 11:42 ---

BroughtonLad Posted on 6/7 12:05
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I give in
It doesn't matter what anyone says, we can never win.
If I am passionate about the club someone will have a go saying you are a Numpty, from St Lukes or a Ra Ra (whatever one is)
I find it so frustrating at times.
That's football I suppose

I just wonder how Steve Gibson feels?
I just want the club I love to do well.

JBBORO Posted on 6/7 12:16
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

red, i would be annoyed if i have paid for my season ticket and others are getting in for 5, on the other hand i do not want to see empty seats as u no. boro were clever on a couple of occassions offering 2 tickets for 20 to season ticket holders, which means season ticket holders families or friends could go to some games for 10 each, i think introducing this to every game could work.

i am a red book holder, one of the first, but do not see myself as a better fan, i no i have put alot more money into the club than others but that is my choice, where ever u are, long standing members will also feel some seniorority and so they should, whether it be at a football match or at work, it does not mean they are better fans however, in time with the aging process everyone who is passionate about boro and sticks with them through thick and thin will have their time at the top, so to speak.

holgateoldskool Posted on 6/7 13:10
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Whilst this debate has been raging, is it just coincidence that 2 of our very experienced players have not been offered a contract,that the transfer activity of Boro has been virtually non-existant that Gareth is coming out about creating the space for our youngsters to develop and fill - all on the back of falling season ticket sales. Keith Lamb - you'll get the team you deserve - could this be the start ? All of you that don't want to get a season ticket why don't you think about the scenario that has undoubtedly started instead of immature name calling that has occured ( RA Ra's,numpties, residents of St Lukes etc )

AtomicLoonybin Posted on 6/7 13:27
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Just a few observations. I'm a ST holder, and sort of wavered over the past couple of years about renewing. Mind you, in the East Stand Upper it's 500. What I would say to the 'season ticket or die!' brigade is, have a think about where you will be in a few years time. One day - like it or lump it - you WILL give up your season ticket. Then you'll be on here explaining why. Just because it is now, does not mean it will be forever.

For a club like us, I think 20,000 is perfectly respectable. What makes it a problem is that there were 28,000, and - lest we forget - a waiting list of people wanting STs (!). I've been at Ayresome when there was 3 - 5,000 in the ground for a league fixture. So where did THOSE 15,000 extra people come from? That's as valid a question as where have the 8,000 gone?

It is far too expensive. Twenty years ago as Cogeur has said, both footy and the cinema were about the same price. It cannot be right that one now costs four-five times more than the other. The hype is all out of proportion though - and where there's hype, there's money flowing. We've just seen a bunch of overpaid flops, with their WAGS blowing the GDP of a small country on trinckets for themselves. The reality check was, er actually, these blokes aren't as good as we've been led to believe. And the stultifyingly dull games after the round of 16 will turn a lot of people off. It is occasionally a fundamentally hollow product, where the hype and the money do not justify themselves. And people are waking up to that.

It makes me laugh when a 34 year old player, who could afford to not work a stroke for the rest of his life in absolute comfort is STILL demanding 40,000 a week - more than most of this board will earn in a year - to kick a football around for a team who he's said he wants to join. Well, why not take less money? But I guess, why should he, when some idiot WILL pay him that amount.

It's all heading for a reality check this game. And when the crowds start plummetting because of the overhyped predicatability, then maybe we'll get the game back at a cheaper price and maybe you'll get 28,000 ST holders again.

holgateoldskool Posted on 6/7 13:42
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Atomic you make some good points. However, what needs to be realised is we are swimming in the biggest and deepest pool that football offers to English clubs. Without this being funded/subsidised by season ticket sales how can we honestly expect the club to go onwards and upwards ? Of course people have a choice - but can they be too surprised if with falling revenues the club then ditch their ambitions to turn us into a real force to be reckoned with ? reduce the prices, play all the kids get relegated become another Darlo or Pool - how would people put up with that ? Would you sink many millions into a club like ours at the moment? Oh, and on players salaries, we have been more guilty than most in paying sky high wages to attract players to the Riverside - which has probably been the motivator for the majority in deciding to come to us.

AtomicLoonybin Posted on 6/7 13:57
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Quite right Holgate. We're miraculously lucky to have Gibson, because you look at the likes of Leeds, Derby, Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, and but for the grace of Sir Steve, there goes us.

red_rebel2 Posted on 6/7 14:00
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


All this "you'll get the team you deserve" and lack of transfer activity being due to people not stumping up their cash.

That's another thing that is not going to help attract casual fans - blaming them personally for the precarious finances of the game and the club. Telling them it all or nothing and if they don't buy a ST they are part of the problem.

It is not mandatory to attend. Once football started becoming a commodity is started being ruled by the market. If it is not value for money people won't go. It will be measured against other entertainments and right now it comes out poorly.

The game is staggering towards bankruptcy because players like Maccarone have cost probably 15m over four largely unproductive years. The economics of the madhouse have put the squeeze on the club not a few Teesside lads on low wages deciding to only pick and choose their games.

JBBORO Posted on 6/7 14:00
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

holgate, i think u are saying, that even though we have paid high wages, this was wot got the crowds in, therefore an investment in itself, not necessarily rite tho. i like seeing big names at boro but i also want the young players to do as well, these should be a bigger reason to come than the bigger players.

at the moment we have a half full stadium of fans paying high prices, if the prices were halfed would we get twice as many in, is cost the only thing keeping those away.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 6/7 14:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

" It will be measured against other entertainments and right now it comes out poorly. "

It is this latter day attitude that it is in some way an "entertainment business" that is causing the problem. It was never considered an entertainment business and never should be.

How exactly is the game staggering towards bankruptcy by the way? We must have been hearing that line for about 20 years now, its becoming a bit tiresome and plainly wrong. Even the case of Leeds didnt involve bankruptcy. A few years in the lower division is all that will happen to them. Big deal. Thats the name of the game.

boropatch Posted on 6/7 14:09
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

They were very close and a lot of people lost jobs because of mismanagement of funds.

holgateoldskool Posted on 6/7 14:10
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Red Rebel you are missing the point. I am not apportioning blame to fans that choose not to go but it is a FACT that Lamb said we would get the team we deserve.falling gates therefore equates to less money for wages, team building etc - FACT. Why should Steve Gibson keep on bankrolling something that shows diminishing interest from the Teesside public - some of his own ?

boropatch Posted on 6/7 14:13
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Market forces will dictate, if people keep subscribing to Sky and Sky keep recieving advertising revenue then money will keep rolling into players pockets.

JBBORO Posted on 6/7 14:15
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

alf, transfer fees and wages have come rite down over the last couple of seasons, it is becoming more noticable that fans arent willing to the prices, it will never go bankrupt but it is certainly heading towards.

the ticket office workers seem to think they are doing us a favour by selling us the tickets, this is for one off tickets not really season tickets, rather than thanking us for buying

fans should have a input on prices or like it has been said they will not get the sales

red_rebel2 Posted on 6/7 14:21
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I've never thought of it as an entertainment but the fact is that very many do, and those are the potential customer base the club must traget itself at and the people some on here agonise about.

The fact is that not everyone is a dyed in the wool, home and away, never miss a match, here's my wage packet fanatic. Most have different levels of commitment, different senses of obligation and are willing to make different levels of sacrifice.

The problem for the club is engaging with those on the differing levels and making the match an attractive proposition.

The fact that so many uber-fans are hostile to those not ready/willing to go the whole hog and buy a ST does not help.

I fear the club is retreating into the laager and making it very hard for reinforcements to get through.

sasboro Posted on 6/7 21:18
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

There are 2 things to look at. is it something to do with MFC or is it to do with football in general for falling season tickets sales? I think its mostly to do with football in general such as ticket prices, too much tv games, players asting like spoilt kids,players on obscene wages. football goes in cycles and no doubt at somepoint the power will switch back to the fans. so is this the start? i think the big city clubs will still have large crowds but the rest will drop and stablise at some point.

Gibson has been a fantastic chairman but also without our money we would not be where we are now. and dont forget the bigger picture with gibson also a businessman and a fan, his initial investment will be worth over 10 times now with new stadium,training ground and this hotel and golf course on the i'm sure he is doing quite well out of it. a read on here that the club actually made money 12 months ago, so maybe he's not putting any money in but still looking at his long term investment.

and while you slag off armchair supports and the fans in pub, please remember that sky contributes more to mfc financially than the season ticket holders do

--- Post edited by sasboro on 6/7 21:19 ---

penry1 Posted on 6/7 22:30
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i live in billingham. most of the lads that used to go now watch every game live and free in the pub. There on nearly every pub in teesside. 30 quid on alcohol surrounded by there mates watching the boro.stopping live games in the pub would be a start but once fans leave weve always struggled to get them back. Also when we had season ticket sell outs the club got complacent and stewarding became a bit over the top.People falling asleep on the toilet etc.Also the banning of smoking won't have helped.Also again the facilities inside havn't changed much.I would normally love a burger but can't be bothered queing for 15 mins if you watch all the match.there are a few reasons but live match in the pub and smoking probably two main reasons.

holgateoldskool Posted on 7/7 9:00
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

For all of those attempting to justify their reasons for not renewing or stopping going I am afraid a lot of it is hogswash. look at the facts - we reach a European cup final, who would ever thought that was possible ? We get to the FA Cup semi - surely another achievement. To read that guys would rather get a load of ale down their necks to me demonstrates that the passion we once had has gone from a fair number of us.The comment that it will come to all clubs ie reduced attendances maybe, but it appears to me we are leading the way in losing fans quicker than other Premiership clubs.Food for thought for those who will end up crying in their beer.............

red_rebel2 Posted on 7/7 9:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

After 30 years home and away and hitching to Mansfield, Carslisle and Bristol in the rain I feel no need to justify my reasons to anyone.

holgate69 Posted on 7/7 9:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I think you are spot on RedRebel. I like you have not renewed this year for much the same reasons; basically like you I was not enjoying it and to be honest I have not for the last 2 / 3 years. I just was not getting excited about going to the games anymore, I had thought of packing it in last year but thought one more years its got to get better.The truth is it got worse, for me anyway, i can no longer put up with because of the,
Negative tactics
Lack of entertainment
Lack of atmosphere
Moaning in and around me in the stands
No consideration for the fans
Over zealous stewrards
but above all , i cant relate to the players on the pitch and even more importantly I dont think the majority of them (footballer's in general) can or even care about the relationship with the fans.
Its too much of a big business now and has lost all of its connections with the fans, all we get is any excuse to fleece the fans out of ever more money.

Before anyone cries out part timer then Im sorry thats my opinion and I am entitled to it but can justify it by the fact that after going to games all home, and many many away for over 37 years, a season ticket holder for the last 26+ years along with my wife and two kids now aged 20 and 22 who are still going to go along with my wife.
I spent almost 6k alone over the last few years going around Europe as a family, i just cant justify it anymore, not just for finacial reasons but for the reasons outline above.

Basically I have fallen out of love with football.

Good luck to the Boro and all of you fans for the future, enjoy the ride.

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Lucky_Alf Posted on 7/7 9:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

500 for an East Stand Upper ticket? You must be barking.

Buy a SOuth Stand ticket and just sit in one of the hundreds of empty East Stand seats anyway!

penry1 Posted on 7/7 9:52
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I wasn't having a go.The question seems to come from someone who might be in the club.The pubs in billingham are full by all accounts when the boro are on.Some of these people used to hitch as well.I was just answering the origional question.Lots of people watch the match live every week in the pubs.

pm_boro Posted on 7/7 11:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i had a season ticket for 14 years. Didn't get one last season or this season. 2 reasons

1) Wasn't enjoying it any more, not bothered about winning things, just want to see good football

2) Couldn't afford one,

Would still go now if I had the money.

theboydom Posted on 7/7 11:25
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

DybuksChampion Posted "I think the club are finding out that they've made a mistake when the times were good."

this is definitely part of the reason. even those greedy mags up the road ALWAYS kept a small allocation of match by match tickets aside, even when they had a "season ticket sell-out" and a massive waiting list (because they appreciated that all those names would evaporate when times got tougher, as they now have)

for all hall and shepherd may revolt us as football fans, they know about marketing. if there were any unsold tickets, the ticket office would ring people on their database who had bought match by match tickets and let them know that there were tickets available. they were also not too proud to spend on tv advertising telling everyone in the north east they could have a season ticket if they wanted one. the boro advertised that the only way to guarantee a ticket for the uefa games was a season ticket, and then didn't sell out any of the uefa games....

now that a season ticket is not necessary to see the games, people who only bought one because it was have given up. there are lots of other reasons, but i think the fact that our club has kept numbers up to 20,000 is a matter for rejoicing considering the last season at ayresome we had about 6,000 season ticket holders. by inventing the red book concept, the club have doubled that number, which was itself a large number for ayresome (i think the usual number was about 3,500 season ticket holders)

boamscores Posted on 7/7 11:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If the average gate drops from the current 30000 to 25000, it would be a drop of just over 2m. The bigger loss has been in dropping from 7th place to 15th. I think its 440000 a place.

penry1 Posted on 7/7 11:58
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Good shout boam.
all them seasons switching off for the last 5 games has cost a lot of money to the club.
I know a few not renewing this year.
3x same family not enough money
2x always moaned and claimed the club kept sending his applications to his old address despite numerous telling em otherwise.
1x bought foreign tv gadget and is watching them at home.
I renew and 30 years a fan this year.I went at 6 yo

boamscores Posted on 7/7 12:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The clubs wage bill must be 20m a year. Most income for the club comes from Sky and other sponsors. 28000 season tickets would bring in about 10M.

estonred Posted on 7/7 12:14
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Its about money and entertainment. Since the game became "fashionable" and therefore the cost of being a football fan became extortionate, you expect to be entertained for your money. In the main the football in the premiership has been dire, therefore paying high prices not to be entertained in my eyes is a waste of money. There has been absolutely no other incentive to being a season ticket holder, ie priority tickets etc..its a load of ballacks, as proved last season. The majority of games are on tv, so in my eyes, i will go to the games that appeal to me, instead of being ripped off to watch unentertaining football. Im still a Boro fan, i always will be. If im not at the match, i'll be watching it on tv, or listening on the radio, whatever suits me, not the club, or other people on this board. Im a fan, i dont need to justify this to any of the clowns on here, niether does anyone else. if we weren't fans, we wouldn't be on here.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 7/7 12:15
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

In which case, by cutting ticket prices in half you actualy only lose 5 million. By attracting a bigger crowd that figure is cut further, and if you include the extras on food, drinks, programmmes and what goes into the club shop, the figure drops further again.

bear66 Posted on 7/7 12:20
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The late goal Fulham scored cost us 1m

With 12 games to go, we would have got approximately 0.5m for each game we won. How much did we actually make out of the two cup runs as compensation for fielding weakened teams? We might even have also done well in the cups . . . a potential win / win situation.

We actually went up 1 place in the last 12 games.

Bring back Zenden , someone who didn't appear to need resting all the time.

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rararasputin2 Posted on 7/7 12:25
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Somebody reckoned Macca cost us 15mill over 4 years, thats the same as losing 9375 400 season tickets over 4 years!

Players are cost way too much!

boamscores Posted on 7/7 12:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If Ugo stays the full season he'll earn 2m in wages.

holgate69 Posted on 7/7 12:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

A round of applause for EstonRed. I agree 100%

JBBORO Posted on 7/7 12:49
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

theboy, comparing season ticket sales to 10 years ago to a different stadium is not realistic, comparing it to a realistic 28,000 for not so long ago is. the crowd was full almost at the european games, so we no fans are still interested in going.

players wages are more likely to be 30m a year

JBBORO Posted on 7/7 14:22
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

the chelsea game will have a big crowd, if we win could get people back on its own, if boro put in some good games i can see fans going and possibly buying a season ticket half way through

--- Post edited by JBBORO on 7/7 14:22 ---

rararasputin2 Posted on 7/7 14:32
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Chances are that by christmas the seasons over, maybe a potential cup final or euro chases might get a few half season tickets bought.

penry1 Posted on 7/7 14:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Why not let the new holgate be the new holgate.Let people smoke have a bit of a stand (not for prolonged periods)a bit of a swear and open above the concourse for drinking areas.The working man may what the ground is losing.The Holgate was the working man stand.P.s i posted this some time ago.Why not move the away fans to the north west upper corner and allow our fans behind both goals.Dearer tickets bought by away fans and we seem to sell extra tickets behind the goal gets better support behind both goals.Also then people who like there seat but dont like the above new holgate rules could have first dibs on the same seat at the other end.Worth a look i think.

JBBORO Posted on 7/7 14:59
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if only penry, itll never happen, we need something more realistic to get the fans in

penry1 Posted on 7/7 15:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If they want people back then this could easily be realistic.I work with geordies and mackems(for now)and i'm sick of crowds.20000 is going to be a nightmare this year with them.The club could do a lot worse than employ a working man to offer some help and try to start getting the crowds back.P.s i don't smoke but couldn't care less if the person next to me does.

boamscores Posted on 7/7 15:07
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Club could do more to encourage "singers" to go in the North stand and grumpy old farts go in the east or south. We've never really had an proper "end".

JBBORO Posted on 7/7 15:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

its safety that wont allow it not boro

rararasputin2 Posted on 7/7 15:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

My lungs werent very safe going for a half time slash last year, but boro seemed to allow that.
They certainly couldnt be bothered stopping it.

JBBORO Posted on 7/7 15:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

y smoke in the open air when everyone can smoke in confined places tho? organisation from the club needs changing in all areas, along with the management, a new approach

andy_pitkin Posted on 7/7 15:57
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

In reply to your very first question ...

Graham Fordy's resignation

rararasputin2 Posted on 7/7 15:57
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Me and the wife both sent emails to complain about the smoke (its the same in the ladies).
Boro couldnt be bothered replying, another reason why we decided to bin the application forms, better customer relations may help?

sasboro Posted on 7/7 17:56
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

wage bill is about 27m per year. which is amazing when not too long ago keith lamb said under smac we halved the wage bill. but no way under robson was it 54m. I think it was about 27m also. Perhaps thats examples of some fans being lied and treated as a 8 year old that gets up some fans back. However the wage bill should come down by about 3m with jfh leaving and smac leaving. Maybe ugo,massimo,mendi,parlour can be paid off early and then bring the wage bill down further. Clubs the size of boro should be aiming to reduce the wage bill to about 15M-20m and then be able to half the ticket prices. under robson the wage bill was about the same but income and turnover has gone up a lot but where does all that extra money now go?

penry1 Posted on 7/7 18:17
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

JBBORO there has been a lot of reasons posted but you seem to starting to say club can't this safety reasons this, if the club can't then it seems the club can't have it's supporters back.We are not meant to be living in a communism country.if rules and regs stop people going to games then people aren't going to come back.As i said earlier give us back a proper end.I'm renewing but 50/50 people aren' asked for reasons and you've had plenty.saying the club can't do this can't do that may be true but the reasons and answers are there for them to digest.

Up the boro.

RedWurzel Posted on 7/7 18:20
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Sas - there was a bit of clear out in Smacs first season, but in the summer of 2002 we bought Boateng, Massimo, Juninho and Geremi on loan, plus Riggott, Christie, Ricketts and Doriva in the January window 2003. 8 players in 7 months. We needed most of them, so no easy solution.

Generally the teams with the biggest wage bill finish the highest and/or do well in cups.

Chelsea biggest wage bill and Sunderland the lowest.

BroughtonLad Posted on 7/7 18:26
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Not renewing because the club did not return your Email on smoking in the toilets !!
Doesn't take a lot for some.

sasboro Posted on 7/7 18:28
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

with regards to smoking in the toilets, perhaps someone should tell theclub its a safety hazard as all it takes is someone to put a cigarette in the hand towels bin.

BroughtonLad Posted on 7/7 18:30
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Why not install smoke detectors and sprinklers.
That would do it
Dirty Habit

penry1 Posted on 7/7 19:17
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

the club don't kick people out for smoking in the toilets cos they need people in the start of the riverside revolution exclusive club mentality meant they were banning people for falling asleep in the toilet.bad public relations.Have a draw and get some normal working class voices inside the club.Then we might get a stop to the season ticket decline and start moving in the right direction.I'll volunteer for nowt.

rararasputin2 Posted on 8/7 0:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

The no reply of the email re smoking is not the reason we are not renewing, but it made not renewing a lot easier, the club is taking us for granted and that was a prime example of it.

The main reasons are;

1) cost, 1500 between us in tickets,travel etc to watch the league to see 4 out of 19 decent games.By not getting a season ticket after getting a big mortgage means we can have a decent holiday.
2) No connection anymore with the over hyped. underperforming players. They remind me of that chav that won the lottery.

JBBORO Posted on 8/7 12:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

penry, i was stating certain ideas are not feasable. it is realistic ideas to get fans back in thats needed

BroughtonLad Posted on 8/7 12:19
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

When Boro start winning week in week out the fans will return.
Champions League we're havin a laugh

JBBORO Posted on 8/7 22:22
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

when not if

Tillerman93 Posted on 9/7 10:24
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

'When Boro start winning week in week out the fans will return.
Champions League we're havin a laugh'...

I think Boro are going to struggle big time next season, but alas, I dont think Boro fans will come back no matter how well they do. Times have changed, people have found new pastimes, cheaper options.
It's just not an attractive offer to fork out money to see a bunch of overpaid jumped up prima donnas kicking a ball around, when in reality, we all know who will finish top whats the point?

JBBORO Posted on 9/7 12:51
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if fans are staying away coz its not value for money, surely if we start playing well and winning, it will be value.

BroughtonLad Posted on 9/7 12:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

They will be back
Just wait and see.
Who couldn't resist watching Boro qualify for The Champions League
Come on Mr Gibson get them plans made for the next tier at The Riverside.


boksic11 Posted on 9/7 13:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

3 O-Clock Saturday Afternoon kick off's would be good!

Too many strange kick off times and the fact that my job and many others these days are no longer 9-5 mon-Fri, mean I miss too many games due to work commitments, so to pay for 19 games up front does not make sense anymore!

JBBORO Posted on 9/7 13:06
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

boksic, this is becoming apparent that this is a big factor, its understandble if fans dont want to pay for a full season if there only going to get to half. however, if u go to the games ur not working, that would still get crowds in match by match

--- Post edited by JBBORO on 9/7 13:06 ---

acky123 Posted on 9/7 13:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

well we should have more 3pm saturday not being in europe. im sorry but this seems like a crap excuse anyway, i don't mind times all over if we are in europe.

JBBORO Posted on 9/7 13:11
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

for some it is a bad excuse, for others they are working, which cant be helped. but we should have more games on a saturday now we have not european games on a thursday, thats about the only good thing about not being in europe

holgateoldskool Posted on 9/7 14:48
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Have the club killed the passion for a lot of fans or has passion become the latest fashion-like accessory that some people have become bored with ? If ever there was a time that the old adage your club needs you it was now. Sadly, from a lot of the postings it appears this will fall on deaf ears.

cborowin Posted on 9/7 16:12
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

when we signed juninho,emo and rav i thought we hd a chance of winning the premier and i think lot of other people thought the same.At the same time we were also entertained hence good crowds.At no point over the last few years have i thought we have had a squad that could win the premier and have not been vastly entertained hence lower crowds.

JBBORO Posted on 9/7 18:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

holgate, u could be rite, where is the true passion, thick or thin fans gone

RedWurzel Posted on 9/7 18:01
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I am a season ticket holder, but I can understand people saying some of the magic has gone in 96/7 we had a new stadium, we were signing exotic but as it turned out unpredictable latin players and the Premiership was more open.

I think some of our marginal fans have found other things to do as Boro is no longer as fashionable as a brand. I think psychological we have grown up too, we know more what is realistic and realistic. I do think the foundations are stronger now and our house is built of more brick than straw.

I would find it no surprise if you look at a number of Prem clubs, they are finding the same, unless you are newly promoted or a top 4 club or have spent a fortune, the sparkle is slowly going amongst greed and over exposure.

JBBORO Posted on 9/7 18:02
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

cborowin, the idea of boro winning the premier league has not been in my mind, i think we have a better squad now to better in the league

7_The_Informer Posted on 9/7 18:25
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Never had a season ticket as have never had the money for one. Once managed 28 games in a season though due to getting them on the gate.

Given the choice, I would go to an away game vs Brentford rather than a home game vs Chelski - away games are so much better. If Gibbo flew me in on a plane for every match, then I would get one, but the cost of round trip travel is currently around 500 quid, so it is unlikely to be more than 2 or 3 matches a season for me now. Last season was the first season ever I never got to a game, but that was not for the want of trying, I had travelled 3900 miles to get to Bolton and the game was called off when I got within 20 miles of the ground ...

redbookboro Posted on 9/7 18:53
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I will be honest i was debating wether to get one or not?
but the more i thaught about it the more i wanted it my sat / sun /mon/ wed /ngts etc would never be the same the boro is like a drug and i cant get enough of them yes they can be crap at times but aint most teams? UP THE BORO!!! roll on the new season all u fans thinking of gwetting 1 if u HAVE the money avalable PLEASE go get 1 cheer on the lads we need uefa football again real soon thank you....if for anything for god gibson he deserves a knight hood ps please can we have a BIG name player who will love the club plz??like that scar face for france he would put bums on seats ....

TeessideCleveland Posted on 9/7 22:22
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

All of us season ticket holders are not a patch on those who attend cup matches

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 10/7 0:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Dead right lad, did you notice the atmosphere in the town for the cup matches!

Come on, we all care about the Boro, just some of us have had enough of the big mickey take, it's maybe an age thing, or I've matured later than I should have.

To get people back in the ground, make it affordable to the people who live here. It's way too expensive now.

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 9:29
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Boro are not going to turn round now and say that they are going to reduce prices because people are not renewing.
Are people going to wait till next season to see if ticket prices come down?
At least Gibbo kept the prices the same as last season.
Get your hands in your pockets and get down to The Riverside (If you can afford it)*

* I am not having a go at people who cannot afford a match ticket.

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 9:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

what price would fans pay up to? currently 390... what would be value for money and affordable?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 10/7 10:09
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Well seeing as though you kicked off this thread JB, a little bit of research into the earnings of the working classes in Teesside will tell you how much disposable income they have.

I must add here, that I can afford to go but choose not to. However, I'm 49 and cheesed off with what's been on offer for the last 6 years or so.

Getting the young lads through the turnstiles without them having to be accompanied by an adult is what's needed for the future. Those that have been put off are much harder to drag back in.

Our traditional support came from the working it's shifting away because they're being priced out. The atmosphere's going with it.

rararasputin2 Posted on 10/7 10:15
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I can imagine that if you have just left school and on a training scheme or a minium wage job, 390 is a lot of money.
A lot of people leave footy around my age, when you get the big new mortgage and kids, then come back when the kids are gone.
Normally those people would be replaced by the youth, but they are priced out.

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 10:23
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

it would be impossible to know fans disposable income. wot would u say is value for money? 10, 15, 20?

rararasputin2 Posted on 10/7 10:29
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

If we get 25000 fans at say 400 a ticket, would we get 35000 fans at 285 a ticket ie 30% reduction?
If that was the case the club would be better off with burger sales etc and a better atmos.
To be honest though I dont think that much difference in the cost would help, people have just got tired of the premier league boring football and seeing players paid a fortune who are mediocre at best.

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 13:09
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

285, would be 15 a game, do u think that would be reasonable? who would go for this price?

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 14:32
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I would.
But like Corcaigh said at 49 people get past going to matches.
I am 49 yet I still havn't gone through the change yet.
He may have a point like, my dad went off Boro like Corcaigh when he was 50 (moaning get)
Yet my mother still goes at the age of 80.

By the way I am refering to my dad as a moaning get and not Corcaigh

--- Post edited by BroughtonLad on 10/7 14:34 ---

rararasputin2 Posted on 10/7 14:34
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

You got to the footy with your mum? Aw bless.

--- Post edited by rararasputin2 on 10/7 14:35 ---

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 14:36
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if a lady of 80, still has the passion to go, its one more voice, good on her. others should follow

--- Post edited by JBBORO on 10/7 14:36 ---

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 14:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Ra ra
It is the only time she gets out the house.
Some people still like to look after their parents.
The thing is she can hardly see the players, yet she wouldn't miss a match.
Maybe we should all be blindfolded so we enjoy it more

rararasputin2 Posted on 10/7 14:47
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I may well be going when Im 80, as then the mortgage may be paid off and kids can fend for themselves.
Until that point in time, unless we win the pools, the season ticket isnt a high enough priority in the way we want to spend our money.

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 14:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Fair enough

But what happens when we qualify for The Champions League?

rararasputin2 Posted on 10/7 14:53
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

That wont happen before Im 80!

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 14:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

that wont happen at all

Questions_Questions Posted on 10/7 14:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I'd go if they served free toast and tea to your seat.

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 14:56
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

take a flask

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 14:58
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Look if I think we will get in The Champions League you never know.
I think I will win the Lottery.
We can all dream

Never say never

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 15:00
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

if we got in the champions league, we would sell out for the cup games but we would we sell more season tickets?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 10/7 15:03
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I haven't been sick of going to matches Broughton, a lot of Saturdays now see me at non league grounds and I did watch all of Boro's cup matches I could get to at home, along with Coventry and Preston away, the semi final, Roma away and the final in Eindhoven.

For the first time in a while I didn't make the trip up to see Celtic, but I did see a lot more non league grunds than I expected, and thoroughly enjoyed the trips too.

I went to 3 PL matches last season, the interest in the league isn't there any longer. I watch the footy on tely if Boro's playing, or if it coincides with me being in a pub when there's a match on. I'm regretting not going to the world cup and have started planning for Euro2008....not to follow England though.

I like a bit of uncertainty and there's not a great deal when you sit in the same seat week in, week out.....maybe it's my mid life crisis! This has all been accompanied by a revigorated interest in the female form since I became a single fella again. There's suddenly more to a Saturday that the Riverside, a decision found easier to make because of what was on offer there.

BroughtonLad Posted on 10/7 15:09
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

You never know Corcaigh, Gareth might turn it all around.
Bags of attacking football.
We will see eh.

By the way you wouldn't be the same Corcaigh that went to Beartram Ramsey many years ago?

--- Post edited by BroughtonLad on 10/7 15:11 ---

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 15:55
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

southgate nos wot the fans want. not long til the new season now...

parmos_r_us Posted on 10/7 16:35
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

"southgate nos wot the fans want. not long til the new season now..."

you missed the e off the end of "nos"

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 10/7 16:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Not me Broughton, I'm from north of the Tees

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 16:41
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

knows. is that the only input u have on this? part timer?

RedWurzel Posted on 10/7 18:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Going back to C the C point about young lads being priced out. I think 16-21 can buy a reduced price season ticket for 2 of the corners. I suppose when you are say 17, you never have 250? at once. Still it must be at least 50 for a good night out, pub, a bit food and a club.

JBBORO Posted on 10/7 19:27
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

red, u are rite, i moved to the north west corner a few years ago now, for a 16 - 21 concession, 250 instead of 360 i think. now im still in the north west coz the atmosphere is good. it appears its not priority when it comes to spending 30 in a pub to watch the game though. im starting to wonder if it is actually the price that is keeping fans away even if they say that is the only factor

--- Post edited by JBBORO on 10/7 19:29 ---

borohill Posted on 10/7 23:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

A change to the ticket prority is the only way I will renew.
I only missed the 2 greek games in the 2 euro campaigns, been ST holder for 20+ years, been to 60+ different away grounds but still didn't manage to get a Final ticket throught he club.

will go to more away games and watch all home games that are on TV or satelitte from home or pub.

Already planning Feyenoord,Reading and Arsenal.
If I got a ST I would be condoning the terms of agreement, it still says in times of high demand SandT holders get priority and that is outdated and wrong.

When a loyalty scheme is introduced I will be the 1st in line to renew.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 11/7 7:39
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I agree with you there RedWurzel, it's not at the top of the list of priorities, it is after all, only a football match. It's always been the case, since I became a teen, that priorities may lie elsewhere, and if short of a few bob I'd rather be spending it on a night out with my mates than at the match. When Boro did manage to get 40,000 gates back then, it was made up of the lads going for a good atmosphere, my mates that followed Sunderland were there and even my sister. For them it wasn't a ritual so the atmosphere was electric, they were all up for it. That doesn't happen with the week in and week out people as you can tell from th atmosphere for league matches and early cup games.

I could get into the ground for the price of about 4 pints then. So that would make the cost about a tenner today. 20 odd quid now, up to 30 for the big games. But it's not just the cost of a ticket, the match day for a lot means a few beers, a bite to eat and transport to and from. So for your 90 mins of footy you fork out maybe 40 or 50 quid for the afternoon with the match taking up 90 mins of it. So when you compare a night out you should compare the day out for the match, not just the match ticket.

When it's at the top of your priorities it's maybe time to have a good look at yourself. Is that what life really is all about? Surely there's more.

By the way JB, watching the game in the pub costs nowhere near 30 quid, for me anyway. Even if I have 4 or 5 pints it is just around or over the tenner mark, compared to the 40 or 50 on the day if I go to the match.

Jastie Posted on 11/7 8:09
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

borohill, we have a loyalty scheme. If you put your money into the club year after year, you are regarded as a loyal supporter who has been rewarded with an S or T number on your season ticket. If not, it was your choice, although I do think the club could introduce an upgrade scheme for young supporters who could not afford season tickets 10 years ago.

On the subject of 28,000 season tickets, we sold them when we had juninho, rav and emerson. To get back to that level, we would need to buy similar players now. Don't forget, only rav was a household name when we bought him. Hopefully, when southgate said he was watching players at the world cup, he will have scouts looking at them next season with a view to bringing them in in 12 months time.

borohill Posted on 11/7 22:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Jastie, the loyalty scheme we have is the worst of any clubs I know. It rewards only the 35+ year old prawn sandwich brigade who don't travel away AND DON'T even go to the home cup games, how is that a modern fair loyalty scheme ?? I am sure they will fight tooth and nail to keep it as it is.

When a scheme is in place to reward the likes of me then I will renew my season ticket.
Is the 20K a accurate figure for renewal because I had heard it was as low as 18K. Remember 10K season ticket holders had NO chance of a final ticket I would be asking what does it get me if we get to other high profile games, sepecially the young ones who now can afford to travel.

BroughtonLad Posted on 11/7 23:40
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

35+ don't go to cup games?
What a pile of tosh.
Prawn Sandwich?
This is Boro we are talking about not Man Utd.
At Boro we have Banana Sandwiches.

mozza_1 Posted on 11/7 23:46
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

i had a season ticket 4 years before we left the old ground i had to give mine up when my grandad died as i couldnt afford it by myself - now i have two kids and a wife and its even harder to get to games

i manage a couple a season though home and away

JBBORO Posted on 17/7 16:21
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 17/7 16:44
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Why should you be rewarded for going to a match. Maybe the 'self importance' of some supporters puts others off. The 'I am more deserving than the rest' arguments on here around UEFA cup final time were atrocious.

First come, first served. That's the way to go.

BroughtonLad Posted on 17/7 18:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Still bitter Corcaigh lol

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 17/7 19:02
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

I'm not bitter Broughton. Haven't had a season ticket since 2003 but have had tickets for both cup finals. Not fair you may think, but that's what happened. I'm not spending a lot on a poor product, that's about it.

RedWurzel Posted on 17/7 19:08
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Surely having a season ticket for 11 years is loyalty?

I said months ago that there should be an extra loyalty category for fans that go to cup games which would work in tandem with season ticket.

S/T st cup games - 1st choice
S/T st non cup games next choice
Next choice T/U st cup games etc

Lets be realistic a UEFA Cup Final is going to be a while off, more realistic is a domestic cup final which every season ticket holder should get a ticket for, but non or few for the rest.

sasboro Posted on 17/7 20:15
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

There are many reasons for a drop in season ticket sales which has been discussed to death for last 3 seasons.

Season ticket and match day ticket prices have nearly doubled in 10 years at the riverside. it workd out about 7% rise on average per season when inflation has been about 2%. so season tickets shoul dbe about 150 pounds cheapers or 7-8 pounds cheaper on match day.
back in the early riverside days of bigger crowds the tickets were a lot cheaper. Novelty of a new stadium was an attraction. Our last season at ayresome park ticket prices were 8 pounds in the holgate so gone up 3 fold in about 11 year.

Cup games are not included in the season ticket and last season the league games were neglected.

lots of boro games on tv and games rearranged to sundays, so some fans have got into the habit of watching boro on tv with their mates. this has affected a lot of season ticket holders who live outside the area

The whole match day experience is becoming too americanised.

some fans are just sick of been treate as a fool,sick of being fleeced,sick of over paid footballers acting like spoilt children,sick of players diving and cheating.

if all tickets were reduced by 30% would that have a big impact on the club? maybe 3 or 4 million. which is probably 2 players wages or massimo and ugos wages put together.. Footballers should get lower wages but bigger bonus if they play. atleast that way the wage bill gets reduced and players wont want to sit int he reserved earning 1-2M a year. if we got rid of 4 dead wood players then the ticket prices could easily be reduced. for example massimo,mendieta,ugo,parlour and christie then thats plenty saved off the wage bill.(not including the transfer fees) Perhaps club like boro need to look at changing the policy of basic wages and bonuses

There is no need to buy a season ticket to be able to get to important cup games. as fa ciup semi final proved this

Southgate is a great guy, but not the top draw manager we were told. its another manager who is here learning his trade and mistakes at our expense. Ther eis no telling if he wil make a good manager or not yet.

New fans feel unwelcome by the 'die hard' fans, they get loads of abuse if they ask people to sit down so they can see properly..etc

Probably in 5 years the season tickets will bottom out at about 18k.

JBBORO Posted on 19/7 13:43
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

there is a definate 19,000 sold, however some have mentioned they have heard over 20,000. any more takers... where are the other 8000 of u... not long to kick off

parmos_r_us Posted on 19/7 13:47
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Hoofed again JB?

Been knocked off the leader board again?

Link: Help JB to get on the Leader Board

red_rebel2 Posted on 19/7 13:50
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Go on then.

JBBORO Posted on 19/7 13:52
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

parmos, can u keep ur comments to a different thread, this is to try and get fans to buy season tickets.

JBBORO Posted on 26/7 13:33
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

hoof, anymore

parmos_r_us Posted on 26/7 13:38
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...


Funtime_Franckie Posted on 26/7 13:45
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

2 of my mates have not renewed since last season blaming boring football, stupid kick off times and family responsibilities.

Both were anti McClaren and were expecting a big name manager to come in. The appointment of Southgate did not make them change their minds.

I renewed my season ticket

red_rebel2 Posted on 31/7 13:16
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

Huth...ayazz das kerknacken meine grossekickenbone

JBBORO Posted on 31/7 13:18
re: Non Season Ticket Holders...

not sure wot that means RR.

following on from season ticket sales, we have sold over 21,000