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japsterboro Posted on 7/7 18:18
Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

Well I've just received this email and as I have recently become single I'm debating whether to get into dialogue with the 'girl' ... what does everyone think?

Her vital stats sound ok ...

Hello my new friend!

I get acquainted through the Internet for the first time. Therefore I at all do not know from what to start. My name is Yuliya, my birthday on March, 24, 1978. My growth 174 cm.

I'm blonde and my eyes is green. I from the city of Kazan which in Russia. I have finished local university under the finance as the bookkeeper, Now I work in city firm as the bookkeeper. I cheerful kind and very sociable girl. I very economic also am able to prepare well.

I do not know why Russian men do not notice it. I and could not find the love in Russia. I was never married and I have no children. I am lonely. Now I want to find the love through the Internet.

I as well as all girls, want to have the house, the family and children. I very much appreciate qualities of people and their relations. If you want to learn about me more and to continue our dialogue, Please mail to me: feelings78@ea********.org I will wait your letter. Yuliya.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 7/7 18:25
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

She has a big growth - can you match that?

swordtrombonefish Posted on 7/7 18:26
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

Oh, and she's a gold digger - want's the house and kids...and that's before you even see her.

onthemap Posted on 7/7 18:26
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

I get a few of those type of emails - do you want to write to mine too? One very common accident in Russia seems to be young nubile looking psychology students losing both their parents in a freak mudslide, I know of at least 3 in the last 6 months. If you get this explanation can you let me know as I think something should be done?

japsterboro Posted on 7/7 18:37
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

onthemap - Of course, its a damn shame all these people are getting killed in mudslides ... maybe its the global warming?

deganya Posted on 7/7 18:55
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

Now don't get me wrong and I don't want to scare you but.......... consider this scenario...
Strikes up nice friendship with gorgeous Russian girl, she comes over to blighty, you meet, she really is gorgeous. loves the sausage, cant get enough. Bloke is head over heels in love with her, gets married as soon as they can, wait 6 - 12 months living in marital bliss, one day her 'cousin' comes over from Russia, who is part of the local mafia, bloke meets with a nasty accident and dies, wife inherits everything and goes back to Russia a very wealthy lady...... for less than a years work.

God....I am so cynical

boroboymike Posted on 7/7 19:14
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

you want to watch the film 'birthday girl' with nicole kidman (wonderful ruski accent) and the 1st landlord from game on. It depicts the exact scam. Except the hollywood ending won't happen.

japsterboro Posted on 7/7 19:18
re: Hello my new friend from Russia!!!

deganya - I'm in the wrong business, sounds like a reet money spinner!!