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jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:08
What The Devil..........

Was going on at Newport roundabout thjis afternoon. There must have been well over a dozen people logging numbers by the looks of it. They were everywhere - A66, Newport Bridge, Newport Road and the bottom of Acklam Road where it meets Newport Roundabout.

bubblesmfc Posted on 7/7 20:09
re: What The Devil..........

Sounds like a traffic survey.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/7 20:10
re: What The Devil..........

Traffic survey. I saw them as well. I thought they were slightly mad train spotters.

Big_Swine Posted on 7/7 20:10
re: What The Devil..........

Do you think....that maybe might have been a traffic survey?

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:11
re: What The Devil..........

Well durrrr but why so many? Usually only see them in 2 and 3's but there was well over a dozen of them. At least 6 on one of the bridges across the A66 alone.

littlejimmy Posted on 7/7 20:12
re: What The Devil..........

Well durrr... lots of traffic!

Big_Swine Posted on 7/7 20:12
re: What The Devil..........


jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:16
re: What The Devil..........

Oh Jimmy you are just trying ot wind me up

Spotted something today I'm sure you'd agree with. Will post it later thaough.

What I was really trying to get at, is what are they intending to do? Why come up with the stats without there being an end result, if you see what I mean.

scoea Posted on 7/7 20:21
re: What The Devil..........

I was equally suprised Jax. They were at every Cannon Park exit and were still there on my way home.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/7 20:22
re: What The Devil..........

I see the new craze of Chav Spotting is on the increase

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:24
re: What The Devil..........

To be honest Scoea, they were a bit too much of a distraction I thought. What I found most disconcerting was that they looked straight at you whilst seeming to take your number. It's a wonder that they didn't cause an accident really.
I was only going to Morrisons so I wasn't out long but they were there on both my journeys round the roundabout.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/7 20:26
re: What The Devil..........

Theyd struggle to take your number looking in the opposite direction j

scoea Posted on 7/7 20:27
re: What The Devil..........

I know what you mean. A lot of people were slowing down quite sharply though they may have thought it was simply a day out for the traffic police!

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:27
re: What The Devil..........

LOL Monty very true but they stared and that's very rude

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:28
re: What The Devil..........

Yeah, Scoea I thought that at first when the first one came into view.

Those little communicators they had were weird.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 7/7 20:29
re: What The Devil..........

They probably were astounded that you were Burburry free

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 20:33
re: What The Devil..........

LOL I should think so Monty I wouldn't dream of wearing any of that stuff

It was all very strange though I thought, hence mentioning it on here.

jd1973 Posted on 7/7 20:39
re: What The Devil..........

This is the first stage of the survey into introducing a congestion charge for the centre of Middlesbrough that the council and the government agreed to co-fund in November lst year.

Phase 1 (the survey) is expected to last until August, with trials due to start in October for a year - this should be followed by an Act of Parliament by the end of 2007 and the charge being introduced in May/June 2008.

Early indicators are that the daily fee will be free before 7am, 2 for 7-8, 3 for 8-9.30, and free afterwards.

This is seen as a key part of Labour's attempts to bring in congestion charging around the country ahead of the planned road mileage tax in 2015.

God help us!

jax_1 Posted on 7/7 21:10
re: What The Devil..........

If that's true, it's an absolute disgrace! Until we have a public transport infra-structure that can seriously challenge the use of private cars, then they have no right to make a congestion charge, imo.