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jax_1 Posted on 7/7 14:54
F.A.O. Red Worzel

Do you work in Middlesbrough. I sort of guess from your name that you don't but was interested in your job details.
I was massaged by a blind guy yesterday, wondered if he might be one of yours?

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dundeejock Posted on 7/7 14:59
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

are you sure he didn't pretend to be blind Jax so he could ogle your shapely figure

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jax_1 Posted on 7/7 15:01
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

I might have known you'd come up with something like that D.J.

No he was genuinely blind.

Though there was great mirth when he said he needed to get me on his bed

dundeejock Posted on 7/7 15:03
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

Did his guide dog get involved?

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 15:05
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

Get outta town ya mucky pup!

he didn't have a dog with him to be honest, just a girl from the same place. She seemed to be there to help him as much as doing the massages.

dundeejock Posted on 7/7 15:08
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

Ahh- a kinky threesome-wait 'til Otter finds out

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 15:09
re: F.A.O. Red Worzel

LOL Yeah he'll go mad. Trouble is and his downfall would be that she was sighted