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jax_1 Posted on 7/7 9:29
Board Sweep - Finalists

Italy V France

Mr 85, Parmo Man 17, pedro, illudicrous, matty,


Robocookie, falconer, pisces, B.T.I.D.86, Grantus, Longster, Keith

Good luck guys!

Of the two, I hope italy win it.

Lincoln_Exile Posted on 7/7 9:30
re: Board Sweep - Finalists

Probably Italy for me as well.

longster Posted on 7/7 9:31
re: Board Sweep - Finalists


mind you it made having the IVory Coast worthwhile

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 9:33
re: Board Sweep - Finalists

LOL Longster Yes, at least you got a good run with one of your teams.

Lincs, is that cos you think Italy have been the better team throughout the competition, or cos you don't like the French? The latter for me I have to admit.